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The 14 Year Old Girl

The 14 Year Old Girl(1966)

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Hedy Lamarr, played by a transvestite, lies on an operating table; a surgeon and his assistants are gathered around her. A large magnifying glass in the foreground focuses on her mouth. Hedy moans and implores the doctors to make her beautiful. They continue to operate and make rude remarks about her appearance. Hedy awakens, views herself in the mirror, and comments that she looks like a 14-year-old girl. She sings a few bars of "I Feel Pretty," and reminds the doctors of her status as a movie star. Towing in hand husbands and lovers, she leaves the set of the operating room and heads into darkness, singing as the men dance a soft-shoe routine. In a department store, Hedy becomes irritated by a saleslady and threatens to have her fired. Throughout their arguments, Hedy shoplifts items from the counters. Suddenly a policewoman enters to arrest her; protesting, Hedy gives the saleslady and store manager-detective a drink of hemlock. After Hedy leaves with the policewoman, the poisoned employees writhe in death throes on the floor of the store. At her apartment, Hedy dons an exotic costume with a turban and asks for help in putting on her gloves. The policewoman searches for stolen merchandise. Hedy extols her own career as a movie star and offers a hemlock cocktail to the policewoman, but the policewoman refuses and leads Hedy away to court. On the witness stand, her first husband claims that he wanted to make her a star; the second testifies that he met her at a Schrafft's restaurant; another husband received a $500,000 divorce settlement; a fourth accuses Hedy of making pornographic films; the fifth, an Oklahoma oilman, also testifies. Hedy looks on sadly as the lone member of the courtroom audience, a soothsayer, watches through a magnifying glass. The judge hurls insulting remarks at Hedy and sentences her to death by hemlock. She is administered the hemlock and dies. The soothsayer, called to the witness stand by the judge, delivers a short eulogy.