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Lucy Gallant

Lucy Gallant(1955)

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  • Lucy Gallant

    • 1/7/19

    I saw this movie at the theater when I was a child (9yr) and I remember how strong a person Lucy was. I have not seen the movie since then and would love to see it again. Over the years my memory has lost some of its sharpness so seeing it again to refresh my memory would be great. Jane Wyman is not who I would have picked for the lead role but I think she did very well in depicting a strong willful woman giving up her love for what she thought was more beneficial for her at a time when women did not have a lot of chances. Please show it again.

  • lucy gallant

    • kevin sellers
    • 1/28/17

    Cannot believe there are nine pages of (mostly) glowing reviews for this standard soap opera about a working gal in Texas (which was filmed on a back lot, of course). Writing is completely undistinguished, with not one memorable line or verbal exchange. (Well, maybe one, when Claire Trevor's madame tells the board of directors who is railroading Lucy to "cut the schmoos"). As a romantic couple, Jane Wyman and Charlton Heston have all the chemistry of Antonin Scalia and Ruth Bader Ginsburg (appropriate metaphor considering their politics) while Thelma Ritter is downright annoying playing a Texas boardinghouse owner with an accent that reminds you of a waitress at the Carnegie Deli. Indeed, the only cast member who has any spark whatsoever is Trevor. With a gleam in her eye and a twang in her voice hers is the only performance that lifts this film off the treadmill of assembly line chick flic factory fare. Give it a C. P.S. We have a Gavin Elster alert! (i.e. the great 50s villain, Tom Hellmore, woefully under utilized as a corporate sleaze. Just one more piece of evidence of the crappy screenplay.)

  • Lucy Gallant

    • Linda Smith
    • 1/27/17

    Love this movie! So glad it was on last night, even though a bit late at night for me, I still stayed up to watch. So good! Loved the stars and especially the beautiful gowns, and the story plot of a dress designer & the building of a big dress store business from nothing. Very great movie!

  • Strong Woman!!

    • Yellow Iron Lady
    • 1/26/17

    I know, I know, an unrealistic 1950's movie but I LOVE IT!! It's about a strong woman who becomes a success by strength and grit. Haven't seen it in years and wish it would be put on DVD.

  • Lucy Gallant

    • Genna Corsentino
    • 1/26/17

    I have been looking for this movie for over three years! Please release this on DVD and/or BlueRay! I love this movie and have wanted to add it my collection and I can't find it anywhere. This is a fabulous movie with an all star cast of some of the best acting in Hollywood. It is really a great movie about a time for women that starts to break down the barriers and Lucy Gallant is a fabulous woman who takes a chance and makes it work. Don't miss it if you have the chance to see it.

  • Great Camp Classic!

    • Mikey G
    • 1/26/17

    This one's got it all: Jane Wyman giving one of her usual class performances; Charlton Heston as a rather piggish American male; Thelma Ritter at her most lovable, "if I don't say so myself;" William Demarest in a likeable, sensible role; Claire Trevor as the madam with a heart o' gold; and plopped down into the middle of it all the then-Governor of TX and - who knew? - the ever-severe Edith Head! The story's credible enough, even if a bit melodramatic at times, but that's what makes this flick so deliciously good. So gather a group of the girls around - you know what I'm talking about, guys - serve up some good stiff drinks - bourbon, according to the script - and let it all hang out. You'll be quoting lines from it for weeks!

  • So rarely seen

    • Dani deH Sacks
    • 1/26/17

    A favorite movie for years but I've only been able to actually watch it maybe three times - it's never on. The cast is well chosen (who doesn't think Thelma Ritter is terrific?) and it's just a very good film. Once you know the storyline there are no surprises in how it progresses but it's well done and entertaining. Thank you for airing it.


    • Anne
    • 1/26/17

    LUCY GALLANT is a Jane Wyman movie that I think is under appreciated. Besides Wyman you have Charlton Heston and the costars include Thelma Ritter in one of her best and biggest roles, Claire Trevor, Wallace Ford, William Demarest and Edith Head as the commentator during the fashion show and she designed the costumes for the movie. I only remember seeing TCM show this one other time and it was shown in the wee hours of the morning; compared to the previous showing tonight's time (12AM) is early. I waited for many years to see if Paramount would put Lucy Gallant on DVD but I finally gave up on waiting for an "official release" and bought a DVD from someone who copies movies after they are put in Public Domain. SO BIG is another Wyman movie that is rarely shown on TCM and it is another movie I love. I can't understand why Warner Brothers has not issues this on DVD & Blu-Ray? Is it because it is shown so seldom they think there wouldn't be any interest? This shouldn't be a factor with a movie that's not made until someone orders it. If there's a copy that is good enough to air, they should be able to make a copy that has a good quality video and audio. I've been asking for over 15 years for both these movies to be released in different forums; TCM had an area at one time where you could ask for a movie to be released on DVD, but I can't find it anymore. Since this is a WB movie it is not available in Public Domain and probably won't be during my lifetime. I don't buy movies from Korea, I've never bought a bootleg movie, however, if I could find someone who could make me a DVD with quality video and audio I would; I've searched and searched, but you can't even get this movie from Korea. This is another movie I doubt that TCM will offer ON DEMAND for the next 7 days.

  • you made my day

    • sharon
    • 1/26/17

    I thought I was seeing things.So happy that you are finally airing this movie. So glad I have a dvr. Now I waiting for the dvd.


    • Diane Kelly
    • 1/19/17

    TCM should be proud of their collection of movies. But Lucy Gallant should be high on your priority list to sell to the public. MY VHS copy is all used from watching this video so many times. So come on TCM lets get Lucy Tallant rolled out so we can purchase it.Diane

  • Lucy Gallant

    • Renee
    • 1/19/17

    Why isn't this film on DVD or Blu-ray yet? This film is one of my favorites, which I previously owned on VHS and can no longer watch since they don't make VHS players anymore. I love Thelma Ritter, and she is wonderfully wisecracking is this movie. PLEASE BRING IT TO US ON DVD.

  • Lucy Gallant

    • Anne
    • 1/3/17

    I love love this movie, I saw this movie many many years ago as a teenager. Please sell this in DVD soon!

  • Lucy Gallant

    • Kelly H.
    • 4/19/16

    I haven't seen the movie in years! Please put it on, I want to see it again, I love this story!

  • Lucy Gallant

    • AJ
    • 4/4/16

    Great movie Lucy Gallant, please play! Or can I purchase a dvd. TCM great movie lineup, please locate Lucy Gallant.

  • One more in an avalanche of reviews!

    • el debbo
    • 1/5/16

    Great movie. Very enjoyable to watch and a real slice of the radical changes in some parts of the U.S. after the War.Jane Wyman was THE strong woman in her era. Did her hair ever get windblown or mussed? I have to know. Everyone is good in this film and the plot moves right along through the years. 5 stars in a big sky.

  • Lucy Gallant

    • Pat
    • 2/18/15

    I would to buy it on DVD and watch it on tcm any time GREAT movie

  • Lucy Gallant

    • Peg
    • 3/23/14

    Would love to see Lucy Gallant on TCM. I look every week to see if it is on. My favorite movie ever. It was such a great film. They don't make these kinds of films anymore. Such a shame. Jane Wyman was such a great actress and it would be a thrill to see it again. Hoping to see it on TV soon since it is so hard to find on DVD.

  • Lucy Gallant

    • Viola Grill
    • 2/21/14

    thiis is one of my favorite movies...I would love to see it again...Please run it soon..

  • Lucy Gallant and This Earth is. Mine

    • Linda Marin
    • 11/30/13

    I have been asking this question for years!!! Why is it we can't get these two movies on DVD? What is the problem?iI really wish someone would once and for all answer. I have voted year after year without result. I would really like to purchase a out-right legit movie than otherwise. It's always worth buying quality than cheap copy. Please answer.


    • Jon Hasenfuss
    • 11/22/13

    I would love to view Lucy Gallant again. Caught it late one night years ago on AMC, and when it was rerun, later that week, I videoed it on VHS. That tape has now died, and I would absolutely love to see it again. That era of film was so glamourous and the actors who were in the film so superb, its a shame that more people are not exposed to it. Thelma Ritter and Claire Treyor alone are worth watching, as is the Edith Head fashion show, with the introduction by real life Gov. Allen Shivers of Texas. The film reminds me in a small way of the Neiman-Marcus department stores founding. Won't you please rerun Lucy Gallant sometime soon, we need a little bit of glamour and style in this world right about now, and I can't think of an easier way to get it than to show this film again. I look forward to viewing it soon!!! Thanks in advance~

  • Lucy Gallant

    • Deborah Rice
    • 7/22/13

    Please show this movie! It is great. Love it!

  • TCM, Please Show Lucy Gallant!

    • Deborah Russell
    • 3/1/13

    Why doesn't TCM show Lucy Gallant? This is a great movie starring Jane Wyman and Charlton Heston and Thelma Ritter in a supporting role. Please, please, please show and thank you.

  • run it

    • tricia quakenbush
    • 7/12/12

    I saw this movie over 30 years ago I had to be in high school. I love it because I wanted to be a fashion designer. I found my dream and became a pattern maker in the industry for years. I now teach fashion at the school of fashion in savannah at scad. I would love to get ahold of a copy of this movie so I can show it in class. the kids would fall in love with it. and the inspiration wow! Tmc please please please run this movie again. Shoot have a whole line up of fashion or fashion industry movies. I'll make my students watch! Hahaha!

  • Lucy Gallant

    • sewinglady
    • 5/25/12

    I saw this movie as a youngster and loved it, especially the fashions. With the popularity of young designers and reality competition shows in fashion design, I think it's time to fit 'Lucy Gallant' into the TCM lineup!!

  • Lucy Gallant

    • Sharla
    • 4/15/12

    I saw this movie a long time ago I loved the fashion in it. Has not been on in over 20 year can not find it at the video stores either can you please show it again

  • Lucy Gallant

    • Zenda
    • 4/14/12

    I saw this movie when I was a little girl, I loved it mostly for the fashion, it has been my daydream to have someone remake this movie, same time period as the original maybe give the fashions a little update for the viewer now , but keep all of Edith Heads great designs. I think with the right actors this could be a hit now. Has everything we like romance, rags to riches, and that great fashion! I just think it would be a hit now with Mad Men and the Retro that is so popular

  • Love Jane Wyman & Charleston Heston together.

    • battsdl
    • 3/25/12

    I love this movie. I saw it many yrs ago & would love to see it again. Love the fashions by Edith Head.

  • Rags to riches.

    • DougieB
    • 2/13/12

    It's an old story, but no less enjoyable. As soon as we see poor Jane Wyman's pristine white boots slogging through the mud in the frontier town where she's been stranded, we know the kind of battle she's in for. She believes in herself, though, so there's no question that she's going to make it, singlehandedly bringing Texas into the modern age with her fashion sense. And of course she's loved and lost, then loved again along the way, thanks to Charleton Heston as the curmudgeonly masculine stereotype who puts her through her emotional paces. He was still becoming an actor at this point in his career, despite having been front and center in "The Greatest Show On Earth", so that here, and in others of this type like "Bad For Each Other" with Lizabeth Scott, we see the strain as he reaches for nuance. It's really the women, Jane Wyman, Claire Trevor and Thelma Ritter, who drive the story and make us care about Lucy's triumph over reluctant bankers and unscrupulous board members, etc. , the final triumph being a big fashion show, naturally. There was something Janet Gaynor-ish about Jane Wyman, the frail with nerves of steel, which made her perfect for this kind of movie about an underdog whom you'd never even expect to see in the race, let alone at the head of the pack. The whole package is pretty cornball, but it's a great example of the plucky-heroine women's picture. Well done, I say.

  • Another fan

    • sarah f
    • 2/9/12

    Don't agree with Leonard Maltin's review at all. I'm amongst those who saw this film years ago and keep hoping for TCM to put it in their lineup.

  • Lucy Gallant

    • Rosann
    • 9/26/11

    Loved the storyline, the actors, the acting and the fashions. Saw it many years ago. Bring it to TCM.

  • Lucy Gallant

    • jady
    • 4/1/11

    This movie has it!! I'm talking good old fashion romance and fashion. I miss this movie!!!!

  • Lucy Gallant

    • battsdl
    • 1/8/11

    I saw this movie many years ago & I enjoyed watching the handsome Charleston Heston and beautiful Jane Wyman. The gowns and dresses designed by the legendary Edith Head were wonderful. Please show this movie again. It has been too long.

  • Lucy Gallant

    • bjparr
    • 1/2/11

    I agree! This is a lovely story about an independent woman and how she learns to appreciate the value of love with the right man. The man she loves finds out that a woman can still be a wife and a savvy business woman as well. We need some really sweet stories like this right now.

  • One of Jane Wyman's Best!!!

    • Leslie
    • 10/7/10

    What is wrong with the powers to be??? Please show this great film on TCM and RELEASE IT ON DVD. I thought for sure after Jane Wyman's passing that the powers to be would be smart to release this wonderful film on DVD and show it on TCM. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!!!

  • Lucy Gallant

    • Elizabeth
    • 10/5/10

    A lovely and well dressed period film.The values are passe' but the story is dreamy!The fashion show rocks!True story...kind of true film.Great for date night!

  • This movie should be on DVD!!!

    • Debbi
    • 7/9/10

    This was one movie my mother and I would stay up late to watch together. It is a great story that was very well done - I only wish it was on more often.

  • Lucy Gallant

    • b
    • 6/25/10

    I love this movie. Jane Wyman always was soft spoken and polished. I love her movies and wish they would release this one to DVD.

  • Lucy Gallant

    • Winnie Wilson
    • 4/28/10

    I like Jane Wyman movies. This is one of her better ones. It has been years since the last time I saw it. It would be real nice if TCM would put it on their schedule for the near future. I like most of the old movies (thirties,forties and fifties) Most of the time I am watching the TCM Channel because of the movies they show. Hope to see this movie real soon. I would like TCM to show alot more older movies such as this one, Adventure (a Clark Gable movie) and so many more I can't name. Thanks Winnie Wilson

  • A Jane Wyman Treasure

    • Teres Counts
    • 3/1/10

    This movie is one of Jane Wyman's best in my eyes, it's a love story with a twist. Charlton Heston is the perfect leading man for this movie too. In the 50's, a time when women were told to stay home and raise children, this movie certainly helped and spoke to the women of this era who were looking for another path in life. I would really appreciate this movie being added to a signature collection of movies honoring actresses who disserve recognition for the fine body of work she produced and the popularity she enjoyed for more than 50 years. Jane is one of the premier actresses of Hollywood and her recognition is long OVERDUE. The fashion show of Edith Head clothing is simply stunning in this movie too, so if you enjoy fashion pioneers of the 40-50's this movie has beautiful examples for you too.

  • Classic Love Story

    • Trudy Crawford
    • 1/4/10

    I have seen this movie several times. I loved it the first time I saw it. It is filled with a mixture of drama and comedy. It has endearing qualities like "It's a Wonderful Life.

  • Classic for A Lookback

    • Frances Vara
    • 9/29/09

    I haved loved this movie for a very long time. Its like An Affair to Rememberbut in Texas.It is rare to ever see it.This film depicts the role of men and women and their respective strengthsto keep a relationship going.The cast was outstanding! A winning combinaton! I searched and found a dvd from Hollywood. Itwas priced at $49.95 way beyond mybudget for a retired teacher. But Iam a fan of classic films that offerromance, comedy, drama, and a bit of(Texas) history.

  • Lucy Rembered

    • Orbie Harris
    • 9/23/09

    I saw Lucy Gallant in 1956 in a small theatre in West Texas. Being from a small town, with an equaly small newspaper, the movie was not given the hype as well as it deserved. However, being the only show in town, it did rather well at the box office. Jane Wyman gave an outstanding performance as did Charlton Heston. The supporting cast, to a man/woman/, turned in one of the best showings in memory. I would recomend this movie to any fan of Ms Wyman or Mr Heston as they both turned in journeyman performances.


    • Robert Hunt
    • 9/17/09

    I have the flu today and thought about this movie because the last (and only) time I saw it was 20 years ago on AMC (before they had commercials!) when I also had the flu. The other comments recap the story, so I'll just say that it has stuck in my mind because it IS a good story---never mind the fashion/romance angles. It follows some interesting characters over many years and is a good snapshot of post-WWII America in many ways. Very underrated and overlooked. I hope you show it and/or put it on DVD soon.

  • Innovative and ahead of it's time

    • Antiquefan
    • 8/22/09

    Lucy Gallant (played by Jane Wyman) is outstanding in this film along with Charlton Heston and the strong supporting cast.In the days when it had not jet become fashionable Lucy Galant opens a woman's clothing store in an oil booming town.She was a keen businesswomen and fought hard for her success. Her love interest is Mr. Heston. A hard nosed oil-man hell bent on "me or the business" attitude.The fashions are beautifully designed by my favorite clothing designer- "Edith Head".I haven't seen this movie in years and would love to see it again since it is one of my favorites.

  • Lucy Gallant

    • Judy
    • 7/8/09

    Jane Wyman starts an exclusive type store in Texas as oil begins to boom. Charleton Heston is the love interest and Thelma Ritter is her usual funny self trying to make it all work. Great story - beautiful clothes from the 50's.


    • Mary Blair
    • 6/21/09

    Great Jane Wyman movie! One of my favorites. Great story - Thelma Ritter is great in this movie. Good story line and a pleasure to watch. Please make it available for all of us Jane Wyman fans!

  • Lucy Gallant Movie Review

    • Patricia
    • 6/16/09

    This movie was one of the best Paramount Pictures produced. I have for many years been searching for a copy of this movie. The actors & actresses did a fantastic job in this film. If anyone knows where I can obtain a quality copy of this film please email the information to me @ pdavishisi@yahoo.comIf the producers are reading this information there are over 1325+ viewers who want this movie please get busy and produce the DVDs as soon as possible.Thank you.

  • Great movie of the 50's

    • PJ
    • 3/7/09

    I enjoy a greal "love story." There are others out there who also like a good happy ending. Charlton Heston, is no longer with us; therfore allow us to continue to enjoy and appreciate his cinema contributions. This film is not in the same class as "The Ten Commandments" but it is Mr. Heston emotionally acting at his best.


    • tommy
    • 3/1/09

    This is one of those movies that has been classified as one of the all time bad movies that we love. However, most people that have ever seen it never quite forget it. All the great points of a 1950's glamour movie, glamour leading lady, HOT HOT leading man, and none other than the great Thelma Ritter as a supporting STAR !!!! The glamour, the fashions, and least of all the Romance. A great look into the world of rich , fashion and style of the post war era. Please release this movie or at least show it so that old fans and new ones can relish this classic movie.

  • when will this movie be available?

    • sandy
    • 2/15/09

    I saw this movie as a child and would like to see it again. The fashions of the 50's designed by Edith Head represented a magical time for little girls growing up. Jane Wymann was a beautiful leading lady.

  • Why I'd like to see this movie

    • Sandy
    • 1/31/09

    Lucy Gallant is a great movie but it has not been shown for several years. Hopefully it will be put on DVD so many people will have the opportunity to enjoy it.

  • Please play this movie!

    • Janice
    • 1/30/09

    I've only seen this movie once many, many years ago and I would love to see it again. Its a really great movie. Would be nice to DVR it until the powers that be come to their senses and put in on DVD!

  • An old fashioned love story!`

    • Janis Fillmore
    • 12/22/08

    I loved this movie! The men are strong and the women are fiesty! It has a great story line and plenty of places to pull out the kleenex. I am so disappointed it is not available for rental. Hopefully someone will take note and release it and many others like it. It is the kind of movie to watch with popcorn on a long week-end.

  • Must have DVD

    • Frances Vara
    • 10/23/08

    I have 6 sisters, my mom and aunt.We love this movie. It has been a whilebut we call each other up every time itis on. I have been searching numerous online dvd sales to find it.My ex husband taped it off of tcm butwon't give it to me.It says so much about being an independent woman in that era. CharltonHeston died not long ago and would alsobe great in his collection.We are all tcm movie fans.Thanks

  • Woman in Action

    • Linda Barton
    • 7/17/08

    Pairing of Jane Wyman and Charlton Heston was excellent. Movie shows how a woman can be a business owner and still be a woman.Only have seen it once before but was very impressed with this film. Would love to see again on TCM or released on DVD.

  • Pre Women's Lib classic

    • James Byrne
    • 7/11/08

    Anybody studying the origins of women's lib in the movies should watch this classic movie from 1955. Jane Wyman and Charlton Heston star, and costume designer Edith Head is also featured. A companion piece to GIANT, minus the huge production costs.

  • One of my Favorites

    • Agnes Larsen
    • 6/5/08

    I have previously requested this movie but have not seen it as being shown. I really enjoyed this movie, especially because one of my favorit groups, The Four Freshman had a small role in the film. Please run it. I can't find it anywhere to buy.

  • Good Story, Great Actors

    • Alan Causey
    • 3/3/08

    Fashion minded career woman meets up with tough oilman in a boomtown in Texas. Should she succumb to his rough charm or hold out for her independence?Jane Wyman and Charlton Heston are terrific as the mismatched duo with Thelma Ritter and Claire Trevor providing super support as usual. Includes Edith Head presenting a fashion show at Gallant's in Texas with an appearance by the then-governor of the state.Deserves more respectful treatment than its gotten so far.

  • Please make this movie available!

    • Patricia Causey
    • 11/16/07

    I have watched Lucy Gallant several times on television since I was a child and I have always loved the movie. It seems to be a lost Jane Wyman (and Charleton Heston) film. It deserves better - it is a very enjoyable and entertaining story. The combination of Jane Wyman and Charleton Heston is great and it is a good story of a woman achieving success in the retail world. I would love to see this film saved and shared with the public. I am putting very high ratings because I love it. I have not seen it in such a long time it's hard for me to remember the camera work, etc.Thanks!

  • 1955 Classic Lucy Gallant

    • DD
    • 11/4/07

    The prime actors are Charlton Heston,Jane Wyman, and Thelma Ritter. This 1955 Classic I wish to purchase Mr. TCM Ashfault's Movie Classics has it, but I prefer good quality videos and will continue to purchase from TCM .Please list Lucy Gallant so that I may purchase it from you Sincerely; D. FloresBS,MS

  • Lucy Gallant

    • cynthia
    • 10/24/07

    Would you please, put this movie on dvd, or show it on direct tv, so that I can see it. This was a very good movie, about love, loss, hurt, and happiness. So please put it on.

  • A wonderful film

    • Elaine
    • 10/12/07

    I agree with Debbie Crawford. As soon as I heard of Jane Wyman's passing, I looked to see if Lucy Gallant would be part of her tribute. It is my favorite Jane Wyman movie - and there is a lot of good ones from which to choose - and one of my all-time favorite movies. Since we are allowed to only vote once for this to appear on DVD, I'm afraid it may never be issued. However, I keep checking TCM to see if you will play the movie again. I haven't seen it for years and I am unable to find the tape I made more than a decade ago, which was the last time I remember seeing it listed on TCM. Please help all the Lucy Gallant fans out here and air the movie. My mother has also longed to see it again, but we really want it to come out on DVD so we don't have to beg!

  • Jany Wyman's Passing

    • Debbie Crawford
    • 9/28/07

    You took a day to celebrate the Life of this wonderful actress, all the movies you played were good, but the one you left out was one of her three best.Lucy Gallant should have been shown.When are you all gonna show this movie again?


    • LOUISE
    • 9/22/07


  • Lucy Gallant

    • Karla Christensen
    • 9/20/07

    I have loved this movie and would like to buy a copy, why can it not be released on dvd or even vhs. I was amazed that it is not one of the movies in Jane Wymans credits. Karla

  • A Real Must See Movie

    • Annette
    • 9/14/07

    I saw this movie twenty years and have not seen it since..The best I can say about this movie is that it has spirit on so many levels..Jane Wyman's character was elegant and up challenges.I'll continue to hunt for this movie again until I'm again fortunate enough to see some real talent. I hope TCM will someday add it to the schedule...

  • Lucy Gallant

    • Earline
    • 9/11/07

    This movie should be shown on TCM. I always watch for it and request it but it is never shown. JANE WYMAN, ALONG WITH CHARLETON HESTON, is one of the all-time greats in my book. Please try to show this film starring these two all-time greats. Thank You..!!!!


    • Laura
    • 9/10/07

    Lucy Gallant is exceptional and needs to be shown so those who know it will enjoy it again and those new to it will see what a woman can accomplish. One of Jane Wyman's best with an incredibly moving tale.


    • Shirley
    • 9/10/07

    The movie Lucy Gallant was one of Jane Wyman best made movies. I have beeb searching for this movie for years. It should be available again.

  • Jane Wyman rocks!

    • Lynn Bessette
    • 6/12/07

    Classic tale of vulnerable woman taking her life in her own hands and making the best of it and the hero who wants to save her from her mundane life. Jane Wyman loses her fiancee and flees with her trousseau in hand to a fledgling oil town in Texas. She meets Charleton Heston almost immediately and he takes her under his wing. She decides to open a store to sell her designer clothes and becomes the town's most chic socialite. Charleton wants her to marry him and give up her store, but she refuses. He goes off to WWII and becomes a war hero, also amassing a ton of money in the oil business, and comes back to again ask her to marry him. They part and she pines after him. Her store is privately being maneuvered out from under her and Charleton "secretly" buys her note to save her from bankruptcy. The true fairy tale ending. They fight, they kiss, they marry.....and she wears lovely clothes along the way......This movie was made just prior to his big epic starring roles, which is why he is not the billed player in the credits.....

  • Great movie

    • ksg
    • 5/13/07

    I have been searching for this movie for years. It was a classic love story that continues to vascilate between love and hate and you are not sure which way it will go until the very end.Love to see it or own it if it become available.

  • Lucy Gallant

    • jean clark
    • 4/13/07

    My ten-year-old granddaughter loves old movies with Jane Wyman and Doris Day. I loved this movie and know she would love it also. Have been waiting for it to be on DVD. Help!

  • I would like very much to see this movie again.

    • Frances
    • 3/15/07

    I watched the movie several years ago and enjoyed it and would buy it if it was released on DVD.

  • waiting for dvd release

    • emma flores
    • 2/16/07

    my mother and I love this movie and haven't seen i in years. Iwould love to see this movie come out on dvd.Thank you

  • Lucy Gallant

    • Lois Wilson
    • 2/4/07

    I am so happy to know that others are pressing for this great film to become available on DVD. What can we do to help this process along? Is it even a consideration for release? A Hopeful Fan

  • This One slipped through the Cracks Too!

    • Debbie Crawford
    • 2/1/07

    Whats going on at TCM? You guys are letting the good ones slip through the cracks as Bob said of "The Mating Season".I have wanted to see Lucy Gallant for a long time and you never play it.Should be on DVD

  • Lucy Gallant - Great Movie

    • Denise
    • 1/13/07

    I cannot understand why this movie is not shown on TCM. Jane Wyman and Charlton Heston are wonderful together. You also have the great Thelma Ritter in this movie. TCM always is showing MAGNIFICENT OBESSION or ALL THAT HEAVEN ALLOWS. Well LUCY GALLANT is just as good or even better. I have not seen this movie in years and have been trying to purchase it either on VHS or DVD...preferably DVD. Please show this film and release it on DVD!!! I really would like to have it on DVD for my movie collection.


    • Nancy Munroe
    • 1/4/07

    I haven't seen this movie in years and in my opinion it is in the same class as GIANT with Rock Hudson and Elizabeth Taylor! It's been so long since I've seen this movie that I've forgotten alot of it!!! All I remember is that I really loved it.Please TCM, bring this movie to your screen and give us all something good in the New Year!!!


    • Diana
    • 12/22/06

    I agree with the others comments that it's been too long since this movie was shown. I've been looking out for it for years. Loved it! Great movie kiss and great acting. Jane Wyman and Charlton Heston were great. TCM you are our only hope to view this movie. Would love to have it released on DVD.

  • Lucy Gallant

    • Karen
    • 11/16/06

    Please run this film soon, it has been too long since I have seen it!!!!

  • Comment on Lucy Gallant movie

    • Sally
    • 10/24/06

    Agree with Stephanie, too long since this movie was on. TCM is the only place where anyone can see it. Can't rent or buy it.

  • Lucy Gallant

    • Gail
    • 10/12/06

    I saw this movie years ago and have not forgotten it. Since then I have been looking for it on VHS or DVD. It is a wonderful romantic movie. I can't understand why it is not shown on TCM. Charlton Heston and Jane Wyman are so good in this film. The support actors such as Thelma Ritter and Claire Trevor are an added plus. Please put this movie on TCM and above all please release it on DVD!!

  • Why isn't this movie being shown?

    • Stephanie
    • 9/4/06

    It has been way too long since this movie has been shown. It is such a great story with great actors and actresses. It is just a shame that it has not been shown or released on DVD or video.

  • Lucy Gallant

    • Mary Cole
    • 8/10/06

    I saw this movie a long time ago and have been looking to see it again for a long time. This movie contains, in my opinion, the BEST movie kiss I have seen on screen. Please release this movie again on TCM or video. Thanks.

  • Lucy Gallant..a must see for all movie buffs

    • Carol
    • 4/17/06

    saw this when i was young and am very unhappy that it has not been made available for showing on turner movie classics or released for home video.

  • Lucy Gallant

    • DHughes
    • 3/7/06

    One of the best romance films. Strong willed woman determined to stand on her own two feet and succeed. Please make available on DVD. Thanks.

  • Lucy Gallant

    • susan hardee
    • 2/7/06

    Turnner Classics is probably my only hope to ever see this movie, or buy it. So please try, we all depend on you!!!Thank you Susan Hardee

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