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Love With the Proper Stranger

Love With the Proper Stranger(1963)


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  • Love With a Proper Stranger

    • Pat
    • 5/31/18

    I was actually working in our local theater when this movie was shown. I was 17 at the time. The movie was poignant, funny and wonderful. Some may call it nothing more than a soap opera but it really made me think about all the considerations in a situation like that. I would buy it and put it in my collection if it were available. I read a verbose review from some guy whining about the "right" and their penchant for right- to- life issues. Well all I can say is- more predictable nastiness from the left which is so prevalent today. Blah blah blah.

  • My generation.

    • denscul
    • 11/8/17

    My home town of Pgh had its ethnic neighborhoods, including the largest Jewish community outside of NYC. I wish I could say I was like Steve McQueen, but the closest I came was I played the trumpet in High School. Unfortunately, I was like Hershel Bernardi, the older brother trying to fix up my sister with some nice Italian guy. A job assigned to the oldest brother, who was wise to the streets, and the most eligible for his sister. Like the character played by Tom Bosley who hardly looked like an Italian, but he played his first film role as the comic disaster trying to attract Angie, even offering to marry her, expectant baby ok, as long as he could convince his mom, it was his. I beat up several guys I considered unworthy of my sister with only practical considerations. Bosley played an Italian who certainly was eligible and a solid citizen, but with the exception of providing the best comic relief, he was no match for McQueen. who in this film and in true life attracted women without much effort. Hence Natalie is one of his conquests, who in a one night stand, gets pregnant, and the story unfolds with an attempted abortion, McQueen getting beat up by Hershel Berdardi, until he gets McQueen to agree to "make things right". The plot twists when Wood shows herself to be like a woman of today, unlike the reality of the 60's. The first time I watched this film was in a theater with a girl I had just started dating, and the botched abortion scene made us uneasy.It makes the film a little dated, because we live in a different time, where abortion is taken for granted and many of the younger generation might wonder why they had to go to an abandoned building, pay a lot for an abortion done by an unqualified person. There are many scenes that come to mind. The dinner at the prospective mother in laws house and the scene at McQueens girl friends apt. It was routine that romances always ended on a happy note.

  • Love with the proper stranger

    • Deborah
    • 6/4/17

    I've been looking for this movie to be on TV for along time. If you can't schedule it please let me know where I can buy it.

  • Great movie

    • Lorraine
    • 3/14/17

    Please show this it's a great movie, I would give it five stars

  • Bring Back Love With The Proper Stranger

    • Dee
    • 1/13/17

    I know this was on Nov. 19th but i've seen TCM show some films like White Heat For instance more than once in a year. Please play Love With The Proper Stranger again and soon. TCM also shows West Side Story more than once a year.Please don't put Love With The Proper Stranger away.

  • Love with the proper stranger

    • jackie bryant
    • 1/1/17

    love this movie, it covers so many areas regarding family relation, love and going out on your own and being independent without family guidance, would love to see it released on dvd. also, when will it be shown on tcm?

  • Full Plate for Margaret Sanger

    • Clichae
    • 11/22/16

    The founding mother of Planned Parenthood could have sunk her teeth into this movie's story!

  • love with the proper stranger

    • kevin sellers
    • 11/20/16

    Like most Robert Mulligan films(the good ones, at least) it's suffused with a warmth, humanity and affection for all its characters. Arnold Schulman's screenplay is definitely to be praised on this score as well as rapped on the knuckles a bit for the relentless Italian schtick. Schulman is obviously of the All Italians Are Loud And Opionated school and it gets annoying after awhile. Also, Schulman's characters' Italian inflections and diction often turns Jewish before going back to Italian. And to compound the problem neither Steve McQueen nor Natalie Wood especially looks or sounds New York Italian. Oh, and the ending's too cute. But enough carping. I mostly liked this funny/sad little film about a woman trying to break free of convention as embodied by her love smothering and controlling family and a man haltingly trying to meet her halfway. As these two Wood and McQueen capture the psychology of rebellion and commitment phobia even if they flub their accents. And certain scenes, like an Italian family picnic in East River park, the disastrous dinner that Wood cooks Mc Queen, a meal that veers from sexy to nasty, and of course the harrowing back alley abortion scene, stay with you long after the film is done. Give it a B plus. P.S. 13 pages of reviews for this offbeat film, huh? I'm scared to look at them for fear I'll encounter TCMs right wing, right to life crowd. I need a break from that bunch for awhile.

  • Lovely movie! Release it on DVD/Blu ray Please!

    • Paul
    • 11/14/16

    This is a lovely, but realistic story of what happens when these two strangers have "quick love", so to speak. Natalie Wood and Steve McQueen are wonderful in the film. I really wish TCM would release this on DVD and/or Blu ray, us fans are begging!

  • Love with a Proper Stranger

    • Alma Acosta
    • 11/10/16

    Outstanding movie from beginning to end. Excellent screenwriting. Powerful, tender and funny too. Ms. Natalie Wood and Steve McQueen give stellar performances worth of an Oscar.This is absolutely one of my favorite Natalie Wood movies. I hope that TCM will soon have this movie available for purchase. I would buy it.

  • Love With A Proper Stranger

    • Joann McLellan
    • 3/24/16

    Natalie Wood and Steve McQueen tributes should include this wonderful movie. Their performances were outstanding and Oscar worthy. Please, please show this movie. It has been too long!

  • Love with the Proper Stranger

    • Diane
    • 1/14/16

    Without a doubt, this is my favorite Natalie Wood AND Steve McQueen movie. Most women today are too young to remember that virginity was demanded of single women until the late sixties and were ostracized when they found themselves in this predicament, as well as the children that resulted. You only had three choices when faced with this situation; marriage (loveless or not), adoption or illegal abortion, so many of which ended in tragedy. This movie approached this serious subject with sensitivity and warmth, humor and a good look at the mind set of that time. The movie has a happy ending after watching Angie review her choices throughout the movie. Wood and McQueen had definite chemistry between them which made that ending quite believable, even palatable. The rest of the marvelous cast all added to the comedic value of the story and while shooting in black and white may turn some people off, I believe it lends to the serious nature of it. This was one of the first movies I bought in the VHS format and after I threw it out, intending to upgrade to DVD, I am heartbroken that it is not available in that format and I can't understand why! After searching in vain for years on TCM every time I turn on my television, I now subscribe to the TCM magazine just for the chance to see this wonderful movie again.

  • Love With The Proper Stranger

    • Joel
    • 1/2/16

    This film had 5 Academy Award nominations including Natalie Wood for best actress. How she lost to Patricia Neal who had a supporting role in Hud that year was really astonishing. But at the time Natalie was 25, calling her shots and just had the fling with Warren Beatty. Hollywood jealousy at its best. McQueen was also great in this film and of course some great shots of New York City. The film was one of the top 20 grossing films of the year and considering the subject matter quite an astonishment but Natalie was capable of selling movie tickets. She is also quite good with Redford in This Property is Condemned although the film is no prize. Still a better film than that downbeat Inside Daisy Clover. Natalie turned down both Bonnie & Clyde / Barefoot in the park due to personal issues but rebounded with Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice.

  • Love Love With The Proper Stranger

    • Dolores
    • 9/1/15

    Being Italian this is an all time favorite of my familys. Natalie Wood is my favorite actress of all. Love the three protective brothers. The mother, the household all wonderful. Steve McQueen is great as Rocky. Please TCM show this movie. We're all waiting.

  • Love Love With The Proper Stranger.

    • Dolores
    • 9/1/15

    Love this movie so much being an Italian its an all time favorite of my familys. Love the way the brothers care about her all so true. It's warm and funny and always brings tears to my eyes. Come on TCM show this movie.Natalie Wood is my all time favorite actress. Please show this movie.

  • Excellent on Many Levels

    • Natacha
    • 8/31/15

    This film is very nuanced, and depicts many 1960's themes, including familial sexual repression resulting in promiscuity, pre-Roe v. Wade abortion, and a young woman's refusal to settle for someone she doesn't love just because she's pregnant. Natalie Wood portrays a young woman in an Italian family. Her father and brothers follow her around, attempting to stop her from dating anyone they don't approve of. As a reaction to this, Natalie is promiscuous. She has a one-night stand with Steve McQueen's character, a musician, and becomes pregnant. She contacts Steve and asks him to help her with finding a "doctor", 60's-speak for an abortionist. With some difficulty, they come up with the fee and do locate someone. They go to a closed-down sleazy hotel, where they meet 2 very sketchy people, neither of whom is a doctor. The abortionist, an older woman, lays a sheet down on the dirty floor and opens a beat up doctor's bag full of creepy-looking unsterile instruments and a flashlight. (Let's face it--a vaginal speculum is creepy-looking, not to mention the other tools of the trade). She instructs Natalie to strip. Her associate, a man, tries to keep Steve out of the room, but he gets in anyway, and refuses to allow Natalie to go through with it, saying he'll kill them before he lets them lay a finger on her. The abortionist and her accomplice escape. Steve and Natalie then become genuinely acquainted, and although Natalie has an offer of marriage from Tom Bosley's character, who could provide her and Steve's baby with financial security, she refuses his offer of marriage. Natalie doesn't love Bosley and won't marry him, telling Steve she wants "bells and banjos", meaning she's going to hold out for true love. Her father and brothers locate them after she and Steve stay out all night, and trouble ensues. I won't spoil the ending, which is happy, but it's a film very much worth seeing.

  • Favorite movie

    • Beth
    • 8/28/15

    This is one of my favorite movies of all times. I watch for it all the time. You have only shown it once that I can remember. The young women (and men) should watch this to see how it was for women before roe vs wade...Steve McQueen is wonderful as well as Natalie Wood, also I think this is the first movie for Tom Bosley...please show this more often.....

  • Wonderful!!!!

    • CiCi
    • 2/14/15

    Please place this movie on your schedule more often!!!!!! The acting is wonderful. The cast terrific. The subject handled well.

  • Love with the Proper Stranger

    • Korey Duffy
    • 2/13/15

    This movie was revolutionary in the 1960s. It is relevant now. On top of all of that it was funny.


    • Carol
    • 12/27/14

    I absolutely love this movie! I wish I could get a copy on DVD. In my opinion this is the best or one of the very best of Natalie Wood!! Please show it soon on TCM! Thank you.

  • Great NW/SM Movie!

    • Lana Eades
    • 3/14/14

    This is one of the best movies for both the leads, Natalie Wood and Steve McQueen. They are perfectly suited for each other, and it shines in each scene. Some may be put off by the black and white presentation, but should not be. The story told in 1963 was really pretty black and white for most people. It is told with great humanity and humor. The fact that this movie cannot be seen is distressing. Why is this fabulous movie not available? Please show it more often on TCM!

  • love with a proper stranger

    • nacy
    • 2/11/14

    I do wish you would put this movie on again. in was on a few years ago. steve McQueen and Natalie wood were great.

  • Love With The Proper Stranger

    • Gene
    • 12/19/13

    Great B&W movie from the 60s. Wonderful cast and performances.

  • Please release this on DVD

    • sheila
    • 12/10/13

    This is one of my favorite movies. I don't understand why it's not on DVD unless it's the subject matter. I hope it's soon released on DVD!

  • Love with the Proper Stranger

    • Marcia Wright
    • 12/7/13

    Love with the Proper Stranger is my all-time favorite movie...and I have seen thousands. Why is it so hard to find? It is a perfect love story.

  • Love with the Proper Stranger

    • CurlGirl
    • 9/8/13

    This is a classic. Best love story ever told. Why isn't it being shown anymore?

  • Why no "Love with a Proper Stranger"?

    • KathyNYC
    • 8/23/13

    I love love love this movie - the music alone is worth viewing the film. But I have never heard a good reason why it's rarely if ever shown on TV. Even on a Natalie Wood day? Seriously, there must be a reason why we haven't seen this movie in ages. I would like to know what it is. But better still, I would like to see the film again. Help!!

  • One of My Favs!!

    • Pam
    • 8/18/13

    I love this movie!!! I thought TCM would have it on today, being Natalie Wood movie day!! When can I see it again??

  • Love With The Proper Stranger

    • njmoviegal
    • 7/13/13

    Love this movie, one of my all time favorites. Natalie Wood & Steve McQueen"s chemistry is top rated. Can't imagine anyone else in either role. I'm disappointed every month when I look at the upcoming schedule & it is not schedule to play. Especially in August when there is both a Natalie Wood Day & Steve McQueen day that this picture is not being shown. And it should be shown as an Essential. Unwed motherhood is so widely accepted these days it really gives you insight into how different morals were in the past & how when a woman found herself in that condition how stressful & desperate she was. Your rooting for Angie through the whole picture. PLEASE SCHEDULE THIS MOVIE SO WE CAN ALL ENJOY IT AGAIN & AGAIN!!!

  • Changed my life

    • Claudia
    • 6/2/13

    I first saw this movie as a second feature in 1973 and it literally changed my life. I was in a similar situation and realized that what I really wanted in my life was not the man I was with but a man who really cared about me. I ended that relationship and have been married to the love of my life for 38 years. I have ALWAYS credited this beautiful movie for saving my life.

  • Love With the Proper Stranger

    • Leilani Messore
    • 5/27/13

    This has been my ALL TIME favorite movie since 1964. Natalie Wood and Steve McQueen are my favorite actors. In the years that I've been watching TCM, I've only seen it come up once. Please, please, please show it more often!

  • An Essential Film

    • Robin
    • 4/9/13

    Would love to see this movie added to the Essentials. The chemistry between McQueen and Wood is one of the best. Someone please put this on DVD/Blue Ray!

  • Outstanding Script and Performances--An Essential

    • Natacha
    • 3/26/13

    I agree with those reviewers who said this film was ahead of its time. This is the story of an Italian-American girl who lives in a very controlling household, and who goes wild when she's out of the house. She goes for one-night stands, one of which is with Steve McQueen, a musician who gets her pregnant. She approaches him about helping pay for an abortion, although that word is never used, and he doesn't even remember being with her. Nevertheless, he doesn't back away. The handling of illegal abortions in New York City in the 1960s was very well-done. They are directed to a room in an abandoned, filthy old hotel with boarded-up windows, a sheet is spread on the floor and the abortionist arrives with a valise full of tools. Steve Mc Queen won't let the abortionist touch her, and takes her to a woman friend's apartment. They are confronted the next morning by a family member, who thinks they've shacked up for the night. Little does he know what Natalie has really been up to. They eventually agree to start dating and fall in love. The themes of overbearing family, being a rebel, looking for love and intimacy and taking responsibility are relevant today. The portrayals of 1960s New York and Italian immigrant family life are also fascinating.

  • Love with the Proper Stranger

    • Eleanor
    • 2/18/13

    Really love this movie! A classic romance even in modern times. Have not seen this moviein a long time, and would like to be able to get it on DVD for my romance collection.

  • My ALL TIme favorite movie

    • Julie Wolk
    • 10/28/12

    I absolutely love this movie. I saw it for the first time in the late 60's and have watched it so many times I can recite lines. The subject matter is way ahead of its time, Steve McQueen and Natalie Wood have never been better.The writing is so good, the cast, the stories and the stars, I'm amazed that it isn't on DVD. I do have it in VHS format, but don't have a working VHS player anymore. Please, Please make this available on DVD.

  • Completely essential

    • Kate
    • 9/25/12

    Great film with a fantastic cast from top to bottom. I'm surprised that it's not on DVD and hope that TCM will show it more often. It should definitely be seen again and again.

  • I let it slip through my hands!

    • Diane Chaney
    • 9/2/12

    This is one of my favorite movies of all time. I actually had it in VHS and when I got my DVD player, I threw away my VCR and donated all my movies to charity. Never in a million years did I think it would not be translated to DVD format. I'm sick that I had this movie and lost it. I will subsribe to your magazine and hope I can catch it sometime, even if it won't be on Saturday night at 8!

  • Love with a Proper Stranger

    • C Lewis
    • 8/23/12

    I too can't believe this film is not a part of the Essential List. I haven't seen this in years. A classic love story of girl gets guy.

  • I Agree !

    • Janise
    • 8/9/12

    I agree with Joyce. Why isn't this part of the Robert Osborne's essentials list? I can't believe this movie hasn't been shown in years on TCM. Did they lose it? And when will we see it on DVD? Who do we need to call to make things happen? Does anybody know?

  • An ESSENTIAL film.

    • Joyce
    • 7/13/12

    Is it me? Or shouldn't "Love With The Proper Stranger" be part of Robert Osborne's ESSENTIALS segment? There's lots to discuss: brilliantly played-out by two of Hollywood's finest actors; Alan J. Pakula/Robert Mulligan production; music by Elmer Bernstein; romantic comedy/drama with a very risqu subject matter for 1963; nominated for five academy awards and two golden globes. Come on TCM. If you run the film, I'll write the script. Deal?

  • The Best

    • ann kronish
    • 7/1/12

    I love this movie. The chemistry and the acting is so realistic. What is the problem that this movie is not on dvd?

  • When will this be on again!!!!!

    • marcia
    • 6/1/12

    This is more of a modern movie than many would realize.Watch it and see just how today this is.

  • Will It Ever Air Again?

    • Harvey M
    • 5/15/12

    "LWTPS" is an excellent movie, and is one of our family's favorites. Unfortunately, it's never been released on DVD or Blu-ray. I've read that Natalie Wood owned a portion of this film (or all of it?). As such, the rights to releasing it on DVD or Blu-ray are tied up in her estate (which has yet to be settled or something). I'm not sure if that's true, but it makes sense. If only TCM would air this again. It looks like it was on in July (Natalie's birth month) and September of 2008. I DVR'd it last time it was on TCM. I can't remember if that was 2008, or if it aired again in the summer of 2009 or 2010. I know it hasn't been on since 2010 though. It looks like it won't be on this July either. I wish TCM would air this (and others) as opposed to airing some movies a bunch of times a year (plenty of which are available on DVD & Blu-ray).

  • one of natalie's best performances

    • jerry davis
    • 4/14/12

    It is one of my favorite movies. Elmer Bernstein's score is quite good and McQueen does a great job too. I was able to get a DVD of this from a source in Santa Monica, California called Moviehunter. Google him and his phone # and e-mail are on his website. I talked to him once and he deals mainly with directors and film companies but REALLY enjoys getting things for people like us who just want a favorite movie. I also got "Wild River" and "The Seventh Cross" from him.

  • Love with a Proper Stranger

    • KathyNYC
    • 3/23/12

    I have such great memories of this film. I can't figure out why it's not on DVD but I would love to see it on TCM at least. The actors are wonderful and memorable.

  • Love with the proper stranger

    • jerry tunnell
    • 3/13/12

    One of ,Steeve McQueen, and ,Natalie Woods best. They both play real human beings with problems that arerelevant today. Natalie develops one of her best roles. Abortion no matter how you feel about it and is always tough. This movie really deals with the nastier side of it. I am pro choice and I don't see a good side to it.

  • love with a proper stranger

    • nancy oconnell
    • 2/9/12

    very very good movie.i saw this movie when i was just a kid. got my husband to watch it the last time it was on tcm.i think it was in july 2008.wish you would put this on again.we watch this station all the time. we both love robert & en very much,they have so much class

  • Love with the Proper Stranger

    • Ardith
    • 12/5/11

    Love this movie...with all the recent news of Natalie Wood, hope TMC schedules this movie to be shown again.

  • awesome movie

    • Angie
    • 12/1/11

    I absolutely love this movie and I am suprised it is not on DVD. I hope it is released soon on DVD soon.

  • Best Movie Ever

    • Maria Pashos
    • 11/19/11

    They don't make movies like this anymore.This was Natalie Wood's best performance.

  • Natalie & Steve are perfect in this movie

    • Phil Gardner
    • 10/8/11

    When will this movie be on DVD? The quality of the movie and the reputation of the actors should rank this movie near the top for restoration and publishing on DVD. Steve McQueen is totally within his character in playing the wanna be skunk but waking up to his feelings. Natalie Wood nails the abortion question that was so prominent during my high school years in the 60's. Where is the white knight that will save this terrific movie???? Come on TCM, I thought this was your main mission!

  • Best Movie Ever

    • carmen faris
    • 9/21/11

    Why is this movie not out on DVD? Also,why do you play the same movies over and over,but never this movie, which is one of the best I've ever seen.

  • Best Romantic movie

    • Resa
    • 9/5/11

    I saw this movie for the first time in the late sixties. To date, I have never seen another romantic movie that could even come close to this one. This movie must have been controversial when first aired. It was ahead of its time. Will it ever be aired on TCM? I am always checking but never see it.

  • Love w/the Proper Stranger

    • Cordy Martinez
    • 8/27/11

    When are you going to air this movie? There are so many of the same movies over and over. I'd love to see more of Natalie Wood movies. Also, I would love to see State Fair with Pat Boone and Ann Margaret. Please please air these movies and give the others a rest. Thanks,Cordy

  • One Of The Best

    • Mary Ann Graziano
    • 7/2/11

    A good storyline,two great actors,one of the best movies I've ever seen,don't understand why no DVD and whyTCM never puts this movie on TV.

  • DVD release?

    • kathi
    • 6/14/11

    Best romantic movie with 2 great stars. Any idea why it hasn't been released? Other movies by these same 2 stars which are not even nearly as good have been released. Any time frame of when????

  • Where is the DVD?

    • Kim
    • 6/3/11

    I am still waiting. Please, please release this movie in a DVD format.

  • A Excellantt Movie

    • Margret Knipe
    • 5/12/11

    Waiting and waiting for this classic film to be released on DVD. One of the best I've ever see.

  • Waiting for the DVD

    • Autumn
    • 4/6/11

    Steve McQueen at his hunky best. Natalie Wood was great. I love this movie!! Can't wait for the DVD.

  • A GEM

    • Ann Ifantis
    • 4/6/11


  • Love with a proper stranger

    • BABO
    • 2/17/11

    WHAT are you waiting for! Two of the best top screen actors ever. So much emotion. I LOVE THIS MOVIE!

  • Love With the Proper Stranger

    • Rosa
    • 11/17/10

    Ditto to all previous comments. I originally saw this B&W romantic treasure at the theater. After that, I would check the (pre-VCRs & DVRs) weekly TV Guide just to see if it was airing. I had to think of a way to con my mom to let me stay up and watch it if it was on late and it was a school night. I raced to get it on VHS but my tape is wearing out. I will just die if I can't get a DVD replacement. Best of Natalie Wood and Steve McQueen.Great supporting cast. GREAT SHOTS OF 1960'S NEW YORK!!!! And yes it does remind us of the fact women will make their personal choice...always have. Rowe v Wade or not.Please, please campaign for a DVD release!

  • Classico nota 10

    • Sonia
    • 11/1/10

    Um classico polemico que trata sobre sexo e suas consequencias no caso a jovem interpretada por Natalie fica grvida e pede ajuda para fazer um aborto. Eu acho o tema muito apropriado, pois o filme marca bem a juventude dos anos 60. Sem hipocrisias e tabus.

  • Love with the Proper Stranger

    • Diana
    • 10/20/10

    This is a great movie and should be on a DVD. Both Natalie Wood and Steve McQueen are great in this film, as well as all the supporting cast. It is also an important movie because it shows what women and men had to go through before abortions were legal, very important in that regard. It's also a very nice love story, and funny as well as serious.

  • Love with the Proper Stranger

    • Helene
    • 9/28/10

    This is truly a classic, everyone should own this movie. Two of the greatest actors ever lived. Please add this to your selection.I know it will be a big seller.

  • Love with a proper stranger

    • Beverly
    • 9/14/10

    Why the HELL hasn't this been released yet! Steve McQueen and Natalie Wood - it just doesn't get any better!

  • Love With the Proper Stranger

    • Natacha
    • 9/12/10

    Everything about this film is outstanding, including the actors, the story, the settings--1960's New York, and the message. Natalie Wood plays a rebellious girl from an Italian family living at home in a very cramped apartment with no privacy. Natalie's character has a one night stand with Steve McQueen's character, a mostly-unemployed musician, which results in pregnancy. She finds him, but he doesn't immediately remember her. She asks him for help with "a doctor", apparently 1960's code-talk for an illegal abortion, and he agrees to help her. He gets the name of an abortionist, they scrape together the cash and they go to a sleazy abandoned hotel, where the abortionist lays a sheet on a dirty floor and tells her to strip. McQueen becomes enraged over the indignity of the whole scene, and refuses to allow the abortionist to touch her. He takes her to the apartment of an older woman friend, where she and Steve are found the next morning after spending a celebate night together by her father and brothers, who have been looking for them, intending to kick both their butts. They eventually get to know one another and develop a loving relationship, but not without undergoing some trials and tribulations first. Scenes include New York City, Italian family interactions and socializing, typical cramped apartments, Macy's Department Store, and an office with old equipment where they hide for awhile. Film preceded legalization of abortion. Film is worth seeing for many reasons, but mostly the relationship that develps between the characters. McQueen's heroics are very touching.

  • NOT ON DVD???!!!

    • SUE
    • 9/6/10


  • Importance in Cinema History

    • Luci
    • 8/4/10

    When Pillow Talk made a splash four years earlier it crossed a few boundaries. The end scene where Rock Hudson carries Doris Day down the street in her pajamas, suggests to the audience what is about to happen. However, Love with the Proper Stranger actually tells us what happened and has its two main characters dealing with the consequences of a one-night stand and a misguided abortion attempt. The film is shot in black and white and filmed in New York City. This enables the audience to get a genuine feel for the era with scenes in the union hall, department store, cramped apartments, and cultural segregation that were very much a part of the city during this time. This film is a dramatic gem that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy.

  • Love With The Proper Stranger-A Proper Delight!

    • Tracy
    • 7/28/10

    Why isn't this great movie available on DVD? I have an affinity for movies shot in the New York of the 50's and 60's and this is one of the best. Not to mention that the two leads, Wood & McQueen, give one of their best performances ever. Ms. Wood and Mr. McQueen definitely have on-screen chemistry and boy can you feel it! The movie grabs you right from the start and doesn't let you go until the end. Coming from an Italian family, I totally bought Ms. Wood's reaction to her overbearing but loving family; it rings so true!! I would love to own this movie, so please do all of us film lovers a favour, and bring it out on DVD as quickly as possible.

  • Shame on you, DVD distributors!

    • Theresa Kelly
    • 6/26/10

    So many movie lovers will never have the chance to enjoy LOVE WITH THE PROPER STRANGER! It's a gem: beautiful and dazzling and perfect in so many ways...but how many people watch TV at three in the morning when this film is usually on? There is no conceivable excuse not to release it on DVD. Natalie Wood and Steve McQueen - as well as the rest of the cast - gave us outstanding performances that deserve to be admired and cherished for years to come.

  • Sweet movie!

    • Christine
    • 6/22/10

    What a sweet movie. Glad to finally see this again after many years. McQueen and Wood had great chemistry together and they were so good in this. I loved her Italian family. Rocky (McQueen) was so protective of Angie (Natalie), especially in the awful back alley abortion scene. Him getting her out of there was wonderful and heroic. Sweet movie, happy ending, very feel good. Like others here, I can't believe it isn't out on DVD. Let's get it together people.

  • Love With a Proper Stranger

    • Trudy Snyder
    • 6/21/10

    I love Natalie Wood, and Love With the Proper Stranger and Splender in the Grass were the best movies she starred in.

  • Love with the Proper Stranger

    • 6/14/10

    This is a great flim and it needs to be on DVD, would hate to loose it on VHS. Both actors are my favorites and to see them in this film was a treat. I really enjoyed the film. I have the VHS and show it to my family members when ever I get the chance.

  • Realistic Romance Classic

    • Henrietta Martinez
    • 6/11/10

    Why this movie is not on DVD/Blue Ray is beyond me. Classic performanes by McQueen, Wood, Adams, Bosley & supporting cast. With all the mediocr/bad movies on DVD, one can only question WHY this one is not! Seriously, someone please consider putting it out, and I am sure it will not be in vane. Rick & I will be definitely tuning in on June 21 @ 1:15 am.

  • Put this movie on DVD

    • chris k.
    • 6/5/10

    I love Natalie Wood.She was great in this movie. Why isn't this movie out on DVD? There are so many bad movies on DVD,why can't they put some of good movies out on DVD,that are only on VHS.

  • Classic Hollywood at its best!

    • Jack T.
    • 6/1/10

    Natalie Wood and Steve McQueen. Just the names alone can make you happy! Talk about star power! This is my wife's favorite movie of all time and I love it as well. Pretty ground-breaking in the 60s. Great screenplay, extraordinary use of location filming in NY (esp. for its time) and one of the best musical scores ever. Crisp, clean black and white photography adds to the realism yet never becomes arty or distracting. Almost everything about this film is pretty near perfect. Starting and ending with those two magical movie names: Wood and McQueen.

  • My Favorite Movie

    • anna konstantinidis
    • 5/18/10

    Love this movie,saw it a dozen times and love it more and more each time.

  • Love With the Proper Stranger

    • D Kelly
    • 5/5/10

    Since this movie was released by Paramount on VHS (which I have) I don't see why it can't be released as a DVD. I would love to have it on DVD with some additional information included. Would love to see it on TCM again soon.

  • Bells and banjos?

    • John Torres
    • 11/3/09

    In the song "Love with the Proper Stranger " there is a line about hearing "bells and banjos ring". Is that what Natalie's character says in the movie too?

  • Love With the Proper Stranger (1963)

    • Jay Higgins
    • 9/9/09

    Easily one of Natalie Woods best performances, as well as being one of her best movies. Steve McQueen is surprisingly good. The supporting cast is excellent, Tom Bosley and especially Edie Adams. I am sure it was rather controversial in 1963. Great story, that's well written and directed.

  • Great movie!

    • Effiny
    • 7/9/09

    This is one of those movies I could and do watch 100 times...Natalie Wood's character mentions hearing ".. and banjos" in the movie for when she falls in love. In the scene outside of Macy's when Steve McQueen is playing a banjo. she comes out of the store and finds him in the crowd. Can somebody tell me what it was... ".. and banjos"???


    • Kate
    • 2/6/09

    My heart aches when I watch this movie. The chemistry between McQueen and Wood is amazing.

  • Would love to have this on DVD

    • Dianne
    • 12/26/08

    I love this movie. It such a shame that it hasn't been released on DVD. Wonderful actors with great chemistry and a great story. Please who ever has the ability to release it on DVD. Please do.

  • Love with the Proper Stranger is the best movie!!!

    • Mattie
    • 12/20/08

    I really love this movie!!! I wish it was on DVD, and I will do anything to get it! Please release it on DVD!!!! I love the issues that it deals with, and it deals with them at times when no one really talked about abortion. It's a great movie and I really enjoyed it! I hope it will be released soon!!!

  • Why Not it because...?

    • sherry
    • 12/4/08

    Number 1 - it has the abortion issue in it and does not fit Hollywood's agenda or Number 2 - Steve McQueen continues to be punished for his affair with Ali McGraw as her former husband was top executive at one time. It appeared that Natalie fell for Steve and maybe he for her,since his wife on the set everyday but I would have been too--they were dynamite together--Ali no but Natalie - yes! Too bad there was no soundtrack--music was wonderful. All comments are my opinion.

  • love this file

    • BM
    • 11/16/08



    • wendy
    • 11/16/08

    I have loved this film since I saw it on TV in the Mid-seventies. I was about 13 or 14 and only watched it cos I liked NATALIE WOOD. This film REALLY knocked me out. I fell in love with MCQUEEN watching his subtle, sensitive acting in this film, the way he uses his eyes, instead of words (outside the abortionist door, waiting to go in with NATALIE). And when he breaks the door down with "I'll kill them before I'd let them touch you" completely broke my heart. NATALIE is breathtakingly beautiful and deserved her OSCAR nomination. For me this is the best role either of these actors ever had, shame not more is made of it, not sure why that is.I have heard a rumour that it is going to be released Spring 2009 as part of a NATALIE WOOD boxed set, hope thats true.

  • A Great Movie

    • Early
    • 10/26/08

    I've loved this movie since I was a teenager. Steve McQueen and Natalie Wood had great chemistry in this movie. The abortion sequence was powerful and thought provoking. This movie had so many levels of emotional and social issues. I've been waiting for years for this movie to be released on DVD. Please make it available.


    • Alma Rock
    • 10/25/08

    I have loved this movie since I first saw it 30 years ago. My children have grown up loving this movie and they in turn have shared it with their friends. You must put this movie in DVD format so that future generations can know and love not just Natalie Wood and Steve McQueen but so many other wonderful actors in this movie. Please don't wait.

  • A must see.

    • Michele
    • 10/13/08

    I truley love this movie! This is the first time, to see this film, I think Natalie Wood and Steve McQueen are fabulos together, and one of his best movies !

  • the best steve mcqueen movie made.

    • beth carpenter
    • 10/9/08


  • A great Natalie Wood Movie

    • Dee
    • 9/19/08

    I absolutely love this movie! It is a must see if you are a fan of Natalie Wood. Wood and McQueen are great together, a girlie movie you will enjoy.

  • Making my own DVD off TCM

    • sherry
    • 9/16/08

    I am making a copy off TCM channel of Love With The Proper Stranger and telling my friends so that they can do the same during October and December showings.I have also recommended this movie as a must for young people in church groups--Great movie and subject for discussion.

  • Wonderful love story .

    • Helen
    • 7/16/08

    Natalie Wood and Steve McQueen have wonderful chemistry together in this movie. Sound track with Jack Jones singing is definately a 'slow dance' moment!!!!!

  • Love With The Proper Stranger in Letterbox.

    • 7/11/08

    Great movie! TCM, please show this movie in Letterbox.It was filmed in 1.85 to 1 ratio aspect.

  • A Must vote to made for home video

    • sherry
    • 7/11/08

    If this movie is seen, you must vote on it so that it reaches the #1 spot and will be available for home video library. The best movie Steve McQueen and Natalie Wood ever made. It was nominated and won so many awards, I can't believe we're having to vote for studios to make. Come on folks--let's make it #1--then it wont be ignored.

  • This is a great classic!

    • Eva
    • 7/10/08

    This is a beautiful movie. My 19 year old daughter fell in love with it. Natalie Wood and Steve McQueen were wonderful. I hope it will be available on home video soon.

  • A classic -- Wood and McQueen at their best.

    • Lori
    • 7/9/08

    This is one of my personal favorite movies. The story is beautiful, the acting is great, the chemistry between Wood and McQueen in their respective roles is great. I don't usually buy movies, but I'd buy this one if it's ever released. It's a keeper.

  • You will not be disappointed!

    • KAPP902
    • 7/7/08

    I loved this movie. Natalie Wood is great and Steve McQueen is perfect in this role.

  • wonderful

    • sherry
    • 6/30/08

    I cannot stop watching this--I loved it. Please encourage the dvd.

  • One of the greatest stories ever filmed

    • Bill Jones
    • 6/30/08

    Love With The Proper Stranger presents a powerful story of the interaction between two people to solve a major problem in their lives. It's a great example of how "love can conquer all".The acting is supberb. The lyrics of the theme song summarizes the story remarkably and are set a beautiful melody as well. All in all great stuff!!

  • The original "Knocked Up".

    • Joel
    • 5/26/08

    Charming NY film in b/w. Natalie Wood was nominated and Steve Mcqueen showing some real tenderness in lieu of his macho image. The film was a hit with 5 Oscar nominations but about 3 years ahead of its time! Excellent screenplay.

  • The Best Movie I've seen

    • Mary
    • 5/23/08

    I love Love with the Proper Stranger because at the ending I love the quote Rocky recalled for Angie "Better Wed Then Dead" at the ending but I saw the movie on Youtube and it was not very long with the parts of seperation of the movie and it might soonly be on DVD and TV again and I know it's gonna be on this channel and website but I realized it was a really great classic/Love Story that can be recongized plus me and the fans on this website.Thank You for letting everyone get the feeling to be welcomed to a awesome Natalie Wood and Steve McQueen love story ever.

  • One of my all time favorites!

    • Nancy DeMarco
    • 5/19/08

    I was a teenager when this movie came out. Being of Italian decent I could understood Angie's family situation. What is most important is that it has stood the test of time and seems to have gotten better probably because of our loss of innocence and the passing of these two great stars. They will never be old, they will always be Rocky and Angie, aren't we lucky!

  • What a CLASSIC!

    • Dawn
    • 5/7/08

    I just love this movie. Natalie Wood and Steve McQueen have great chemistry together. I don't seem to get tired of this movie and watch it every time it's on TV. The permormances are great, from the leads to the wonderful supporting cast. The black and white cinematography is beautiful. It's also great to catch a glimpse of early 60's Manhattan. Please, get this movie on DVD!

  • Fourty five years old and still relavant.

    • Tom
    • 3/30/08

    There's always a good guy and a bad guy in every movie.That's how i looked at movies when this came out. I was only eleven.Pirates , cowboys ,cool guy movies.But this film always stuck with me as one of my favorites .I'm sure I did'nt understand why I liked it at when I first saw it. But on some level I believe the fact that the good guy and the bad guy being the same person altered the way I vieued movies.And maybe life too. Not bad for a little black and white film. I absolutely think it should be put out on DVD. Woods and McQueen are still boxoffice.And think of all the pre-teens it might affect like me.

  • Ahead of its time

    • Sharon Brizendine
    • 3/8/08

    The movie delt straight forward with the people, emotions and the realities of abortion. It is was never shown or even talked about bact then. This movie showed realities no one wanted to see. It is as realivant today as it was then. We have lost the compassion when a persons life is taken.

  • Just Exquisite

    • Theresa
    • 2/22/08

    This classic film makes modern attempts at the same theme -- "Knocked Up" comes to mind -- pale by comparison. True love triumphs but only after the characters are shown to be true to themselves. No plot gimmicks here (misheard comments, mistaken identity, etc.) Flawless acting by Wood and McQueen and the supporting cast as well. This movie deserves to be on DVD and win a new audience for itself.

  • Favorite Movie

    • Bonnie
    • 2/14/08

    This is one of my favorite movies of all time. I could watch Steve Mcqueen and Natalie Wood forever in this film. I can't believe this movie is not more well known, it is definatly one of Steve McQueens finest preformances!


    • Marylena
    • 2/11/08

    LOVE this movie...both Natalie and Steve have a natural chemistry.....some would say the story line is dated...I think not...I can certainly appreciate and identify with their family background(yes I've got relatives who act this way)wish this movie was on DVD!!!

  • Natalie Woods best

    • Erica
    • 2/9/08

    It is such a shame that this movie has been kept away from the fans. This movie deserves to be put in the hand of the public. I saw this movie on TCM and fell in love with it ( I didn't even start from the beginning ). Truly great story, great acting. Please bring it o DVD I would love to watch it in it's entirety.


    • Patty
    • 2/5/08

    This movie is such a great comment on unplanned pregnancy and the consequences - great right to choose statement! "Juno" has nothing on this movie! Please release to DVD!!!

  • A Great Classic

    • Linda
    • 1/25/08

    I saw this movie one time when I was younger and have always talked about it. I was so happy to see TCM featuring this movie that I immediately set a reminder and then thought to purchase but found out it wasn't available. Definitely a movie that I would love to add to my collection of old time favs. We just don't get good quality movies like this anymore so I would love to preserve what if I could.


    • Marianne
    • 1/25/08

    This is one of my favorite films...I always make sure I watch it when it appears in the cable T.V. listings...have lost track how many times I've seen it! I'm such a fan of Natalie and Steve and they're great together in this film!

  • What Could Be Better?

    • Sandy
    • 1/21/08

    Thanks for bringing back a wonderful movie with two great stars who have passed into eternity, but their work on this little masterpiece will live on. If nothing else, the abortion scene should be witnessed by every anti-abortion group. I still got goosebumps when I saw the movie on TCM and image when I saw the movie when I was 16. A masterpiece all around. Many people forget the movie classics of the sixties and early seventies.Please release on DVD, and I am your first customer.Thanks

  • PLEASE release on DVD!

    • Theresa
    • 1/21/08

    This is my most longed-for release on DVD. I love this movie soooooo much. I adore Natalie and Steve.

  • A forgotten movie

    • suzysmith
    • 1/21/08

    I had forgotten this movie until it replayed on TCM. What a wonderful movie that predates all the other "have to get married" movies of today. This movie set the bar for all the newer movies. I remember seeing this movie in the '60s and thought it was awesome how McQueen prevents Wood from having an abortion. His acting, as typical, is very subdued but his eyes and his slight grin tell it all. The chemistry was awesome in this movie between Wood and McQueen. I would love to have more of an ending, but, hey it was fun! It needs to be out on DVD and labeled a classic! One for McQueen and Wood fans.

  • I Love this movie!! Woods & McQueen

    • Sherlene Ottinger
    • 1/21/08

    The Chemistry between Wood's and McQueenare great. The movie is great. I wouldlike to see it available on DVD.

  • I love this Movie!!

    • Regina
    • 1/20/08

    I love most of Natalie Wood's movies and this one is awesome. She and Steve McQueen are both at their finest. Please, please play it more often!!

  • McQueen and Wood.....combustible.

    • Sylvia
    • 9/13/07

    This is one great movie. The chemistry between McQueen and Wood is amazing. He's the sexy, handsome, bad boy and she's the sexy, beautiful, girl next-door. This movie is beautifully filmed and the story is compelling. Classic romance.

  • Some Kind of Wonderful

    • Sonya
    • 3/7/07

    Truly one of the most compelling,visceral, poetic pictures to grace film. The movie characters delight on all levels - romantic, yet heartbreaking; tender but outspoken. Plus, what's better than a humbled Steve McQueen - playing a banjo, no less! OR a fiery, idealistic Natalie Wood. I adore this movie. If you ever have the chance (which, by now, we should all have the pleasure to view innumerable times on DVD!! why not?! and when?!)-- grab the kleenex, your honey and enjoy.

  • Great romantic comedy drama

    • David
    • 3/2/07

    My 2nd favorite movie... Natalie Wood and Steve McQueen at their best. Wonderful supporting cast. Why isn't this on DVD yet?

  • A Small Gem That Must Be Seen

    • Peter Amendola
    • 1/4/07

    This delightful comedy drama pre-dates Moonstruck by about 20 years, but covers some of the same wonderful territory in a more realistic (though equally comic) manner. Natalie Wood has never been more beautiful or better directed. Steve McQueen matches her shrug for shrug and eyeroll for eyeroll taking naturalism to new, but believable heights. The supporting cast is filled with the type of remarkable character actors that seem to have disappeared from the screen in recent years. The opening sequence is memorable and the black and white photography is exquisite. This is a movie that is touching without being cloying. It is a charmer from start to finish.

  • One of the Best

    • Movie Fan
    • 10/28/06

    This film shows one of the best performances by Steve McQueen and Natalie Wood. They are both at their finest and the chemistry between them is wonderful. I can't believe that the film has not been released yet on DVD. Please release this gem on DVD so that I can add this to my movie library!

  • On DVD Pleeeease!

    • Dulce
    • 9/22/06

    I have this movie on vhs and have worn out the tape from watching so much. Please release it on dvd before my VCR breaks! This film is Natalie Wood at her finest! One of my all time favorite actors!

  • desperate!

    • Janise
    • 8/15/06

    I have been waiting for this movie to be released for many years now! This is a classic. The passionate acting between Steve McQueen and Natalie Wood hasn't been seen in movies for years now. I'm sure there are many baby boomers who grew up watching this move on the Friday late night movies. I need!!! this for my collection.

  • Best Steve McQueen movie

    • Paula
    • 7/18/06

    I love this movie. Whenever it is on TV (and that's not often), I watch it.It is very funny and Steve and Natalie give one of their performances.I'm an Italian-American, so I find it particularly funny. Please release it on DVD and show on Turner Classic Movies.

  • Steve and Natalie

    • Claudette
    • 4/1/06

    Why on earth isn't this movie on DVD. Natalie Wood and Steve McQueen had such electricity between them. It was fun to watch. I've been looking for this movie on DVD for a few years now. I guess I'll have to wait longer.

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