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It Happened One Christmas

It Happened One Christmas(1977)


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  • It Happened One Christmas

    • rhonda davis
    • 1/4/17

    I have watched this movie before and I loved it. I am not a fan of It's a Wonderful Life but I love the remake.

  • It's a Wonderful Movie

    • Robby
    • 12/27/16

    I saw this film when it originally aired in December 1977. I was in 7th grade, and I was mesmerized. Years later, I saw the much-loved "It's a Wonderful Life," and I was disappointed. "It Happened One Christmas" is much more sensitively acted. The Capra film is corny and the acting is too theatrical. It's hard for me to take the characters seriously in the 1946 offering. In the 1977 version, I tear up when Mary finds George working at the garage. Marlo's portrayal is exquisite and truly heart-felt. I highly recommend this film. It ought to be released on DVD.

  • Rebroadcast please

    • Janet Chipman
    • 12/25/16

    Its been almost 40 years since I watched this movie with my Mom and Dad. I still remember the name and would love to see it again.

  • It Happened One Christmas

    • Gloria English
    • 12/12/16

    PLEASE put this out on DVD for us to purchase. This movie should be shown each Thanksgiving and let folks buy the DVD to benefit St Jude's - it would sell big if shown. So many folks have NEVER seen it!

  • It Happen One Christmas

    • Terry
    • 12/7/16

    I was 16 when I first saw this movie and I watched it with my Dad. I really enjoyed it and have actually been waiting for someone to rebroadcast it!I hope you air this movie soon.

  • PLEEEEAAAASSEEEE! Consider dvd sale

    • Ramona
    • 10/23/16

    I know you have heard this, but you GOT to bring this movie out on DVD! My mom never asks for much and she deserves something good! She takes care of my dad who has cancer and sees he is taken well care of, that she often goes without caring for herself! I know this would mean the WORLD to her!!! I would love to order this from one of those shady sites but I dont want to take any chances. SOOO many people ask for this movie!!! BRING IT TO DVD PLEASE! You won't be disappointed in sales!

  • It Happened One Christmas 1977 TV Movie

    • Bonnie Bellinger
    • 11/3/15

    I loved this remake and I can't understand why it is not available on DVD. I really love to see different versions of my favorite movies.

  • TV's best remake of a classic

    • Robin Fletcher
    • 2/10/15

    This TV movie was the best remake of a classic movie ever made. Marlo Thomas is perfect as the female version of Jimmy Stewart's original George Bailey and the angel is now the delightful Cloris Leachman as Clara.

  • Glad You liked it, but...

    • Jimmy
    • 12/22/14

    it's a complete uncredited ripoff off "Its a Wonderful Life"... Frank Capra even sued for plagiarism. The ludicrous gender role reversals may have seemed timely in 1977, but even then, I didn't believe them. Just a really, really, bad movie, and I'm glad its never been seen or smelled again.

  • it happened one christmas

    • betty byrd
    • 12/18/14

    Why does this movie not come on anymore. I love it.

  • It Happen one Christmas

    • Jill
    • 12/14/14

    Would love to see this movie. Ha e not seen it sonce it air in 1977.

  • Love this movie

    • Deborah
    • 11/26/14

    I love this movie and haven't seen it since I was in my early 20s, many years ago. I was hoping TCM would have it in the Christmas line up...darn!

  • It happen one Chirstmas

    • Virginia Lennon
    • 8/15/14

    Great movie for the Christmas Holidays. Hope you plan on having it this year.Thanks

  • it happened one christmas

    • mike kidd
    • 1/8/14

    i love this classic please sell or show on tv its a must see

  • It Happened One Christmas

    • William Boswell
    • 12/5/12

    I have been waiting years for this to come out on DVD. I used to have a copy of it on VHS, but it was lost many years ago. I vaguely remember this ran on a pay channel (Showtime?) then disappeared. Why is it all the great Christmas movies never make it to DVD? I love Marlo Thomas in this movie and wish they would release it to DVD.

  • I love this movie

    • Lanette
    • 6/15/12

    I will always remember this movie. Marlo Thomas and Cloris Leachman did a marvelous job with this movie. I miss not seeing it. It has been 22 years since I seen it last, but would love to see it again and have a DVD of it.

  • It Happened One Christmas

    • Cathy Vasselin
    • 6/2/12

    This is definitely one of the classics. I don't understand why these classics don't run on TV any more. I remember a time when everyone in the family couldn't wait for the holiday season to see these types of movies. Unfortunately in this era we are stuck with regular programming. Whatever happened to the classics being shown on TV.


    • Courtney
    • 11/14/11

    WE ALL LOVE THIS SHOW!!! Please put it out on dvd,,,,,, by the looks of it you'll make more money selling them!! This show is one that will be shown for generations!! I recorded it when it was on tv and i still show my kids this and they also love it. Please let us have this timeless classic and let it live on.

  • Please Put this out :)

    • Robin
    • 6/22/11

    Christmas has not been the same since this went off the air! If it can't be sold as a DVD please at least play it at some point, Christmas in July - anytime would be GREAT!! THANKS!!

  • It happened one Christmas.

    • william oliver
    • 12/13/10

    I simply love this film. A real heartfelt and tear jerking time. I just wish they would release this on DVD.

  • It Happened One Christmas

    • Bonnie
    • 12/11/10

    One of the best Christmas movies. Please show this one again and release it on DVD. Don't let a good thing go to waste. Young people of today could greatly benefit.

  • It Happened One Christmas

    • Elizabeth Ann
    • 12/8/10

    What A Great Movie!!! Please Consider showing this movingduring the Christmas Season!!! It's the Best I'm trying tofind a copy either VHS or DVD!!!

  • It Happened One Christmas

    • wombmate
    • 8/4/10

    WOW! I just read 4 years worth of reviews, just begging you to 1) show this film again and 2) release it on DVD. LET ME ADD MY VOTE! This is at least as good as "It's a Wonderful Live", and certainly hasn't been shown anywhere in nearly 30 years. It's not too soon to suggest that you put this on your Christmas season line up in 2010!! Also, it would be great to get it released on DVD as a Christmas special (or possibly in a package release with some of the other great and unsung/rarely shown Christmas films like the 1947 "Miracle on 34th Street" - the best version) and simultaneously promote the DVD and film on your show.There are so many lousy Christmas movies out there on cable/networks in the last decade that we long for the good ones to share with our families. Please grant us all a very special Christmas gift this season in 2010!!!I missed "It Happened" in 1977 (had no VCR then) but caught it in the early 1980's when it was shown again on the networks. Wonderful" was already in the public domain since the copywrite expired in 1974, and by the late 70's it was being shown simultaneously on every network on the dial continually through December, year after year, and it was becoming almost tiresome, despite being a supurb film. These days, "Wonderful" gets maybe one showing on some network, jammed between continuous commercials. If you don't own it on DVD, it's barely enjoyable to watch a TV showing. "It Happened" was a refreshing point of view on the original, and I've looked for it every year to be shown somewhere, to no avail.

  • it happened one christmas

    • susan krejci
    • 3/20/10

    I love this movie as much as I love It's A Wonderful Life. I have a copy on VHS and I never miss a Christmas without this movie. I would love to have it on DVD to put with my collection. It is a must see for everyone.

  • It happened one christmas

    • Charles Mackey
    • 3/1/10

    I taped this on VHS way back when it was on TV in about 1982and was transferring it to DVD but, the quality is so bad now, Ithought I might be able to copy it again from TCM or FOX moviesand I can't find it. Yesterday I watched it again and it's every bitas good as It's a wonderful life. This movie should be shown likeWonderful Life and let people see what a wonderful movie it is.I'm retired Air Force and love James Stewart but Marlo Thomasevery bit as good as him in this remake of the classic movie.If you watch this movie be sure to have a tissue in hand becauseyour going to cry your eyes out. It's just a wonderful movie!

  • please bring back this movie

    • elizabeth
    • 2/7/09

    I would like to have this movie in my home we need more family films that show family support in these times. Holliwood has forgotten how to write without profanity and vulgarity.

  • it happened one christmas

    • lreverma
    • 12/17/08

    i would love to see this again i haven't seen it for 20 years. marlo thomas is good in it, not as good as jimmy stewart, but still worth watching.

  • It Happened One Christmas - Bring It Back!

    • Steven S
    • 12/16/08

    It Happened One Christmas with Marlo Thomas is one of my favorite movies of all time. I love this version with Marlo Thomas and it's just not Christmas without this movie! Please consider bringing it back and running it again year after year. With the world and the economy the way it is today, we need a little spirit of Christmas and something to believe in and this movie does just that!

  • Please put this Cristmas Treasure on DVD

    • John Christian
    • 11/29/08

    A delightful, warm. cozy Christmas movie with a great message. I enjoy comparing this film to the original: "It's a Wonderful Life" I believe this made for TV film was nominated for or received several Emmy's. Our family looked forward to viewing it each Christmas and then it disappeared??? We actually enjoy it more than "It's a Wonderful Life." It would be a dream come true to one day see it made into a DVD.

  • It will forever be written in my heart

    • Sparky
    • 7/21/08

    Marlow Thomas was excellent in her lead roll in this film. IT's a wonderful life just didn't have the same zing. How about bringing it back. I would buy it and sell it in my store.

  • It Happened One Christmas

    • Beth
    • 4/6/08

    This is a great movie that has left an impression on me so strong that I have searched almost everywhere for it. Thanks to TCM, I now know why I couldn,t find it. I hope that, thanks to TCM, I will eventually be able to buy it.

  • Memorable Movie

    • Griselda Acosta
    • 12/25/07

    This movie aired only once back in 1977 before It's a Wonderful Life ever aired on television. It's an incredible movie and even though its thirty years later I still remember scenes from it. Like the original it has a powerful and positive impact on the viewer.

  • Better than it's A Wonderful Life

    • Sue E
    • 12/7/07

    Please makethis remake available on DVD. It is an excellent remake and not tiresome like the original has become.

  • This would be a Christmas Classic too!

    • Laura M. Walker
    • 11/23/07

    I remember seeing this in 1977 on TV andabsolutely loved it! I recorded it to video but the quality is awful and the sound is so low you can hardly hear it. Why has it never been shown again on TV?I want a copy badly so I can enjoy it myself, but also share with my children and grandchildren. I love "It's a Wonderful Life" too; but this new version is just as good! Please try to have it released for sale or at least viewing on your station. Thank You!


    • Mary Peterson
    • 7/23/07

    I, too, have searched everywhere for "It Happened One Christmas", with Marlo Thomas. Hopefully, someone will listen and bring this wonderful movie out on DVD.


    • John Christian
    • 12/29/06

    This is a wonderful Christmas film. Our family ejoyed "It's a Wonderful Life", but we like "It Happenned One Christmas" even more. Marlo Thomas and Cloris Leachman, Orson Wells, and Richard Dysart were outstanding in this Christmas CLassic. The screenplay and music were also very special. Please run it again---would also like to see it come out on DVD.

  • Must Have This Movie!

    • Thelma
    • 12/26/06

    I searched everywhere for this movie, even Marlo's web page. Today I find the movie is not on video or DVD. Now what? It was a remake, female version. I am that woman in the movie. Same job and everything! Women today can relate to Marlo in this movie. Maybe back in 1977 the top execs were all men. Baby, not today! We need more movies like this today. Cloris was fantastic! Thank you for listening.

  • Very good remake.

    • Ruby O'Quinn
    • 11/27/06

    This is a great remake of the original classic "It's a Wonderful Life" Marlo Thomas does a great job. Very nicely done.

  • Where can I find it?

    • Peggy Storti
    • 7/10/06

    Please tell me where I can get a copy of"It Happened One Christmas." It's thenicest Christmas show that I know. Allthe actresses and actors did a tremendousjob...It was a good deal better than theoriginal movie.Thanks for your help.

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