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Casino Royale

Casino Royale(1967)

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The original James Bond (007) retired following his star-crossed love affair with Mata Hari and watched with disdain as his gimmick-laden imitators sullied his name. But as the international crime organization known as SMERSH threatens world domination, he agrees to come out of retirement. After his longtime superior McTarry ("M") is killed, Bond goes to Scotland to console McTarry's widow, Lady Fiona, unaware that the woman he encounters is actually a SMERSH agent. Bond's charms are such, however, that Lady Fiona gives up her life of espionage and retires to a convent when Bond declines her offer of love. To outwit his enemy, Bond decides there should be more than one 007 agent. He enlists the services of Vesper Lynd, the world's richest and most seductive spy; Evelyn Tremble, the inventor of a foolproof gambling system; Cooper, a strong-arm agent trained to resist women; and Bond's own daughter, Mata Bond. While Mata is outwitting SMERSH in Berlin, Bond sends Tremble and Vesper to the famed Casino Royale, and there SMERSH agent Le Chiffre is attempting to replenish his organization's finances by playing baccarat. Although Tremble defeats Le Chiffre at the gaming tables, Vesper is kidnaped as they leave. In pursuit, Tremble is captured, tortured, and eventually shot. Mata is also abducted and carried off in a flying saucer. SMERSH begins to get the upper hand, and Bond swings into action. Upon learning that the casino is merely a front and that SMERSH is headed by his own fiendish nephew, Jimmy Bond, Sir James utilizes the charms of The Detainer (another 007) to induce Jimmy to swallow an explosive capsule. Bond then calls for his allies--the French Foreign Legion, tribes of American Indians, the U. S. Cavalry, United Nations paratroopers, and the Keystone Cops--to invade the casino. During the ensuing melee, Bond makes a strategic exit as Jimmy's internal bomb goes off and the casino and its occupants are blown up.