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The Godfather

The Godfather(1972)

Remind Me

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  • Luca Brasi  

    Don Corleone, I am honored and grateful that you have invited me to your daughter... 's wedding... on the day of your daughter's wedding. And I hope their first child be a masculine child. I pledge my ever-ending loyalty.

  • Clemenza  

    Mikey, why don't you tell that nice girl you love her? "I love you with all-a my heart, if I don't see-a you again soon, I'm-a gonna die... "

  • Sonny  

    Goddamn FBI don't respect nothin'.

  • Fabrizio  

    In Sicily, women are more dangerous than shotguns.

  • Sonny  

    I want someone good, I mean very good, to plant that gun. I don't want my brother coming out of the bathroom with just his dick in his hands.