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When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth

When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth(1971)


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When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth In prehistoric times, a girl is swept out to sea by a... MORE > $16.46 Regularly $21.99 Buy Now


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When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth In prehistoric times, a girl... MORE > $16.46
Regularly $21.99
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In prehistoric times, before the moon's first appearance, the Rock Tribe habitually sacrifices its rare, female blondes to the sun god. As three girls, including Sanna, await their deaths, a piece of the sun breaks off, forming the moon, which in turn causes a massive wind storm. While tribe members are swept into the sea, Sanna falls into the water but is rescued by fishermen from the neighboring Sand Tribe, one of whom, Tara, is instantly attracted to her. Blaming Sanna for the natural disaster, the Rock Tribe chief, Kingsor, plans an expedition to find her while the fishermen take her to their tribe, whose women joyously embrace the returning men. One of them, Ayak, is thrilled to see Tara until she notices his preoccupation with Sanna, who is widely admired for her hair color. As their chief accepts her into the tribe, a dinosaur appears and the men band together to fight it. Tara and his best friend ingeniously trap the beast with fire, finally saving their brethren. That night, while they celebrate with dancing and a feast, Sanna constructs a hut nearby. To Ayak's displeasure, Tara leaves the celebration to visit Sanna, and in private gives her his bone necklace. Soon after, as Tara leaves for another fishing trip, Kingsor and his men see the moon rise, increasing their determination to find and kill Sanna. After Ayak discovers Tara's necklace in Sanna's tent, she incites the other women to confront Sanna on the beach. The two women fight until the Sand Tribe chief interrupts them, ruling that Sanna can keep the necklace. The Rock tribesmen soon arrive, but Sanna spots them from afar and flees into the nearby jungle. As the men follow her tracks, she climbs a tree to hide. A python crawls across her stomach, but she remains still and silent until it slides off her and attacks one of the men. Unable to save their friend, the other men continue on, entering a cave where they assume Sanna is hiding. There, they wake a brontosaurus, which attacks the men, wounding one and killing another. After the dinosaur retreats back into the cave, pterodactyls circle the wounded man, who fights them off weakly. That night, the fishermen return, and upon hearing of Sanna's flight, Tara takes three friends to search the jungle. Hearing the wounded man yell for help, they rescue him and Tara bravely lures the brontosaurus over a cliff to its death. That night the two tribes conduct a funeral and burial at sea for their dead. Still afraid of the moon, Kingsor demands justice against Sanna, inciting the others to riot and set fire to her tent. Tara tries to reason with them but faced with their fervor, walks off into the jungle alone. Meanwhile, Sanna is wandering the jungle trying to evade the dinosaur. She hides in a plant, but it attacks and almost swallows her, forcing her to cut off her hair to escape. Tara soon spots the remnants of her hair and mourns her for dead. As the sun rises, Sanna takes shelter in an empty dinosaur egg, not realizing that the adjacent egg is just hatching. As the baby dinosaur emerges, Tara returns Sanna's hair to Kingsor. Ayak attempts to console Tara, but he can think only of Sanna, not knowing that at the same time, the mother dinosaur has returned with food for her baby, and now assumes that Sanna is another of her children. Over the next weeks, Sanna bonds with the mother dinosaur and tames her and the baby until they are living as a family, while Tara continues to search for her. One day, she spots him and two others nearby, attacking the mother dinosaur. Sanna calls the beast off, but the men do not see her and rush away. Tara then visits the Rock Tribe and, seeing the blonde women there, reminisces about Sanna and leads the tribesmen away from a mother secretly dying her child's blonde hair black with tar. Just then, a pterodactyl attacks Tara, scooping him up in its claws and depositing him in its nest. Tara manages to spear it and climb out unharmed, and from the height of the nest is able to see Sanna. Noting the mother dinosaur nearby, he assumes she is in danger and races to help her, but she explains her relationship to the animal, to his amazement. They go back to her cave and make love. The next morning, he returns to the tribe, who demand to know where Sanna is. When he refuses to reveal her location, Kingsor orders him killed, despite the Sand Tribe chief's pleas for restraint. Tara fights, but is overwhelmed and tied to a wooden pyre that is set on fire and set adrift in the ocean. When a huge dinosaur suddenly rises from the water and grabs him, the people exult, not realizing that he has broken free. That night, as the tribe members uneasily witness the moon's rising, Tara stumbles back to Sanna. She tends to him for days, and as he recovers, Kingsor spots the smoke from her fire in the distance and brings his men to investigate. Seeing the men approach, Tara grabs Sanna and they dive into the river to escape. Closely pursued, the couple climbs a rocky hill and hides behind a boulder. When Sanna slips and almost falls to her death, Tara saves her, after which they run from a pair of dinosaurs fighting nearby. Eventually the tribesmen capture the couple, but the mother dinosaur comes to the rescue, picking up Sanna and carrying her off. Tara, however, is taken back to tribe as then moon swirls ominously in sky. Once again he is tied to stakes and is about to be sacrificed to the moon when the tribe members are attacked by a giant crab. Just then, a huge tidal wave swells toward them. As everyone flees, Tara, tied to the stake, is helpless until Sanna arrives and frees him. While Kingsor attempts to hold off the wave with his bare hands, Ayak is sucked down into a pit of quicksand, despite Tara's attempt to rescue her. Tara's best friend and his girl friend jump onto a raft to ride out the tidal wave, and as Sanna and Tara join them, Kingsor tries to commandeer the vessel. Tara fights him off, and just as the wave destroys the beach, the foursome escapes out onto the ocean. They tie themselves to the raft to stay alive, and hours later return to the now peaceful land. Realizing that they are the only survivors, they watch a lunar eclipse with respectful awe.