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Stage Door

Stage Door(1937)

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  • stage door

    • kevin sellers
    • 3/12/18

    Wonderful movie! The surprise about it is how good Ginger Rogers is in the comedic/dramatic role that her co star, Katherine Hepburn, usually takes and eats up. Instead, Ms. Hepburn plays the serious idealist while Rogers gets most of the cynical, snappy repartee provided in Morrie Riskind and Anthony Veiler's fine screenplay. The result is that in the scenes they share Rogers is the dominant performer and any time you can outshine Ms. H you're worthy of Oscar consideration. So it's no wonder then that the Academy, with its unique talent for sniffing out and exalting the worst performances in a film, gave a nomination to the lugubrious and heavy handed Andrea Leeds! Fortunately, however, Ms. Leeds is not in the film long enough to spoil it. So, for Rogers and Co. (said co. prominently including not only Hepburn but Constance Collier, Gail Patrick, Adolphe Menjou and a young Lucille Ball) and Gregory La Cava's properly fast paced and frothy direction that is perfectly in synch with the Serious Stuff Taken Lightly ethos of the film let's give this one an A minus.

  • Almost Great

    • Dam8batta
    • 2/7/16

    Stage Door: Great cast, wonderful wit & humor. The irony is that Kay (Andrea Leeds) is acknowledged by all the girls in the boarding house to be the best actress while Leeds was clearly the worst actress of the bunch, in fact, the only bad one. In a brisk and somewhat provocative film of its day, full of dynamic women, the only weak link is the role of Kay, a swooning, 19th century passive female victim.

  • Best Dialogue!

    • FieryScott
    • 10/18/13

    This movie has the sharpest dialogue I have ever heard. Every actress and actor in this movie is wonderful. It is truly one of the best movies I have ever seen.

  • Stage Door

    • Dashiell Barnes
    • 8/13/12

    An overlooked film that's a favourite of fans of Hepburn & Rogers. Both of whom deserved Academy Award nominations, Leeds was nominated for her sensetive supporting performance. Great story combines drama & comedy set around atheatrical boarding house. All around good & entertaining film with ensemble of future stars. I give it a 4.5/5.

  • Wonderful

    • Maren
    • 4/28/12

    This film has such an amazing cast - everyone in it either was or was about to become a big name. My favorite part about this movie is the energy of the girls. A dozen starving young ladies packed into a creaking old boarding house could be a recipe for disaster, but these young women show off nothing but wit, intelligence, and beauty. They are beating the hard times with their wits and strong hearts, and you can't help but want to quit your job and move in with them, no matter how bad the food. If any 1930 movie demonstrates girl power, this is it.

  • A Can't miss film!

    • Annie
    • 8/17/11

    Dear TCM and Movies Unlimited,I hope you will be able to get "Stage Door" out on DVD real soon. It rates as one of my top 5 movies in movie history. Katharine Hepburn and Ginger Rogers are a delight as they play real well off one another. You find a great talent in Andrea Leeds as "Kay", and both Lucille Ball and Eve Arden are delights (*as well as the lovely Ann Miller!) as the supporting cast. It's also wonderful to see the phenomenal Adolphe Menjou, as well as Grady Sutton as "Butch" and as well as Jack Carson. A great film, it deserves the recognition it deserves and needs to be out on DVD again soon!

  • One of my favorites

    • chris
    • 8/15/11

    Just love this film. All are wonderful. I always love seeing the young Lucy.

  • LOVE IT! <3

    • Annie
    • 8/8/11

    I just posted earlier, but I hope they can get this wonderful movie out on DVD as soon as possible! These are great talents that deserve to be watched again and again. LOVE IT! Hope to find it on here soon to order. Ranks high on my list with "The Women". I tip my hat to this excellent film. Bravo.

  • "Stage Door: Need for a DVD Release"

    • Annie Jansen
    • 8/8/11

    I found "Stage Door" a phenomenal and very well written movie. I wish I could find this movie out on DVD somewhere, before it will not be found out again on dvd and lost like other films. I love the wise cracks of both the lovely Lucille Ball and the ever so wonderful Eve Arden. These two women are both very under rated actresses in this film and Eve really proves herself as a character actress! I hope Warner Home Video or TCM Shop itself will have this out by sometime this year (it would be a great Christmas gift for myself, that's for sure!). I have searched everywhere for this fine and well written movie on DVD, and I have had no luck. And I bet there are a vast amount of Katharine Hepburn and Ginger Rogers fans who have been searching high and low to add this 'GEM' to there DVD collection. If there's anyway possible that I can order this dvd through your wonderful company, I have posted my email up above. Thank you, Sincerely, Annie

  • Stage Door

    • Tom
    • 8/7/11

    **** A fast pace and an elaborate cast and a hook in the story line makes the average movie viewer into an avid watcher.

  • Stage Door

    • Mark Sutch
    • 4/14/11


  • Filme divertido

    • Sonia
    • 12/13/10

    Este filme muito divertido e emocionante, pois cada personagem do filme tem um sonho a ser alcanado. Eu adoro este filme que rene um elenco formidvel Katharine Hepburn e Ginger Rogers. Tomar que este filme seje exibido mais vezes pelo TCM. um clssico dos anos 30.

  • Stage Door

    • cheryl
    • 3/26/10

    Just to see the famous actresses in their youth was a treat. The story was also good: believable and interesting.


    • MarkCP
    • 3/25/10

    A STUNNING Movie SLICE of upcoming STARS !!!!!!!! Early clip of some Stars in their fomative years...

  • Stage Door (1937)

    • Jay Higgins
    • 8/7/09

    What a terrific cast! Great classic, superbly written. Ginger Rogers, Eve Arden, Lucille Ball and Katherine Hepburn are great and stand out in the cast. One of the best films about the stage. A must see film. This is the movie with the famous Katherine Hepburn "Calla Lilies" scene.

  • Superb

    • cris
    • 4/15/09

    ranks right up at the very top

  • Great Film

    • Riccardo
    • 9/15/08

    This is one film that presents an era....and the early efforts of women to define for themselves non-traditional roles in a tough minded society. Expertly handled by La Cava, and brilliantly acted by Ginger Rogers and Katherine Hepburn, and a host a other excellent supporting players, this film has more wise cracks per second than any film I can conjure up. The predicament of young women in 1930s America is so well presented here, I don't think there's another 30s film than even comes remotely close to its idea. There's a sharpness and poignancy that rises well above mere sentimentality...into a genuine existential seriousness.

  • Superb director and cast!

    • Jaime
    • 9/11/08

    I have seen this movie two or three times. Once, thanks to TCM. the others when I was a boy. It's one of the best movies in its kind and for the epoch. The direction is of very high quality and the whole cast act excelent. Ginger Rogers is really a knockout in one single scene which shows her caliber of actress. When Kate Hepburn catchs her in the room having her (Hepburn) jacket on. All in a bit, Ginger assumes different roles to get her own way. Vain, infantile, cynical finishing glamorous. The way she abandons the room is glorious!!. It worth to see this movie again.

  • this is probably

    • Marilyn
    • 7/27/08

    my second favorite movie, ever. I first saw this when i was very young, and liked it, even though i was really too young to understand the depth of the tragic side. I never have tired of this movie. It is funny and sad, but never over the top. At least, not for me. I read somewhere that the suicide and terry randall's speech, afterwards, wouldn't play well, today. I doubt that very much. I just don't think they would write it the same, and that's what would cause it to not go over well, they'd find a way to ruin it. Either way, this was a great movie, with great actresses,Ginger Rogers and Katherine Hepburn, their quips at each other are a riot and play so well, Lucille Ball and Eve Arden, great, and of course, Adolphe Menjou. Need I say more? If you've never seen it, give it a try.

  • love it!!!

    • emily 14
    • 6/17/08

    i love this movie, it has a superb cast and it was directed wonderfully.i aslo love the way ginger and kate played off each other it worked so well because they were total oppisites in this movie.lucy ball and ann miller were also great!!!this is a must see! :)

  • A stunning mix of comedy and melodrama

    • David
    • 5/5/07

    A beautifully directed and acted film, and an improvement on the Broadway play it was based on. The mix of laughter (with some of the funniest, sharpest wisecracks ever) and tears (with some truly moving moments) never falters. The cast is uniformly superb. To my mind Ginger Rogers steals it, showcasing her talents in both comedy and drama, but Eve Arden (hilarious), Lucille Ball, Gail Patrick and Ann Miller all show their promise, Andrea Leeds had her finest moment in her brief career, Menjou is exactly right, and Kate Hepburn has rarely been as warm and likeable. It's that rare feminist film that really explores women's friendships and does not cop out at the finale. Best line? Not the "calla lillies" but rather Ginger's "Hold on, gangrene just set in." A unique Hollywood masterwork.

  • Before they were stars

    • John
    • 2/2/07

    If you want to see the first and the best of the "Chick Flicks" genre. This is a must see. This was the first of this genre that made me cry and grab the tissue. You see the potential in Lucy, Ginger, Kate and other players and know why they are movie icons

  • Dont miss it

    • Lori
    • 11/29/06

    This is by far one of the best old movies. The acting stands out as exceptional!

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