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Dead Ringer

Dead Ringer(1964)

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  • Dead Ringer Good

    • sendmesome
    • 4/6/18

    Liked most of the cast,except Peter Lawford.Can't remember who he replaced,but his drink/drug habits were noticeable in his performance.Never mind Bette's appearance,she was a professional,and Lawford's marriage and membership in Rat Pack revoked.Still,get help,don't bring down a film.

  • I'da Gone 4 Paul Harrison

    • natasha
    • 4/5/18

    Don't know why Peter Awful was in this.He dragged it down.Malden as the "good sister" beau wonderful,loved Cyril Delavanti & Macready-must've had ciggies galore between those two,could see Big Mac already having emphysema related problems,and his teeth a problem,too.Should've served as a warning to Ms Davis,the hazards of smoking and addictive force when trying to beat the habit.Estelle Winwood's character is buggy!Macready looked like he's suppressing laughter when she goes into her thang.Except for Lawford,good performances.

  • a memo for the office worker.

    • a.morris
    • 4/5/18

    ok nymphos..stop with the sex dreams about bette davis in this for a minute and listen. this is a woman who took the risk and did stuff like this and it paid off for her a bit. she earned her spurs in the horror genre ..or here is a pun..made her bones. she was in the genre..built up some stuff before anyone really said it worked out. now..years later..some guy ..who is best known for the American version of the being anointed the next big thing in horror before the movie even opens. somebody let the guy know.. you do not become made like that. hype advertises..but if you have not done anything in the genre..get the result before the coronation mighty one. if his movie flops..maybe he will do another horror movie. he plays a snarky office worker.. his huge eyebrows take on more huge and ugly form and come to life when he is asleep. they eat people for energy. more believable than some of the movies he really made. davis in horror.. big time. office eyebrow man in horror..not big time..yet. not to be mean..just saying an honest bit of stuff. if the guy does not like my remarks ..ok not mean to be offending. if he really gets snippy about it..he can feel free to kiss the prop body/ass of rainn Wilson as the mermaid/man from house of 1000 corpses. a fair and civil action to negatve thought..i should think.

  • BD is just amazing!

    • Moose
    • 4/4/18

    I remember seeing this film when I was around 10 years old, and I loved it! We all know the plot is totally implausible, but that's what makes it so much fun. Seen it alot since, and I still love it. You keep hoping Bette can keep up the charade (and she does a darn good job for awhile) but you knew it was inevitable that she would be caught. Also love the harpsichord (am iI right?) I think that it adds a nice creepyness to the film.

  • Better Than Baby Jane,Sweet Charlotte

    • brawny lad
    • 3/30/17

    So glad Bette got to show her stuff here.Paul Henreid did a marvelous job of directing this spectacular cast,except Peter Awful!Didn't believe he belonged with this cast for a second.Karl Malden,Estelle,Jean,Cyril,Philip Carey,my pal Macready top-notched actors all!Too bad Bette didn't agree with her real love,detective,that she was forced into scheme with Lawford to save her own neck,but the times called for her to be convicted,something left unsure of after killing Claude Rains in DECEPTION about 17 years before (co=star Paul Henreid).

  • Two Bette's Has Dead Ringer

    • Lawford?
    • 3/8/17

    A bumpy night as Bette meets Bette and good Bette kills her nasty twin-nasty because she stole her good twin's husband-to-be,and she carried on with Lawford's loser of a character,the toyboy.Glad to see the good twin winning over the staff and massah's dog.With a still fine-looking Macready as the lawyer,can't understand why the evil twin didn't go for him (a Henreid brother he could pass for,except no Teutonic accent!),he was so little used,but did have an important part as the lawyer.I'dve gone for him in a second,would never want anyone like Lawford's character.Was reason movie's opening delayed until 1964 because of the manner of JFK's assassination-Bette shoots her sister in head.Malden and many others give good solid support to Bette,love Cyril Delavanti as aged butler-had a hard time prying the ciggies out of his hands during filming-did he light up with George,as he was a heavy smoker,too!

  • Bette is Twice As Good...and Naughty

    • Tawny
    • 2/17/17

    Dead Ringer is dead-on great. Bette Davis portrays estranged twin sisters--one rich, one poor--whose lives intersect upon the death of the rich sister's husband. A great back story comes to light. The scathingly rich dead man was actually betrothed to the poor sister (Edie), who in an act of good will, asked her then-beau to check in on her twin. Why did she do that? Her scheming sister seduced and married the man, vexing Edie's chance at happiness. While the rich twin has been living it up in a museum-like estate with diamonds, furs, and pearls, poor Edie is scraping by as the owner of a dive tavern. The one bright spot in her life is her policeman beau, expertly played by Karl Malden, who absolutely adores her. Long story shortened, Edie finds out that her sister faked a pregnancy in order to snag her rich beau. She's mad as hell. What could be better than payback? She'll kill her evil sister, assume her identity, and live happily ever after in the mansion that should have been her's in the first place. Naturally, complications arise--the least of which is Peter Lawford as a gigolo cad with whom her dead sister was having an affair. He senses his amour is strangely different and the jig begins to unravel. Directed by Paul Henreid, BD's co-star in Now, Voyager, this is an excellent suspense/drama with first-rate story and acting. Bette is the bomb!

  • Two Bettes for the price of one!

    • Garcande
    • 1/28/17

    What's better than one Bette Davis? Well, two, of course. In Dead Ringer she plays twin sisters, one good, one evil, who loved the same man twenty years earlier. After Whatever Happened to Baby Jane Davis wanted to look glamorous again to assure movie goers that she didn't really look like Jane. This was the vehicle she chose. It's almost like what might have happened to the sisters in A Stolen Life if both had lived. Indeed, it's really a 40's melodrama set in 1964. The sisters, who haven't seen each other in years, are reunited at the funeral of Frank DeLorca, wealthy LA business man. Edie, the poor sister, had been in love with Frank until Margaret snatched him away and married him. Margaret invites Edie back to her Bel Air mansion to offer her some "cast off" clothes. The preposterous plot unfolds from there. I won't spoil the story for those who haven't seen it, but suffice it to say that Bette has a field day chewing up the scenery, and everything else in sight, as both sisters. The hilarious part is that poor Edie, who has never heard of Elizabeth Arden, is able to transform herself into a wealthy Bel Air matron in a matter of minutes, and no one can tell the difference! The supporting cast is also wonderful, especially Jean Hagen and Estelle Winwood. Don't miss this Davis treasure.

  • Search/Seizure

    • Mark
    • 12/20/16

    Wonder if Edie's lawyer challenged admission of the arsenic since Jim had no search warrant to enter Tony's apartment where he got the arsenic? If not would certainly agree he was a lousy lawyer.

  • Correction

    • G. Jackson
    • 10/30/16

    Edie/Margaret is sentenced to death by lethal injection, not the gas chamber. Also, Edie pretends to be joking when she tells Jim the sergeant that she is actually Edie, she allows him to believe the falsehood as she is convinced that Jim loves Edie and has set her memory on a high moral level that she wishes for him to continue to believe.

  • Davis & Macready-2 Yankees For The Price Of One

    • goodbette
    • 10/18/16

    Bette plays twins,one good,one bad.Macready is her lawyer.Personally,he should've been one of the boyfriends instead of Lawford.He was awful!Will still watch it again!

  • Glad This Is Playing Again This Month

    • goodshow
    • 10/8/16

    Had never seen this gem,but watched on Bette under the stars August tribute since I'm such a huge Macready fan who seems to always play a great lawyer.He seemed to be bemused in this film,giving solid support to his fellow New Englander,Ms Davis.Loved Paul Henreid's daughter,couldn't stand the sight of Lawford.Malden solid support,too!

  • Dead Ringer

    • Susanne Cavendish
    • 8/28/16

    Davis was wonderful as either twin, the pain of losing the man she loved to her twin, was more than she could bear. Malden was his usual best as a good guy, this time, a man who loved the twin who lost her man to her twin and the twin he loved just couldn't see how much he loved her. It made for a messy emotional setting that had to include someone like Peter Lawford, the playboy friend of the married twin. A wonderful, concise and never a minute wasted movie. By they way, the director's daughter was surprisingly good as the married twin's maid. I give the movie a five out of five stars!

  • the well-tempered clavier

    • don letta
    • 8/20/16

    Lots of raves about this film, and I agree, it's a Davis winner. However, no one has touched upon the amazingly good scoring. Possibly the highest praise for scoring, is no praise at all. If the score accomplishes its purpose, it should be on a sub conscious level... never overpowering the flow, and here we have just that. The clavichord or harpsichord sets the tone of the entire film, and carries the narrative from beginning to end without ever calling out "hey, listen to me!". No mean feat, but it works, here.

  • Dead Ringer !

    • 5/17/16

    Bette Davis is one of the only Actors or Actresses that could have pulled this off. She's brilliant. This film should have been awful, But, because of her and some helpful cast members it works. The only other actor of any kind who could have pulled this off is Joan Crawford (in my opinion). What would the history of American Films be without Bette Davis ? Incredible subtleties to create interest throughout for two different characters I actually like this film a lot.

  • Familiar "ring" to it

    • Marilyn
    • 11/21/14

    This movie is a lot like her earlier movie "A Stolen Life" (1946), but I still enjoyed it. It also didn't have the annoying Karnock character in it.

  • !!!!!!11VIVA BETTE���������

    • 3/28/14


  • Bette the Great!

    • RedRain
    • 10/9/13

    Let's face facts. There is no actress - living or dead - who can or could do evil the way Bette Davis could! She could be devious, spiteful, conniving and downright murderous, as she is here, and we still love her. This is a testament to the great actress she was and why honors are still being heaped upon her and her legacy of so many films. She worked so very hard at her craft and she was a genius at it. She is particularly devious here and she makes for the great villain in the piece. (I would have hated having Karl Malden's role, as this is clearly Davis' film from beginning to end.)

  • Dead Ringer

    • Donna Weigel
    • 7/11/13

    Bette Davis is the best. There is no more actors out there like Bette.

  • Dead Ringer

    • Donna Weigel
    • 7/11/13

    Bette Davis is the BEST. I am a tremendous fan of hers. I look forward to her movies on television.

  • Whatever happened to DUKE?

    • Rosalie
    • 5/16/13

    Love the movie - just wonder if anyone knew the outcome of poor Duke. Hoping he lived with Henry after.

  • Unbelievable!

    • Mark
    • 5/11/13

    OK, so Edie shoots Maggie in the head at close range and then changes clothes and, yet, there is no physical evidence of any murder? Give me a break!! There would be blood and brains all over the clothes. I guess that is part of what makes the movie so much fun, ie, how far-fetched the plot is.

  • I Love Bette

    • April
    • 3/7/12

    Ms. Davis can do no wrong. I try never to miss one her movies on TCM.

  • Dead Ringer

    • Portia Thorpe
    • 5/21/11

    5 stars

  • Fun Movie For Davis Fans

    • Dennis Bennett
    • 4/12/11

    Bette at her best!

  • The Ringer with No Ring

    • John Ellis
    • 4/6/11

    Somehow Bette gets you to feel it was all Jim's fault because he was too shy to pop the question. She plays both parts with great authority, albeit Margaret's screen time is brief. The first Davis film I ever saw. It's not Hitchcock, who would have elevated it with details and character angled shots, but good.

  • best of bette

    • chris williams
    • 4/1/11

    loved this film. a rainy day and pop corn watcher.what makes this movie fun is how she tries to cover here true idenity..-not knowing the combo to the safe, why the dog suddenly warms up to her(the dog hated her twin sister)

  • Best Bette!

    • Gerald Hampton
    • 4/1/11

    This movie made its debut a year before I was born, but I remember watching it when I was about 11 years old. The fact that I cannot remember when I first saw Star Wars, The Wizard of Oz or Jaws is a terrific testament to the impression that this film made on me! Whenever I see Miss Davis in a film, this performance always pops into my head. She is brilliant, as is Karl Malden.

  • Bette's WB Valedictory

    • David Atkins
    • 8/27/10

    Bette Davis, in my opinion, the greatest of all Warner Bros stars: Muni, Cagney, Bogart, Flynn, et al returned in triumph to WB her home studio where she was undisputed Queen of the Lot after her smashing return to films in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?Jack Warner gave Bette a great script and she plays the twins expertly. This is a great film to watch and to savor a great cinema queen at work. Viva Bette Davis!

  • First and favorite

    • Cyndi Lewandoeski
    • 12/4/09

    This was the first Bette movie i saw and it began my admiration for her. It has grown trenendously from that point. My mom and I watched it on PBS;it was suspenseful and I LOVED it. I think it is a much underated movie and I would love to see it on TCM {at reasonable time}. For those who have not seen it, I would STRONGLY reccomend it.

  • Dead Ringer (1964)

    • Jay Higgins
    • 8/23/09

    Certainly not one of Bette Davis's best, but she is always good and always worth watching. It does tend to be a bit campy, but I never lost interest. It's well made and Bette hams it up beautifully.

  • Identitical Twins & Murders

    • BeauB
    • 7/25/09

    Being an identitical twin myself, this film fascinates me. Bette Davis gives one of her more interesting performances that I've watched because the two roles she plays are quite different. Also insteresing is that Davis' leading man inseveral of her classics, Paul Henreid, isthis film's director. Davis starts out as Edie Philips, a modest restaurant & bar owner. Her boyfriend is Sgt. Jim Hobbson (Karl Malden). There's a rift between Edie & her twin, Margaret de Lorca (Davis). When de Lorca's husband dies, their history starts to unfold. Since the synopsis on this site already tells the whole story, I'll review the performances. Peter Lawford plays Margaret's secret lover, Tony Collins. Lawford embodies evil doing surprisingly well. Malden is always super as a cop; this time, he's exceptional. That's likely due to his many interactions with Bette Davis. It'a probably redundant to write that Davis' performance is a stunner.

  • Two Bette Davis' is Better than One!

    • DavidNeumeyer
    • 6/24/09

    This film in which Bette Davis' plays dual roles as identical twin sisters is the second time she took on being identical twins. "A Stolen Life" co-starring Glenn Ford was the first such film of Miss Davis'. This film is very different from "A Stolen Life." Karl Malden is her co-lead and plays a detective who's her boyfriend. Peter Lawford plays her sister's adulterous murderous lover. Even writing a review, I realize I've just been fooled by Mis Davis' acting. I called Bette Davis' own character "her sister." That's how outstanding her performanceS (capital S intended) are. She is two very different women as these twins. The plot is so intricate. The crime drama is classic. Lawford is sinister. Malden really shines interacting with Miss Davis. He's still the detective though. But Misss Davis is yet again two more different characters, the likes of whom she's never played before. I can watch this film over and again.

  • Bette Davis Crime Drama

    • Linda.Lee
    • 6/15/09

    Paul Henreid, an actor who starred in classics like "Goodbye, Mr. Chips,""Now, Voyager" and "Casablanca," directs Bette Davis, Karl Malden, and Peter Lawford as lead actors in this crime drama. Bette Davis plays dual parts of a set of twins who are identical but do not have similar personalities. Malden plays her the more appealing twin's boyfriend and a detective. Lawford plays the less appealing twin's murderous lover. There is a lot of substance to both the plot and acting in this terrific film. Henreid does a very good job directing.

  • Bette Davis, Karl Malden & Peter Lawford

    • Brossard
    • 6/10/09

    Paul Henreid, who'd played Davis' lover several times prior, directs this superb murder mystery. Bette Davis, once again (as in "A Stolen Life") plays twin sisters, Edith Philips & Margaret de Lorca. Edie's a neighborhood bar owner whose mid-life beau is Sgt. Jim Hobbson (Karl Malden). He's in love with Edie when her brother-in-law dies & the sisters reunite afters being estranged for years over Margaret stealing Edie's true love: the man who's just died, Margaret's husband. This murder mystery seems to be straight forward at first, then begins twisting & turning quite bit. Peter Lawford playing Tony Collins, shows up as the real bad guy in the mix. Everybody winds up dead or headed for the electric chair except the cop (Malden). Henreid proves to be a find director of three terrific leading actors. Davis' performance as very different identitical twins is top drawer.

  • Bette Davis Performs a Great Dual Role

    • m_d
    • 5/28/09

    In "Dead Ringer," one of Bette Davis' lesser well known and infrequently shown mid-life films, she plays middle-age identitical twin sisters who look alike but are extremely different. The rich one is a selfish socialist who's a recent widow with an adulterous lover (Peter Lawford), superficial, and oppulent. Her twin's a hard working small business owner with a boyfriend who's a police detective (Karl Malden), struggles to make ends meet and lives humbly. This twist and turn murder mystery begins to unravel after the adulterous sister's husband dies and the estranged sister meet. Bette Davis gives a striking performance playing the dual role as the twins. Malden's and Lawford's performances are very good. Paul Henried capably directs after being a frequent co-lead with Davis in several of her major films. He was also Laslo in "Casablanca." Chalk up another great one for Davis.

  • On Davis' Dual Role Performance

    • MarjorieAW
    • 5/26/09

    Playing twin sisters is a pretty rare occurence in feature film history. Bette Davis did so twice. "Dead Ringer's" the under-rated 2nd time. It had to have been difficult to be two very different types of characters in one film. Davis makes one sister detestble, and, at the same time, makes the other sister one that many people are able to feel empathy for. Deep down one's rotten to her core and the other is a goodly woman.The twist about "Dead Ringer" is that the good sister murders the bad one and assumes her identity. But there are too many twisted aspects of the dead bad sister's life for the good sister to even imagine. Those are the things that shock her to the degree that she allows another killing to happen. Paul Henried, a frequent co-star of Davis' directs Davis quite well.

  • The Davis Twins Again 22 Years Later

    • NJMB
    • 5/16/09

    Bette Davis played dual roles as twin sisters in "A Stolen Life" (1942). Now she's back as a middle-aged pair of twin sisters in a murder mystery. Karl Malden & Peter Lawford are co-leads. Davis' former frequent on-screen lover, Paul Henried is this film's director. Like in "A Stolen Life" one twin's more upstanding than the other. One works as an bar owner. The other is wealthy & recently widowed. The main difference is that Bette Davis is a much more mature actor in this film. Her performance as both sisters is really great acting. You can tell she's hit her professional stride as a legendary actor.

  • Justifiable Homicide?

    • DavidaH
    • 4/29/09

    Whenever we watch Bette Davis, Karl Malden & Peter Lawford in "Dead Ringer" we know the mystery isn't the murder itself. It's whether Davis character will be found out after murdering her self-centered, adulterous, conniving twin sister. Somehow we want the good sister, who murders her wicked twin, to get away with a justifiable homicide! What's most remarkable, however, is that Davis portrays both very different sisters and makes each appear distinctly different although they are identical twins. Doing that's great acting!

  • DeadRinger: there is non other to compare

    • Robin
    • 9/9/08

    I Love your station TCM, you have brought to screen movies that has not been seen since they have been premiere years ago. Bette Davis puts so much emotions in her acting, she plays the character with such pose and excellence. I love her in every one of her movies. This particular one, I have not seen in years. My sister and I was just talking about it recently. Please find a spot on TCM to show this film. I guarantee you, your ratings will definitely increase even more. Thank you

  • please show dead ringer

    • susan harris
    • 6/17/08

    I would love to see this movie, i saw on late night tv about 25 years ago and loved it but have not been able to find a copy.

  • Dead Ringer is DEAD ON

    • David Washington
    • 5/14/08

    Bette Davis was such a versatile actress.She had a gift for putting great emotion in her roles, and was very masterful in doing so. I am a classic movie freak,and this is one of her best. This movie had me from the opening clash of the cymbals and violins to the end scene on the way to the Gas Chamber. Bette was an actress who personified Classic in a grand tradition.


    • 4/21/08


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