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Meet the Stewarts

Meet the Stewarts(1942)

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Meet the Stewarts A socialite struggles to live... MORE > $17.95
Regularly $20.95
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Candace "Candy" Goodwin, the spoiled daughter of a wealthy family, holds her sweetheart, Michael Stewart, captive in a treehouse, refusing to replace the ladder unless he proposes to her. Mike, the hardworking son of a working class family, whose sister Geraldine scrimped and saved to put him through school, is reluctant to marry Candy because he is afraid that he will be perceived as a fortune hunter. When Candy's father, Pierce Goodwin, promises to cut off all financial support if the couple marries, Mike proposes on the condition that Candy agree to live within their budget. The newlyweds move into an unfurnished house on Woodside Road, and when their furniture expenses exceed their budget by $49.77, Mike insists that they return something. Candy, who thinks it laudable to be so little over budget, cajoles Mike into letting her keep everything. After one week of marriage, Candy decides to invite her and Mike's family to dinner, even though she doesn't know how to cook. As she adds salt instead of sugar to the cake and burns her hands on the roasting pan, Wong, the Goodwin family cook, appears, having been sent by Mrs. Goodwin to prepare dinner. When Mike comes home early from work, Candy hides Wong in the closet. Finding a man's hat in the dining room, Mike suspects that his wife is having an affair until he opens the closet and discovers the cook. Candy then bursts into tears and promises to tell her guests who really prepared the meal. At the dinner table that night, Candy watches in horror as Mike butchers the roast because of a dull knife and smoke floods the house and nearly asphyxiates her guests when the chimney becomes clogged. Forced to open the windows to dispel the smoke, the guests shiver and sneeze in the cold night air as Geraldine criticizes the newlywed's extravagance in buying a house. Candy's one luxury is the lifetime membership to the country club that her father has given her, and she insists upon patronizing the club even though Mike feels uncomfortable there. While lunching at the club, Mike is summoned to the manager's office and informed that Candy's life membership is no longer valid, and consequently, the couple owes over $300 in back dues. After immediately resigning from the club, Mike and Candy argue about their money problems. When Candy's old friend, Winkie Rogers, offers her a job as a receptionist at his broadcasting studio, Candy accepts the position, even though Mike feels that a wife's place is in the home. Candy hires Willemetta to cook and clean in her absence, and upon returning home from work after her first day, Candy finds the furniture rearranged, her silk blouse scorched and an inedible dinner waiting on the table. One evening after work, Candy dreams about dining at a good restaurant, while Mike fantasizes about spending a peaceful night at home. As they approach their house, they are greeted by their real estate agent, who asks for last month's mortgage payment. When Candy admits that she borrowed the money to buy a new dress, Mike explodes. Candy accuses him of valuing money more than their marriage and announces that she is going home to her parents. Some time later, Mike meets his sister for dinner and learns that she saw Candy, who has rented out their house, in order to pay their club debt. When Geraldine gives Mike the address of Candy's apartment, her hurries there to reconcile with his wife. At the apartment building, meanwhile, Candy is about to open her door when she is approached by her neighbor, Ted Graham. Graham tells her that his bride is coming that evening and, after explaining that he described Candy's apartment as his own, he begs her to rent it to him and offers to pay her double the rent. Thrilled by his offer, Candy eagerly accepts and rushes to notify Mike that they are now out of debt. After Candy leaves, Mike arrives at the apartment, and when he finds Graham there, he thinks the worst and slugs him. A fight ensues, and the neighbors call the police. When Candy returns, she joins the fray, and she and Mike are arrested. Their families come to bail them out of jail, and when Mr. Goodwin criticizes Mike, Candy defends him. After each accepts the blame for their marital problems, the newlyweds embrace. Mr. Goodwin then congratulates Mike for teaching Candy financial responsibility and tells them that he has paid off their club bill as a wedding gift. The couple returns to their house and, after carrying his bride over the threshhold, Mike discovers that he is about to become a father.