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Between Two Worlds

Between Two Worlds(1944)

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  • Between Two Worlds is a must watch!

    • Deborah
    • 7/2/17

    Entertaining, thought-provoking film filled with smart dialogue and great acting. The scene in the latter part of the movie between Garfield and Allgood and the last scenes with Henreid and Parker are especially moving. Don't miss this film!

  • Between Two Worlds

    • Dejavu
    • 12/12/15

    Interesting twist to what comes after our short stint under the sun... I am a fan of Garfield and Greenstreet. I like the time period of the 40's movies. The setting of being on board of a ship sailing aimlessly in fog awaiting a fate they have yet to realize and to face an examination of their life in which they are either unaware or in denial. I do not agree with the cynical reviews that have been posted. Perhaps some of these reviewers would also make good characters in this storyline, being similarly in denial or obtuse to decisions and choices that they have made. I know that in watching this movie I did contemplate my entries of the good and bad in our ledger of life. I enjoy movies with a twist on this particular theme concerning where life leads us. Come to think of it, I also enjoyed" The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" a movie full of the ironies of life. This movie definitely deserves to be seen.

  • Interesting, romantic, propaganda

    • Muriel
    • 3/23/14

    The only problem with this movie is John Garfield playing his usual New York jewish wiseguy with a huge chip on his shoulder. He *really* overdoes it.Otherwise, the usual stable of excellent Warner Bros character actor's bring entertaining stereotypes nicely to life.All pulled together by beautiful music by Korngold. It's WW2 propaganda and a simple allegory of human nature.I think the music score really makes this one work.

  • Strange story...but cool!

    • WK
    • 7/24/13

    Thank you John Garfield! Your talents make this movie interesting and emotionally deep! Cool film!

  • I don't think so

    • ojc
    • 7/24/13

    This movie means to be an entertaining but serious metaphysical confection that ponders death, punishment, and redemption. Throw in some Wartime sentimentality, John Garfield playing another cynical wiseguy, and toss repeatedly. However, it really is two hours of talking, emoting, and obvious claptrap. The Warner Brothers stock company helps but the movie has two key problems: first the surprise about whether they are dead is no surprise and two we know which passengers are damned or blessed already. They are conventional stereotypes from any 1930's play: mean industrialist, tormented artist, shrill society matron. For this movie to work you really have to have some mystery about those points otherwise you are just wanting for the judgement scene, where they get what is coming to them. Some good points: Eleanor Parker is young and beautiful, and Edmund Gwen works hard. Garfield means well but his dialogue sounds like a cross between a Warner brothers gangster and one of the Bowery Boys comedies. See this once. Just once.

  • Between Two Worlds

    • Carol Clark
    • 6/7/13

    Love this movie, including each and every actor in this movie, to me, they were all perfect for this movie.

  • Weird!

    • RedRain
    • 6/3/13

    This film is just creepy to me! I gave it two stars for the excellent performances by John Garfield, Paul Henreid, etc., but the rest of it just weirds me out. You live, you die. You don't dine and drink fine wines as you go into the hereafter on a cruise liner.

  • Between Two Worlds-One Fantastic Film!

    • Bruce Reber
    • 3/5/13

    I'm not exactly sure how "Between Two Worlds" (Warner Bros. 1944) should be described - fantasy, surreal, existentialist or a bit of all these - but I do know that it's one unusual yet fantastic film. BTW is about a group of people who are dead and are sailing on a ship on their way to the afterlife, whatever it may be. Only they're unaware of this fact, except for a cynical, wisecracking newspaper reporter played by John Garfield, who's somewhat amused that the others haven't learned of their fate. The rest of the cast is outstanding, including WB contract stars Eleanor Parker, Paul Henried, George Tobias, George Coulouris, Edmund Gwenn (although I don't think he was one of them), and many others. BTW makes you think about the life that awaits after your earthly existence has ended, and how your ultimate destiny will be determined by your character and the morals you lived by in your first life. As the ship's steward (played by Gwenn) says at one point in the film; "heaven and hell may very well turn out to be the same". I'm surprised BTW didn't receive any Oscar nominations. I'm thinking of buying the DVD. I taped it on Monday 3/4/13 (John Garfield's 100th birthday FYO) and watched it when I got home. I'm way disappointed TCM that he's not your SOTM for March. As much as I like Greer Garson, I sure would have liked to have seen Mr. Jules Garfinkel (AKA John Garfield) honored with an entire month of his great films in honor of his centennial. As I said in a previous review, you need to show more John Garfield films TCM.

  • Between Two Worlds

    • Pietro Antoni
    • 9/24/11

    I had never heard of this movie and I consider myself a very good movie buff. The movie was made 35 years before I was even born, but that's no excuse not to know this film which I caught very early one morning. It had already started, but it's hardly difficult to know what the situation on boared ship happens to be. I absolutely loved the movie with its amazing stellar cast. The acting was so strong..... from EVERYONE. How I enjoyed revisiting with such Hollywood legends including the remarkable Sara Algood who was once with The Irish Theatre. Don't repeat certain films over and over and over again as is your custom. Play some of the more forgotten films more often.... such as MIRACLE IN THE RAIN with Jane Wyman and Van Johnson. One complaint about Turner is the fact the certain films are on FAR, FAR TOO OFTEN!

  • Interesting

    • rosie may dushay
    • 9/22/11

    mysterious movie. Very symbolic. Paul Henried and Elanore Parker were verymoving. ***

  • The symbolic message is True and Real.

    • Sue Parsons
    • 3/4/11

    I happened upon this movie as I merely turned on our t.v. Within minutes I recognized the subject matter and the symbolism in it. Because I am a Christian and a Bible believer who understands the Truth of heaven and God's requirements of His people, I had no doubt in believing that this movie was engaging the viewers in the different types of people mentioned in Matthew 13 of the Bible. Through the grand, yet simple dialogue and the guality portrayal from the actors, I was engaged, so much so, that I want my friends to see and enjoy this film, as well. This movie NEEDS to be processed into DVD form NOW to aid in opening people's eyes to Jesus'message of heaven. We all will live only once and we must see the urgency to live it well in light of God's Word. Heaven or hell? That's the ?Impressed, to say the least, with the movie's message, symbolic approach and fine acting.

  • between two worlds

    • marvia1
    • 12/20/10

    i absolutely LOVE this movie. i wish they would play it more frequently.i particularly like the judgements handed down by greenstreet to the snobbish,selfish wife and the arrogant businessman.

  • between two worlds

    • james guadiana
    • 8/10/10

    one of the greatest movies ever made. I'm blown away. Why isn't it on DVD/Video?

  • Between Two Worlds

    • Barbara
    • 7/3/10

    What a beautiful movie! I see it every time it is shown on TCM. I have tried to purchase it from the TCM movie catalogs, but it is not available. This is a movie that features some of the greatest actors of all time. The story is sad but uplifting. It belies the fact that there is no life after death. What a great plot and dialogue. See it if you can and you will want to see it again and again. John Garfield and Eleanor Parker are especially wonderful. It is true when they say "they don't make movies like that anymore"!

  • Between Two Worlds

    • Bill Noce
    • 4/14/10

    John Garfield films are seldom shown, but TCM has shown this one. The cast and acting is excellent as is the plot of the film. Hopefully, it will be released on dvd.Bill NoceBend, Oregon

  • Between Two Worlds (1944)

    • John F. Rouse
    • 4/6/10

    Very unusual, eerie well acted movie.

  • Between Two Worlds

    • Patricia LeGrand
    • 3/16/10

    I have seen this movie maybe twice on t c m and Ireally love this movie I would like it if this station would show this movie more often. It is a great movie The story is supreme and the acting is sublime.

  • Between two worlds

    • Rhoda Bielman
    • 3/5/10

    Between Two Worlds is one of the most inspirational movies I have ever seen. The acting, direction, musical score and choice of actors is excellent. The movie tells the story in a way that keeps you mesmorized to the screen. I first saw John Garfield when I was eleven years old and immediately fell in love with him.

  • Between two worlds

    • robert w. reeves
    • 3/4/10

    I have never seen this movie before today and i dont know how i miss it! It was great i love it and would like to see it again or buy it.

  • Between Two Worlds

    • Sheila A. Melvin
    • 3/4/10

    I thought I had seen most of John Garfield's movies. I was really in for a treat when I watched him in this movie. Typical Garfield persona.I enjoyed all the performances.I wish it was on DVD.

  • Exquisite film

    • annarab
    • 9/23/09

    This is an incredible film experience - as a die hard Garfield fan, I must admit, this is my second favorite film only taking a back seat to Four Daughters. This is a powerful story - I think of this film often and remember the intense messages delivered - why can't we have great films like this in 2009?

  • A "B" Movie deserving a DVD Release!

    • Movie Lover
    • 8/28/09

    I discovered this little remembered film many years ago on a local television broadcast. I have been enchanted with it ever since. Only in recent years have I had a chance to see its predecessor, "Outward Bound", and though enjoyable to a true die-hard film buff I must say that "Between Two Worlds" is definitely my favorite.With a cast made up of Warner Brothers staple performers and a score by Korngold, how can you go wrong? Great film.

  • Betweem Two Worlds

    • margodarger
    • 8/19/09

    I just love this movie, it has such a love story. You also feel like your there. Wish we had more movie like this

  • Between Two Worlds

    • Darlene Harmon
    • 8/14/09

    This movie is so suspenseful, intriging, and the stars are so believeable. I have been wanting to own this movie for 3 years now. I wish a lot more of the classic films would be released onto dvd. When will there be a showing of this film on TCM? I love TCM!!!! No commercials just the good, fantastic movies and the stars that brought us those movies. Please show this movie soon!!!!!!! Thank you! Darlene Harmon


    • 7/9/09


  • A Sure Winner!

    • TA
    • 7/1/09

    This is one movie that I love and don't often get to see. I would love to own it, but until then, TCM please hear my cry!!!

  • dvd's

    • Georgiana
    • 5/5/09

    What I meant to say please get Between Two Worlds and Outward Bound released onto a 2 disc set. They are both beautiful movies.

  • i want this movie

    • vc
    • 3/26/09

    really should be classic--really want for home collection thanks


    • JUDY
    • 3/13/09



    • Bonnie Davis
    • 1/26/09

    I have wanted this movie ever since I saw it on TCM. I can't believe that I can't purchase for home us. Nor is it shown on TCM often enough especially since it can't be purchased. What will it take for this movie to be captured on CD?

  • Com'On, Warners, Get With It!

    • alan
    • 1/23/09

    For years I have waited for a double DVD disc release of "Between Two Worlds", paired with its earlier incarnation, "Outward Bound". Decent prints exist: they've been shown on TMC countless times. So, why no DVD release?Okay, so maybe these titles are not the money-makers other more well-known titles might be. So, include them in a box set; maybe for John Garfield or Paul Henreid or even Sidney Greenstreet. Pair them with a batch of other lesser known classics.Whatever your motivation, Warners, please -- don't deprive us any longer. Release "Between Two Worlds"!

  • Why No Video Release?

    • Mark
    • 12/13/08

    What isn't known about the movie, "Between Two Worlds" (1944) is that it is not available for home video. So my next question is, why oh why is this great film not available?Before I take the next steamer to "outward bound", I would like to own this classic masterpiece for my own.

  • Must see

    • Gigi
    • 8/17/08

    This movie is such an amazing movie I can't believe it isn't played more. You are thrust into these peoples lives and their hopes, dreams and regrets. One of the actors, plays a thug, the tranformation of his face in the end of the movie is unbelievable. You watch him become someone new. There was hope even in death. It made me rethink the path I was on.

  • Keep Playing The Movies

    • Shannon
    • 3/28/08

    Between Two Worlds and Outward Bound were amazing what I saw of them. They are amazing for movies of their Genre. We must keep them alive...I just wish I saw them both in their whole entirety. So please put it back on. I would like to share it with my daughter.Thanks,Shannon

  • The Progression of American of Society in Films.

    • Gil Roman
    • 3/27/08

    WHAT A GREAT MOVIE, Movies like this and most of the great movies you have, should all be available somehow. Cause as you know no one will ever see these movies again or even know they exist if not for your showing of them. Thanks, thanks, and thanks for letting us see our history in films, and our growth as a society. That's the reason most of these films should be available. These films show who we were at that time. It's actually a moving history of the way we felt, and is espesially important now, that most of our unity as a society of Americans seems to be gone. Thanks again, and I hope we'll see these on dvd shortly.

  • Between Two Worlds

    • Nancy
    • 3/27/08

    This movie, and Outward Bound, are amazing in their thought-proving scripts. Add to this, a tv show I saw, maybe it was Outer Limits or The Twilight Zone, where a similar story took place. The young couple were put into a lifeboat and set adrift when they were deemed too young to make the voyage. Thanks again TCM for giving us the priviledge of seeing these old movies; they're too important to be lost!!

  • They Don't Make Them Like This Anymore!

    • Julie Elandt
    • 3/6/08

    I grew up in a home where we went to the show often and watched the old classics on television. Although I was born in 1949 I must say the 40's were the very best. The black and white films with all the mystery you could put into one film was magic and this film is one of my favorites. It is one of the best of it's era.

  • Like a good book on a cold, rainy afternoon

    • BT
    • 10/23/07

    I last saw this movie over 6 years ago with a special friend and I am anxiously awaiting it to either turn up on dvd or be shown again soon. The delivery and message was compelling, but the very concept was WAY ahead of its' time.

  • A movie like I have never seen before!!

    • Dee
    • 10/19/07

    Please release this movie on DVD. I just watched this movie on TCM yesterday. It was like a good book, I could not leave my chair. As a young person, this movie made me look at my life. I feel everyone should see this movie, it is a life changing movie. Even though this was made in 1944, the character of the people in today's society is still the same and many could find themselves on a jouney like this pondering their life. Just a incredible movie, I give it 5 stars!!!

  • Between Two Worlds should be available on DVD.

    • Mac
    • 10/18/07

    A morality play without religion is hard to do but is achieved here. Between Two Worlds looks more at humanity than 'good and evil'. Great cast giving great performances... so why can't I find it for sale?I wish there was a source for all public domain films

  • One of the best movies I have ever seen

    • 8/31/07

    I saw this movie many years ago when I was a young man. The plot, acting and stars in this movie will not ever be replaced. Well worth any price Turner would put on the DVD.

  • Commercial Value...

    • Mona Henderson
    • 8/14/07

    This film is totally a classic. It does not matter if it has "commercial value" or not... it should be released on DVD. I have actually been able to see it only once, and that was almost 30 years ago. Through all of those years I have never forgotten the story line. The actors portray their characters in a way that may seem over dramatic in our jaded culture. The plot delivers a message that provides a great deal of food for thought.

  • Please find a way to release on DVD

    • Sharon Oswald
    • 8/11/07

    Please release Between Two Worlds on DVD This movie has an incredible cast of actors and so the acting is just perfect for this very simple storyline. It is on so infrequently and at not convenient times. Please take pity on those who find a message in this story and release it on DVD.

  • Between Two Worlds - 1944

    • Cristina DiMurro
    • 8/3/07

    Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, (do I sound like James Brown?) find a way to release this on video. Though I read that this movie has limited commercial appeal it is still a classic. The array of actors is awesome. I love this movie and the history behind the cast. Though not perfect it still is my #1 favorite movie of the classics followed by The Uninvited, The Enchanted Cottage, Casablanca, Gone with the Wind . . . I could go on and on. I give my Mom credit for introducing me to the classics as a kid even though I thought everyone was old. I appreciate TCM for doing all it has done to preserve these movies. Many times even today's greatest movies fall short of the classics.

  • Not available on home video

    • Adam Rossen
    • 7/22/07

    In response to Lydia's question, this movie is not available on home video. It is shown periodically on TCM - in March - John Garfield's birthday month. You can vote on the TCM website to have it released on TCM. The only problem is that this movie, although wonderful, is rather dated and has limited commercial appeal. The production values are low and the acting is overly melodramatic. It is ripe for a re-make. Any ideas of which current actors/actresses would be good for which parts?

  • where can i buy or rent this movie

    • lydia
    • 7/7/07

    this movie was an example of making people aware of how life can work out and how there is a reason for what happens to us at the cross over to heaven.I have been looking to buy this movie for years . doesnt anyone know where to buy this ??? or if it can be rented anywhere ???

  • One of the Best!

    • Debbie Crawford
    • 3/21/07

    love the movie

  • One of the Best!

    • Debbie Crawford
    • 3/21/07

    When I first saw this movie I thought wow somebody has been reading the Bible!"The Examiner", played by Sydney Greenstreet was a piece of work I loved it. The Lady who had to live in her castle alone for all of eternity that blew me away, wow! It shows that the things that we lust after in this life to satify our fleshy desires is all but vanity as King Solomon said when he sumed life up. It's what you do for Christ that will last. Store up your treasures in heaven and not on this earth where the thief and the moths can get too.Great movie! Should be on DVDWhen I think of all the other garbage thats on DVD, I feel that these old classics should be on DVD everyone of them.

  • Comparative Literature

    • Donna W
    • 3/14/07

    When I first encountered this movie on TCM, I was totally mesmerized by a few of its themes: what happens after death and what consequences do we suffer after death as a result of our actions while living. I would LOVE to have this on DVD in order to show my students a comparative analysis on the Greek's view of life after death, Dante's Infero, and Jean Paul Sartre's play "No Exit," and the Bible. Where can I get a DVD? I hope TCM shows this movie again SOON!

  • To many classics not out on DVD

    • 3/5/07

    Between two worlds. What more can i say but, John Garfield and Sydney Greenstreet. This movie is a classic and deserves to be released. Garfield never got credit in live (dont you just love mr. Mccarthy Geez) but he deserves it. His performances, not only in this, but Gentlemens agreement, body and soul ect. Should earn him the right to immortality.

  • One of my favorites.

    • Keith E.
    • 1/15/07

    When I first saw this film 25 years ago, I couldn't get it out of my head. Several years later, I saw it again and I fell in love with it again. Since that time I have seen the original film that it was remade into, and I can honestly say that the John Garfield version is much better. I hope some day the DVD will come out and we can have our own copy of this film.

  • Seriously good film , an original.

    • Galahad
    • 8/11/06

    never seen anything like it before...

  • Powerful and Thought Provoking

    • R. Lopes
    • 4/20/06

    This ensemble cast brings a powerful story to the screen from Broadway which evokes serious thought about the consequences of our lives. Led by the great John Garfield whose character finds out what is really important in life, the cast of consummate actors leads us through various lives revealed by "the examiner". This thought provoking film is a benchmark in dramatic film making. Anyone who has ever thought about their life's journey should see this film. R. LopesLas Vegas Nevada

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