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  • Joan Crawford

    • GoodDogNigel
    • 1/2/19

    The movie is OK. Pretty typical early 1930's pre-code film. The only movie I enjoyed her in was What Ever Happened to Baby Jane. Why Crawford tries to dance (looks dumb) and sing (sounds terrible) I will never understand. I read the book Mommy Dearest when it first came out. Read it and you will never be able to watch her again. Read the book.....the movie isn't as revealing.

  • Possessed by Nothing

    • Alexei
    • 5/11/17

    It's interesting how so many of us have different opinions after watching the same movie.This movie has some good things going for it: moody atmosphere, strong cinematography, attractive sets.But it also is predictable, with corny dialogue and an ending that is overly sentimental and not credible.Gable is handsome and young but stiff as a board. Joan Crawford acts - actually over-acts - like a failed Academy of Dramatic Arts student. She casts her huge, scary-looking eyes downward, then up, then down again to show you she's humble and not as proud and grand as she pretends to be. She's at her best when she's angry and mean. Hmmm.This movie has silent film style acting with scratchy sound to boot.It's a good looking relic, but so dated.

  • A Revelation

    • MG
    • 3/6/16

    Clark Gable basically played his usual character, this time the heart of gold takes most of the movie to surface. Joan Crawford is a revelation here. I never liked her, but in this early pre-code film, she is great and her looks softer and more appealing. Other commenters criticized her for playing a character that becomes a mistress. Well, that's the story. The ending is a bit cheesy and it probably would be a better film if her sacrifice was unrequited, but by the end you are rooting for her so it is OK. She does such a good job here of character development from the wide-eyed, ignorant, but determined gold-digger to the sensitive sophisticate - more character development and more naturalistic acting than in may films of this era. Thanks, TCM for showing this move some years back when my late father and I enjoyed it together. BTW, thanks to Robert Osborne for being such a good sport many years ago, talking with my Dad, a retired English professor and a big fan, at a book signing for his book on the Oscars.

  • Loved this movie

    • Pappy Y
    • 1/3/14

    Don't understand why folks who don't care for either Gable or Crawford would choose to watch this. Knowing about their personal relationship makes the film even more interesting. I think people who are critical of the roles 'chosen' by these stars and exactly how they would then impact society at large have NO clue to how the Hollywood Studio system worked. I do not pretend to know, but I do know actors/actresses signed long term contracts.Crawford is gorgeous and I thought the rendition of the song in three languages was touching and imminently for boding. (I never cared for her in her later years, but am always amazed at her youthful appeal.) Always enjoyed Gable and understand his character's dilemmas. Loved his line; "I like you too much to marry you.") I was glad it was a happy ending and during The Depression, I doubt I would want to feel worse. Depressing movies and sad endings may depict reality, but who pays to see it (unless it is done so well, with lots of redeeming values?)

  • Crawlford and Gamble

    • joanclarkbanging
    • 8/25/13

    Sleazy pair of actors who deserve each other.Both have hotpants

  • hot team

    • george snedker
    • 5/24/12

    wonderful crawford and gable pre code they really sizzle in this.

  • Um filme muito bom

    • Sonia
    • 11/1/10

    Este filme merece 10 estrelas. A Joan interpreta uma operria que quer mudar de vida e se torna amante de um homem rico. Mostra a vida real nos anos 30. Um filme tabu para a poca que eram hipocritas demais para aceitarem que isto existia. Uns dos meus filmes prediletos que deve sempre ser exibido por ser um classico de primeia qualidade.

  • Love Joan

    • Adam
    • 3/2/10

    I never knew Joan was so pretty in the 1930's! I really don't have much to say, this movie left me speechless, it is now one of my favourites.

  • Classic Hollywood

    • Lily
    • 8/12/09

    I just bought this dvd, and wow was I surprised! Joan Crawford is gorgeous in this, and Clark is so handsome! I can see why they were such huge stars, and why the public loved them so. I am a new fan of Joan Crawford for sure! Thanks for making this film available. This is a must see!

  • Destroy then Attempt to Redeem

    • f2008ilmzzz
    • 5/20/09

    The redemption theme near the end of this film is too thick to cut through. The women (Joan Crawford) destroys the reputation and career of the man (Clark Gable) she's seduced into an extra-marital affair. Once it's almost too late to come forth with any semblance of truth, she does. As if doing so would redeem her and rescue him, as if he was a victim who had not choice but to get mixed up with a destructive and self-centered factory worker. The plot's like a bad fairy tale. The script's cornball. The acting's substandard. This film can't be redeemed even by its fans.

  • Gable and Crawford Vehicle

    • JClements
    • 5/15/09

    In order to appreciate this film liking both Gable and Crawford is required. This film is a vehicle, more or less, that uses them and it shows. Gable's role doesn't serve him well and Crawford's performance doesn't either. I can get into Gable's acting when he's paired with a strong co-lead. That's not the case in this film.

  • Sorry image of a woman

    • Marjorie.Campbell
    • 5/15/09

    It concerns me how often Joan Crawford played the sorriest kinds of women. They are ones who ruin relationships, men's lives, either victimize or are victimized, neglect children, enjoy being cruel, unkind or flat out evil and more of the same ilk. At my age, I am not amused. For too long girls and women have experienced being downgraded because of other women who play into these types of ruinous stereotypes. If not the type Crawford played in this film, then it's the fairly tale princess waiting for a white knight in shining armour to rush to her rescue. Such images are dangerous since it's hard to distinguish when they're real or imaginary in films.

  • Not My Cup of Tea

    • Syntonic
    • 5/13/09

    Since both leads are two of my least liked movie stars, I'm not impressed with this flick. It was unreal then, histrionic now and I doubt it will be around in the future. With a badly made soap opera quality about it, Miss Crawford's lack of ability to being convincing in a role seriously degrades this film to a flick. Gable's cock-sure arrogance is so obnoxious now that in order to sit through the flick there's too much egotism to wade through

  • Fame, Fortune & Fanatacism

    • m_d
    • 5/12/09

    The theme of this film is down right greed on the part of a woman: Joan Crawford. (Nothing new about that). The lawyer she uses to game access to all the privileged of wealth becomes her possession. In fact, what isn't an objectified by this social climber? One has to wonder while viewing such films if Crawford had any sense of social responsibility whatsoever for the images of amoral beings she portrayed. I'm convinced she was capable of stooping to any depth to acquire whatever her characters sought after. It's as if she had to read a part to know who to become next.

  • Miscast as Working Class

    • Geraldeen
    • 5/12/09

    Joan Crawford's miscast as a working class woman. She doesn't pass. Clark Gable's so arrogant that his bravado outdates any interest in the film. What were producers thinking when turning out this type of tripe? Was it a way to take advantage of the adulterous affair between two 'movie stars' with hom the public was obsessed? Or was it just a money making scheme to get the studio system up and running? Apparently average at best acting appeals to a certain following of viewers. Not me.

  • Questionable Values, Repetitious Roles

    • Joannah
    • 5/12/09

    No matter what film it is that Joan Crawford's in she'll find a way to be the victim. Gable, of course, has to wind up the rescuer. The real life adulterers have to stage their adultery so that audiences are made to feel it's palatable. Viewers were dumbed out bya potent form of media the reinforced unequal, double-standards gender stereotypes. That's how knights in shining armour came to be expected to rescue damsels in distress and live happily ever after. Critics, mainly men, gave their nods of approval, naturally.

  • It's a classic

    • Tom
    • 4/9/08

    Possessed is a gem, it really needs to see the light of day - on dvd that is! If you haven't seen this one, find it, because it's one of Joan's best performances, as well as Clark's.

  • Joan, what a dame!

    • Claudia
    • 3/19/08

    I saw Possessed the other day for the first time, wow! What a magnificent film. Joan Crawford and Clark Gable were steamy hot and wonderful! Thanks TCM for airing it! Possessed needs to be released on dvd, we need a Joan Crawford and Clark Gable collection asap!

  • Gable and Crawford at their Best

    • Classic Movie Fan
    • 10/12/06

    This is a great film and the sparks between Gable and Crawford sizzle. Gable is WOW! Don't miss it! Highly recommended. Needs to be on DVD!

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