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Streets of Ghost Town

Streets of Ghost Town(1950)

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Streets of Ghost Town Steve, Smiley, and the Sheriff... MORE > $17.95
Regularly $20.95
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Steve Woods, Smiley Burnette and Sheriff Dodge make camp in a ghost town saloon. After an old sign almost falls on Steve, he spots a man running away and believes that he is a member of Bart Selby's gang, which is looking for the treasure buried years earlier by double-crossing gang member Bill Donner. Steve tells the sheriff about events that occuried earlier: When the area around the ghost town is first opened to settlers, Selby's gang tries to scare them away. The mysterious masked crime-fighter, The Durango Kid, counters their attacks, and eventually hundreds of hopeful settlers, accompanied by soldiers, pour in to take part in a land rush. The gang makes a last attempt to stop the land rush by setting a fire, but Steve persuades the settlers to put it out. While they are working, Steve rides ahead to scout the situation and discovers Selby's gang working desperately to move thousands of dollars of stolen money from its hiding place. Selby chases Steve away, and Donner and John Wicks, another bandit, take advantage of his absence to steal the money. After they deposit the treasure in the Devil's Cave, a hidden mine, Donner traps Wicks inside, where he dies. After Steve finishes his story, he and Smiley see a blind man, whom they believe is Donner, even though he is supposed to be dead. Then they see someone in the saloon, but he disappears after taking their food. When he investigates, Steve sees a child's handprints in the dust. The next morning they return to town for supplies and there meet Doris Donner, Bill's niece, who says that her young brother Tommy has run away from school to look for the treasure. Steve warns Doris that Selby is also looking for the treasure, which places Tommy in great danger. He then continues the story he began to tell the sheriff: After Donner steals the money, Selby organizes a new gang which drives the settlers away and turns the settlement into a ghost town. Selby's gang looks for the hidden shaft to the cave, but never finds it. Then Steve hears rumors of a new gang attacking settlers near the town of Split Rock. He tracks the gang down and discovers that it is led by Donner. He finally arrests Donner, and Selby, hearing of the arrest, plans to capture him and torture him until he reveals the hiding place. The Durango Kid breaks Donner out of jail just before Selby's men arrive, but they catch up to him and kidnap Donner. Later, a blinded Donner is dumped in front of the jail, but although he has been tortured, Donner keeps his secret. Steve finishes this part of his story and everyone now returns to the ghost town. Kirby, the sheriff's deputy, who is also a spy for Selby, rides ahead of the group. When Kirby tells Selby what he learned from Steve, the gang rushes into the ghost town to look for Tommy. Just before they arrive, Tommy announces to Donner that he has found the entrance to the mine just where Donner said it would be. Overhearing this, Selby shoots Donner and demands that Tommy take them to the tunnel entrance. The Durango Kid rescues Tommy from Selby and takes him to Doris, but Kirby grabs the boy and allows Selby's men to overcome the others. Selby then forces Tommy and Doris into the tunnel. Donner is not dead, however, and has crawled inside with the treasure. During the ensuing gunfight, Tommy and Doris escape. The Durango Kid then shoots Selby. The treasure is turned over to the government, but Tommy has earned a reward.