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  • Love, love, love

    • Alice
    • 11/18/17

    I love every one of the Fred and Ginger films, including this one. Ginger can do it all, from comedy, to serious drama; let alone to have been the best of all of Fred's partners in dance.One complaint. This copy of the film, "Roberta", is a terrible copy. It has several breaks in the film throughout. Could you please not use this copy agin. Would love to watch this wonderful film again real soon. Thank you.

  • One of My All Time Favorites

    • Louise
    • 11/17/17

    Even as a kid I loved Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire, and Roberta is one of my favorites. Even Randolph Scott is good. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes, I Won't Dance, Yesterdays...the fashions. It's funny, silly, and lovely.

  • Irene Dunne, Smoke Gets In Your Eyes, A Classic

    • Jim Smith
    • 2/22/17

    There are some movie songs that stop me in my tracks every time. Irene singing Smoke Gets In Your Eye, Crosby's To Ra Lu Ra Lu Ra in Going My Way and Robeson's Ol' Man River in Showboat are three. Not a great story line in Roberta but I don't care. Terrific girls throughout and Rogers and Astaire. Enjoy.

  • Irene Dunne & Randy Terrific

    • randyscott
    • 2/22/17

    Really enjoyed this film mostly because of Dunne & Scott.Maybe Scott miscast,but I don't think so,he's good.Can think of a few other actors that would've measured up,but he deserves his propers.And Irene's voice-she should've sung more often,never mind dubbers who dubbed actors who needn't have been dubbed!

  • Roberta

    • Will
    • 11/25/16

    The only thing that threatens to spoil this could have been timeless musical is the operatic bellowing of classic show tunes. Songs, like Lovely To Look At and Smoke Gets In Your Eyes. Watching Ginger Rogers is mesmerizing even when she Is just jiving around for a few moments in front of the band, shes so at ease. watch her eyes never ill at ease with the camera. Always in control,natural. Fred Astaire seems to be struggling, at times with a tired old story, till he gets up to dance then look out ,hes in charge. Randolph Scott, totally miscast but does the best he can with a weak script. Put him back on the horse.

  • Love it; even more!

    • Alice
    • 11/25/16

    That's the way it is with movie classics, isn't it? The more we watch them, the more we treasure the genius, skill, and creativity in them. Wow! So it is with, "Roberta". There will never be another Fred and Ginger. So glad for TCM. Please, never stop showing all of them. Only, could you also show more of the Ginger only films? She was also so very good when she went her own way. There are so many Ginger films we have not seen. Thank you. Love you guys, especially when you stick to the 30's-50's.

  • LOVE this movie!

    • Louise Hawthorne
    • 5/10/16

    I know Roberta isn't the greatest movie ever, but the music, dancing and the gowns make it very entertaining! Smoke Gets In Your Eyes, Lovely to Look at and other great Jerome Kern songs give it a lot. I love looking at the gowns of the era too. It's much better than most folks give it credit for. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes was my "parents song" which I played on the piano for them over and over.

  • Men, Be Warned!

    • disinterested spectator
    • 9/25/14

    All right, this is a Fred and Ginger movie, so you know what to expect: some great song and dance numbers from that duo along with a flimsy romantic plot. Double that, because there is another romantic story between Randolph Scott and Irene Dunne, equally flimsy. Unfortunately, the plot that underlies the romantic subplots concerns a high-class fashion house. That means half the movie features women modeling this or that elegant dress, all leading to the grand climax: a fashion show. It is probably supposed to be funny that a real man like Scott would inherit a store like that, but it wears thin in a hurry. Maybe women like that part of the movie, but most men, even those who would watch a Fred and Ginger musical, will be bored by all that fashion stuff.

  • Surely, the best dance team ever in film!

    • Alice
    • 3/8/13

    I love this film; the story Randolph Scott (in a comedy role, rather than his usual westerns), Irene Dunne and her lovely singing voice, and my all-time favorite dance team, Fred and Ginger. This one had me cheering during their dance sequences. I always love to watch them dancing. However, some of the dances in this film were extra-special. They appeared to be having such a great time. I so love great dance talent, and feel so blessed to be able to enjoy these wonderful gems anytime I choose. I now own all 10. Thank you, TCM. You turned me on to Fred and Ginger, as well as so many other great talents in all kinds of films; even silent films. Thanks so very much.

  • top caliber 30s musical

    • j.c.
    • 11/5/11

    I am astonished that someone objects to Irene Dunne's singing. Jerome Kern is quoted as saying that she was his favorite singer. For my ears, she sings with more finesse than Jeanette MacDonald. In this movie I particularly admire her delivery of the swanky "Lovely to Look At". Her legato spinning of "Yesterdays" also a highlight. This is a completely delightful movie. Anyone who enjoys musicals musn't miss it.

  • Eye Beautiful; Ear Sour

    • Condie
    • 8/14/11

    I love the Jerome Kern music and could watch Fred and Ginger forever. I like this play even better than its remake, "Lovely to Look At". And yes, Irene Dunne is, as always, a sweetheart, but she can't carry a tune in a bucket! Why did they let her sing so much when there were perfectly good voice dubbers available? This is otherwise a fine movie with some historical truth about the outcast Russian nobility in Paris.

  • Score!

    • GenevieveRose
    • 2/11/10

    Positively delightful! Irene Dunne easily kept up with the masters, Astaire and Rogers. She was wonderful, the story is excellent fun, and the script is keen; how many great lines there are, especially between Fred and Ginger! Talk about quotable. The fashion parts add a great element, and some of my favorites of Astaire's are here--especially the song "I won't Dance, Don't ask Me"--in which he certainly does dance, and what a time!!! Five stars. And Randalph Scott angrily shoving Ginger onto a couch only to see her pop up and get knocked down again--great laughs. Don't worry--Ginger could take it! She's got class and sass.

  • Dated and Uneven?

    • apple venus
    • 2/11/10

    Sure, this movie is dated. Um, it's an old movie. Isn't that why TCM is so fantastic? Because we get to spend some time in another era? Is it uneven? Yes, I'll agree to that. Also, I can't stand the sight of Fred Astaire. Were he not such a talented hoofer-- and aided by the beauty of Ginger Rogers-- no one would've given two hoots about him. I won't get into his personal life here. One thing that "Riccardo", the reviewer, doesn't understand is the beauty of the fashions which he refers to as "dated". Anyone who doesn't appreciate the beauty of fashions of eras past doesn't understand the history of fashion. The clothing in the old movies is part of why I watch. The outfits in this film are classy and fabulous. Women didn't always dress like the hoochie mamas of today, Riccardo. Get over it.

  • A Dated and Uneven Masterpiece

    • Riccardo
    • 10/8/08

    For a contemporary audience, the fashions which constitute the "raison d'etre" of the plot are quite dated. And while I didn't mind the double-couple goes back to Shakespeare, after all....I did find the film over weighted with the story of Roberta, herself...and for me, the film's pace lagged as a result. So there are plot problems with this film, which could have been much more happily resolved as in "Follow the Fleet" two years later. This having been said, the dancing by Ginger and Fred is superb. In later life, Fred named "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" as one of his favorite danced with Ginger. In this their third film, she was growing by leaps and to a dancer. And the "I'll be Hard To Handle" is a mini-masterpiece of Arlene Croce has correctly pointed out. Nonetheless, it still retains a lot of humor, charm, and the combined screen personas of Fred and Ginger more than overcome its shortcomings.

  • Rogers & Astaire steal this movie

    • bergy7
    • 12/13/07

    Irene Dunne is wonderful in Roberta, but Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers steal the movie with their incredible dancing and hilarious repartee.There are some classic comedy lines between the two and their three dance numbers showed it was obvious that this was the beginning of the greatest dance team in history.

  • Irene Dunne captured my heart

    • Buz Allegretto
    • 8/2/07

    An actress born more than a half century before me - hss enchanted me beyond belief. Irene Dunne has the most beautiful smile and her eyes just captivate me. I wateced TCM the other day when they showed "Roberta" and was entranced by her beautiful singing voice. I want to see that movie again. I hope TCM shows it again. I make it a point now to watch all her movies when they are shown. What a wonderful humanitarian too in her personal life. she certainly had it all. One in a million. What beauty and charm. I want to meet her when I am in heaven. One of God's truly good people. Buz Allegretto

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