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Out of the Past

Out of the Past(1947)

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  • As good as it gets

    • James K.
    • 12/22/17

    It's hard to say that one thing is better than any other thing in the world, that is in the same class or genre, but you won't find any noir movie better than this one. I have to lump this one in with Casablanca, The Narrow Margin and maybe one or two others that reach the peak, for me. Mitchum, Greer and most of the rest of the cast just knocked it clean out of the park, as did the team behind the lenses. There may be some movies that are it's equal, but none better.

  • What About KEY LARGO

    • Tom Slaughter
    • 6/23/17

    This film is the greatest example of what a gangster movie is all about. It is filled with cliched characters. I think the part of "Rocco" was perfect for Edward G. Robinson and he was at the top of his game in this film . He cares for no one but himself and his desires. Claire Trevor is excellent as Rocco's former girlfriend, now a hopeless drunk. The character that almost stole the film and really 'hooked me' on this movie was the sadistic "Toots" played by Harry Lewis who was always shining his gun and giggling to himself.Bogie is excellent as a former soldier who is visiting the wife and father of his best friend who died in Italy during World War II. The film gives us the impression that Bogie's war buddy knew he was going to die so he encouraged him to visit his family.Lauren Bacall is demure, lonely and attracted to her visitor.The other actors notably Thomas Gomez and Lionel Barrymore perform admirably.

  • Film Noir - Keep Them Coming !!!

    • Tom Slaughter
    • 6/21/17

    I am so happy to see you devote more time to Film Noir. I particularly enjoy the films told in "flashback" such as "Murder My Sweet", " The Killers", "Out of the Past," and "Double Indemnity".I would also like to see several of the modern Noir films such as "Twilight", "L.A. Confidential", and "Chinatown". The foul language would probably have to be edited out, but these are fantastic films with realistic dialogue. Another genre I love is the fantasy films such as "Stairway To Heaven" and the 1940 version of "The Thief of Baghdad"The Korda Brothers were fantastic.KEEP THEM COMING - they remind me of why I went to the movies in the first place.

  • Stylistic Film Noir

    • Margaret Cadogan
    • 6/4/17

    Love this film! Great cast, film making, and script. A must have for this genre.

  • Me & Film Noir

    • Tom Slaughter
    • 6/1/17

    This is one of the best Film Noir Movies of the era. I was captivated when I saw this movie as a kid growing up in Los Angeles in the late 40's and early 50's. I became hooked on Film Noir.As kids, my buddies and I would go to the movies, and on the way home we would stop and buy candy cigarettes, then act out our favorite scenes. I was captivated by the tough guys - Humphrey Bogart, Robert Ryan, Dick Powell, Burt Lancaster, Dan Duryea, Robert Mitchum, Edward G Robinson, and James Cagney.Equally captivating were the beautiful but worthless dames they got mixed up with - such as Barbara Stanwyck, Virginia Mayo,Yvonne De Carlo, Elizabeth Scott, Ava Gardner, and of course Jane Greer.This film is one of my favorites because it is told in flashback by the main character. " How did I get myself into this mess?" he would think to himself. "I knew it was going to go bad for me when I first laid eyes on her, but I couldn't help it. She had me from the minute I first saw her".You have shown many of these movies - keep up the good work. My all time favorites include most of the noir films by these actors plus the Alfred Hitchcock thrillers.

  • No Better Film

    • Ed Ramirez
    • 6/1/17

    In my opinion, this is the best and the definitive noir film. The cast and the subject encapsulates the genre. This is the movie that cause me to fall in love with noir. I can never get enough of it. The only other movie that comes close is " Laura".

  • a two-hour take on perfection

    • don letta
    • 9/7/16

    Most critics say that about Casablanca, but I find the same perfect coming together of story, director, performers and scoring in Out of the Past. A less-sleepy Mitchum and a controlled teeth-clenching performance by Douglas begins the perfection. Add to that, superb performances by Greer and Huston, providing the yin and the yang of the piece, Valentine playing the heavy in more ways than one. The expert economical direction by Tourneur, the magnificent cinematography by Musuraca and the romantic/operatic score finish out the film, with the last touch by director and editor guaranteeing a film for the ages.Pity Valentine and Huston didn't continue on in the industry, they both looked good and handled the acting very well.

  • Two Giants

    • Maria Ramos
    • 9/24/15

    OMG Kirk Douglas and Robert Mitchum in the same frame! Need I say more!

  • All-time favorite

    • Marla
    • 2/7/15

    "Out of the Past" is my all-time favorite movie. Robert Mitchum and Jane Greer are perfect for this setting. I gave it 5 stars!

  • Out of the Past-great writing

    • AnnieD
    • 7/25/14

    "Out of the Past" is one of my favorite noir films (along with 'Double Indemnity' and 'Asphalt Jungle')...Robert Mitchum in one of his best roles! The whole cast is great. This movie has some great dialogue, and one of my favorite lines, so funny and cutting at the same time, is when Mitchum says to Jane Greer (after he discovers how evil she is): "Just get out, will you? I have to sleep in this room." OUCH - delivered as only Mitchum can! If you haven't seen this movie, definitely DO IT the next time TCM airs it (if you're not watching it right now).

  • A Dark, Delicious Masterpiece

    • Cheryl
    • 12/20/13

    So many reasons to savor this film! To name just a few: the verbal, but nonetheless lethal, sparring matches between Douglas and Mitchum - you can practically see the testosterone bouncing off the walls; a superb supporting cast, including Dickie Moore, as Mitchum's loyal, fearless employee and friend; Rhonda Fleming, as sly and slithery as a deadly cobra beneath her glamorous and all-too-alluring surface; and last but not least, Mary Field as the "coffee-house Cassandra" who can detect "burning hamburgers" or "romance" from a mile off . . . So grab a cup of Joe- black of course - and savor this masterpiece!

  • One of the best film noire.

    • denscul
    • 9/12/13

    This film has many up and coming stars. Robert Mitchum, Kirk Douglas, Rhonda Fleeming and playing his last role is long time child actor Dickie Moore who plays a deaf mute. The most notable new star, Jane Greer, plays one of the most evil, two timing, and flip flopper convincingly as any veteran such as Mary Astor played in the Maltese Falcon. Two of Hollywood's machismo actors, seem to be attracted to Greer despite the plot which has Mitchum the "honest and intelligent" private eye hired by Douglas, a racketeer, who has been shot and robbed of $40,000. And the film makes this story line believable, thanks to the way Greer played the part. Sweet, innocent and capable of murder if it suits her. She bounces back and forth between Mitchum and Douglas like an autumn leaf, and ends up killing Douglas, taking the loot, and trying to rekindle the spark in Mitchum. Finally, realizing that he was in love with a cobra, calls the cops, and ends up shot to pieces, alongside the evil one.Greer played another film with Mitchum, and like this, plays in Mexico. She plays a nice girl that you could bring home to the family. Which I think was an attribute to Greer's short but active career.

  • better than casablana

    • denscul
    • 5/7/13

    Or anything done since. This film is pure entertainment. No messages. No propaganda. No attempt to be artful. The dialog if read by you or I would seem silly. But read by Mitchum or Greer, it sounds real. There are no hero's, no happy endings, such as Maltese Falcon, one of my other favorites. If there is a message, its people are imperfect people trying to live in an imperfect world.

  • making a living

    • the cruser
    • 4/16/13

    the dialoque alone makes this a great film ex. it's called making a living maybe you've heard of it ......... oh i've heard of it just not from you: you must have a lot of fun working here....oh yea me and the kid laugh all the time. do you know how to win money at this.... no but i know how to lose it more slowly. to hear any more see the movie.

  • mitchum and greer

    • bob cruice
    • 3/12/13

    the teaming of bob and jane is truely supurb. it is not the bob and jane of 2nd grade readers however. in this guy's opinion this is one of the greatest films of all time never mind the genre. as jane says to mitchs' character "you believe me don't you you believe me don't you jeff" mitch says "baby i don't care" he should have because jane plays a very bad girl in this one. later mitch as jeff says to her "your like a leaf the wind blows from one gutter to another". get the idea the dialog is pretty good, forget it the dialog is great and so is this truly great film. i give it the highest points the most stars whatever you got. do yourself a favor see it..

  • Out of the Past

    • Dashiell Barnes
    • 4/28/12

    The standout film noir of the 40's. Mitchum is the perfect embodiment of noir leading man, full of cynicsm & vulnerability. The dialouge from the novel "Build my Gallows High" crackles as does the engaging & suspensful story. A must- see for all film noir fans. I give it a 4.5/5.

  • Perfection

    • Tony Santaniello
    • 4/27/12

    The movie is a perfection--Mitchum the perfect Jeff (nobody could have played that part as well), Greer the perfect Kathie, and a superior supporting cast as well as direction by Tourneur. Some highbrows might look down their noses at film noire, but I think this one belongs near the top of any list of great movies.

  • Mitchum at his best

    • Irwin
    • 4/23/12

    One of the greatest of the film noir with Mitchum, Greer and Douglas at their finest. Many great cameos (Fleming), and so many great lines too numerous to mention:Kathie Moffat: Oh, Jeff, I don't want to die! Jeff Bailey: Neither do I, baby, but if I have to I'm gonna die lastKathie Moffat: I didn't know what I was doing. I, I didn't know anything except how much I hated him. But I didn't take anything. I didn't, Jeff. Don't you believe me? Jeff Bailey: Baby, I don't care.Joe Stephanos: I often wondered what happened to him. Then one day I'm breezing through here, and there's his name up on a sign. Marny, diner owner: It's a small world. Joe Stephanos: Yeah. Or a big sign.I could go on for pages, suffice it to say, if you haven't seen this movie, you need to!

  • As Dark As Film Noir Gets

    • Bruce Reber
    • 6/27/11

    "Out Of The Past" (1947) is probably the darkest example of film noir ever made. Robert Mitchum is quintessentially tough private eye Jeff Markham (the role he was practically born to play), Kirk Douglas is slick gambler Whit Sterling who hires Markham to track down Sterling's ex-girlfriend who shot him and the $40,000 she stole from him, Jane Greer plays Kathie Moffat, Sterling's former moll, in the style of the beautiful, cool and treacherous film noir dame. The trouble begins when Markham falls for Kathie and she lures him into setting up against Sterling, which leads to all of them meeting their demise at the end. All three principals play their roles perfectly, and an excellent script, great B&W photography and a fine supporting cast make "Out Of The Past" truly one of the finest film noirs ever, along with "Double Indemnity", "The Postman Always Rings Twice", "The Blue Dahlia", "The Maltese Falcon" et al. Four Stars!

  • out of the past

    • jimmy1
    • 6/25/11

    on a scale of 10 this picture is an 11 No finer pairing than Mitchum and Greer

  • an 11

    • bob cruice
    • 7/31/10

    on a scale of 1-10 its an 11 this film makes me want to be about 96 years old that way i would have been old enough to be seduced by jane greer forget mm or anyone else for that matter jane is the sexiest most beautiful seductive gal in films all of film not just noir mitch is great forget brando mitch is the real deal. a sample of dialogue oh sure me and the kid laugh all the time its called making a living you may have heard of it on second thought i give it a 12

  • I would

    • Tom
    • 5/2/09

    This film makes me WANT to do anything for Jane Greer. She is indescribably alluring, and it's no wonder a fellow as independent and tough as the incredible Mr. Mitchum can't get away from her. This film is one of the strongest arguments for the importance of good casting ever made. Oh yes, Mr. Douglas is superb. This is one of those movies that exceeds the limits of your rating system. On the 1 - 10 scale, I give it 12.75!

  • the best film noir

    • joe
    • 11/5/07

    if you had to choose one film sight unseen above all others in the film noir genre, this is the one to grab. double indemnity and the killers are a wonderful close second, while maltese falcon plods along with a few welcome acting high points to entertain us while the screenwriters work on the script. the mask of dimitrios has a couple of the main personnel ingredients of falcon, but without bogart, the bird, and the bitch. postman is a great one, but gets mucked up in the courtroom, saved only by a terrific hume cronin. by contrast, this one never lets you down. i could swear miss greer was not acting when she was slapped so unexpectedly by kirk. that unforgettable look on her face. and the look on mitchums face as he wheels around to glimpse the sudden shooter in the dark is the stuff the awful movie channel makes into teaser promos. why? it is classic and unforgettable. this is one of kirks early great ones. and dickie moore simply rounds out the experience by bringing the whole affair back down to earth. the rca audio is a tad weak, and a careful restoration or enhancement would be wonderful. this film beats the rest because you could imagine yourself in any role, and in the experience. choose an actor, and imagine...

  • Only a "10"??

    • David H.
    • 11/5/07

    If any film noir rates higher than a '10', this is it. Mitchum, Greer, and Douglas showing what greatness is all about.

  • jane greer at her best

    • jim m
    • 8/9/07

    this film has to be seen a few times to get the whole picture but it is one of the best films i have seen in a long time the slap scene was the best i have ever seen

  • The REAL Perfect Film Noir

    • George H.
    • 3/8/07

    Now if you want the perfect film noir, this is it.Robert Mitchum gives a standout performance, and Jane Greer and Kirk Douglas are excellent as well.This is probably the best film noir ever made. Do yourself a favor and see it.

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