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One Foot in Heaven

One Foot in Heaven(1941)


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  • One Foot In Heaven

    • Cathy Morris
    • 11/23/15

    'One Foot In Heaven' is a movie based on the true story. Hartsell Spence wrote the book, that the movie is based on. If you like the movie, you would love the book! Hope is related to my husband's family. The opening scenes were filmed in Stratford, Ontario, Canada, at the home Hope's family lived in. It still stands. Even without the family connection, I can watch this movie over and over. C.Morris

  • Please release this movie

    • Liana Kinzie
    • 2/14/15

    This a movie I have watched twice and would watch over and over again. It draws you into the family and their joys and sorrows. The movie leaves you feeling satisfied and uplifted

  • Why Not Release It?

    • M.K. Morgan
    • 12/25/14

    Reminds me of my childhood back in the day. Great story and great acting.This movie should be released to the general public. If you aren't interested in the content, think about the money that you could make. There are many Christians in the world who would like to own the movie.

  • Not just for Methodists!

    • Leslie Fox
    • 11/1/14

    I recorded this film when it was shown earlier this week. It came highly recommended on a Facebook fan page for movies of the classic age. Wonderful film. Yes, in this case it references the life of a Methodist pastor...but one does not have to be one, or even a Christian, to appreciate the work of the clergy year in and out. My daughter is a cantor in a synagogue and beyond what she does through her wonderful voice, she is also involved with the life of her congregation in many other pastoral ways. Counseling, consoling, visiting the sick and the bereaved, much of what this movie portrays is also the life of clergy in other faiths. Thank you so much for showing this.

  • Very enjoyable

    • Michelle Irwin
    • 10/30/14

    I stumbled across this movie on TCM a few years ago. It caught my eye because I am a Methodist. I used to never like old B&W movies (growing up in the 80's) but this movie is one of the ones that helped change my mind! It is a lovely story - funny and touching moments. Just wonderful. I came across it again a few days ago and had my husband watch it and he loved it, too. I would love, love, love to buy a copy on DVD for me and also for some for gifts. Please make it available for purchase!

  • One foot in Heaven

    • Jane Joy
    • 10/28/14

    This a great movie can be watched again and again. At the end of the movie it really moves you.I want to have it on DVD. I have at least 2000 movies mostly classics . Thank you Jane Joy

  • One Foot in Heaven

    • Geri Ross
    • 10/24/14

    This 1941 film starring Frederic March is one of my all time favorites. I would really like to purchase two copies on dvd, but have been unable to find it anywhere. Please make this wonderful film available or let all of the fans know where they can buy the dvds.

  • One Foot in Heaven

    • Michael Browner, Jr.
    • 4/29/14

    I was enjoying a quiet Saturday afternoon at home and my father came over for a visit (as he usually does on Saturday afternoons) and I happened to have TCM on in the kitchen and I started to watch this film shortly before he arrived. We had lunch together and before we knew it we were both hooked. There are some comical moments throughout the film that reminded us both of our experience in the Baptist tradition; my father was a Sunday school teacher and a deacon and knows Christian church protocol all too well. We were both driven to tears at the very end of the film; the scene with the people singing "The Church's One Foundation" is the among the most moving I have ever seen on film (aside from Mahalia Jackson singing "Trouble of the World" in 'Imitation of Life'). This was an awesome father and son moment for us both. I am a church organist and that has always been one of my favorite hymns, to play and to sing. Just this past Sunday I played my last service as church organist of a Congregational church (stepping down to pursue a PhD in education) and I asked the pastor to use this hymn to open the service. My father was present for this service and I made reference to this film in my remarks to the congregation. This is an excellent film and I would love to buy a copy on DVD and purchase one to give to my father. Please email me when it becomes available. Thank you very much.

  • One foot in Heaven

    • Cindy lee Travis
    • 4/13/14

    Beautiful movie , made me smile. I am Methodist and the story is so true.. My pastor will be leaving at end of May, after many years of service he is retiring , I loved his sermons and he reminds me so much of the movie.. Where can I buy this movie as a gift for parting, for our pastor? He would love it.. Thanks for showing such wonderful classic..

  • One Foot in Heaven

    • Laverne
    • 2/26/14

    I watched "One Foot in Heaven" on last weekend with my brother, still thinking about this movie. I have always been a great fan of Martha Scott's, but seeing so many familiar faces in this movie was amazing. The end with the singing of "The Church is One Foundation" causes one to weep. Please allow this movie to be on DVD. It is long overdue and please present this movie more on TCM. A very well-loved film. What a beautiful story of one's love for the church.

  • One Foot In Heaven

    • Debbie Reed
    • 2/26/14

    What a wonderful movie. It was powerful in it's spiritual application and practical day to day living example. I would love to purchase about a dozen copies to give a gifts to friends. Please make it available in DVD.

  • Awesome Movie

    • Linda
    • 2/22/14

    I was flipping through the channels, trying to find something for my Mom to watch, that has no violence! This movie caught my attention and so glad that it did. What a wonderful movie One Foot in Heaven had such an awesome message, not just for the Pastor's and their families, but for the congregation as a hole. I do hope that this will be made into a DVD.

  • One Foot In Heaven

    • Carmen
    • 2/22/14

    Wonderful, very enjoyable were can I get the DVD.

  • Simply charming!

    • RedRain
    • 2/22/14

    Whether or not you have a religious affiliation, please view this film. It is uplifting in showing the good in people, as well as the bad. It is biographical and taken from the memoir written by Dr. Spence's son, Hartwell. Fredric March is outstanding in his role as Dr. Spence, the small town minister who is transferred from poor church to poor church until he arrives at one he and his family nearly leave because of the political bickering and the gossip mongers. His confrontation with the gossips and then their husbands is classic! The writing in his film is just perfect and should have been recognized by the Academy, as the story flows from beginning to end. If you are a classic film buff, as I am, you will instantly recognize so many character actors in this film. There are dozens of them and, although you may not know their names, you will know their faces! I view this film every time TCM shows it. It STILL isn't on DVD and that is a real shame!


    • Betty
    • 2/22/14

    Loved this movie. As a Christian I loved seeing God's principles overcoming conflict. Please make available on DVD.


    • Betty
    • 2/22/14

    Loved this movie. As a Christian I loved seeing God's principals overcoming conflict. Please make available on DVD.

  • Great Movie!

    • Monica
    • 2/22/14

    A very entertaining movie makes you remember and believe there is good in the world.

  • Excellent and Very True to LIfe

    • Hope Hennecke
    • 2/22/14

    I have never seen this movie. It is excellent. Very true to the life of ministry and a minister. I wish I could own it. It is so wonderful and valuable. I would love to watch it again. Please make this into a DVD. I was going to show it to others I know in the ministry.

  • Please make this film available

    • Mary
    • 2/22/14

    2/22/2014My husband and I just watched "One Foot in Heaven" for the first time. What a wonderful film! It brought to mind so many people who invested spiritually in our lives. Please include this in your catalog so that we can give it as gifts to others.Mary Foster

  • One Foot In Heaven

    • Cindy Oakley
    • 2/22/14

    Every time I see this movie I am stirred to the core and i find myself with a tear in my eye at the end. The story is moving and the acting is superb. The story moves you through the lives of the Pastoer and his family to the point you feel as though it could be your own family. Well directed and edited. Not a lapse in the movement of the movie. Well done and I hope to be able to add it to my movie collection at some point. I have looked for a copy for years.

  • Deeply touching

    • Angelique Ellison
    • 1/7/14

    My husband and I are so in love with this movie! We saw it years ago on TCM and fell in love with it instantly. For years I've searched for this movie trying to find out its name or who was in it. Finally I have found it again but im sad to know that it is not available to purchase. Please, please make this into a DVD!

  • Wonderful movie

    • Carlene Cooper
    • 12/25/13

    I never tire of watching this movie. The characters are well developed and the plot extremely well written. Having worked for my church, I've seen many of those people in the congregation! Loveable people - but some cantankerous. Please make this movie available to own!

  • Sunday morning classic!

    • Rog and Donna
    • 12/22/13

    This movie really draws you in and holds you til the end!!! My husband and I had plans this morning, but couldnt shake the movie!!! Love the ending !!

  • One Foot in Heaven

    • Mary
    • 12/22/13

    Please, Please make a DVD of this movie. As a pastor's wife I can relate and so can my husband.

  • This movie is greatly needed right now

    • Doris Eige
    • 12/22/13

    Never even heard of this movie but having been a pastors wife and gone through similar hard experiences I completely relate.Very well done portraying the situation. The ending is extremely moving...well done!! But above all of that we as a nation need to see this!Please make it available on DVD as soon as possible! Thanks for having it on TCM!

  • What church was this about?

    • Justin Sarge Edwards
    • 11/12/13

    I can't seem to get a copy of "One Foot in Heaven." I think it is about a pastor of Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church in Denver, CO. My grandfather also pastored that church in the 30s. His name is Loren McClain Edwards.Does anyone have any info? JSEII

  • One of the Best

    • Liana
    • 10/9/13

    I love old movies. I often say I was born in the wrong decade. I caught this film quite by accident flipping through the channels. I was instantly captured by the story and have spent the last 4 years periodically searching for it.


    • Becky
    • 8/11/13

    This is one of my most favorite movies. I just wish they would put it out on DVD so I could watch it and show it to my friends and family. Wonderful movie!

  • So need a copy of this!

    • Cathy
    • 6/2/13

    I believe my mother was in this movie, as an infant - I still have the signed contract. She was only 6 weeks old or so. I would do a great deal to, for the first time, see this movie and what my mother did in it as a newborn. Please make it available or let me know where it can be bought - it would mean so much to me and my family!! Thanks!

  • one foot in heaven

    • loretta
    • 3/12/13

    I also loved this movie and I really want to buy it on DVD but I can't find it anywhere.I can find alot of trash movies that are old but why this one isn't on DVD??It was a great movie.If anyone knows where i can buy iit from an honest individal or company let me know.If been looking for sometime.

  • One Foot in Heaven

    • Barbara
    • 2/21/13

    Love this movie as a pastors wife this movie is still so relatable

  • one foot in.heaven

    • george baily
    • 11/24/12

    Why is such a great feel good movie not on Dvd. So many bad movies are out there but a great one like this one is held back. It is just as great as Its a WonderfulLife.

  • one foot in heaven

    • ktulchinsky
    • 10/26/12

    What a treasure, Classics like this should be released need to be released on dvd.... please.

  • Inspiring movie

    • Melody
    • 10/17/12

    I recently viewed this movie on TCM. Great story of a preacher's life--so impressive but disappointed it wasn't available on DVD. Please make it available.

  • One Foot in Heaven

    • Gerry Giles
    • 10/16/12

    This is a wonderful movie about the challenges of serving in the ministry. It is fantastic.

  • One Foot In Heaven

    • eldjtb
    • 10/15/12

    One of the best classics. I could really relate to its subject matter being a third generation minister. My only regret is that it's not available on dvd.

  • One Foot in Heaven

    • C Hovis
    • 10/15/12

    This is an incrediable movie, please put it on DVD. Great movie to be shownat church family night.

  • Exceptional Entertainment

    • Janice Beck
    • 10/14/12

    Absolutely love the movie "One Foot In Heaven." Please put this on DVD. It truly shows the ins and outs of life in a parsonage in the early 1900s. An authentic piece of history and Americana.

  • Free Advertizing!

    • Janine Bryant
    • 10/13/12

    One of the things that caught my attention in this great movie was the free "Shout Out" for the Skinner organ company! I bet that Earnest Skinner hoped to gain a free advertisment thereby! Skinner organs were considered the best there was in pipe organs for churces at that time....a Skinner was a real status symbol for a church as would an Aeolian-Skinner organ in later decades.

  • One Foot in Heaven

    • Amy's
    • 10/13/12

    This movie needs to be put on dvd!! It is a wonderful classic. Please consider!!! It's entertaining.

  • one foot in heaven

    • Gale
    • 10/12/12

    love this movie...came to tcm to find it and it's not on dvd...come on...great movie!!!!

  • It's Timeless

    • Pam Caldwell
    • 10/12/12

    This movie, One Foot In Heaven, is excellent and timeless. It's one of my favorite movies and I have seen it again and again. I appreciate it more each time I see it and I highly recommend it. Please, Please, Please make this movie available on DVD. I would love to own it.

  • Release this filem on DVD!

    • Richard
    • 10/12/12

    Come on! Release this on DVD. I came to TCM to order it as a gift for a friend, but it's not available. Most annoying. Fine film. Frederic March, for Heaven's sake! Come on!

  • One Foot in Heaven

    • John Dunker
    • 10/12/12

    The is very fine movie and it contains all the elements of real life. I recommend it should be available on DVD. Many would enjoy this story during the holidays.

  • One Foot In Heaven

    • Wendell Tullgren
    • 10/5/12

    Amazing slice of life of a minister in early 1900s. Movie must be released to DVD for generational appreciatoion.


    • A.GUNN
    • 6/25/12


  • The movie everyone should see!

    • Laurie
    • 3/11/12

    This is a beautiful movie please release it on DVD I would love to share it with my church!

  • One Foot in Heaven

    • Sandy Justice
    • 3/3/12

    Absolutely, one of the BEST and touching movies I have ever watched. I never tire seeing this great movie. Please release this wonderful movie.


    • Cindy
    • 11/4/11

    Love this movie and can watch it over and over! Please, TCM release the DVD!!

  • Loved this Movie!

    • sara hardaway
    • 10/5/11

    The same issues existed in 1917 as they do today - allowing the young people to participate in the life of the church when the adults dont want it, parsonage in poor repair, the minister trying to lead the church and some people controlling it for their own purpose. Those of us in ministry can relate.

  • Timeless!

    • Chenell Wright
    • 9/23/11

    When O when will you show this WONDERFUL movie again. I first saw this movie in 2009 on TCM, and look all the time on your schedule, waiting for you to show it again. My husband is a minister, and I wanted to get this for his birthday, unfortunately, we can't get it anywhere. Please, give heed to those of us who request this film and release it on DVD. Very few Good movies like this one!!!!

  • One Foot In Heaven is one of a kind.

    • Kenny Morgan
    • 5/9/11

    Not any movies nowdays with the strong spiritual overtones that this movie has. Can't understand why this movie has not been released. It will eventually disappear forever. Whats the problem TCMjQuery15106552600468042634_1304963740923?????

  • One Foot in Heaven

    • Janis Sharp
    • 11/29/10

    This is one of the nicest movies I've seen. The drama arises from realistic situations, rather than from contrived animosities. It shows people who are in touch with our Creator, who have only good Will towards others. It depicts people whose lives were well led. It is very unfortunate that a story like this can no longer be filmed. I very much hope that it will be released on DVD soon.

  • One Foot in Heaven

    • Bob G.
    • 10/20/10

    I'd never heard of this film before this showing. It should be required viewing for all seminarians. As a pastor, and married to a pastor, I saw many, many familiar things, from church politics to life in the parsonage to familiar characters. A great movie. I hope you can get it recorded to DVD. I'll buy it and use it!

  • One Foot in Heaven

    • Lisa
    • 10/14/10

    I was searching for the ultimate birthday gift for the mother that has everything. She specifically named this movie because it is a great film, the music is wonderful, and the faith shines - the movie was superb!! Please let me know if it comes in !!

  • A high moral movie

    • Charlie
    • 10/13/10

    This is a great film that we need for this time of moral decay in America. Everyone would benefit from seeing this one. Fredric March is one of the finest actors of his era and I always enjoy his performances. I hope that One Foot in Heaven will be available on DVD soon!

  • One Foot In Heaven

    • Suann
    • 10/13/10

    I loved this move and would purchase the DVD when it becomes available. I am a Methodist and faithful in my church and I try to watch any of the movies that have a spiritual theme. It gives me comfort to know that years ago people were concerned about religion and patriotism, unlike today's movie making which is mostly tripe I wouldn't walk across the street to see.TCM is where I view my movies. I hope a DVD will be available very soon.

  • Loved It!!!!

    • Teresa Phillips
    • 10/13/10

    I loved this movie and would love a chance to purchase it if it becomes available on DVD. I had never heard of this movie, so it is like finding a hidden treasure. I'm a church secretary and live in a small community. This movie was so humorous and I loved the ending. Hope the TCM channel will show it again soon.

  • One Foot In Heaven

    • LeeAnn Bigley
    • 10/13/10

    If you want to get in touch with a simplicity of faith, this movie is the one to watch. I have tried to find it to buy without success; I would love it in my permanent library.

  • Where has this gem been hidden?

    • Stacey
    • 10/13/10

    I cannot believe I have not seen this film until now. Never heard of it until tonight. What a wonderful story! I grew up Methodist with my parents and miss the Methodist church very much. This story is so true to life of what the life of a Methodist minister is like. I did not know a film about this subject was ever made. It sure would not be made nowdays. This film is timeless and I wish my parents could see this too. Please make it available on DVD. It is charming and and heartwarming. Although nothing has changed in regards to church politics, the Methodist church has changed somewhat. Not so much emphasis on morals and Christianity. The emphasis today is more on "social justice". I don't want to worship social justice. That is why my husband and I left the denomination. But this film reminds me very much about what I loved about it.

  • One Foot In Heaven

    • Carrie Buhler
    • 10/13/10

    This movie is my new all-time favorite! I truly wish that it was avaiable for sale, as I would love to show this to my collegues at one of our monthly meetings. This is a touching and lovely movie, but...and I do not wish to offend anyone, as a United Methodist minister-this was hysterically funny to me! I easily saw myself throughout this movie and I loved the humor that Norman Vincent Peale brought to this humble calling! If you have never seen this movie, you must. If you are a United Methodist-please show it to your pastor!

  • One Foot in Heaven

    • Barbara
    • 6/14/10

    It is one of a kind and loved by so many of us.

  • One Foot In Heaven

    • Connie
    • 5/10/10

    Wonderful movie.! I hope you have it on again soon.! My husband as never seen it. Wish he could soon.!

  • One foot in Heaven

    • Linda
    • 4/24/10

    A wonderful film that I have recommended many times. Unfortunatly, the last 2 times it played on t.c.m. was early Sunday morning before I had the paper that listed it. I would love to have a copy for myself and my sister who has never seen it. This is the kind of character we need more than ever.

  • One Foot in Heaven

    • Cece
    • 4/18/10

    This is a fabulous movie - Martha Scott and Fredric March are outstanding. In fact, the whole cast is terrific. Should be on DVD. Totally, totally a family oriented movie - content is still relevant today.

  • One Foot In Heaven

    • Jim
    • 3/21/10

    LOVE THIS MOVIE. It's content is not dated. A must for every family. When will it be on DVD?

  • One foot in Heaven

    • Lisa
    • 3/6/10

    I loved this movie. I can't get it out of my head. Funny, warm and poignant.

  • One Foot In Heaven

    • Woody
    • 2/6/10

    This is such a great family film. What a shame it's not available on DVD. Please push to have it released Good films such as this one are hard to come by in this day and age.

  • One Foot In Heaven (1941)

    • James Higgins
    • 12/27/09

    Delightful slice of Americana, with warm and wonderful performaces by Fredric march and martha Scott. The supporting cast is superb, especially Beulah Bondi, Gene Lockhart, Harry Davenport and Laura Hope Crews.The plot is about a minister and his wife, the problems the encounter along the way. The best scene is where March and his son attend their first movie.

  • Super family movie

    • Jim
    • 12/10/09

    Saw this on TCM and immed. thought of a pastor I had in Northern Calif. Wanted to send it to he and his wife, but found it's not out on home DVD or tape. Disappointed. Would love to find a copy if possible.

  • One Foot In Heaven

    • Nona
    • 12/8/09

    I first saw this movie about a year ago. It so reminded me of the politics at work in my church that I have been looking for it ever since! It was on again this past Sunday, but I had to leave for church. I want a copy on DVD to give to my pastor.

  • love this move

    • Lee
    • 12/8/09

    This is the first time I was this move I loved it. I like to have it on home DVD

  • Sad and disappointed

    • Amy
    • 12/7/09

    I watched this movie Sunday morning and it was wonderful. I wanted so badly to give it to my nephew and his new wife as they begin their life together in the Methodist ministry. I wanted to cry when I saw it wasn't available. It would be such an inspiration to them when things are hard. Please please please make it available!

  • Disappointed

    • Russ K
    • 12/6/09

    Loved this movie as a child and have been looking for it for several years, but until you aired it today I did not know the title. Was disappointed to read it was not available on home video!

  • This movie is better it is a Wonderful Life.

    • gale
    • 12/6/09

    This movie is as good or better than it is Wonderful Life. It was my first time to view this and I wish it was played more often.The moral of this film is the goodness and grace of men.It is worth viewing and viewing often

  • Needed

    • Oren R. Edmonds
    • 12/6/09

    I am a retired Methodist minister and have experienced many of the things of this movie. I would like to but it and send it to some of the churches I served. It is so typical.

  • Please Play One Foot in Heaven

    • Raymo
    • 12/6/09

    My Brother-in-law is a Methodist preacher who has help build parish in Ohio. This would be a great gite for him to watch when you play it again. Thank YouRaymo

  • Excellent Movie

    • Paula
    • 12/6/09

    My husband and I were very moved by this special story of this pastor and his family. There were so many wonderful truths and messages conveyed through their lifes struggles. We love this movie and wish it was on DVD.


    • 12/6/09

    Reminds me of "Boys Town". This was a movie with Spencer Tracy. On Sunday afternoons in Chicago, there was a show called Family Classics. It would show movies that a family would watch all together. I am sorry it no longer is running.

  • Methodist Pastor's Wife - This was so real!!

    • Sandys1229
    • 11/3/09

    So appropriate - I am a Methodist pastor's wife. We have never lived in our own home. We are at the whim of the Board of Trustees for repair - They are wonderful people, but have their own lives. We love serving, but it is not always an easy life. I would love to own this movie.

  • Loved it.

    • Chenell
    • 9/3/09

    Unfortunately i missed the end of this movie. But I was glued to the t.v. for as long as I could, before leaving the house. It was a wonderful movie!! My husband is a preacher, & I think we can identify with this couple. I wanted to order this movie as a birthday surprise for him. I wish they would make this available for purchase.

  • One Foot in Heaven

    • j jaeger
    • 8/29/09

    Love this movie will watch it when ever it is on. I'm Methodist and this shows just how hard it is to stay with your faith even when it hurts. The cast does an excellent job of showing the true life of a minister and his family. I hope this will be released on DVD so I can show it to my church family and they can appreciate just what the ministers go through in their life when they serve us. We should take the time and effort to thank your ministers what ever your faith for giving their life to us. Great job Fred Marsh.

  • Thanks for showing One Foot in Heaven

    • Adrienne
    • 8/28/09

    One of the best movies with a spiritual language all it's own. I first saw it in the early 70's, on a cable channel and never forgot it. I finally saw it again this week in entirety, and will keep voting for its release on home video. It is a classic, and has been underrated and not appreciated.

  • One Foot In Heaven

    • Edward J McGowan
    • 8/25/09

    A beautiful movie.Rather had tears in my eyes when i thought had nice this would betoday. The period of time was beautiful.I wish everyone could see this movie.The story is true of Hartzell Spence

  • Underappreciated Classic

    • J Fletch
    • 8/24/09

    I was lucky enough to catch most of this film today and I was most impressed by what I saw. I had never even heard of this film and I am familiar with quite a number of this type of inspirational film. What impressed me most besides the great acting, direction and camera work was the outstanding script that communicated such a timeless message to church congregations everywhere: Don't neglect the youth! The church has to find a way to be relevant to each successive generation if it wants to thrive. The scene where the minister took the kids to the cinema was priceless .Also when he let the youth choir have an important part in the service was great. There was also much to admire in the way he reached out to the lowly members of the congregation and stood up to the snobby ones. Let's not forget his integrity at home in that he highly esteemed his wife and defended his son.Why Warner's has never promoted this film for home video release is a mystery to me. Maybe it's because they haven't released enough gangster pictures yet.

  • Born in Hollywood? Citizens demand proof!

    • Steve Luster
    • 8/24/09

    I just chanced on this amazing film while taking a break from my home office. I always flip over to TCM because I've learned that movies made "before my time" have more content and cleverness in 10 minutes of script than my generation's "flicks" can accomplish in 90+ minutes -- and all without the need for PG-13 and R ratings! I just sat rapt and stunned through the whole film. Imagine -- IMAGINE -- a time in America when a major Hollywood studio would put out such a film. Open Christianity. Patriotism. The struggles of a minister and his family. Church/community power struggles. A beautiful, unabashedly emotional ending that would make Frank Kapra applaud. To repeat Michael Moore(but with an entirely opposite purpose) "Dude, where's my country?"Hey TCM, be subversive: get this film released on DVD asap!

  • Lesson for today's Hollywood

    • Kelly
    • 5/18/09

    My father was a Methodist minister here in S. Georgia; his name was John VanHorn, a former US Marine that gave all to God & America. Although taken from us when I was young, his character will carry to my children & I pray I do justice to that. This movie resonated so much in so many ways...the struggles, the joys, the steadfast devotion I saw in my father...I used it to tell a few stories about their grandfather. March gives a solid performance as always. Hollywood should take lesson's from past inspirational movies such as this & apply directly where it hurts. I am perplexed as to why they are mistified at the lack of moviegoers when they produce such terrible movies today. I know there are a few good folks out there, but why they think the profanity, violence & deviant behavior in film is necessary to sell a movie, is beyond me. I am so glad the Christian Film Festival promotes movies that we all can watch. Flywheel & Fireproof were filmed here in my home state, I hope the company continues to make such great movies, I'll keep going. Thank you TCM for bringing good, wholesome films for us to see; don't change a thing (exception: please add "One Foot in Heaven" to the DVD list!). Bless all who work at TCM, may God watch over you & yours.

  • DVD a must for this story!

    • Ray
    • 5/18/09

    I happened upon this movie while searching for another (I'd Climb the Highest Mountain) & was immediately drawn to the storyline. What a wonderful story it is! I can only mirror the comments of the other posts...terrific for the ENTIRE family with an excellent message of faith, humility, struggle & dedication to God & family. This movie is such a vast contrast to the ilk that comes from Hollywood today. It is rare that my family can take in a modern movie...the content is terrible, even when it's labeled a "family" movie. America wants wholesome movies...Fireproof is just one example. As Hollywood used to be pro-military...they used to make movies that were pro-family with some aura of decency, although flawed characters at times, that had a good message. Hope this makes it to DVD soon, would love to give this as gifts to family, friends & Sunday School class members. For TCM: don't stray away from airing the good classics like AMC did...we're still watching them; & always will. We have such wonderful technology today, I just wish it was used to make wonderful films such as One Foot in Heaven. God bless...


    • Bernard Ward
    • 4/30/09

    I've seen this movie about 4 times over the years and thought it was a great inspiration for Christian and other families. I was Presbyterian then and now I am a United Methodist. I'm now 71 years old and this movie would be great to show to our adult Sunday School classes and/or our "54 Or More" group. I know they would enjoy it. Conyers is a small town not unlike the small town in the movie. I sure would like to share the joys of this movie with the members of my church before it's too late, for them or me.

  • All Time Favorite

    • Barbara
    • 1/22/09

    At a time when murder, sexual perversion and cruelty dominate what we are offered as "entertainment" this film helps us remember that once upon a time children loved and obeyed their parents, two parents (a mother and a father) raised their children in homes where thought, conversation and sharing were encouraged and those same two parents committed themselves to one another and to a common calling for a lifetime. We should not have to beg to have this priceless film preserved on DVD. You should have thought of it on your own. It's worth whatever it costs to reproduce. Thanks!

  • Put Hope and Faith in Our Homes

    • Linda Bodie
    • 8/10/08

    This is a wonderful movie for both adults and young folks alike. The age old concept of a minister's children having a hardier time with peer pressure is clearly evident, but they always have the support of their family coming together in times of need.

  • wonderful movie

    • charles ande5rson
    • 6/21/08

    please show again.

  • wonderful motion picture

    • Mike
    • 6/3/08

    Just a real good movie and I think one of Fredric March's best performances.The story holds you.

  • Excellent movie.

    • Beth
    • 5/25/08

    Please show. I would like my Pastor husband, and all Pastors to see it and be encouraged by it.

  • Wonderful Movie!!!

    • Mary
    • 4/18/08

    This was one of the most touching movies ever. The scene where the Rev. visits Samson, the driver, in his small room touched my heart. Wish I could watch this movie every day of the week. Four Stars, and Two Thumbs Up!!!

  • I want to see again.

    • Tony
    • 4/16/08

    I loved it.

  • One Foot In Heaven

    • Darlene Jensen
    • 4/12/08

    One Foot in Heaven is a classical movie.It represents a day and era of faith and caring that needs to be revived. It has a message of values that still stand true today. The Children's choir was outstanding.The closing scene of church bells ringing and people gathering was so touching. Let this movie be released so that it may remain a favorite classic.Darlene Jensen

  • Best Movie ever

    • Christy Keely
    • 3/23/08

    I am a Methodist Ministers daughter, so watching this movie was great. I love the fact that back in 1941 they could see how life as a minister child is not always easy. It was great that they pointed out that his wife had a job also. I loved Hope because she was alot like my Mother. Who I know she has her foot in Heaven. When I was a Sr. in High School my Dad was that Minister that had to go to a Church in trouble. So when Dr. Spence had to get his family together and tell them it was time to move on it hit home. Now that I'm 47 and a Mother of 2 I feel blessed with the life I had growning up. I made many friends and got to live in beautiful homes. I moved a dozen times in 38 years almost like a Service kid. But each time was a new chapter in my life. I wish this movie was available on Dvd. I know my 81 year old Father would love it. It would be a great gift to pass along to my 2 older Brothers as well. Thank for showing such a great movie and reminding me of what a blessed life I have.. Thanks Again, Christy Keely

  • One Foot In Heaven

    • R Turner
    • 3/23/08

    One of the best movies I have ever seen! As the child of a Methodist minister, this movie is very "true to life" showing that the minister is very real. Inspiring, uplifting but down to earth at the same time as having "One Foot In Heaven." I want to see this movie on DVD! Please show this movie again!

  • One Foot In Heaven

    • Don Smith
    • 3/23/08

    Wonderful movie of real life sacrifice and honor. Worthy to be seen by young and old. The examples of honorable life no matter what the religion or none of the observer. When the chips are down and life strikes you in the face, life comes to this.Please release this movie on DVD.

  • needed

    • don meier
    • 3/22/08

    An honest look at the sacrifices and trials of those who have labored in less than ideal places

  • one foot in heaven

    • Fred Borath
    • 1/30/08

    One foot in heaven is one of the best movie that I have ever seen. It is the geatest story of a pastor and his church that was ever made. I only hope that it will be recorded soon..

  • Great Movie

    • Mark
    • 1/19/08

    I am myself a minister I found the movie very inspiring in these changing times.

  • Beautiful Life Story

    • Barbara
    • 1/17/08

    I watch this film every time I know it is going to be shown. I hope it comes out on DVD. Just to know that at one time our lives were more simple with such grace and devotion portrayed by the Minister and his wife fills me with tears and peace watching this film. It's too bad that our film makers can't produce movies like that today. They should try it, they might be surprised on how many people are yearning for clean, moral stories with honest, devoted people in them without nudity, profanity and violence.

  • What memories!

    • Allen
    • 1/16/08

    My father was a Methodist minister who began his career in 1940, just about when the book was published. I used to hear from both parents many of the explanations the movie included of why ministers' families had to endure constraints that most other families of comparable community standing did not. My wife became an Episcopal priest when our children were young, and they probably think they had it rough, too. I'd like to have the movie on DVD to show them and our grandchildren, when they come along.

  • I loved it

    • Rita
    • 1/16/08

    I enjoyed this move so much. As a pastors wife I to can relate to the hardship. I loved the little old man who shared his tea with his pastor. I loved the courage the pastor had to stand up for what was right. I would love to see more movies like this.

  • We Laughed, We Cried

    • Ruth in TX
    • 1/16/08

    My husband and I utterly enjoyed this movie. Frederic March is really outstanding. A surprisingly funny, poignant and clean movie. Wish there were more movies like this for families to enjoy. Why isn't this movie available on DVD????

  • Great Movie, Realistic!

    • Greg Stevens
    • 12/16/07

    Great real to the life movie. It really depicts what a parsonage family goes through. As a minister, as my wife and I viewed the movie, we could relate many times to what this family went through.

  • Wonderful movie!

    • Darlene Martin
    • 10/25/07

    What a wonderful movie! It so characterizes the ideals upon which our country was founded. Times were tough then and are now but with God to help us through these difficult times, we are able to get through them. God first, others second and myself last. Quite a contradiction to today's values!

  • Great Movie

    • Dave
    • 10/24/07

    This was a great and believable performance by Fredric March. The plot was strong and true to many of the situations which Pastors and congregations faced in 1941 as well as today. Gene Lockhart played a convincing role and Harry Davenport was a heart warming character. I would recommend this movie to all Christians, families and anyone who holds traditional family values. Truly a Classic movie which should be made available for home DVD viewing!

  • Great Movie

    • Suzy
    • 10/24/07

    As a member of a Methodist Church that greatly needed restoration, and with that accomplished, greatly needs more members and participants, this film was inspirational. The problems of churches have not changed, even if the ability and extent of available sin has increased. I plan to use it in our film club.

  • One of the best!

    • Paul
    • 9/2/07

    As a Roman Catholic priest I can really appreciate this great movie. I love the old black and white movies of the 1930's and 40's. Unfortunately I am of the "TV generation", a 1950's baby. Thank goodness for TCM. I was fortunate to tape this movie the last time it ran on TV. I look forward to buying the DVD when it becomes available.

  • Methodism Hasn't Changed!

    • Bill Presnell
    • 8/8/07

    I remember seeing this movie a couple of times as a youngster and believe me as a pastor in the UMC life has not changed in the life of the church since 1941. Sad but true commentary on life in the parsonage. Perhaps if more persons in the UMC watched this movie we might recognize the need to change and move into the 21st century.

  • A true family classic about family

    • Mark C. Dooley
    • 5/22/07

    I look forward to any time TCM runs this great film, as it gives me a chance to contact new friends and my church family to keep it on their taping schedule or TIVO, or just get families to sit and watch it together. I find it one of the most uplifting films on church life and spirituality ever made. Its simple message of kindness and decency to one another has touched me unlike any film ever has, and put me on the path to know Jesus Christ and My Lord better.

  • A Positive Message

    • Janice Beck
    • 5/16/07

    I have seen this movie only twice, but would like to see it over and over. A great source of history, nostalgia, and a moral not to be forgotten. Down to earth and factual, judging from my own experience.

  • WOW!

    • Debbie Crawford
    • 3/23/07

    I watch this movie atlest twice a week.What a blessing it is to me and everyone else I'm sure. With all the junk movies that are on DVD today, I cannot believe that this "ONE" is not. I wished that the publisher would not speak for the people, we know what we want to watch!I'm a Believer in Jesus Christ, and this movie calls out His name, It adresses Him as He is. The Storyline is so true today, this movie though it was made 66 years ago, can still speak to us today, if it were avaiable on DVD I would show it to my church members.


    • David
    • 1/26/07

    I am a big fan of Fredric March and Martha Scott. One Foot in Heaven is one of the very best movies in the world. With so much bitterness and discord in life today, it is good to know that movies such as this can be seen. I would most definitely purchase a copy if it were available on DVD or VHS. I am a very active member of a small Presbyterian church in North Carolina( sing in the choir and serve on several committees) and so many of the members of my church possess the same Christian values that are so strongly presented in One Foot in Heaven. PLEASE show it again in the very near future!!!!

  • Great Movie

    • Kenny
    • 1/24/07

    One of the most uplifting movies I have ever seen. Not stiff and hokey like some religious movies, but natural with a great amount of humor and life lessons.I surely would like to have a copy.


    • JOYCE
    • 9/4/06


  • Family Entertainment

    • Linda
    • 8/23/06

    Great cast. Reminds me of all those wonderful Sunday mornings and evenings spent with my own close church family and of course the (family) squabbles as well.

  • Pure entertainment

    • Lin
    • 8/3/06

    Martha Scott movies offer pure enjoyment. Movies like Our Miss Bishop and One Foot in Heaven are two of my favorite movies.I want to be entertained by movies and that is why I enjoy the old black and white movies. Those were the days when actors had talent worth watching. Keep showing these old movies of the 30's, 40's and early 50's, and TCM will continue to be the only channel I watch!

  • Great Movie

    • Phyllis
    • 6/6/06

    This movie is one of the great ones, and I wish it would become available on DVD. It is uplifting, humorous, and just as true today as when it was made. I enjoyed this movie so much and would like it to be on the Turner Classic Movie schedule again soon.

  • from Billy

    • Howse
    • 2/22/06

    Best movie that depicts the REAL life of ministers and their congregation and everyday situations. Everyone should see this movie and we tell our friends about it all the time, and they too would like to be able to view it on DVD. Please make this available as soon as possible to home video. Thanks!

  • Please show it again soon.

    • Donna
    • 2/12/06

    I saw part of this movie on a Saturday morning when I had to go to work. I was a half an hour late because I got caught up in this movie. But, I had to miss the last hour, so I would really appreciate the chance to see it again. Since it's not available on DVD, you're my only chance!

  • This definately needs to be on DVD/VHS

    • Dave
    • 2/11/06

    This is an excellent movie. I have only managed to see it a couple of times but would love to own it if/when it becomes available. Many excellent lessons of life and faith were in it.

  • Great Movie!

    • Robin
    • 2/7/06

    Unlike the Reverend & Diane, I'm a Baptist & thought this was a great movie. It goes above any religious domination & it teaches a lesson on the respect for God, His timing, & respect for our pastors we should all have. This man put God first & God used him to bring a community together, but he was still human & make mistakes like the rest of us. PLEASE show again soon!!!Thank you for showing so many great movies. - Robin

  • Excellent Movie

    • Rev Billy D Strayhorn
    • 2/5/06

    As a United Methodist minister like Spence, the synopsis caught my eye. I've been in minsitry for 30 years. My wife and I laughed and cried at this wonderful movie that showed both the struggle and the joy of life in the ministry. I hope this comes out on DVD soon. I'll give copies to at least half a dozen young preachers. It will both terrify and inspire them.

  • Touched by the movie. Want dvd.

    • Diane
    • 2/5/06

    I had never heard of this movie and watched it early Saturday morning as I was cleaning. I was soon hooked and had TCM playing in every room with a tv so I could watch the entire movie as I cleaned. It was just wonderful and I would love to purchase on dvd. I would give a copy to all three of my pastors. We are all Methodists and this story was so inspiring and made me feel warm about my own pastors. Please get on dvd. I will purchase three copies!!!

  • Would like to have this on DVD!

    • Philip
    • 2/5/06

    Aside from the inspiring (and realistic) portrayals of faith and life in another perhaps simpler time...they stand the test of time and are as valid now as they were when Hartzell Spence wrote the original book as a tribute to his preacher father. If it was good enough to win an Academy Award in 1941, it's good enough to be on DVD with so many other well-crafted films and outstanding performances of fine actors and actresses before and since.

  • This film needs to be released to the public

    • Manuel
    • 2/4/06

    This film needs to be released to the public. This movie would be a favorite of every church and its ministers.I really cannot believe that some distributor can not see that it would be a seller. Especially now after Passion of Christ; Narnia and other new faith films coming out soon.

  • We need this on VHS/DVD

    • PAtrick
    • 2/4/06

    This is such a strong movie with some great statments for those who work in a church and may be wondering why today our church poulations are going down. If we could re think church and get others to view this I think we might have a stronger church going folks againPJ

  • Great Influence

    • Larry King
    • 2/4/06

    When I first saw the movie on TV in the 50's it made a very strong impression on me to devote my life to the ministry. I wish it were available today on DVD I would have it in my library. I would replay it for a time of refreshing. I thought I remembered the final scene and when it came up I teared up.

  • One Foot in Heaven

    • Charley
    • 2/4/06

    I happened to catch this excellent movie on TCM and being a church council member found it refreshing! While it was filmed over 65 years ago, the same trials of the church continues today. Even with the struggles of politics and internal congrgational egos, the church survives as this movies proves out. A great movie and it should be available on DVD/Video.

  • Portrait of a bygone era

    • Chuck
    • 2/4/06

    An utterly charming film of a time gone forever. One Foot in Heaven could never be made today. With its emphasis on Faith and Values, it shows things in a very positive light. Fredric March and Martha Scott are wonderful in the lead roles, being strong but never stodgy. The supporting cast complements them perfectly. This is truly an ensemble film.This movie needs to be rescued from oblivion and seen.

  • A Minister"s Review

    • Jay
    • 1/27/06

    I happened upon this film on TCM some time ago. I was almost immediately drawn into it. As a minister in the 21 century, I was struck by the similarities of church work in the forties and today. Some things don't change much, especially attitudes about "change." I would love to able to show this movie to my congregation and minister friends.

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