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Grand Central Murder

Grand Central Murder(1942)

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As their train pulls into New York's Grand Central Station, two policemen lose their charge, convict "Turk," who sneaks away to telephone Broadway entertainer Mida King, whom he threatens. Terrified after finding an Ace of Spades under her door, Mida leaves to go to her wealthy boyfriend David V. Henderson's private railroad car. Meanwhile, private detective "Rocky" Custer and his wife Sue run into Turk, whom Rocky has been trying to free by finding new evidence for his retrial for murder, and advices him to give himself up. More police soon arrive, and reveal that Turk is now wanted for the murder of Mida, who has just been found dead in the bathroom of the private car. While they are investigating, the police see a fleeing Paul Rinehart, who was once married to Mida, and take him to the station, along with Turk, who has been apprehended. Inspector Gunther, a Coca-Cola drinking detective, then has his men round up everyone who might be involved in the case. Ramon, Mida's stepfather and a self-proclaimed psychic, is the first to relate his story: He goes to see Mida late one night and hears her tell Rinehart to stop blackmailing her. Ramon then tells her that the cards have predicted her death. Now Pearl Delroy, Mida's maid, relates her story: A few years before, Pearl, a singer in a Broadway show, meets Mida and invites her to share an apartment. Mida, who is very ambitious, attracts wealthy men, then sells their gifts for cash and stashes it away. She inexplicably marries ne'er-do-well Rinehart, then divorces him. Two years later, when Pearl runs into Mida again, she is seeing Turk, who later introduces her to Broadway theater owner Frankie Ciro. Soon Pearl becomes Mida's maid and confidant. Frankie helps Mida to get several successful Broadway show roles, but she drops him for wealthier men. After using her own money to back a show that flops, however, she again goes back to Frankie. Soon she meets multi-millionaire David, whom she was planning to marry the night she died. Pearl then says that Roger Furness, a millionaire whose daughter Constance had been engaged to David, tried to buy Mida off for $50,000, but she merely laughed at him. During the interrogations, Gunther has been telephoning the coroner to determine exactly how Mida died, but the autopsy has not yet been completed. When Gunther returns to the suspects, Ramon falls over dead, apparently from a heart attack. Rocky, who keeps interrupting the questions, much to Gunther's consternation, finally goads Gunther into moving everyone to the theater. There Baby, Pearl's daughter, reveals that she saw Frankie follow Mida that night. Frankie then tells his story: After Mida runs out of the theater, he follows her to the railroad car and begs her to return for the second act. She tells him about Turk's escape and says that she is going to marry David, divorce him and return to do another show with Frankie. Rocky now suggests that Constance also might have killed Mida over David, and she reveals that just after David told her and her father that he was going to marry Mida, she and her father went to see her show: When Mida doesn't appear in the second act, Constance goes to David's private car and runs into him. They go into the car together and David finds Mida's body. Rocky suggests that David overheard Mida's conversation with Frankie and strangled her, even though the cause of Mida's death is still unknown. Rocky then suggests that they go to the railroad car. While Gunther questions the others, Rocky inadvertently receives the call from the coroner, who reveals the cause of Mida's death. Rocky returns to the suspects and tries to recreate the murder scene. He asks Constance to go into the railroad car's shower, just as Mida had. After Rocky reveals that the murderer hooked up the rail current to the water supply pipe, Furness confesses that he killed Mida because she hurt Constance, then killed Roman by poisoning him because Ramon observed his murder and tried to blackmail him. Confronted with his crime, Furness runs away, but is electrocuted when he falls on the track.