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Mexican Spitfire's Blessed Event

Mexican Spitfire's Blessed Event(1943)


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While on a two-week leave from the Merchant Marine, Dennis Lindsey, accompanied by his uncle Matt Lindsey and Matt's wife Della, visits Lord Basil Epping at his hunting lodge in Canada, where the Lindseys hope to convince Epping to sign an advertising contract with their firm. Their efforts are jeopardized by the arrival of George Sharpe, a business competitor. Epping decides to award the contract to the Lindseys, however, after Dennis receives a telegram from his wife Carmelita notifying him that "his little kitten has become a mama." The message from Carmelita, who is vacationing at a dude ranch in Arizona, refers to their pet ocelot, but Epping misunderstands and announces that Dennis, as a new father, deserves the contract. When Sharpe suggests that Epping see the baby before signing the contract, they all pack up and head for Arizona. After Carmelita shows Matt her "blessed event," Matt realizes that their contract is in jeopardy and stalls for time by reporting that the doctor has ordered that no one can see the baby for twenty-four hours. After Dennis and Aunt Della discover the truth about Carmelita's blessed event, Della accuses her of ruining her husband's career. Meanwhile, Sharpe questions the hotel doctor about the Lindsey baby, and when the doctor denies any knowledge about the infant, Epping announces that if there is no baby, there is no contract. Plotting to keep Sharpe away from Epping, Carmelita convinces Uncle Matt to pose as Epping and buys him a toupe. In the hotel bar, Carmelita sees Epping and, thinking that he is Matt, begins to flirt with him. When Sharpe leaves Epping's side to get a copy of the contract, Lady Epping comes to escort her husband to lunch and Matt takes his place. Sharpe returns, and when Matt's toupe is blown off his head by a draft from the fan, he quickly dons Sharpe's hat and runs out of the room, announcing that he is sick. The real Epping then enters the bar, and when a befuddled Sharpe questions him about his health, he impatiently proclaims that he wishes Dennis had a baby so that he could award him the contract. This prompts Carmelita to pose as a nurse and borrow the baby of a hotel guest. Carmelita shows "baby Basil" to Epping, who immediately makes the contract out to "Basil Lindsey." Carmelita, delighted, leaves the baby with Epping while she goes to tell Dennis the good news. Meanwhile, the baby's mother has discovered that the nurse is an impostor, and demands that Epping return her child. Epping refuses and takes the baby to Carmelita, who then wheels the baby's carriage back to his mother's room. As Matt and Carmelita scheme to get Epping to change the name on the contract to Dennis Lindsey, Sharpe overhears them and watches as Matt dons his Epping disguise. Sharpe then informs the sheriff, who is the baby's father, that Epping is Matt Lindsey in disguise. When the real Epping enters the lobby, Sharpe kicks him in the pants. After the sheriff begins to question him about the baby, Epping runs out of the lobby and is lassoed by the sheriff and his men. Sharpe urges dunking Epping in the well until he tells the truth, and when Matt appears, a chagrinned Sharpe pulls a soaking Epping out of the well. All ends happily, however, as Epping awards Dennis his contract, the mother finds her baby, the doctor announces that Carmelita is pregnant and Matt pushes Sharpe into the well.