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The Farmer's Daughter

The Farmer's Daughter(1947)

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  • the farmer's daughter

    • sharon west
    • 12/31/16

    This movie is so wonderful with laughter and much wit from Loretta Young. She is so refreshing as an actress and her co star Joseph Cotton is very charming. I wish and I would love TCM would release in DVD and or BLUE RAY to the fans. It is a movie worth watching over and over.

  • Waiting for years to get this movie on DVD

    • Peaches LaToure
    • 11/24/16

    This is such a great Loretta Young movie that should be enjoy for generations. Please try to offer the movie on DVD. Anxiously awaiting to purchase!

  • The Farmer's Daughter (1947)

    • Carol Smith
    • 2/5/16

    This is a wonderful movie! Great stars, great acting, just great all around. How could this movie not be on DVD? What will it take to get this movie on DVD? If you have not seen this movie, you must watch it. Hope it will be on TCM soon and played more often!

  • Very good

    • Pj
    • 12/2/15

    This movie is best of Joseph Cotten and Loretta young acting careers. I really loved this movie and wish it was on dvd

  • I Agree!! PUT ON DVD!!

    • angliophile_nf
    • 10/13/15

    Can someone tell me why stupid movies are on DVD and why AMAZING one's like "Farmer's Daughter" and "Rachel and the Stranger" are not on DVD!! These are CLASSIC'S and should be preserved! TCM, can't you do a set of four movies for Loretta Young and include the ones I mentioned?

  • Farmers Daughter release

    • Gina
    • 8/26/15

    One of my favorite movies of all time. Can' t believe this is still not on DVD. Please release this film to DVD and let us all enjoy it 70 years later.

  • The Farmer's Daughter on DVD

    • Jeffrey Kenison
    • 5/16/15

    I quite agree. This classic film should be DVD. Just as long as subtitle captions are included. I like Loretta Young, Joseph Cotten and Ethel Barrymore. It even won Loretta Young a deserved Academy Award.


    • jainsea
    • 11/20/14

    I WISH THAT TCM WOULD LET VIEWERS KNOW WHY THIS MOVIE ISN'T ON DVD YET? SO MANY PEOPLE HAVE VOTED FOR THIS TO BE ON DVD OVER THE YEARS AND IT'S STILL NOT ON DVD ---- WHY?? PLEASE EXPLAIN.This is one of the best movies ever made, and everyone loves it, so please tell your public who is holding up the process of putting this movie on DVD? Thank you.

  • One of the best family films ever

    • Debbie Pearl
    • 2/2/14

    You will love it! And, it's of a state not well known this day and age, but that I love with all my heart! Yeah, their accent is like this... I bet, yah, yah...

  • The farmers daughter 1947

    • Natalie
    • 12/15/13

    I saw this movie years ago and I am still waiting for its release from tcm.I love Loretta Young. See is is always so enjoyable to see in all her films After all she won the academy award for best actress in this movie. Yet "we" Are still waiting to buy it on DVD! At least play it on tv so I can dvr it.

  • The Farmers Daughter

    • Teresa
    • 10/7/13

    How can you not release the wonderful academy award winning movie? Loretta Young and Joseph cotten are just perfect in this movie as is all the cast. Please, Please please release this movie.


    • Jane
    • 6/14/13

    IF TCM does own RKO's films, then WHY haven't "The Farmer's Daughter" and "Rachel and the Stranger" been put on DVD? It's a real shame that other terrible movies are on DVD and not these two gems. Please release these on DVD right away!

  • Ms. Smith goes to Washington

    • Jeff Boston
    • 1/30/13

    The ice skating scene reminded me of a better film, also from 1947, in which Loretta Young co-starred: "The Bishop's Wife". Here, she is convincing as an American with Swedish immigrant parents and agreeable, as always. She had - and has - many fans. You have to think George Lucas is one of them, or at least a fan of this film, what with the hairdo she has in half of it. And talk about half, listening to the movie you come away thinking only half of the two major parties is represented. Cotton and his party is democrat, and so is Young (but not in real life).

  • Neglected Titles

    • Heather
    • 1/27/13

    Doesn't TCM own the fabulous RKO film library? If so, why aren't the Farmer's Daughter and Rachel and the Stranger, for instance, available on DVD? They really should be!!! Also, TCM could have picked a few more of Loretta Young"s later film work, such as The Accused and Paula, or And Now Tomorrow or China from earlier in the 40's, to air in the recent retrospective. Too many way earlier films were shown, but if so, why not The Call of the Wild, for example? Still, it was great to see Loretta Young films again.

  • The Farmer's Daughter

    • 1/26/13

    Very good movie and acting. I would recomend it to others. It is a shame that it is not on DVD. I think it won best picture and best actress. Let me know if it is ever on DVD. Thank You.

  • why iant this in print (all the others are)

    • patti
    • 1/13/13

    I want (FARMERS DAUGHTER /LORETTA YOUNG and RACHEL AND THE STRANGER/LORETTA YOUNG )why arent these in print all her other movies are!!!!!!!!!I wnat thee's 2 movies.......PCStewart

  • Lovely Loretta!

    • THarold
    • 12/21/12

    Loretta Young is entrancing as Katie- her acting is spot on and merited the Academy Award. Plus great performances by Joseph Cotten, Charles Bickford and the AWESOME Ethel Barrymore. Wonderful supporting cast, great score & superbly photographed. The scenes in the rolling hills of "Minnesota" are especially beautiful. Truly a heartwarming and still timely and relevant film.

  • One of the best political movies ever!

    • jpkpe
    • 10/19/12

    I LOVE this movie, and watch it during presidential election years. Katie's thoughts about a fair minimum wage and what makes a good representative of the people, are just beautiful. It's a timeless film.

  • The Farmers Daughter

    • Yolanda Spencer-Wieck
    • 6/27/12

    One of my all-time favorites with all-time favorite actors. Wish we could deal with politicians these days in the same manner. We'd be better off as a country. Great movie to release during election time.

  • One of My All-Time Favorite Films

    • S. L. G.
    • 2/8/12

    "The Farmer's Daughter" is one of my very favorite films. The acting by Loretta Young and Joseph Cotten is wonderful. They never give you the smallest impression that they're acting --- they really make you believe that they are their characters. However, the best acting (in my opinion) comes from Charles Bickford and Ethel Barrymore. Wow! You'll never see better supporting characters than the two of them in this film.I can't understand why this isn't available on DVD yet, but I can't wait 'til it comes out. Please, TCM, bring this one out on DVD! :) Fabulous film.

  • Wonderful, Wonderful Movie- Wish It Was on DVD!

    • Liz D.
    • 1/13/12

    I just adore this film, from Ethel Barrymore's wonderfully sassy Mrs. Morley to Joseph Cotten and Loretta Young's chemistry. It has humor and heart, and it is remarkably current even today (though it is funny to compare the "nastiness" of Finley's campaign with political attacks now). Barrymore and Charles Bickford (as the butler Mr. Clancy) steal the show with their witty banter. The only thing that would make this movie better is having it available on DVD instead of having to wait years for TCM to re-run it!


    • Know my Classic Movies
    • 11/18/11

    Loretta Young, Joseph Cotten, Ethyl Barrymore - what's not to like? This movie is one of my favorites, and it is a wonder to me why this hasn't been put on DVD yet. What's up with that?


    • Jane C.
    • 9/15/11

    This is one of the best movies ever with an outstanding cast. For years fans have been asking for this movie to be put on DVD, so it is extremely puzzling why this wonderful movie hasn't yet been made available to the public on DVD. Can Turner Classic Movies shed any light on this?

  • The Farmer's Daughter (1947)

    • LaVerne Havash
    • 6/2/11

    This is one of the best classic movies of all time. My husband and I watch it every time it is on. It's funny, heartwarming and filled with twists and turns that make a great love story GREAT! Please can we get it on DVD and soon!

  • The Farmer's Daughter

    • char
    • 5/23/11

    Why this movie has not seen a remake is amazing. The plot is as true today as it was in 1947. Politics has changed little. This movie is a little of the American Dream (poor to powerful), part Cindrella, part Mr Deeds Goes to Washington, and part Tea Party Politics. If you have not seen it yet, why not? I love it. Wish it was on DVD. I would be the first to purchase it.

  • The Farmer's Daughter 1947

    • Marty Painter
    • 2/18/11

    The Farmer's Daughter 1947 needs to be released on blu-ray dvd and dvd And I hope the farmer's daughter is released soon on dvd .

  • Farmer's Daughter

    • susan
    • 6/20/10

    Comedy,Drama,Romance,Political shennaingans, and and ice skating lesson too. No need to say more


    • 3/28/10


  • The Farmer's Daughter

    • Pat
    • 3/12/10

    This is one of the best feel good movies out there. Once you see the movie you understand why Young, Cotten and Barrymore were the stars of the day. Lorretta Young's performance is delightful and truly an Oscar winner.

  • The Farmer's Daughter

    • Gordon Brown
    • 2/11/10

    This is a superb movie beautifully acted by Loretta Young, Joseph Cotten, Ethel Barrymore, and a splendid supporting cast. I believe Young won an academy award for her role. It is, in my opinion, a movie classic that everyone should see. I am so disappointed that I can't find it in DVD form.

  • A Cinderella Story-A Must See

    • Karen
    • 1/8/10

    I felt like watching this movie, so came to TCM to see if I could purchase it. I am in disbelief that it is not on DVD! Like so many other classics, I did not discover this one until a couple of years ago here on TCM. The Farmer's Daughter is a charming little romantic comedy with subtle political messages, mostly from the mouth of a wholesome farmgirl who by chance finds herself working for a powerful political family.She falls in love with the young and handsome congressman for whom she is hired to work. She charms him and his mother with her intelligence and Swedish culture, like her massages and Christmas glug. Please show this movie again, soon!

  • Neglected Classic

    • Aprille
    • 12/8/09

    I saw this movie several years ago and LOVED it. Such a charming story and delightfully acted. I'm so disappointed that it's not on DVD, 'cause I'd love to watch it over and over again.

  • Loretta Young

    • mapetg
    • 11/7/09

    There are no Loretta Young movies out on DVD. The Farmer's Daughter is a great example. It hasn't been shown on TCM all year. I would like to see it and other Loretta Young movies.


    • Jane Carey
    • 6/23/09

    It's nice that TCM has its "voting" system to see which movies should be put on DVD, but how can people vote on movies they've not seen?? Not only "Farmer's Daughter" but so many more should be put on DVD immediately! Such as "What Every Woman Knows", "White Banners", "Dulcy", "Anthony Adverse", "Bachelor Mother", Rachel & the Stranger", and many more! It is so frustrating not to be able to have these old movies on DVD when there are so many awful ones already on DVD. I wonder how THEY got on DVD? No one voted for them! I hope that TCM will pressure these movie companies to release many more of these great old movies on DVD!


    • Blanche
    • 4/26/09

    The Farmer's Daughter is one of the best movies ever made. Loretta Young gave heart and humor to the role. I can't believe that this movie is not available on DVD! TCM scheduled this movie twice to be viewed....then both times cancelled it due to the deaths of Paul Newman and Van Johnson. No offence, but what a bummer! I had waited months to see this and TCM has yet to reschedule it.

  • Can watch it over and over and over again!

    • Naomi B.
    • 3/8/09

    I love this movie. I never get tired of seeing it. They have my two favorite actors, Joseph Cotten and Loretta Young, together. This movie is pure magic. I am still a relatively young woman and get lost in alot of the movies of the late 1930's and 1940's. It is too bad Hollywood has lost the art of making quality movies. THIS FILM NEEDS TO COME OUT ON DVD!!!!!!


    • Montine S. Giles
    • 12/8/08

    MontineTHE FARMERS DAUGHTERThis is my favorite movie of all time. The cast is second to none. Joseph Cotten is divine and Loretta is so beautiful and so charming. I am sure that she would be happy to know that people who love her could purchase this movie to continue to be blessed by her. She was beautiful both inside and out. What a star!! There are only a few movies that I LOVE so much that I wish to watch them over and over but this is definitely one of those FEW! Please E-mail me as soon as it is available for home use. I would like to purchase more than one. THANK YOU.

  • The Farmer's Daughter

    • Kathy
    • 11/4/08

    This is one of my most favorite films. It has a wonderful cast especially Ethel Barrymore, and Joseph Cotten, and the beautful Loretta Young. It is so well done and a must see movie. It holds up today for political movies as well as romance. It covers corruption and shows that there are honest politicians as well.

  • The Farmer's Daughter

    • Demilee
    • 6/30/08

    I genuinely love this film. Loretta Young was brilliant, and I am a huge fan of her work. I love this story, because it speaks to every person who has come from humble beginnings and has big dreams. I also love how her family rallies behind her, especially her father. He knows what she is capable of, and will not let her quit. I wish more girls today had the support that her character did from father figures. I love watching Turner Classic Movies, and I am so glad to have given the opportunity to watch The Farmer's Daughter. Thank you for showing such a wonderful example of the American Spirit.

  • Underbar! Wonderful!

    • Desiree
    • 6/29/08

    Thank you so much for showing this movie! It was so honest, tender and funny. I really enjoyed it. Loretta Young actually won an Oscar in 1947 for her perfomance, and Miss Barrymore is extraordinary, as usual. I also loved Joseph Cotten (I always do!) as the congressman, and Charles Bickford as the butler. It reminds me of "Mr. Smith goes to Washington" with James Stewart, so if you liked that one, you'll love this one!

  • Great Movie

    • Elleen Chapman
    • 4/30/08

    I love this movie and every time it is on TCM, I do watch it. What an outstanding cast whom all gave great performances. I think they all should've got nominated for best actors and best supporting actors. It is a must see movie. I do wish it was on dvd.

  • need to be on dvd

    • David Padfield
    • 4/2/08

    Great movie. Please think about putting it on dvd soon...

  • needs to be release on dvd

    • c. hildreth
    • 10/15/07

    this is a wonderful comedy that needs to be release for the enjoyment of others


    • sally mckee
    • 9/5/07


  • Thank you!

    • l wildermuth
    • 6/29/07

    Thank You, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!!! I loved getting to see this movie again!

  • Fine Film

    • Movie Fan
    • 10/28/06

    This film is entertaining and well acted. You have great performances by Loretta Young, the great Ethel Barrymore, Joseph Cotton and Charles Bickford. It also a good lesson on the importance of good political values. This fine film should be released on DVD.

  • Delightful Film

    • Bob Washburn
    • 8/21/06

    One of my favorites. Cute but with a cutting edge. One of Miss Young's best performances, and Ethel Barrymore is outstanding in the film as well. Overall a most delightful movie.

  • Lovely Movie

    • Karen
    • 6/1/06

    I just love this movie, it's fun and the love story is very cute. Ethel Barrymore played her part beautiful and I enjoy Loretta Young's character.

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