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Women Men Marry

Women Men Marry(1937)

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Brother Nameless, an unscrupulous evangelist who claims to help the needy, is confronted by Peter Martin, who demands $5,000 for his wife, Sister Martin, who has become a member of Nameless' cult. Meanwhile, reporters Bill Raeburn and Jane Carson and photographer Jerry Little decide to do a story about Brother Nameless in the hope of exposing his racket. When their boss, Walter Wiley, runs into them, he offers his support for the article, after which they invite him to Bill's first anniversary party. At Bill's house, Wiley is shocked when he is introduced to Bill's wife Claire because he has been meeting her secretly for some time, and was unaware of her real identity. They pretend not to know each other, but Jane, who has been in love with Bill for years, is suspicious. The next day, Bill is assigned to find out information on an unidentified dead man who has turned up in the morgue. There he finds Sister Martin, who has come to see if the body is that of her missing husband. Though Sister Martin is mute, she writes one of Brother Nameless's slogans on a piece of paper and Bill realizes that he may be on to a big lead. To further his relationship with Claire, Wiley allows Bill to go undercover to work on his story and insists that Jane go with Bill and pose as his wife to make their story more believable. While they go to Brother Nameless's mission, Wiley begins to spend more time with Claire and replaces her imitation diamond bracelet with a real one that looks exactly the same. At the mission, Bill and Jane look for anything that will expose Brother Nameless as a crook and soon find a safe with money and securities confiscated from his followers. When Jerry is summoned to take pictures of the safe's contents, Brother Namesless discovers him and kills him. As he is about to do the same to Bill and Jane, Sister Martin saves them and reveals that Brother Nameless killed her husband when he tried to extort money from the phony evangelist. One year later, as Brother Nameless faces execution, Bill is assigned to witness the hanging and gets drunk in anticipation. He comes home in the afternoon and finds a vacuum cleaner repair man at his door. Because Claire is out, Bill lets the man see the vacuum and they discover that it was clogged by several cloth bags used to hold tobacco for rolling cigarettes. Wiley is the only person Bill knows who rolls his own cigarettes, and when Peggy Ryan, the daughter of a neighbor, reveals that a man who always comes to see Claire gave her ten dollars, Bill realizes what has been going on. He then goes on a drinking binge while Jane, who had secretly been aware of Wiley and Claire's relationship for some time, tells them what she thinks of them. Bill then buys a gun and, after witnessing Brother Nameless' hanging, goes to Wiley's apartment, where he he finds Claire. In a scuffle, Wiley gets the gun and tries to shoot Bill, but shoots Claire instead. While Claire recuperates from her wounds, Jane lets everyone know what really happened, despite Wiley's attempt to stop the story. Finally, after Claire has recovered comepletely, Bill tells her to go to Reno for a divorce and proposes to Jane.