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Mrs. Miniver

Mrs. Miniver(1942)

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  • Home front

    • Dan Donian
    • 6/3/18

    Best film of 1942. This film is a "must see" for every military and non-military family as it strikes right to the heart of what can happen on the home front can be as devastating as what occurs in battle. All the actors seem to be a Taylor fit to their respective parts and with a fantastic script this gem is sure to win over your heart. Bomb hits the house of Mrs.Miniver but she goes on even as her young son marches (or fly's)into battle as his girl stays home, and home "ain't no picnic" in England.T he movie takes place before the attack on Perl harbor and subsequently is part of the reason America got involved. Nowadays it is hard to fathom America standing by while England fights a war but back then it did happen. A 5-star film worth all of your attention!

  • What about Lady Belden?

    • Moose
    • 2/27/18

    I've read all the reviews here and am disappointed that no one has mentioned the great Dame May Whitty's performance. She plays the part of the incredible snoot who (finally) becomes gracious and more humble. Truly excellent acting! But that's not unusual. She was wonderful in all of her roles. (Especially her Hitchcock films)


    • Susanne Cavendish
    • 2/23/17

    I am not sure what Mr Sellers saw, or didn't see, in the movie[s] he tried to review, this one and Best Years. . .? First of all one was done during the war and the other after, one set in England, the other in America [for the most part] and in that lies the differences he in his own 'gloppy' way throws together as an amorphous mess of a review. No doubt he will take to internet sound stage as he has done so often to condemn an opinion. See the movie, it's worth it and watch it all the way through, as some, apparently don't!!

  • Good Propaganda For British War Effort

    • vicarsspeech
    • 2/27/16

    Many say the strongest scene is when Vin joins his late wife's gran during the church service.The Vicar's speech really nails what was going on-Churchill's we will fight speech.

  • Mrs.Miniver

    • Michael Whitty
    • 1/31/16

    The effects of war on the homefront are brought to the screen beautifully in "Mrs.Miniver" as people suddenly have to deal with air raids and bombs and destruction and who might be the more courageous. Greer Garson, who won an Oscar playing Mrs.Miniver, shows the strength and dignity and courage. Homes and churches later show the effects of the bombs in London as Hitler makes war on England. But what we mostly see is how people are able to remain themselves under the adverse conditions of war. With William Wyler's directing there were many good performances as "Mrs.Miniver" won Best Picture for 1942.

  • mrs. miniver

    • kevin sellers
    • 9/22/15

    Both this film and "Best Years Of Our Lives" are studies of the effects of war on families. Both were directed by William Wyler. There the comparison ends. Where "Best Years" is realistic and hard hitting, "Miniver" is mushy and sentimental. Why is this? How can a director be so perceptive in one film and so pedestrian in another? Maybe the fault lies not with Wyler, but with the different screenplays, "Miniver" being by four separate writers, (usually a sign of trouble) based on a newspaper column, rather than the usually more steady hand of one talented screenwriter, Robert Sherwood, from a novel, as was the case with "Best Years." Still, Wyler agreed to direct this gloppy melodrama, so he's not without culpability. Maybe in Hollywood, in the 1940s, most directors were more hired hands rather than the controlling prima donnas they became, for better or worse, in the 1960s. Anyway, let's give this movie a C. P.S. Teresa Wright is at her weepiest in this film. Even worse than "Pride Of The Yankees," if you can believe that. Really tries one's patience.

  • Mrs Miniver

    • Ellen
    • 8/8/15

    I have watched this movie whenever it is on TCM and love it every time. The ending really says it all and still stirs feelings of patriotism. Call me sentimental I do not care. Love Greer Garson in any movie she does. I would not mind seeing Random Harvest again, talk about a woman that can show you joy and pain in the same minute. Thank You TCM.

  • WW II Hollywood propaganda at its finest

    • Robert
    • 2/14/14

    Despite being overly sentimental and smaltzy (Playwrite Lillian Hellman famously described "Mrs Miniver" as "a piece of junk") the film is actually quite effective in being a heart-warming and charming movie. England is presented as a quaint utopia populated by noble, brave and lovely heroes. Was Mrs Miniver a Hollywood Propaganda movie aimed at getting America into World War II? Unquestionably yes. But it is war-time propaganda movie that is nonetheless well done and overall, highly effective.

  • Mrs. Miniver 1942

    • David H.
    • 2/13/14

    One of the great movies of all time. If the ending of this film didn't make one want to go out to fight in World War II or at least buy war bonds, then nothing would have. Certainly one can look back on this film 72 years later and call it propaganda, but what excellent propaganda it was. Considering when it was made (Nov. 1941 to early 1942), those who would dismiss this movie solely as wartime propaganda have no sense of history or of quality moviemaking.

  • Mrs. Miniver

    • ComRetrospective
    • 5/19/13

    One of the best classic war films with a all british cast Greer Garson performance was great, I wish i sorta saw a more bolder role in Walter Pidgeion. In my opinion Richard Ney's character was 200000000000000 better than Walter pidgeion role because Ney just seemed alot bolder and Ney was really cute and i have a weakness for cute actors so i give this movie a 5 because duhhhh the film won Academy Awards.

  • A film about 3 things worth fighting for

    • Jeff Boston
    • 3/13/13

    Faith, family, and freedom. The Best Picture of 1942 becomes more interesting as it progresses to its stirring finale. The "we will do the same thing here" scene was surprising and tense; the flower show scene agreeable and tender. Garson was great throughout. In wars yet to come, millions of Brits and Americans will share with others the sentiment expressed in the middle of this film: "With God's help, and their (our ancestors) example, we cannot, and shall not fail."

  • Thank You

    • Cynthia J.
    • 3/11/13

    My deepest gratitude for showing this tonight. Many old classics have touched my heart, but this one pierced my soul.I'll always remember it & for as long as I live no other will replaceit as my favorite. Thank You So Much!

  • Moving and Brilliant!

    • Erica Swiger
    • 3/6/13

    I saw this movie last month during the 31 days of Oscars. I almost passed it up for something else on tv but was glad I decided to watch it. This picture was moving in so many ways. I was left in tears by the end. Definitely worth seeing!

  • Mrs. Miniver

    • Dashiell B.
    • 2/22/13

    A moving WWII drama that rallied US support during the war and was voted the Best Picture of '42. Garson won the Oscar as the title character, Pidgeon was nominated as her husband and Travers, Whitty & Wright were nominated for their supporting performances, with Wright winning. Wyler won his first Best Director Oscar, and the film won for adapted screenplay from Jan Struther's short stories in addition to a win for photography. More of a product of it's time, "Mrs. Miniver" aged, but is still splendid entertainment. I give it a 4.5/5.

  • Top ten for viewing!

    • RedRain
    • 2/16/13

    It is completely disingenuous to describe this film as propaganda. It was based on a series of articles written for The Times of London by an English authoress and was written long before the war. It was in production by MGM before America entered the war; however, once we did, it was brought out and widely viewed. I lived in England for eight years and had many friends of different social strata who endured the blitz and this film is spot on. Women most certainly did knit/crochet while bombs were overhead. People who lived in London slept in the Underground (the subway) at night and went to work in the day, while those in the countrysides had no choice but to go to their underground bunkers. Wealthy sons in England have always joined the Armed Forces and, in particular during WWII, the RAF. Life went on during that war, even here in the USA. People still bought hats and autos and all manner of other product. This film was developed to show the world the suffering that England was enduring during the war. Save for Pearl Harbor, we didn't have to endure what England did. The great William Wyler deservedly won the Academy Award for this film and the film and Greer Garson both deserved the Academy Award. I view this film each time it is on TCM. It is a reminder to all of us of what terror war is and the horrible toll it takes in human life and suffering. Once you see this film, you never forget it!

  • "Bringing a war home...."

    • Badger Babe
    • 5/13/12

    What a wonderful movie -- entertaining, sentimental, and serious all at once. War is more than guns being fired or tanks rolling through fields or soldiers in hand-to-hand combat. War is what touches people's lives -- and in the case of World War II, war is what killed people in England. This film ranks with "The Best Years of Our Lives" and "All Quiet on the Western Front" as a way of sharing war's effects (and its affect) on REAL people's lives. All of the performances were spot-on. This is a must-see film.

  • missed it

    • Alice
    • 5/13/12

    I am so sad and disappointed. I was so looking forward to this film and had to miss the last forty-five or so minutes of this. This is one of those films destined o be one of my growing favorites on TCM. Also, I did not realize it was a true story. That's yet another plus. Please, please, show it again. Thank you, TCM

  • WOW!

    • 4dogmama
    • 2/6/12

    I was able to DVR this movie and watch it for the first time over the weekend. It was well worth the wait. I was drawn in right away and didn't want to pause for any reason. I didn't expect Carol dying and then the congregation meeting for services in their destroyed church. If people want to call this a propaganda piece, then so be it. If that's all they see, they missed a truly splendid movie!

  • Mrs. Miniver (1942)

    • Mr. Blandings
    • 12/31/11

    Of course this movie was propaganda; that goes without saying. It was Hollywood doing its part to support and promote the war. That's why it was given an Oscar, after all. Politics aside, however, the problem with this film is that it presents its characters as nothing but the stuffy "stiff upper lip" stereotypes that American audiences expect to see. Considering that 90% of the British soldiers were from the lower classes, why is the viewpoint of this film from a stuffed shirt, upperclass family? (Was it perhaps selected by Churchill for this very reason, in order to gain the monetary support of that class? Who knows.) I like Greer Garson but there's only so much one can take of this screen family's artificial posturing and having their tea time in bomb shelters, with her doing her knitting and Pidgeon puffing unflappably on his pipes and looking the perfect smug git. How much sympathy can be garnered for these snobs whose biggest concerns are in buying new hats and cars, and flower competitions, when so many less-fortunate people were suffering and sacrificing far more? And the son (Ney, future husband and wife-beater of Garson) is so innately unlikeable, so reeking with insufferable arrogance and priggishness, that you can't see what Carol (or Garson) could have possibly seen in him. I think it's highly telling how Americans seem to regard this film in a far better light than the British do. To be accurate, British films should be directed by British directors. The other major problem with this film is that it is dull and boring ... beyond ... belief. It has the pacing of a glacier and could be patented as a surefire cure for insomnia. Garson has had far better roles to her credit; so has Wilcoxon and Wyler.


    • alexander perez
    • 8/10/11

    this film showed us the Battle of Britain from the perspective of those who fought not in the air with the Royal Air Force, or at sea in Destroyers, but in their own homes with their endurance and Faith, nursing their children in bomb shelters while the Luftwaffe raged hell in the air and on land. truly a great film, with Greer Garson's unequaled performance and Walter Pidgeon's rather charismatic role as Garson's husband who goes off on something of a Naval scouting expedition and returns home safe by speedboat. the rest of the cast, too, like IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE'S Henry Travers, is great!

  • MGM's Wyler, Garson Masterpiece

    • David Atkins
    • 8/1/10

    One of the great directors William Wyler with a body of work of almost upsurpassed achievement: Best Years of Our Lives,The Letter, Ben Hur, Funny Girl, et al creates a memorable portrait of WW2 England. Greer Garson's great performance especially her legendary speechat the end Mrs. Miniver won Ms Garson her well deserved Oscar.This movie was so popular none other than Winston Chruchillcredited it with being important for the allies winning the war.Bravo William Wyler and Greer Garson

  • An Oscar-Winning Wartime Masterpiece.

    • Frank Harris Horn
    • 7/18/10

    William Wyler presents one of the great motion pictures of the 20th Century. Winner of six Academy Awards including Best Picture, Wyler as Best Director, and Best Screenplay Adaptation. Greer Garson (Best Actress Oscar winner), Walter Pidgeon and Teresa Wright (Best Supporting Actress Oscar winner) head a stellar cast in the screen adaptation of Jan Struther's book, which tells about how a British middle-class family's lives are about to be affected by the German Blitzkrieg during World War II. The picture helped boost American morale for our British allies. Dr. Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's Propaganda Minister, once cited the film as "an exemplary propaganda film for the German industry to copy". Time Magazine called it "A great war picture that photographed the inner meaning instead of the outward realism of World War II." With Richard Ney, Dame May Whitty, Henry Travers, Reginald Owen, Henry Wilcoxon, Christopher Severn, Claire Sanders, Brenda Forbes, Helmut Dantine, John Abbott, Rhys Williams, Marie De Becker & Connie Leon.

  • One of the great movies of all time.

    • David H.
    • 3/4/10

    If the ending of this film didn't make one want to go out to fight in World War II or at least buy war bonds, then nothing would have. Certainly one can look back on this film 68 years later and call it propaganda, but what excellent propaganda it was. Considering when it was made (Nov. 1941 to early 1942) those who would dismiss this movie solely as propaganda has no sense of history or of quality moviemaking.

  • I can't stop talking about it!

    • Laura
    • 11/3/07

    Seriously, I can't. When I do, people think it is a recent movie. If you have any interest in a heartwarming movie that makes you think about the world in which we live in compared to what happened in the past, this is the movie for you!

  • the best!!

    • theresa
    • 6/5/07

    this movie is one of my top fav movies of all time, and greer garson and walter pidgeon do a fabulous job playing the parts, as well as the supporting cast. definitely one of the best movies ever made.

  • mrs miniver {a great movie}

    • joy bosche
    • 1/17/07

    i think this movie is one of the best movies i have ever watched. the cast of this movie is wonderful especially walter pidgeon and greer carson. these two actors have such a on screen chemistry between them. i wish you would play more of there movies that they star together.


    • 8/10/06

    Sad, frightening, unbelievable, and all true. This movie shows the most tragic things that happen to families in WW2. It also shows how frightening war was back then. This movie is sad but one of the greatest movies ever made.

  • great movie

    • pat
    • 2/8/06

    A great movie for all ages. We Americans do not know the horror of war in our backyards. Our young people should see it to know how lucky we are!

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