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Secrets of an Actress

Secrets of an Actress(1938)

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Actress Fay Carter refuses to take a job with a road show, determined to be successful in New York or not at all. She is offered a part but later loses it when the producer protests she is not well known. Hearing the news, Fay and her roommate, Marian Plantagenet, decide to drown their sorrows and head for the nearest bar, where Marian rapidly becomes drunk. She passes out after accidentally hitting architect Peter Snowden, who then helps Fay take her home. On the way, Peter and Fay become acquainted. Peter had seen Fay's father on stage and is astonished that she cannot get a part in New York. She confesses that she owns a play with a wonderful part for her, and he asks to read it. After reading the play, Peter decides to produce it despite the warnings of his partner, Dick Orr. Peter takes Dick with him to meet Fay, and although he is discouraging about the play's chance for success, he is attracted by Fay's beauty. Dick is separated from his avaricious wife Carla, who refuses to divorce him. In spite of himself, he gets involved in the play, designing the sets because Fay cannot afford a professional designer. He is impressed by her knowledge of theater and her efforts to be frugal with Peter's money. The play is very successful and Fay receives rave notices. Peter and Dick have both fallen in love with Fay. At an opening night party, Dick, who has generally been unfriendly to Fay, reveals his feelings and she returns them. During lunch with Peter, however, Fay learns about Carla, and believing that Dick deliberately deceived her, she agrees to marry Peter after telling him that she does not love him. Then Carla tells Peter that Dick is in love with Fay, and wanting only the happiness of his two friends, Peter arranges for Carla to divorce Dick. Peter rushes to Fay's apartment, where Dick is waiting to say goodbye before leaving for Europe, but just misses him. He and Fay rush to the boat to stop Dick from leaving. The ramp has already been taken up when they arrive, but when Fay manages to signal Dick that Carla has agreed to a divorce, Dick jumps from the boat into Fay's arms.