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Penthouse The mob frames a lawyer for... MORE > $14.95
Regularly $17.99
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As a result of Jackson Durant's brilliant defense, Tony Gazotti, a notorious racketeer on trial for murder, is acquitted and saved from the electric chair. Although Tony is deeply grateful for Jackson's help, Jackson's law partners are less than thrilled with his choice of clients and drop him from their firm. Jackson's fiancée, socialite Sue Leonard, also loathes his disreputable clients and breaks their engagement. Then, while a dejected Jackson drinks himself into a stupor, Sue accepts the proposal of Tom Siddall, a longtime admirer. As a condition of the engagement, Tom agrees to end his relationship Mimi Montagne, a former moll. When Tom tells the impetuous Mimi that their romance is over, she explodes with anger and threats. Mimi then contacts racketeer Jim Crelliman, her previous lover, and announces her breakup with Tom. Crelliman expresses interest in a reunion and invites Mimi to a party at his apartment. There Crelliman informs Mimi that he has asked Tom to the party so that she can tell him face-to-face that she is through with him. When Tom arrives at Crelliman's, Mimi takes him out on the balcony, and a short time later, a gunshot is heard. Mimi is found dead on the balcony, and Tom, who is holding the gun, is arrested for her murder. The next morning, Sue comes to Jackson and, convinced of Tom's innocence, begs him to take the case. Although at first outraged, Jackson agrees to take on Tom's defense after he receives an anonymous telephone call warning him to stay off the case. To help in his investigation, Jackson asks Tony for inside information regarding Crelliman, his racketeering rival. In turn, Tony introduces Jackson to Gertie Waxted, Mimi's beautiful roommate, who agrees to stay with Jackson until he has exhausted her memory regarding Crelliman's activities. After a night of fruitless questioning, Jackson receives a ballistics report from a friend at police headquarters and concludes that the fatal shot was fired from above. Gertie then reveals that her penthouse overlooks Crelliman's balcony, and that Crelliman owns the apartment building. Armed with this information, Jackson telephones Tony and is given a set of master keys with which to break into Crelliman's building. While he is snooping in Gertie's apartment, Crelliman shows up and offers him a bribe to drop the case. When Jackson refuses the offer, Crelliman orders his men to ambush the lawyer in the building. Aided by a sympathetic elevator operator, Jackson escapes the building, after determining the apartment in which Mimi's killer was living. Later, Tony tells Jackson that the apartment belongs to Murtoch, Crelliman's "finger man," and Jackson heads for Murtoch's favorite speakeasy. When he arrives, he is stunned to see Murtoch drinking with Gertie and, unaware that Tony tipped off Gertie about Murtoch, assumes that she is betraying him. Jackson angrily confronts Gertie with his suspicions and learns that she was trying to stall Murtoch in order to protect him. Chagrined, Jackson apologizes to Gertie, confesses his love and proposes. Before Gertie can accept, however, Jackson hears from Tony that Crelliman is about to kill Murtoch. Seized with an idea, Jackson asks Gertie to go to Crelliman's apartment and somehow maneuver him onto his balcony, while he and the police confront Murtoch. Through intimidation, Jackson and the police frighten Murtoch to the point of confession, but Crelliman, who is wise to Gertie's manipulations, orders her execution. Before Crelliman can act on his threats, however, Tony bursts in and, after killing all of his rival's men, kills Crelliman as well. Fatally shot in the foray, Tony dies in Jackson's arms. While a freed Tom reunites with Sue, Jackson proposes again to Gertie and arranges for a long honeymoon in Europe.