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Mildred Pierce

Mildred Pierce(1945)

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  • A film noir Gem

    • JsBaroque
    • 4/19/17

    Crawford won her well deserved oscar for the title role - devoted single parent whose strive for success is only exceeded by her daughter's ingratitude. This movie is her vehicle and she is tremendous,dedicated to her craft.Supporting cast are likeable and interesting,especially Arden and Carson .Hard edge lighting and complementing dialogue provide mood found in noir films.

  • Mildred is no heroine

    • Trylon
    • 12/22/16

    I understand that Joan Crawford won and Oscar for her performance but her role, that of Mildred Pierce, is a bizarre character. Crawford really doesn't quite fit any of Mildred's incarnations. It's hard to believe she is a struggling mother of two children and raising them, basically on her own. There is a distance, a coldness about her throughout the film. Playing a desirable sex kitten in a man's beach house blows my mind. She was just too old for that scene and there is a creepy quality about the whole thing. And her endlessly pathetic efforts to rescue and salvage Veda, her despicable daughter, don't really humanize Crawford. Instead, she seems to rely on dramatic lighting, heavy makeup, over the top verbal exchanges and the powerful, searing and overwhelming stare her eyes could produce and which must have been able to melt steel. I am not saying it's not worthwhile seeing the film. Eve Arden is outstanding and brings humanity to the film through her wit and elegance. The film is a snapshot of post war America and that is fun to see. I even enjoy Crawford's campy look and heavy handed role as mother to the remarkably evil and self centered Veda who may play the nastiest young female in any movie other than the little girl in The Bad Seed. Both get what's coming to them in the end and there is a real satisfaction to that realization, I suppose.

  • Mildred Pierce -- a strikingly modern film

    • Richard Sipan
    • 10/18/16

    I am no feminist. The Women's Liberation movement of the 70's occurred when I was between 10 and 20, so I was aware of it, but not particularly impressed by it. Still, this film, shot in 1945, appears to anticipate Women's Lib type issues by about 25 years. Mildred Pierce is able to start a chain of chicken and pie restaurants, but is somewhat restricted because she is a woman. Eve Arden does a delightful little turn as her bookkeeper, who essentially tells her that Mlldred has let her personal life run the business into the ground.There is a definite conflict between the demands of marriage, divorce, romance, child-rearing, and business. All this is secondary to a film noir murder story, wherein Mildred is ready to take the rap for a killing to save her daughter, who pulled the trigger.The ending is a bit pat, with Mildred being cleared by the police, the dawn sunlight breaking out over L.A., and her ex-husband standing at the door waiting for her, happy ending Hollywood style. However, to get to that point, she has a wild ride through Hell, as only L.A. can put on such a wild ride.You come to identify with Joan Crawford's character, even if you don't particularly like her. She has gumption, won't give up, and does have a heart -- it's just that it takes some work to get to that heart. This is a worthwhile film. Screening at 5 A.M. Pacific time, but my cat tends to get me out of bed to feed her breakfast, so start time is no big deal for me. Worth seeing.

  • A great film, with noir overtones!

    • filmguy24
    • 8/21/16

    Under the superb direction of Michael Curtiz, Joan Crawford, Ann Blyth, Jack Carson, Eve Arden -and indeed everyone else- give superb performances. The entire production reminds you of the tremendous talent within the studio system. The cinematography, set designs, and great score (Max Steiner) all contribute to a very intriguing film masterfully done- which is very entertaining time after time!

  • Crawford's Comeback Role Rocks

    • Candace
    • 5/6/16

    Things get a bit schmaltzy at times, but Joan owns it beginning to end. The part was just perfect for her, so I can see why she fought to get it. The dead-weight husband, the smart-mouthed ungrateful kid, and her inability to see her own worth nearly run Mildred Pierce off the rails. When she finally becomes convinced that she can strike out on her own, she's a major success. Yet the career success doesn't translate into happiness. Nor does it solve her inability to deal with her wicked daughter's toxic personality. She can't ever enjoy her success because that lousy Veda kid is a major detractor. She goes full circle from a mousy housewife with a louse husband to a successful career woman who they BUYS another louse husband to front the life Veda always wanted. Won't give away the ending, but Veda finally gets the comeuppance she should have gotten years before from Mildred Pierce.

  • Great Film

    • lovebrucebennett
    • 3/9/16

    Veda,the daughter you love to hate-IMHO.Too bad the younger daughter had to get so sick.Such was Mildred's luck-fight tooth and nail for your kids,one dies so young,the other becomes such a practiced manipulator.She gets or is about to get hers in the end,and I don't feel the slightest bit sorry for her-might make some parents today wake up to reality of their own kids' capabilities.

  • Low, Low Sound Track

    • jack the hat
    • 3/23/15

    This film is an enjoyable film to watch but there is a problem, that is a sound problem, it's way to noticeably to low. An adjustment is an easy fix at TCM---so why don't they raise the level of sound???? Each time I watch this film and it finishes, and I change channels the new station blasts at me.

  • What I didn't like about the screen play.

    • denscul
    • 3/30/14

    According to legend, Crawford fought for this part. She plays a woman who is half the time as a successful business woman, and the other as an incredibly stupid mother, who is lead around the nose by the character played by Ann Blyth, who should have won the Academy Award for wanting to smack her about a dozen times. Its a shame that this film was such a soap opera, and other actresses in much better films, did not win.


    • W. J. R.
    • 11/10/13

    I love this timeless film, but, I also think back to the CAROL BURNETTS skit about Mildreds fat burgers I hope Joan Crawford lived to see it. I think she would have got a laugh out of it. I hope.

  • "It's your fault I'm the way I am"

    • Jeff Boston
    • 4/6/13

    Many good posts, especially the one by Jarrod McDonald in Nov 2009. "Mildred Pierce" remains relevant for it slaps the ears and kicks the backside of an increasingly selfish society with the eternal truths that the happiest mothers live within their means, spend time with but do not spoil their children, and know how to keep a good man around.

  • An "essential"

    • RedRain
    • 4/5/13

    This is a film classic and the vehicle which brought Crawford's career back from the dead. She may be the star of the film but Ann Blyth eclipses the great Crawford in almost every scene they are in together. I am so glad I saw Blyth in the several musicals she was in before I saw her in Mildred Pierce, as I would have loathed her from Pierce onward. She is just that good and that evil in this film and she was only 17 when she was picked to star here opposite Crawford. Jack Carson and Eve Arden turn in superb supporting performances and Zachary Scott has never been more smarmy. I don't watch this film that often, as I literally want to put my hands through the screen and strangle Veda; however, everyone should see the film at least once. It is definitely an "essential."

  • Joan Crawford,Star and True Acting Talent

    • Mommie Dear
    • 5/14/12

    Whatever her home life,this is a testament to great acting!This movie is better than any Remake can ever be.Couldn't sit thru miniseries.Whatever Mildred Pierce was or came from,Joan Crawford will always be THE Mildred Pierce,as Basil Rathbone the one true SHERLOCK.

  • Crawford's Career Saving Performance

    • Bruce Reber
    • 8/24/11

    "Mildred Pierce" (Warner Bros. 1945) literally saved Joan Crawford's film career. After 18 years with MGM being cast in films that were, with a few exceptions, becoming increasingly mediocre and often flopped at the box office, and even being put on the infamous "Box Office Poison" list, she got out of her MGM contract and moved to Warner Bros., where she made some of her best films, including this Film Noir melodrama about a woman who goes from kitchen-bound housewife to sucessful restaraunt owner. But it doesn't come easy, as she has to deal with many problems, not the least of which is her spoiled rotten, socially ambitious daughter. Joan knew that if she made another flop her career was dead in the water. "Mildred Pierce" was a huge hit, and it won her the only Oscar of a career that spanned five decades. The rest of the cast is excellent, including Jack Carson, Eve Arden, Bruce Bennett, Zachary Scott and Ann Blyth. Both Bette Davis and Barbara Stanwyck turned down "Mildred Pierce"; it would have been interesting to see how it would have played with either of them in the lead.

  • Mildred Pierce

    • Tom
    • 4/20/11

    Joan Crawford is the reason Milderd Pierce is so well known and loved. The rest of the cast is excellent, but so is Joan. Barbra Stanwyck once said: Joan Crawford was not a star, she was THE star! Joan was even better, in more complex roles as: A Woman's Face, Rain, Possessed, Humoresque, Sudden Fear and Strange Cargo. MGM used Joan as a money making machine, and did nothing to promote her for an Oscar. The Oscar winners in the 30's were highly political, much more so than they are now. Warners realized they had Gold in Joan, as Davis was a falling star. They wanted her to win the Oscar, so did what they could to help her win it. Also, Joan was a great comeback story which also helped her in her well deserved victory.

  • Have They Forgotten What a Star Looks Like?

    • Steve
    • 3/1/11 borrow a quote from Norma Desmond. I couldn't help but notice the stark contrast between the ultra-weak Oscar ceremony, and Mildred Pierce, which aired at the same time last Sunday. Oh to have stars like Joan Crawford again. She certainly would have livened up that ceremony. And in watching her performance in the movie and those of the nominated best actresses this year, she could have held her own with any of them, and blown many of them away. I did like the Bob Hope insertion this year. Maybe for next year, they can do clips of all the truly great stars and just leave the current ones out.

  • Classic film made at height of Best of Hollywood.

    • denscul
    • 2/28/11

    Regardless that this was Joan Crawford's lead which eventually lead to her bet Actress Oscar, Ann Blyth, the youngster was really played the lead. Nearly everything Craword did was for her oldet daughter. Shortly into the film, we warmed to Crawford's character. Bruce Bennet played his usual guy who did not get the girl, but in this case for the most part, he was the weak husband and father. But he did have the insight that Blyth's character Vitae was a no good brat. The film starts with a shooting, and works backwards to not one, but two flashbacks. Having two people trying to take credit for killing Zachery Scott, a heir going through his own, and Crawford's sucess at runing a chain of restaruants, Vitae is an unsatisfied creature who is unwilling to appreciate what her mother,father, Zachary Scott who plays Crawford and Byth for what he could get from both. When he is shot, I doubt whether anyone in the old movie houses felt like they had pulled the trigger. But it was Byth who pulls the trigger, and even after all the debris left by Blyth, she still expects her mother to get her out of her trouble. Oh yes, Blyth has so many reasons that make you want to at least shake and slap her, I forgot how she married a rich jerk, and isantly got a divorce, and lies about being pregnant. Her reward is a $10 k settlement. Crawford rips up the check (in reality, an uncashed check can easyily be redone if the first one is canceled, that would have not lead to Blyth's leaving home to become a scantly clad singer in Jack Carson's night club. Carson also does an excellent job helping and persuing Crawford without sucess in romance. The film ends with Blyyth betting caught tring to leave town. Her attitude is not remorse, but one isw left that she is going to wreck havoc on the prison. Fortunately, the film ends with Crawford and Benett seemginly leaving the police station about to starta new life without their evil daughter.

  • 5 star baby

    • cmiles
    • 4/23/10

    Give the oscar to Gene Tierney instead of Joan Crawford? JC acted the part of a loving mother who would do anything for her daughter. From what we now know of her, it was acting. Give her the oscar.The only memorable moment in LEAVE HER TO HEAVEN was when Tierney sat stock stearing still behind sunglasses while her brother-in-law called out for help and then drowned in the lake. But, yes, Carol Burnett is great.

  • 2 1/2 stars?????

    • Mike
    • 3/28/10

    This is a classic, great performances. Everything works. I really don't see how anyone can question crawford's acting ability. She survived the silent era, you can see the changes in her performances as years went was never the same person. some other actress' could play the same role no matter what decade it was, but not joan. she couldn't have mastered mildred 10 years before and by the mid-50's she might have been too hard. give credit where credit is due, she was mildred pierce in this movie.....not an actress using familiar tics and clipped speeches, etc.

  • Classic Noir

    • France
    • 3/2/10

    Such a classic. Only a clueless person would say that this film is trash. If this film is trash, then so is almost every classic Hollywood film! Seriously, watch it again if you have to, because clearly you missed something. Joan Crawford deserved the Oscar. Everyone did an amazing performance, and every character is fascinating to watch. Fabulous story, fabulous direction!

  • Trash, no. Great, yes.

    • musiquenonstop
    • 2/12/10

    Mildred Pierce is great.Joan Crawford is great. Eve Arden is great. Ann Blyth is great.Jack Carson is great.Zachary Scott is great.Moroni Olsen is great.Jo Ann Marlowe is great.Bruce Bennett is great.James M. Cain is great.Max Steiner is great.Hugo Friedhofer is great.Carol Burnett is great.

  • Crawford won an Oscar for this trash?

    • Jarrod McDonald
    • 11/8/09

    It's trash...okay, it's interesting and fairly good trash...but this was no Oscar role. The award for 1945 should've gone to either Ingrid Bergman in 'The Bells of St. Marys' or Gene Tierney in 'Leave Her to Heaven.' I have a feeling Crawford won for two reasons. First, her peers were caught up in the publicity of this being her supposed comeback, and they were honoring previous work (just like Jimmy Stewart won for 'The Philadelphia Story' when he should've won the year before for 'Mr. Smith Goes to Washington'). Second, audiences at that time might've been taken in by the sentimental story of a mother who would do anything for her daughter, so the award was given on behalf of mothers, not because of a dramatic performance. Barbara Stanwyck would've been much better in the role. The script, meanwhile, is weak with very cliched dialogue (all the gloss in the world can't hide a weak script). Melodramas can be very effective and worthy of critical praise, but there are many glitches in this story. The subplot of the second daughter dying from pneumonia added nothing to the film's themes. It was merely a convenient grab-your-hankie moment halfway through the film. But if the point was to show that Mildred had faced hardships and losses, that had already been established by showing a troubled marriage and an ungrateful daughter (the older Veda). The second daughter should've been eliminated from the script since the story is really about Mildred and Veda. Also, I think the Eve Arden part should've been paired with Jack Carson by the end of the movie. Overall, I have to say that this film does not hold up well. It is not Crawford's best film, contrary to what some may say. Her greatest achievement on film would instead be the excellent performance she gives in 'Johnny Guitar.'

  • Comeback Joan !

    • John Logan
    • 9/21/09

    Movie Excecs Told Joan she was too old, old news, even washed up. She found a gem of an opportunity in Mildred Pierce. A darkhorse of a movie, it put Joan back on the map and made the studio wonderous amounts of money. Mildred goes from pie maker to restauntuer to the society page. Instead of reeling from depession from a broken marriage, she reenergizes from the love that comes from wanting to provide for your child. As an Audience, we cheer for Mildred. This movie will tug on the heartstrings as well as keep you in suspense. The early years for Joan , for example the movies with Clark Gable, had me mesermized with her beauty. This film astounded me with her acting. {although Joans beauty didnt betray her in this role ! } With the script, teriffic cast, and Michael Ortiz directing , Oscar smiled on Joan!

  • Mildred Pierce (1945)

    • Jay Higgins
    • 8/18/09

    One of the best melodrama's from the 1940's, with Joan Crawford in one of her best roles, certainly the one she is most identified with. She finally got her beloved Oscar for playing the title character. The entire cast is great, with Eve Arden a standout and Ann Blyth in a career making role. Great costumes and cinematography. A marvelous classic.

  • Good Looking Film...

    • Jeff W
    • 7/24/09

    This is Film Noir: dark (a story about murder, a tragic death, two divorces, ruined careers, a stepfather/stepdaughter intrigue, sleazy characters and a stolen business), shadowy sets, a protagonist alienated from her husband(s), daughter and the business she built, whiling obsessing with providing her spoiled, ungrateful daughter with all the things she never had. Jack Carson is wonderful as the sleazy business partner wolfing after MP he is the unsung performance of the film. Ann Blyth gives a knockout rendition as the spoiled, ungrateful Veda. Butterfly McQueen is always great. This is a handsome production with Joan nailing the lead role. Yes, she had "the face" but she could act if you can get past the fact she photographed so well. Even Bette Davis said, "Christ that dame had a face." As for convincing, Joan made gravy, frosted cakes and battered and fried up chicken like a short order cook while looking great. When I first saw this film I was a little disappointed. I thought to win an Oscar an actor had to give a Meryl Streep's Sophie's Choice performance - emotions from A to Z. In MP, Joan gives a poised and emotionally guarded performance; rarely does she let it fly. What's more is how this film has dated so well: you know the types today - living their lives through their kids, obsessed with them having all the advantages, and defending them at all cost, even though they know better. If you like Joan or wonder about her work, check this film out. The story takes awhile to get moving, but once things start humming, sit back and enjoy. Movies made in this era built up the storyline a little slower than today. BTW, Michael Curtiz wanted Barbara Stanwyck as Mildred but when Joan tested, under his protest, he knew who Mildred Pierce was.

  • Arden Takes the Cake

    • Chris_Crafton
    • 7/17/09

    Eve Arden's biting humor usually steals scenes right out from under the leads. She did so in "Cover Girl" quite a few times. That is what she was so good at doing: making the movie much more than a drama without some comedic relief. If ever there was a film that needed what Eve Arden could aptly deliver, it's this one. Someone had to be down to earth. Arden deserved the Oscar not just a nomination.

  • Over Glamorized & Over Rated Lead

    • Auntranett
    • 7/11/09

    The director, Michael Curtiz was correct in accusing Joan Crawford of over glamorizing her part as a working single mother. Crawford was untruthful with Curtiz telling him she must buy Pierce's clothes because she had "her own dressmaker" making those ridiculous looking shoulders (as if the hangers were still left in the suit jackets!) & tightening the waistlines. Crawford didn't pass for a housewife at any time during the film. She couldn't pass for a nurturing mother even if she tried. On the brighter side, Eve Arden steals the show delivering the lines of a sharp witted master supporting actor. I can't pick which of Arden's performances is the better of this one or of another in "Cover Girl." Both are that good. I'd rate this film around a 5 only because of Arden's performance. Otherwise I'd call it a bomb (regardless of how the AFI was lobbied to grant Crawford an Oscar for once again playing herself).

  • Eve Arden

    • freddie8
    • 6/13/09

    Thankfully Eve Arden was rightly awarded for her role as Ida. She's a gem of a one-liner comedian. I've always loved how Arden could put folks in their place with a look or line. She won't be forgetten for being one of the best at sarcastic humor.

  • Eve Arden Yes, Mildred Pierce, No

    • Brossard
    • 6/10/09

    I agree with those who've already written that Eve Arden's Ida Corwin is among her best performances. However, I also agree that TCM has burnt us out on this film! Enough already. I also agree that Crawford was a movie star who takes an acquired taste to be interested in. It does seem like she's become a drag icon to men's men. Writing as a woman, I have no interest in her whatsoever. Eve Arden's got the great script in this film. As far aws I'm concerned, Arden steals the show.

  • Grateful to Eve Arden

    • Goldie28
    • 6/9/09

    How some women actors depicted women during the 20th century did quite a bit of damage to how women and girls were viewed. Eve Arden rescues this film from falling completely into that category of films that have had a negative impact upon images of women. Arden's stalwart supporting role gratefully balances out the other characters' performances of girls and women as victims. If for some reason you find yourself suffering through this film, try focusing upon Arden's Ida Corwin. Let's just say it's a relief from the other characters.

  • One Person to Watch: Eve Arden

    • DrMD
    • 6/8/09

    This film has to be the most overplayed overrated one by TCM. The outcry on the "suggest a movie" list is to stop playing this film by dozens of sick and tired of it veiwers. All but for the sharp-witted performance of Eve Arden as Ida Corwin, there'd be no good enough reason to watch this film. On this list one dare not write what they really think about the star of this show or her bland performance. If you need something to snooze by, this film's good for that. Just tape it, then you can fast forward to the good parts worth viewing by Eve Arden, who was the only performer who deserved an Oscar.

  • Well that was an easy decision

    • IamBrenda
    • 6/7/09

    When we found out that Bette Davis' films were being shown on TCM this weekend, one of us noticed that this film would be shown too. So we decided to see who we thought was best. Instead of choosing between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, my family wound up chosing between Eve Arden and Bette Davis! Eve Arden left Joan Crawford buried in the sand. Of course, Bette Davis was everyone's choice for Best Actress. But, Eve Arden was cast by our family as someone who'd have made a great co-lead with Bette Davis. Now that would really be fun. This film was so bad that the only parts worth watching were the scenes Arden was in. A good film to have a DVR to fast forward through the boring Crawford and Wright soap opera scenes.

  • Eve Arden's Most Memorable Performance

    • Michelles
    • 6/7/09

    As Ida Corwin, Eve Arden was perfectly cast. She steals the show with her sarcastic delivery and acting technique. It is a wonder that she didn't win the Oscar she'd been nominated for. Without her great performance, this film wouldn't have been worth watching. I liked Arden as the principle in "Grease" as well. But this was her most memorable performance.

  • Grateful for Eve Arden's Wisecracks

    • m_d
    • 6/6/09

    If it hadn't been for Eve Arden's great delivery of sarcastic one liners, I doubt seriously that I'd have had any other motivation to stick with this film. Teresa Wright's one of my favorite younger of the old-timey actors. This is one of her worst performances. Having to act with Joan Crawford portraying Joan Crawford must have been a struggle. The sheer narcissism of this film's title character is enough to be a total turn off. But, fortunately, to her credit, Eve Arden rescues this film from being one of the dullest to ever be nominated for Oscars.

  • Mildred Pierce

    • Jakweline
    • 6/5/09

    This film's disappointing as far as the lead acting goes, if that's what it can be called. The plot of this film is so weak that it hardly holds interest. One part of the terrible script stands out: the part of Ida Corwin. Corwin's the character with the stand out lines. Supporting actor, Eve Arden, was nominated for an Oscar for a classic performance doing what she did the very best: bringing life to a film by adding humrous one-liners to it. Best to focus on Arden's Corwin that Crawford's dismal depiction of Pierce.

  • A Lot of Hype About a Sleeper

    • Noriko
    • 6/4/09

    I agree with the recent comments made here. Eve Arden's performance is the best part of this movie. Crawford's is boring. Wright's is dismal. The story doesn't have any kind of important message or any kind build up to make a point. It just kind of goes from nowhere to nowhere else. Eve Arden's lines are so funny though. She gets away with saying harsh stuff by using humor and great delivery. But even with her Oscar-nominated performance, I wouldn't watch the whole film again. Just her parts. The rest put me to sleep.

  • Eve Arden Steals the Show

    • Eliza.beth
    • 6/2/09

    As Ida Corwin, Eve Arden plays the only character who makes any good sense. The way she expresses it is in that classic Arden style: nearly deadpan, side-spliting, satirical quips like this one:Ida Corwin (Eve Arden): "Personally, Veda's convinced me that alligators have the right idea. They eat their young."Of course, that line's a credit to the screenwriter too. But without the right actor delivering the line the right way, it wouldn't have the same impact.Arden could be counted upon to liven and lighten up even the most mundane of films like this one.

  • Eve Arden: The Best Lines

    • Angelahas
    • 6/1/09

    Whenever Eve Arden delivered one of her character-defining comical cuts every part of her being was that character. Arden became Ida Corwin in this film. The style with which she embodied the spirit of Corwin saved this deadly dull film from lulling audiences to sleep. Arden had the best lines in the script and she was so far along in her acting career that she knew exactly what to do with them. Steal the show. That she did. Nearly all of the satire and comic relief, and we did need relief, came from Arden's Corwin. Although not her most memorable character, her performance was nominated for an Oscar. My favorite of Arden's is the magazine executive who's running the interviews for their new model in "Cover Girl," starring Rita Hayworth. Arden has Hayworth doing a tail spin during that interview which is hilarious. But I do like Arden's characters best when they have fangs!

  • Ida Corwin

    • Virginia.K
    • 5/31/09

    Eve Arden gave an Oscar-nominated performance as Ida Corwin. The clever, managerial woman beside Pierce (Crawford). The satirical way that Ida views & comments upon Mildred's dubious judgement is more engaging than the main plot. The main plot plugs along haplessly. Neither Crawford's nor Wright's character's are likable or interesting. They just don't like each other. That sums it up. The whoe while, however, Arden's acing like a Shakespearean character who's making asides about the main play to the audience. Those too were, now and then, more fascinating than the play itself. Corwin's quips express doubt in Pierce's relationships, thereby cluing the audience in to the impending peril and doom in each one of them. A woman like Ida doesn't need many words to convey her thoughts.

  • Great Eve Arden Supporting Performance

    • Zachry
    • 5/31/09

    Sometimes the supporting actors perform better than the leading ones. I agree with the majority of voters here that the supporting performances are better than the lead. In particular, Eve Arden's sharp, partly satirical comic relief performance. Without her comical relief from this otherwise boring film, I doubt it would have much stature today.

  • Mildred Pierce

    • PearyHusky
    • 5/30/09

    Enough hasn't been written about the stand out performance by Eve Arden!

  • Hollow Specter of a Being

    • Isaacs
    • 5/29/09

    I have been trying to describe how I feel whenever I have watched Joan Crawford. When I got to this movie's review that words came to me. Crawford was notoriously shallow in her personal life. I feel a hollowness whenever I watch her try to perform a role. It is like she's a shell or all surface facade with no inner being. When I watch her pretending to be a caring mother in this movie, no feeling from her character comes to me. I see and hear the person going through the motions. I do not feel the emotions that should be connected and projected through that character with her motions and words. So, when Mildred Pierce is running in a bathing suit on the beach it is devoid of any meaning or sensation. That is what I mean when I write she does not do a thing for me.

  • The Great Eve Arden

    • Antonias
    • 5/21/09

    Known for being a quick witted, scene stealing, master of one-liners, Eve Arden was too often cast in supporting roles with inferior actors. Such is the case in this otherwise drab film. The life of it's energized by Arden's snappy Ida quips in response to Joan Crawford's morose Mildred mewls. Being type cast was such an easy trap door to fall through without an exit. Cast repeatedly as the lead's business partner, office manager or secretary, Arden made the most of her secondary roles. By creating a unique technique of line delivery, her ability to out act the leads oft times made the show. Arden gave one of her great performances in this film.

  • Too much ado about the wrong actor

    • DeborahG
    • 5/21/09

    The way this film was (and still is) marketed was by using MGM's studio cash cow's name, Joan Crawford, in the trailers and headlines. By hyping the movie star MGM wanted to be hip, the public went along with MGM. Without critically viewing the acting, what MGM seeded was taken as gospel. They proverbially hung flashing lights around Crawford's neck reading, "I'm the star."Great performances by the supporting cast, far superior to Crawford's, were over-shadowed. MGM's money making marketing worked. Crawford's performance,however, turned out to be dull. While Eve Arden's easily stold this mediocre show.

  • Eve Arden's great performance

    • Judge_Pierre
    • 5/19/09

    Eve Arden was in many great films. This isn't one of them. However, Arden's supporting performance should have taken the Oscar, especially since it was better than the lead actors'. Arden's expertise was pulling out a film that was headed for the gutter. She did that quite a few times throughout her impresssive acting career. Arden also had a unique way of making the leads look better than they were. As Ida Corwin, Eve Arden earned a well deserved Oscar nomination. If not for her cunning acting this film would have flopped.

  • Sharp Witted Eve Arden

    • Geraldeen
    • 5/12/09

    The most entertaining & enjoyable part of this film is Eve Arden's razor sharp performance as Ida Corwin. Arden didn't need to be front & center on the screen to land either cutting blows or charmingly funny quips in short lines. She had attitude to part the Red Sea, no matter who she played. This film would have been in sufferable without her comic relief & timing. In scenes shared with Miss Crawford, Miss Arden handily steals each one! By so doing, Arden puts the snooty Crawford in her place. Too bad it wasn't completely out of this picture.

  • Run, Save Yourself

    • Joannah
    • 5/11/09

    The 1st time I saw this film, I recall thinking if Pierce was my mother, I'd elope to get away from her too. Now, after viewing it again, 32 years later, I'd rather be the child that died. Whomever wrote the synopsis for this film being about a selfish daughter has a very different viewpoint of the characters than mine. Pierce is Crawford as was typical, making herself out to be a victim, while children are shoved to the sidelines so that she can take center stage. It's always about what children do to her life. Not what she's done to theirs. Predictably so.

  • Misery Love Misery

    • dddoughboy
    • 5/10/09

    Thank goodness for Eve Arden's performance. Without it this film would have been miserable. I think of it as either "Joan Pierce" or "Mildred Crawford," since the only acting required of Crawford was to play a smattering of kindness & show a minute amout of care for her youngest daughter. I hope Arden's cynical cuts made to Crawford were more than a performance!

  • Dreadful Pierce

    • ZZane
    • 5/6/09

    The synopsis for this film is odd since it mislabels the daughter as selfish, instead of mother Mildred. As was Joan Crawford, Mildred Pierce was too obsessed with business to be a likeable person or respectable parent. Like Miss Crawford, Mrs. Pierce was too $$$ ambitious to express interest in her children's aspirations. Self-centered to her core, green with envy to be younger like her daughter, Pierce, like Crawford, wallows in self-pity when her high expectations of everyone fail. Nearly a biopic of Crawford's down fall.

  • Poor Joan, She Can't Help It, She Was...

    • MMaxey
    • 5/5/09

    ...Born to be a victim and play them in most of the films she wormed her way into. I don't like films that depict women as weaklings, wimps, victims, stupid or abusive to children. Therefore, I don't like the films Miss Crawford played in. This one is no exception; especially since it's a rather pointless flick. Pierce is a victim who doesn't ever learn how to survive because she's too caught up in her own work and pleasures, too set in her own ways and ideals to even raise a child properly. Pierce equals the ultimate narcissist. Yuko.

  • Too True to Life to Differentiate

    • WalterW
    • 5/2/09

    When a character is so much like the person who's playing them, little to no acting need be done. That's what happened with Joan Crawford as Mildred Pierce. It's also why this film isn't engaging: we already knew more than was wanted about who she was and what she did to herself and others. Since there's a fusion between Pierce and Crawford, it's nearly impossible to differentiate between then. Pierce is a warmer, kinder,gentler Crawford since all eyes were upon her. The more interesting question became what Crawford did when she didn't know we were watching. It wasn't pretty.

  • For Want of a Leading Lady

    • SadieR
    • 5/2/09

    The main reason I don't like "Pierce" is because of J. Crawford's inability to act well enough to be believable or make me empathsize with Pierce. It's no secret that J. Crawford wasn't a great actor and was a personality who got parts the easy sleazy way. I don't like how she tried to be younger than she was. As a child, seeing her face was frightening. Once I became a researcher I learned what first hand sources, her peers, knew about her obsessions. Who she was doesn't effect my views about her performance's quality or lack thereof. This film lacks a leading lady.

  • You Don't Get It

    • Steve
    • 5/1/09

    It seems that many of these posts are from people who saw (and believe) every word out of "Mommie Dearest". Since that publication came out accounts from others who knew Joan and her family tell a much different story than dear little Christina. Apparently, Christina was much more like Veda than the little angel she claims to have been. Check out Myrna Loy's comments about Christina in the book "Not the Girl Next Door". Myrna, being one of the most admired and beloved of Holywood stars, worked with Christina on stage and didn't have very complinetary things to say. Of course, everyone has a right to their own opinions about Joan's acting, but take a look at Katharine Hepburn during her MGM years. Her acting is almost unwatchable it is so contrived, but that's how they taught them at MGM. Joan came much more into her own at Warner's, and started blowing Bette Davis off the screen in the mid/late Forties. I don't think Joan was the greatest actress ever, but she's endlessly fascinating to watch as she herself eveloved as a person and we get to watch that on screen over her 50 year career (she must have been something right). Perhaps the fact that we're still all talking about her more than 30 years after her death speaks the most about her star quality. Does anyone talk about Garbo or even remember Shearer any more?

  • Glad-Handed Man User On & Off Screen

    • NJMB
    • 4/30/09

    The reason I agree that Miss Crawford doesn't actually 'act' is that she's playing no one but herself. This time it's another glad-handed man user, dependent upon their money. As in reality, Pierce's children are secondary to her career aspirations. Zero focus is placed on the mother helping her children achieve what they aspire to. On the contrary. Mommie comes first. Oh so similar to her reality, what happens to the relationship(s) between Pierce & her children is tragic. At least Crawford shows her true self. It's not a pretty sight. The plot's about lack of morals.

  • Eve Arden

    • DavidaH
    • 4/29/09

    Eve Arden had great comedic line delivery timing. Her talent for playing supporting parts that provided contrasts to the leads was tremendous. In this film, Arden's character makes the film, no Crawford's. Crawford never seemed to get into the rhythm as an actor, finding her identity. Perhaps that's because off screen she really didn't know who she was. A rather pitiful excuse of a person. Or maybe her lack of acting ability was because she was hired to be a personality. Rather than this film being classic it's only notorious due to the Crawford controversies behind it.

  • Beneath TCM's High Standards

    • Tonix
    • 4/28/09

    Frankly, I'm surprised that TCM is going to broadcast this film once a month for the next two months. Concurring with the prior reviewers on all points made, I can add that TCM has too many finer features to choose from to lower its standards to a soap opera (at best). The last film I want to watch is Joan Crawford pretending to be anyone's mother. The worst kind of film to air is one where a woman plays a chronic victim. Add to that list mother-martyrdom and those equal Mildred Pierce. Women deserve better than anything Crawford ever offered.

  • Eve Arden Saves This Film...

    • 1899bogie1957
    • 4/27/09

    ...from being a worthless disaster. I can imagine all that Crawford did, other than any type of good acting, to get an Oscar. I've read well researched biographies that reveal how she manipulated her way into the limelight. Thank goodness Eve Arden was cast in this flick because her cynical performance saved the project. In fact, her performance makes Crawford's look feable. Arden didn't get the leading roles, but she sure did make the films work. I'd have liked to have known her. Not Crawford, gawd forbid.

  • Most Undeserved Oscar

    • GeorgiaR
    • 4/26/09

    Of all movie stars to present with an Oscar for a bland performance, at best, Joan Crawford? It would make a very interesting doctoral dissertation for someone to find out the truth about who Crawford may have bribed, seduced, lobbied against and-or manipulated into this award. So often, humans are like cows who follow the ones in the front of the line aimlessly. It seems clear to me that's what too many have done when rating this film. The story was average, direction questionable, music insignificant, script lousy (all but Arden's). Both tumbs down.

  • Oh Bother, Not Again...

    • soulforcee
    • 4/25/09

    The most insufferable film, with poor, poor pitiful Joan feining victim again (& again & again...). Why didn't they just name the film "Joan Crawford," instead? With the trailers claiming Crawford's playing the perpetually victimized Crawford again. Or don't expect anything new, it's just about Joan needing a vehicle through which to moan & groan. I wish TCM would get over it's lust for this film in short order. Who is it there that needs to air it, Ben?

  • Not a Film Noir

    • zzziz
    • 4/23/09

    Whomever taught that this abysmal film is a noir apparently doesn't know the meaning of it. Films noir are dark, shadowy, bleak. Noir means black. Films noir are typically low key, with topics of alienation and morally compromised obsessions of the protagonists, of crime-based films. That's beyond the point of this review since I want to say that this film is so over-rated. Crawford's role as a caring mother doesn't work for me. I don't find her performance the least bit convincing or the story interesting.

  • Favorite noir

    • Natalie
    • 4/23/09

    One of the best out there! I just took a class on film noir and I saw this one for the first time, wow! I love it! What an introduction to Crawford. I never really knew about her, but because of this film, I have become a fan.I look forward to seeing it when you air it next!

  • Why I Don't Like This Film

    • f2008ilmzzz
    • 4/22/09

    First, because to story isn't interesting. Second, because Eve Arden gives the best performance & by so doing makes Crawford's seem forced. Third, I'd already become tired of viewing Crawford's main character: the victim. Fourth, Crawford's character isn't believable as a mother. Fifth, the title actress's narcissism is thick enough to cut with a knife. I enjoyed Eve Arden instead.

  • Over-rated, over-played

    • 15michelangelo64
    • 4/22/09

    I can't think of any aspect of this film that moves me. Nor can I recall anything I like about it. I didn't believe that Joan Crawford did a convincing job of being any character but herself, as usual. Frankly, Faye Dunaway plays Joan Crawford better than Joan Crawford plays herself. The screenplay offers nothing unique in the script. The plot is weak. It's bland in every aspect. I don't recommend it of see why it's worthy of being considered a classic.

  • Deserves more stars

    • Norma
    • 3/15/09

    TCM (or whoever decides on the number of stars when rating a film) only gives "Mildred" three stars. It definitely deserves four.

  • One Of Crawford's Best

    • Bruce Reber
    • 3/13/09

    Mildred Pierce is one of my top 5 favorite Joan Crawford films (Flamingo Road, Humoresque, Queen Bee and Whatever Happened To Baby Jane are the other 4). This was the first film she made after she moved to Warner Bros. from MGM, and in it she showed a new aspect of her acting ability that I think was missing from mahy of her MGM films. To me it is also one of the first films about a woman's self-empowerment and striving to succeed in a male-dominated society. It also shows how things like falling in love with the wrong man and problems with her daughter can ultimately lead to her undoing. At the end of Mildred Pierce she ends up back with her ex-husband, and maybe her experiences will help her get her life back on track.Watch it whenever I can on TCM. Excellent, 4 stars!

  • One of the best!

    • Cara B
    • 3/1/09

    This movie classic is one of my personal favorites. A mom who does whatever it takes to make sure her daughter has the best of everything and how the daughter appreciates it all, NOT.Joan is at her best in this film and is one I could watch over and over. If you never saw it before you may have a new favorite in store.

  • mildred pierce

    • weston terwilliger
    • 8/27/07

    Mildred pierce is my favorite film noir.Its an absolute classic and it will draw you in until the very end.This film has a complex plot that's beautifuly played out by Joan Crawford,Jack Carson,Eve Arden and Ann Blyth in the the briliant cinematography that emphasizes the mood of the whole story and ties it together.A must see for any classic movie buff!

  • Great vehicle for Crawford.

    • Rob
    • 2/14/07

    What a great comeback for Joan Crawford! Mildred Pierce is a great film noir.

  • Crawford at her best...

    • Mike
    • 4/15/06

    Joan Crawford stars as the ambitious Mildred Pierce, ready to take on the world after a failed marriage and a daughter from hell. Mildred Pierce is Crawford at her greatest, and her only academy award winning movie for best actress. Her first film with Warner Bros. after her fallout with Metro Goldwyn Mayor, is a must see for any movie lover.

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