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Meet the Missus

Meet the Missus(1937)

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To his dismay, barber Otis Foster, the founder of the Fosterboro Barber College in Fosterboro, Ohio, learns that his wife Emma, a compulsive contest entrant, has been named a finalist in the Happy Noodles Mrs. America contest. After Steve Walton, the contest's representative, drops by to meet Emma and her pretty daughter Louise, Emma informs Otis that, according to the rules of the $10,000 contest, he has to accompany her to the finals in Atlantic City. Reluctantly, Otis, who has always done all of Emma's cooking and cleaning chores, agrees to participate in the contest, but is unprepared for the humiliating treatment to which the finalists' husbands are subjected. After Otis sews the dress that Emma, "Mrs. Mid-Western," needs to win the "frockmaking" portion of the contest, Barney Lott, a judge, slips him a pass to a burlesque club, where Princess Zarina, a notorious fan dancer, is performing. Unknown to Otis, Lott, who has been paid by "Mrs. Mississippi Valley" to get Emma out of the competition, has instructed the police to raid the club, knowing that if a contestant's husband is arrested for any violation, his wife will be disqualified. To make sure that Otis is available to help her in the interior decorating competition, however, Emma locks him in their hotel room. Otis slips the pass to John White, "Mr. Mississippi Valley," who then is arrested in the raid. Just before Emma returns to the room, Princess Zarina sneaks in to avoid the police and hides in the closet. Afraid that Emma will discover the dancer, Otis offers to help in the home decoration competition, which involves cleaning a messy bedroom behind curtains. Before Emma accidentally knocks him out, Otis straightens the room in record time and assures his wife first place. As the final banquet nears, Louise, who is in love with Steve, shows up, furious about the contest's degrading publicity. When Otis then learns that he is to wear a "Mr. Mid-Western" banner to the banquet, he storms the room of Happy Noodles' president Gordon J. Cutting. Mistaken for Cutting's barber, Otis is unable to state his case, but conspires with the other husbands to sabotage the banquet by parading in his bathing suit. Although Otis is crowned "Mr. America," he denounces Happy Noodles over the radio and starts a brawl. After Lott is found guilty of taking bribes from all of the contestants, Emma, who gave Otis' savings to Lott, is awarded the $10,000. His manhood restored, Otis returns to Ohio with a reformed Emma, while Louise and Steve elope to Niagara Falls.