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The Loved One

The Loved One(1965)


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  • Hated the Loved One

    • Hannah
    • 9/17/18

    Worst movie I've ever seen! One star for a good cast, but what awful material!

  • how to go crazy without trying.

    • a.morris
    • 9/17/18

    jon hamm does one interesting show on cable and gets to make an h and r block head full of money for crap movies. Robert morse has talent ..wins two tony awards at least ..for that talent.. works with some of the greatest talent ever.. which means he never worked with jonn hamm in a movie. the man is like king david career wise. endures all the b.s. a professional might go through..just to be known as the old goat fart who worked for jon hamm in a tv show. and the kicker is..Robert morse played the boss. this film should have been part of the legacy..the greatness of a lifetime of work. Robert is spelled the way it should be . no one should ever trust a guy who spells john..jon. i trusted jon voit or Voight..i do not care how he spells voit..point is one jon is risky. voit sometimes makes gary busey seem sane. the movie is never going to be on a fan level of total greatness. it has been copied to some length over the years. it is the Robert morse of film. may both be remembered with a sense of some consideration.

  • Twisted and Hilarious

    • Trylon
    • 11/29/17

    I had never seen this movie prior to now and almost turned it off. I'm glad I didn't. The cast is excellent. Liberace selling caskets is as bizarre a scene as has ever been filmed in Hollywood. Its nuts. It's also incredibly funny. That scene is almost topped by Rod Steiger as Mr. Joyboy the mortician who prepares John Gielgud's body for the funeral. My god, it's hilarious and incredibly creepy at the same time. John Gielgud has played so many powerful roles in film, but in this movie, he steals scenes as the corpse. You have to see it to believe it. The film slows somewhat at times but it is a remarkable slam at the funeral "industry." One also has to wonder every time there is a reference to Sir Francis Hinsley (John Gielgud, the deceased) as hung. He did hang himself, but the double entendre is a funny surprise. Everything about this movie is a slam at American funeral customs and it is the twisted humor which makes it all so effective.

  • Death becomes a Comedy

    • John
    • 7/14/17

    L.B. Mayer must have been rolling in his grave when MGM released this 1965, anti-American, all-star "black comedy" about death, embalming and funeral parlors. After sitting through this two hour cameo derby I didn't feel "insulted", just taken. The suicide scene at the film's end is very disturbing.

  • Once Was Enough

    • David H.
    • 7/1/17

    I saw this film in a theater when it came out in the 1960's and thought it was the worst movie I had ever seen. It ranks with films such as "Howard The Duck" or "Big Trouble in Little China." The impressive cast is wasted in an awful movie.

  • Second Look, Ileana?

    • hswolfmaniac
    • 5/14/14

    I recorded this on my DVR and finally began to watch it last week. I kept falling asleep out of boredom after a few minutes the movie began . It took me over a week to see the whole movie. Second look? This movie didn't deserve a first look. What a waste. Joyboy's mother was disgusting. The only reason I kept watching it was just to see Anjanette Comer. Not a good movie to watch. Mediocre at best.

  • Overlooked Gem

    • Stephen Novalany
    • 4/19/14

    Very funny satire . Discovering this was akin to "discovering" and watching for the first time one of the great screwball comedies of the thirties or forties

  • What A Find!

    • Stephanie
    • 1/30/14

    This is a delightful and witty movie that came out the same year I was born. I've just read the Evelyn Waugh novella - which was the source material for this - a very biting and witty book. The book is from 1948 and Richardson updates his film to 1965 but he does not "ruin" the book. The updates are great. What a looney movie. Everyone is so good. I even love Liberace's small scene. He was a pretty good actor! The look of the film is perfect and almost has a Kubrick feel. Anjenette Comer is a new find for me and I thought she was perfect for Miss Thanatogenous. Jonathan Winters and a young Paul Williams also add to the hilarity. But nothing beats Rod Steiger's over-the-top performance as Mr. Joyboy.

  • Thanks, Ileana

    • Sherry
    • 5/26/13

    Caught this Friday night as part of Ileana Douglas's programming (bringing forgotten movies back). Although it can be annoying at times, as it was part of that whole 1960's madcap vibe, with jangling voices that irk, the visuals are riveting. I saw what looked like an alien sitting in a restaurant during a scene with Morse and Gielgud. Freaky!

  • The Loved One

    • Goetan
    • 5/25/13

    A satirical look at the funeral services in Hollywood. Morse gets involved in the funeral business after his uncle's suicide, great work from Winters in a dual role, Paul Williams in his debut as the boy genius he hires. When the story and jokes are actually funny, the film shines, but it can trend towards the vulgar and creepy at times. A good, but not great comedy worth watching from time-to-time. I give it a 3/5.

  • joined because of this film!

    • milesfll
    • 11/16/12

    consider myself a movie buff, but i have never heard of this film! i worked in the funeral businessand got a charge out of that aspect. johnathon winters in a dual role (intentional i'm sure), paul williamsas the kid, rod steiger, liberace what a cast!!!!! look up the main charactors name in the dictionary, you will get close. this is definately a keeper. not as madcap as mad mad mad mad world, but great names just the same.

  • Never forgot it

    • Professorcool
    • 7/21/12

    I saw this movie when it was first released, and thought it was absolutely oneof the most outrageous, offensive, and hilarious satires/parodies on film. Certainly on a par with "Cat Balloo" and "Cheyenne Autumn" (which starred Sal Mineo as an Indian Brave!). The movie lampoons fat people, dead people, rich people, businessmen, air-head young women, and clueless young men. Truly the movie with something to offend everyone. See it!

  • great

    • Ryan petersen
    • 6/24/12

    The loved one is great for a mortician or post mordem comedey lover, I my self is a funeral director im usually just embalming but i do others and i tell ya every thing in the movie is done by a great prop maker because all the equitment is ones i use for perfecting the narrual look. some although are outdated but post mortem collectable treasure they should make a remake ied love to see that ecspecialy with jim carrey as mr joyboy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Loved One

    • The Phantom Stranger
    • 3/6/10

    .. An absolute hoot to watch! Let's say if this movie doesn't hit your funny bone,well then perhaps Mr.Joy Boy should be working on you, because you would have to be dead not to laugh at this Morbid comedy. Robert Morse is one of those actors, who can make you laugh out loud, even when he is just expressing his emotions. This movie is B/W from 1965. It is a little Gem of a Film, so before watching have yourself some adult beverages and some other things and kick back in a comfortable chair and be prepared for a very funny,offbeat, movie featuring some great stars of that era,who normally did not do comedy. Enjoy!! The Phantom Stranger/ reviews horror movies for Creepshow Check it out sometime..

  • Winner: Most Bizarre Film ever!

    • Deegee
    • 3/5/10

    I first saw this movie on very late night TV when half-hungover from a senior prom party in 1970 - I thought I had hallucinated, as I never heard any more mention of the film and didnt know the title. Then I found it on cable and was delighted to see that it was the movie that was so nutz and not any illegal drugs I may/may not have ingested. I love this satirical look at the funeral industry. It is truly the movie to offend everyone!

  • Weird & Funny Satire

    • Bruce Reber
    • 6/18/09

    Although "The Loved One" is about a morbid subject (death and funerals) it is a very funny comic satire with a great cast playing some extremely strange characters, such as a lecherous businessman-preacher, an embalmer, a (Hindu?) advice columnist, a kid rocket scientist and some very wacky Brits. I just bought the DVD, and I have seen it on TCM a few times. If you like good satire then see "The Loved One". Of course, if you don't care for this kind of film, then stay away.

  • what a disappointment ... SPOILER ALERT

    • a
    • 11/29/08

    very slow, silly and NOT very funny but had sooooo much potentialtoo bad sir John Gielgud's character died so soon into the movie ... the movie died too

  • crazy film

    • PDW
    • 4/1/08

    I saw this years ago and could never find it untill I saw it again on TCL some time back. It is a dark comedy with a star studded cast!

  • Is this the darkest edge of black comedy?

    • Davzin
    • 7/9/07

    A friend once told me that she showed this movie to a relative dying of cancer.And the laughter almost killed the two of them! You may have thought Liberace was the pinnacle of smaltz...but who could have been a better casket salesman?Mr. Joyboy's mother meeting her fitting'end' is disgusting, revolting, and hilarious. Any movie with Jonathan Winters in dual roles can't possibly be missed by any movie fan of this genre. Before you plant a dear relative, or makeyour own funeral sure to watch The Loved One several times. I want the eternal-perpetual myself.

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