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Maisie Goes to Reno

Maisie Goes to Reno(1944)

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After she becomes embroiled in a noisy fight with her factory mate, Maisie Ravier, an overworked Los Angeles riveter who has developed a nervous wink, is ordered to take two weeks of vacation. Hearing of Maisie's situation, Tommy Cutter, a band leader with whom Maisie used to perform, offers her a job singing with his all-girl band in a Reno hotel, and tempted by the promise of free room and board, she accepts. Because of the war, bus tickets to Reno are scarce, and Maisie obtains one only by chance. When Bill Fullerton, a Marine sergeant on furlough, begs her for the ticket so that he can go to Reno and reconcile with his estranged wife Gloria, an heiress who believes he is a fortune hunter, Maisie gives it to him. Before boarding the bus, however, Bill is informed by an M.P. that his furlough has been canceled. Desperate, Bill returns the ticket to Maisie and asks her to hand-deliver a letter he was written to Gloria. Once in Reno, Maisie inquires about Gloria, who is staying at her hotel, but learns that the heiress has checked out. Mistaking her nervous tic for a flirtation, Philip "Flip" Hennahan, a blackjack dealer at the hotel's casino, offers Maisie a ride to the ranch where Gloria is now staying. There, Maisie is introduced to Gloria by her business manager, Roger Pelham, and hands over Bill's letter. To Maisie's surprise, Gloria is unmoved by the letter and reveals that Bill has written to ask for money. The next morning, Bill telephones Maisie to inquire about the letter, and she condemns him as a deceitful cad. Maisie then spends a romantic day with Flip and learns that he is a recently discharged veteran. That night, Maisie runs into Gloria at the hotel, but soon discovers that the woman is actually Gloria's secretary, Winifred Ashbourne. The real Gloria then introduces herself, explaining that she sometimes has Winifred impersonate her. The heiress sadly denounces Bill, unaware that Winifred and Pelham replaced Bill's letter with one penned by an alcoholic forger named J. E. Clave. Soon after, Maisie overhears Clave talking on a lobby phone to Pelham and, suspicious, tricks Jerry, a bellhop who is infatuated with her, into letting her deliver to Clave a note from Pelham. Posing as a flirtatious, hard-drinking con artist, Maisie tries to cajole Clave into revealing facts about his criminal life, but even when drunk, the forger is tight-lipped. Finally, Clave passes out after signing a room service receipt with a phony name, and Maisie, deducing that he is a forger, steals his desk blotter, which contains some of his handiwork. Flip, meanwhile, has overheard part of Maisie's flirtation with Clave and assumes the worst. After an excited Maisie phones Bill and tells him she has proof that Winifred and Pelham are trying to force a divorce so that they can embezzle from Gloria, Bill agrees to come to Reno. She then goes to show Flip the blotter, and when she cannot find it in her purse, she accuses Flip of stealing it and storms out of his room. Bill, who is on his way to Reno, calls Maisie and tells her to do whatever she has to do to keep Gloria from going through with the divorce. Maisie is then confronted by Clave, Winifred and Pelham, who find the blotter in the lining of her purse and warn her to stop meddling in their business. When an excited Maisie tries to explain to Flip about the blotter, he concludes that she has had a nervous breakdown and arranges for her to see Dr. Cummings, a psychiatrist, the next morning. Before meeting with the doctor, however, Maisie and Jerry use a toy gun to kidnap both Winifred and Gloria from the crowded courthouse. When their getaway car blows a tire, they are caught by a policeman and brought to the nearest police station. There Winifred, Gloria, Flip and Dr. Cummings convince the police captain that Maisie is crazy. The captain finally agrees to release Maisie to Dr. Cummings' custody, but Maisie escapes from him when she sees Bill on the street. Bill and Maisie then race to the courthouse, and just before the judge is to hear Gloria's case, Bill convinces his wife that he loves her and that Winifred and Pelham have been hoodwinking her. After the judge stops the crooks from fleeing, Flip finally realizes that Maisie is sane and embraces her.