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Father of the Bride

Father of the Bride(1950)

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  • Father of the Bride on Fathers Day

    • Nina
    • 6/17/18

    Thank you, TCM, for showing this delightful movie on Fathers Day. Spencer Tracy makes the movie, but Joan Bennett is also great and Elizabeth Taylor is beautiful. The groom Buckley is sort of a non-entity, but actually that's pretty much how grooms are viewed during wedding preparations :)A charming movie--and a lesson that oldies are goodies. The remake with Steve Martin was awful--the remake failed utterly to capture the charm and wit of the original.

  • Great Lines

    • Robin H
    • 3/7/18

    It's a wonderful film; well acted by all the stars. I've seen this classic many times and I stop & really take my time to enjoy some of the most memorable scenes. Stanley (Tracey) having his anxiety attack when he's first learned the news of Kay's upcoming marriage to Buckley. He expresses something that happens every day to everyday people. He puts his worries onto his wife! Then you feel better (it's true). The line where he says Buckley may even put a bullet through Kay's neck! That got his wife's attention! The fear of drinking with the Dunstons; the nightmare of the wedding where Stanley's legs get stuck in the flooring; at the wedding itself, where Stanley has to check ("explore") his upcoming backward step to make sure he doesn't trip because "people are so quick to attribute such things to alcohol" are all hilarious! Don't miss the sequel "Father's Little Dividend"

  • very enjoyable

    • Larry
    • 9/20/17

    Spencer Tracy and Joan Bennett are wonderful in this movie. Tracy captures the essence of the frustrated and bewildered father during all of the melodrama leading to his daughter's wedding. Joan Bennett is elegant and dignified but she, too, is almost as overwhelmed but just won't admit it. The scene when Mr Tracy is tending bar during an engagement party is hilarious because the poor guy can't catch a break and never does make it to the party taking lac beyond the kitchen door. Elizabeth Taylor is fine as the daughter although she is clearly playing a spoiled and sometime rather self-centered young woman. It is Mr Tracy who leads this film to success. It's his narration that draws in the audience. This is a very enjoyable movie.

  • response to gary

    • kevin sellers
    • 2/3/17

    Re: Gary's desire to have Jack Benny play Pops rather than Spencer Tracy, I am so glad that Gary was not an influential producer at MGM when this movie was made. I mean, just take a moment to think about it. it's like asking Phyllis Diller to assume Barbara Stanwyck's part in "The Lady Eve." It's not standup we're doing here, Gare, but a character driven comedy that must be anchored in believable emotions, not Borscht Belt schtick. By putting Benny in Tracy's role you'd be getting margarine 'stead of butter or, to put it in filmic terms, you'd have "George Washington Slept Here" rather than "Mr. Blandings Builds His Dreamhouse." And yes I know Benny was good in the mordant, black comedy "To Be Or Not To Be," but that was because Ernst Lubitsch was a genius, for cryin out loud! Benny never reached those acting heights again. And "Bride's" director, Vincente Minnelli, although very good, is not as good as Lubitsch. I rest my case.

  • Good Fun Fare with Spencer Tracey

    • Tawny
    • 1/13/17

    Although this is light compared to other Tracey vehicles, he excels in this comedic role as the father of the bride, Liz Taylor. The narration of the film by Tracey's character is what really makes this funny! His reflections about the impending nuptials include everything from the dimwitted groom, his wife's hysterics, his daughter's hysterics, and his own inability to extricate himself from the wedding typhoon. This sentimental and fun tale of Dad letting go of his daughter never gets old. The sequel, Father's Little Dividend, is equally entertaining.

  • a lesson in (mis)casting

    • Gary
    • 11/25/16

    Supposedly, Spencer Tracy took the leading man's part to avoid letting it be taken by Jack Benny. But Jack Benny would have been a better choice. Spencer Tracy was a great actor. But he was not a comic actor, which this movie needed. In addition, the movie is simply far too predictable--the coat that won't fit, the wedding rehearsal that won't go well, etc.

  • Father of the Bride

    • Michael Whitty
    • 2/4/16

    Spencer Tracy is Stanley Banks and Joan Bennet is Elie Banks and Elizabeth Taylor is Kay Banks the bride in this lighthearted look at preparing for the wedding day. Directed by Vincente Minnelli for 1950 showing the comic potential of weddings there is the pre-marriage arguing, a visit to the in-laws, the wedding party needs, the guest list, the rehearsal, and finally..the big day. Happily Spencer Tracy dominates his scenes as the sensible but scared father for the frustrations of the dad in preparing for his daughter's wedding as the needs keep getting bigger...are immense. And Spencer Tracy would be the father of the bride one more time in a different sort of way..."Guess Who's Coming To Dinner". Being daddy around wedding time can take its toll.

  • father of the bride

    • kevin sellers
    • 2/13/15

    One of the most watchable, entertaining comedies Hollywood ever made, mostly due to the performance of Spencer Tracy, who inhabits the character of the bemused, crotchety, loving, paranoid "Pops" as effortlessly as one slips into a pair of well worn pajamas. Tracy really embodies the cliche, "He makes it look easy." And it's not. Especially comedy. Also helping things along is Joan Bennet as the wife/mom. At times she reminds me of Myrna Loy, and where I come from that's high praise. Throw in a fine screenplay by Goodrich and Hackett that is true to the taking serious things lightly ethos of Edward Streeter's novel, nimble direction by Vincent Minelli and Liz Taylor knocking on the door of stardom (before kicking it open in "A Place In The Sun") and you can see why this is deservedly one of the best loved films of all time. Are there flaws? Maybe a couple. Don Taylor is fairly dull as the groom (small wonder this actor became a director) and the final wedding party scene could have been more comedically chaotic. Give it an A minus. P.S. The remake with Steve Martin ain't bad, but as I'm sure Martin himself would admit, he's no Spencer Tracy.

  • May-December marriages

    • Elise Lang
    • 2/12/15

    When I was a kid, I thought a May-December marriage was the kind that Elizabeth Taylor had. Marry in May, divorce in December! I really did.Don't mean to be disrespectful of Miss Taylor - she was so beautiful, esp. in her youth!

  • comedy and drama too!!

    • Doris Walsh
    • 6/16/14

    Love this movie. A rare opportunity to laugh and also get misty eyed listening Tracy express his feelings about this chapter in the life of a father and a family.Does anyone remember the scene where Bennett and Tracy meet with the caterer and give their address?I could have sworn they said Fairview, MA. I couldn't figure out why the writer would choose that town because it is such a small town -- really more like a village.Thanks.

  • Wedding planning never changes!

    • RedRain
    • 6/16/13

    You simply cannot find a truer picture of wedding planning than this one! It is as true today, as it was 63 years ago when this film was made and it is still ridiculous! The scene where Spencer Tracy as her father, ascends the stairs to hurry the bride, Elizabeth Taylor, along to the church will take your breath away. La Liz turns and in her wedding gown looks at her father and she is drop dead gorgeous. Frankly, I have yet to see another bride, real or in film, that is as beautiful as Elizabeth was at that moment. Prior to that moment, Tracy is downstairs and his wife, Joan Bennett, descends the stairs and she is probably the most beautiful mother-of-the-bride you will ever see. Two generations of women, equally as beautiful! Wow! FYI to "noodles" (comment below): Nicky Hilton married the most beautiful woman in the world, Elizabeth Taylor, and spent their first night as husband and wife downstairs in a casino while Elizabeth was in the honeymoon suite, alone all night! That was in real life! It's no wonder they divorced less than nine months later!

  • Elope!

    • noodles
    • 6/16/13

    Buckley's marrying the most beautiful woman on earth, and he wants to go fishing on his honeymoon?

  • Leo Carroll's scenes are quite amusing

    • Jeff Boston
    • 5/28/13

    Bennett could not be more different then when she paired with Tracy in "Me and My Gal" a generation earlier, but the actor's actor Tracy remained Tracy, and always seemed to be, save his role in "Captains Courageous" and a few other lesser films. This film has a lot to offer, including a perfect church wedding, a spooky dream sequence, a bit reminiscing about past boyfriends ("The Radical" and his "UNFAIR" sign being one), and a few repeatables like "as soon as you get someone else worrying, you stop worrying yourself."

  • the vest scene

    • bkny
    • 4/21/13

    the scene of tracey trying to fit into his vest from his wedding is reason alone worth watching this movie. very charming; taylor is, of course, gorgeous. it sure was a different time.

  • Delightful Little Comedy.

    • Dawn
    • 2/17/13

    I love this movie! Great chemistry between Taylor and Tracy. Fun storyline.

  • Just Great!

    • Steve
    • 2/4/11

    While some of the movies from the golden age, don't age so well, this one is a current as today. The chemistry between Spencer Tracy, Joan Bennett and Elizabeth Taylor is seamless. They really look and act like they could have been a real family. Tracy is at his relaxed best--what an actor, and while it's always enjoyable to see Elizabeth on the screen, Joan Bennett is really top-notch, playing to the hilt the kind of role that Myrna Loy made a staple in the 30's, and it's almost as hard to take your eyes of the beautiful Bennett as it is the tantalizing Taylor. A really fun movie with a great supporting cast throughout.

  • A Delight!

    • Bob Galvin-Oliphant
    • 2/22/06

    Delightful comedy. Spencer Tracy and Elizabeth Taylor as his daughter are perfect in their roles. Good supporting cast.

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