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The 25th Hour

The 25th Hour(1967)

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  • An egg for The 25th Hour

    • bill
    • 9/8/18

    i have no more to add to reviews but do have an "egg" to add. After the allies have invaded, in 1944, there is a 1955 Chevrolet station wagon in the background as they are fleeing in the commandeered truck. I have found a new and deep admiration for Anthony Quinn after seeing this movie and others on AMC.

  • TCM you're missing the boat on this one!!

    • Louis Bonomo
    • 2/27/14

    Anthony Quinn outstanding acting job! Story is about a poor pheasant man who takes on the nazis, without knowing why he is treated the way he is. He ultimately wins out in the end, but pays a steep price. Why doesn't TCM make an effort to show this film. It's better than alot of the films they show now!

  • Missing scenes

    • Norton Coll
    • 7/15/12

    TCM version unfortunately is 18 minutes shorter than original movie as it was screened in movie theatres in Brazil. The whole scene on the French Resistence with the actress Olga Schoberova from Czech Republic was removed.

  • The 25th hour

    • Ove goeransson
    • 7/9/12

    One of the best movies to describe the madness of war with My favorite actor Anthony quinn

  • Missing Scenes

    • Noel
    • 1/19/12

    I just bought a DVD of this movie supposedly produced in Asia. The scene in which Johan Moritz strips in order to prove he was not a jew has been cut out. This is a deliberate attempt by someone to mutilate a fantastic work by the author and the producer of this movie.

  • 25th Hour with Anthony Quinn

    • Micky
    • 12/8/11

    I have not seen this movie yet as it's not available on DVD. My father has seen this before I was born and is one of his favorite movie. He would love to own a copy on DVD if only would make available.

  • The 25th Hour

    • Marv Gutkin
    • 9/4/11

    I remember this film from long ago as one of the most moving that I have ever seen. A great performance by Anthony Quinn.It's hard to believe that it's never shown and doesn't seem to be available in VHS or DVD.If this movie is available in the TCM archives I would appreciate it if it could be shown again. I would love to see it and the younger generation deserves a chance to see it.

  • When Will This Film Play On TMC???

    • Bill Griffis
    • 8/12/11

    I like one of the other reviewer haven't seen this film since maybe 1969. It was on a Friday Night Midnight movie on CBS I believe.This is an Epic Tragedy along the lines of Angela's Ashes. If this film is scheduled to be played sometime soon, please let me know...Fantastic Film!!! A Bill

  • 25th Hour

    • Jules
    • 4/7/11

    The only time i have seen this movie was in the theatre when it was first released, have often thought about how much i would like to see it again.

  • The 25th Hour

    • Tim Webster
    • 2/6/11

    Like one other reviewer here, I saw this film while in uniform -- in base camp when I was serving in Vietnam in 1968 (evidently Army Special Services which handled the distribution of entertainment media showed this film everywhere in its purview). I remember this movie was powerful, especially in its message of the impact of war on its participants and victims; and Quinn's performance was one of the best of his career, which is saying a lot! Although I watch TCM fairly religiously, I don't recall ever seeing "The 25th Hour" on the TCM schedule. Would the channel please add this film to the TCM schedule at the earliest opportunity? I would like to see it again after 43 years to know if it has stood the test of time and memory.

  • One of Anthony Quinn's Best Performances

    • Art Walker
    • 8/4/10

    Saw this movie for the only time while stationed in the US Army in West Germany in 1968. Have been looking for it ever since. It has been on my mind off and on and been the topic of discussion with many friends as a must see, although we appear to be the only one I have met in the past 40 years who have even heard of it.It should be available in Home Video for many people to enjoy as much as we did. Very moving story with excellent acting by Mr. Quinn.

  • The 25th Hour (1967)

    • Judith Cole
    • 7/5/10

    This film is not only one of Anthony Quinn's best performances but is one of his least known - at least in the United States. I, for one, would like to know why that is so. I would also like to know why I cannot find this film for home release in any form - either as a video or a DVD. I first saw the film in Switzerland on the Turner Classic Movies channel. I understand that it is infrequently aired. WHY infrequently?!!! And why was I able only to view it in a foreign country?Having myself been involved in-depth with programs relating to payment of damages to victims of Nazi aggression, I find that this film - albeit satirical and in some ways a precursor of "Forrest Gump" - takes place in a framework of events that not only occurred but that are little discussed in the US, perhaps because they are unsavory, cause discomfort and may not always portray certain victim groups in the best light. That is, IMO, wrong. I smell censorship - and I hope that I am wrong.

  • The 25th Hour

    • DJ Lou
    • 6/24/10

    One of Anthony Quinn's most powerful performances. A Must see, it rivals any WWII war movie. It's dramatic, funny at times, and the story line is really interesting, and believable, and most of all so touching and sensitive, in a time of brutal behavior by aggressive and demeaning forces during wartime.

  • I would love to see it again.

    • Christinne
    • 1/5/10

    One of the most intense and beautiful movies I have seen in my life.

  • One of the best movies ever!

    • Paul Nascimento
    • 5/18/09

    One of the most moving film I ever watched, up there with "Life is beautiful". At times funny, but always poignant on its message of human fate randomness, it is one of Anthony Quinn's best performances. It should be released on DVD because the younger generations deserve to enjoy it as well!

  • The real 25th Hour

    • DMPate
    • 8/16/08

    Without a doubt, this is a must see movie. If you've seen "All's Quiet on the Western Front" and enjoyed it, then you must see this movie also. It deals with the lack of glory in and the absurdity of War. My then girlfriend never did forgive me for the attention I paid to the movie on the big screen instead of her, but that's okay! So mote it be!

  • I have a copy on DVD!

    • Sue Ramirez
    • 8/1/08

    I was lucky enough to get a copy on DVD (I think it was transferred from VHS to DVD), right before my Dad passed away. He told me about it and I'm glad we were able to see it together. I like old movies and this is definitely one that TCM should be airing. Too many people are missing out on this classic.

  • A Terrific Movie

    • Andy So
    • 6/18/08

    I first saw this movie in my teens and am now in my mid-40s; I still remember how powerful a movie it was and it has stayed with all these years. I feel this was Anthony Quinn finest hour as an actor (as good as his performance in Zorba - arguably). ...It is truly a tragedy that this movie is not available in some form...even the music is as stirring as the performances...this movie should be seen by all classic movie lovers !!!

  • A Lost Classic....

    • Greg Gores
    • 4/26/08

    The 25th Hour is an unforgettable film as well as an exceptional tour de force for Anthony Quinn. It is a first-rate commentary on the irony and pathos of war, leading to a haunting conclusion. Quinn is excellent throughout the film, but plays the final scene, with all its conflicting emotions, masterfully. This movie is a fine example of a war drama, rather along the lines of the great Russian film, "Ballad of a Soldier."

  • How can I get a copy of this great movie?

    • Florin Mihut
    • 3/9/08

    I don't know why this extraordinary film was never made available officially on DVD... Anthony Quinn's performance alone makes this a must-see. There are relatively few films in which an actor identifies so profoundly with his character.I have seen this movie maybe 20 yr ago back in Romania and I'm trying to find a copy. I guess this film at the time gave me a wonderful cinematic insight into some of the heartbreaking issues of the day. For classic final scenes this movie is a stand out.

  • Great movie which should be aired more often

    • stanislaw szybalski
    • 7/8/07

    This movie I watched probably close to 40 years agoand made a great impression on. Few years ago I found that you have a copy and was waiting in vain for the airing it, but it was never materialized, or at least I was not aware of it. Could you tell me when you will broadcast it so that I can see it again ? So many old movies are now available on DVD, so maybe you plan it so I could buy or rent it ? Recently Netflix got The Night of The Generals, but there is a very long waiting, so it seems such movies are in big demand. Please keep me posted.

  • Unforgettable Movie

    • Ruben Mancillas
    • 6/29/06

    I originally saw this movie when it was first released. Since than I have always wanted to see it again, to my dismay I have been unable to locate it. It was quite a surprise to see it scheduled and I made sure I saw it again, even thought it was very early in the morning. I thought it should have been sheduled earlier. Great Movie, they don't make them like that any more...

  • a lost classic

    • chip
    • 6/29/06

    im 54 and have watched a lot of movies over the years , i find it hard to believe i have never seen this movie before , why it has been kept from the mainstream of american movie greats i dont understand , this is a must watch , it reflects how insignificant each of us are as humans to those in power and control , we have no voice as an individual and are used only for others gain , however only thru gods grace himself and his watching over us do we have anyself worth . this movie shows us that as long as we have hope there is always a chance that even thru our darkest hour eventually victory may come . war destroys and ruins so many lives , it was refreshing to see a story that ended with survivors .

  • Where I find them?????

    • Diana
    • 6/11/06

    I buy Zorba The Greek on the Circuit City web site. But this one and, The secret of Santa Victoria, I can't find them. I hope MGM realese them to the market, because this day, are so many poor movies. Thank for your time and attention.

  • its a shame

    • toni
    • 6/10/06

    i cant belive this movie is not in the datebase... while a lot of 2 cents movies are on top

  • A movie to remember

    • swvaroot
    • 3/11/06

    I have been looking for this movie for 30 years. I saw it while in the army. I never forgot. It is very moving and I will never forget it. I don't know why it is not a popular classic. I'm not a writer so I can't write what makes it great, but after 30 years I still remember it. Who will ever say that about a movie made in the past ten years. I hope TCM will show it on the birthday of Anth. Quinn, or sooner.

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