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It Had to Be You

It Had to Be You(1947)

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  • Loved the movie

    • Rosie
    • 6/3/16

    I loved this movie and I would love you to play this one again!

  • Love & Destiny

    • Homer's Lover
    • 7/26/15

    Such a light breezy romantic comedy that makes one believe in the power of true love over and over again....

  • delightful and delicious!

    • el debbo
    • 2/8/14

    This 1947 comedy was just the kind of thing America needed after a tragic war. Ginger is stunning, and I was flabbergasted to watch Cornel Wilde in a comedic role. He does a bang-up job, too. He really shows his range as he swings from Indian brave, to dapper confidante, to macho fireman. Watch him in this and 'The Big Combo' back-to-back and you see what a powerhouse this guy was. Beautiful clothes and sets. Lots of chuckles from the breezy script. Ron Randell plays Ginger's final 'almost-groom' and he made me laugh out loud!! If you've ever had to quickly memorize an important phone number and you are without pen paper, you'll giggle at this scenario. It's good! I guess one of the film's sweetest moments was when Ginger and Cornel were at a little 'joint' and they danced to "It Had to Be You". Brief, but just wonderful...

  • "It Had To Be You" 1947

    • Cheryl
    • 10/16/13

    I remember scenes from this movie so vividly. I am now 67 and would so love to see it again. Somebody needs to make it possible for this movie to be seen in the US. If anyone can, Turner Classics should be able. Please find a way. I'm so glad I'm not the only one wanting to see this movie one more time.

  • A Breath of Fresh Air!

    • Madeline
    • 9/24/13

    A great film to see if you need "a cheer me up movie" when feel down in the dumps with all the tragedy happening in our world today. This is a bit of hilariously romantic over the top fun made for the movie audiences of WWII. Films of that era were made to cheer up the downtrodden recovering from the war and so this is a fantasy film using real characters to help us see that anything is possible if you follow your dream. Loved it.

  • Ginger's favorite

    • Linda
    • 6/17/12

    She wrote in her autobiography that this was one of her favorite films because she was able to wear so many beautiful wedding dresses. I remember seeing it on TV when I was a teenager back when the earth was cooling. I wish it were on DVD. I'd buy it before I took my next breath.

  • Please play this movie!

    • Amanda Olves
    • 5/6/12

    Please, please! Please play this movie, it is a great romance movie, and I really love it! Please play this for me and all the other people out there begging to see it.

  • It Had To Be You

    • Mary-Lou
    • 4/29/12

    I want this to be on DVD, but I really want you to show it, please, please, please!

  • Best Movie Ever

    • Debbie
    • 4/23/12

    I love this movie. It is not shown nearly enough on TCM. Please schedule again movie with Ginger I have ever seen. I want to show my nieces this movie, for them to appreciate true romance.

  • It Had to Be You

    • Brittany
    • 2/27/12

    Please show this move, I can't find it ANYWHERE! I would love to show my daughters this movie, they love older movies, and I'm sure they would love this...I do!

  • It Had to Be You (1947)

    • Mr. Blandings
    • 10/31/11

    In this film, Ms. Rogers is cute, energetic, and the most adorable "stalker" ever to grace the screen, but I just couldn't buy into the script's far-fetched premise. If George had remained a figment of Victoria's imagination and didn't become real to everyone, it would have made for a less cartoonish movie. The movie was also frustratingly predicatable, particularly its paint-by-numbers ending. Even fairytales should have some sense of struggle for the characters to overcome; this movie isn't so much "romantic" as it is "convenience-in-waiting." Disappointing, but Ginger does give her glowing best in a movie that is basically silly.

  • Adorable!

    • Sarah Renea
    • 9/3/11

    I am a huge fan and collector of movies, mostly the classics from back in the day. I saw this movie on youtube while browsing one day and watched it with my parents. We loved it!! I want to buy it, but it is apparently impossible! Whatever has to be done to get this movie in circulation needs to be done! Period! All the characters were just that - characters! A screwball comedy if I ever saw one! It doesn't matter if the plot is far-fetched and unbelievable. As I read once, for this kind of film you must suspend your unbelief and just enjoy the movie! I did!

  • It Had To Be You

    • Sharon Harris
    • 8/15/11

    Please show the movie "It Had To Be You" starring you Cornell Wilde and Ginger Rogers released in 1947. I have loved this movie since I was a little girl and I really, really want to see it again.

  • It Had To Be You

    • Darla Colbert
    • 7/20/11

    I have loved this movie and tried to purchase or watch it for years. Please play it on TCM.

  • Love this movie

    • Miche
    • 7/2/11

    I first saw this movie when I was a little girl (when the dinosaurs walked the earth, LOL). Mr. Wilde was my idea of a "dream man" for many years and this movie certainly gave him the opportunity to showcase his comedic skills. I would love to see it on TCM. They just don't make them like him anymore.

  • It Had To Be You

    • Jacquie
    • 12/19/10

    HELP! Please put into circulation this movie. I have been searching for this movie for many, many, many years. I first saw this movie when I was a little girl (4th grade). I tried to purchase it on Amazon but this movie isn't formated for our DVD players.As soon as you release this movie I'm buying 2. Thank You! If anyone knows where I can buy this movie PLEASE let me know!!!!!!

  • It Had To Be You

    • Penny
    • 7/10/10

    i first saw this show in the early 60's on late night TV. I loved the quirky Ginger Rogers. The movie was charming and light hearted. I have been trying to find it on DVD or VHS since then. If someone has a copy, please let me know.

  • It had to be You

    • Megan
    • 7/10/10

    I love this movie! I was so happy to find it on It was in a 6 movie set of Ginger Rogers movies, but I like the other 5. Not as much of course, but almost as much!

  • It Had to be You

    • Diane
    • 6/19/10

    This film has always been one of my favorites. I have been trying to purchase it for many years. It is such a classic. Perfect cast for such a wonderful film. It must be brought back and released.......Diane

  • It Had To Be You

    • Marcie
    • 5/9/10

    I have been searching for this home video for years and all to no avail. Does anyone know where I can find and purchase in USA?My sister and I loved this movie and I would like to give it to her.Thanks


    • LinJ
    • 4/1/10

    I LOVE THIS MOVIE! It has been one of my very favorites since I was a preteen and it was shown over and over on the Million Dollar Movie show! Ginger was one of the best entertainers ever!

  • It Had To Be You

    • chris rosa
    • 4/1/10

    I have always loved Ginger Rogers movies and this is the first time I have ever seen It Had To Be You. LOVED IT!!!!!! Cannot understand how this movie got by me.

  • it had to be you

    • marci
    • 3/1/10

    This was one of my all time favorite romantic comedies as a child.Thanks for showing it. I will mark my calendar,

  • It Had to be You

    • Mary
    • 3/1/10

    This is one of my all time favorites as a child. I'm glad to hear that others have good memories of the movie. Hope to see it played again, and on DVD too. Ginger Rogers was a fabulous actor in both comedies and dramas.

  • Best Love Story/Comedy

    • Debbie
    • 11/19/09

    I have watched many films with Ginger Rogers and loved them all. This classic hit, is by far, her best work and Cornelle Wilde is any girls dream. This classic needs to be made available to those of us that are collectors. The remake of this movie...never came to close to the original and in no way did this film any justice.

  • #1 Romantic Comedy

    • Liz
    • 7/7/09

    I have seen many Ginger Roger's films but this one by far takes first place in my mind. She does such a wonderful job. I can't watch for this to come out to DVD, and personally I am rather shocked that it hasn't yet! Such an incredible film!!!!


    • 4/6/09


  • Ginger Rogers is terrific!!

    • Jaime Ramos
    • 8/31/08

    Ginger is delicious in this comedy. I love her more and more as I always do. I would love to see this movie again. Please release it in DVD, not only this but all of Ginger's!

  • It had to be YOU

    • Justine
    • 7/17/08

    This is a great Romantic-Comdey. A girl who can never seem to find the right guy has been "in love" with a boy dressed up as an indian for 20 years. It's cute, romantic and funny! It's a great movie that I think should and could be enjoyed by young and old.

  • Cant wait for it to see it again!

    • Cynthia
    • 7/16/08

    I loved this movie, and would love to see it again.

  • I have been looking for this movie for years,

    • Barbara
    • 7/16/08

    I had almost given up ever seeing this movie again. My sister and I used to watch it in the 50s. This was one of my favorite films.

  • It Had to Be You

    • Mary Ellen
    • 7/16/08

    I too saw this film long ago, when a teenager. And have longed to see it again. Coincidentally, my husband and I consider "It Had to Be you"...OUR SONG, but he had never seen this film.I have searched unsuccessfully for Video or DVD to share with him.This morning, Turner Classic Movies aired this film at 9am ....we had to leave for work, but watched for about 10 minutes.PLEASE...Put this on DVD and I will order from you.

  • loved it

    • Karrie
    • 7/16/08

    i hit the wrong button on the remote & i'm so glad i did :) what a great movie... funny & romantic. would defintely watch again. if it were on DVD, i'd be ordering it on-line instead of typing this!

  • Counting the days until it's on TCM.

    • Barb
    • 6/29/08

    I'm Mary Jo's sister and we are anxiously waiting to see this movie again. When three of us got together and started talking about old movies we wished to see again this was number 1. Imagine our surprise when another sister told us she happened to catch the last part of it the last time it was shown. Will this ever be for sale on DVD? If so I now at least 3 right now that want it. The last time we could have seen it was in the 50's and it's amazing how we could all remember it. So many of Ginger Roger's movies were very intertaining. Thanks for showing it.

  • My sisters & I loved it.

    • Mary Jo
    • 4/22/08

    I can remember watching this funny, romantic movie when I was a young girl.It wasn't until recently I found out my sisters loved it too. Keep on playing these great movies!

  • Just a happy, adorable film

    • Rebecca Reyes
    • 4/21/08

    I love,love this movie. My favorite actor is Cornel Wilde so when I saw this listed on TMC I had to watch. I had no idea he could be so funny, most of his films are dramatic roles. This is just a happy, sweet, funny, film.

  • If Only...

    • Holly
    • 4/21/08

    Oh, if only movies were like this once again. This is the sweetest love story that I have seen in a long, long time. It just needs to be released so I can add it to my family-friendly collection!

  • a wonderful film

    • helen melchiore
    • 12/1/07

    i saw this movie many years ago, and on a differest channel on tv. i have never forgot this film, and enjoyed it very much. i think it would be an asset to tmc to show this film.

  • Very sweet & unique Black & White Love Story.

    • Elaine
    • 4/27/07

    When I watched this film yesterday, I was immediately hooked. I think it was romantic & funny that I couldn't stop laughing and sighing at the same time. I hope some viewers will vote for this movie to be available on DVD. It's very rare a movie like this was made with class & mixed with romance & laughter without any "soap opera tactics" involved. The lead & supporting actors & actresses didn't make me stray from the story and the acting wasn't fake at all. I'm glad I got to see it on TCM even though my cable service ruined it for about a minute toward the end of the movie.

  • Wonderfully Romantic

    • Laura
    • 4/27/07

    This movie had me glued to the screen.It was fun, different, and funny.I had never seen this movie before, and I would like to have a DVD copy! I recommend this movie to any other Comedy/Romance lover.


    • 4/26/07

    I have never seen a movie with this type of storyline. But it made it refreashing and enjoyable.This was such a great movie.

  • how long

    • dmr571
    • 4/18/07

    How long do you have to wait before a movies can become a dvd? I have been waiting so long for this movie, "It had to be you " to become a dvd. This was such a good movie they have made copies of this movie. Please tell me how much long do I have to wait.Thanks,Dina

  • Lost romantic/comedy classic!

    • Carl Sackis
    • 3/17/06

    Actually, a romantic/comedy/fantasy, as Cornel Wilde's role in the film is basically as a dream figure of Ginger Rogers' character, who is still with her when she wakes up, and won't leave until she "understands". Typically great supporting cast of the time and good production values. Has left a measurable impact even though I haven't been able to catch a repeat showing of it since the mid 50's! Dying to see it (better yet buy a copy on DVD). Somebody HAS to have a copy of this somewhere!

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