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Song of India

Song of India(1949)

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With plans to establish a modern zoo in their native province in India, university-educated Prince Gopal and his fiancée, Princess Tara, set out for the Combi jungle to capture and import big game. Accompanying Gopal and Tara on their venture into the forbidden Combi game reserve is Aunt Shayla, who is brought along to chaperone the unmarried couple. While Gopal and Tara dismiss as superstitious nonsense the Combi natives' belief that a human must die for every animal killed, Ramdar, known as the Prince of the Jungle, believes the danger to be real. Ramdar arrives at the Combi village at about the same time as Gopal and Tara, and immediately begins releasing the captured animals. After freeing many of the animals, Ramdar explains to Gopal and Tara that the animals are harmless and should be left alone. To prove his point, Ramdar demonstrates how even the tiger can be tamed. Placed in a cage alone with the tiger, Ramdar shows Gopal and Tara how easily the animal can be subdued. During the demonstration, Ramdar tries to free the tiger, but Gopal fires his gun and wounds the animal. Ramdar eventually agrees to abide by Tara's wishes that he not let any more animals loose when she persuades him that by doing so Ramdar not only puts the lives of her party in danger, but also puts his reputation in danger. On the pretext of offering a token of his friendship to Tara, Ramdar tells her that can lead her to the valuable jewels of the Rajahs of Hakwar, and that she should accompany him to the site. Ramdar's true motives soon become clear, however, when he leaves a note behind for Gopal saying that Tara is his hostage and that he will release her only when the captured animals have been freed. When Gopal discovers the note, he orders Ramdar's capture and execution, and then announces that if Tara is not returned by nightfall, he will kill every third son in the village and burn it to the ground. Once Ramdar and Tara reach the barren cliff that Ramdar calls his family palace, he admits that he took her as a hostage, and explains that the "jewels" he told her about are actually the moon, sky, sun and stars. Tara soon begins to understand and appreciate Ramdar's love of nature. As Ramdar and Tara climb further up a dangerous cliff, Ramdar is attacked by the tiger that Gopal wounded. Ramdar manages to escape without injury, and the tiger scurries off. The tiger returns however, when Gopal arrives with his soldiers. Ramdar quickly disarms Gopal, who is then attacked by the tiger and sent over the side of the cliff to his death. Having converted Tara from a hunter to a nature lover, Ramdar marries her and shares the throne of the Combi jungle with her.