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Sincerely Yours

Sincerely Yours(1955)

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  • Warner Bros. Scores With Liberace!

    • Raymond Banacki
    • 6/16/17

    Gorgeous film, and when Liberace plays the piano, the film captures "heaven on earth".

  • I enjoyed the movie "Sincerely Yours!"

    • Lisa
    • 7/26/16

    I enjoyed Liberace's piano playing, Liberace's acting and the storyline.I'd like to know the name of the piece that Liberace played on Paderewski's piano.

  • Remake

    • Jack The Hat
    • 4/7/14

    First, Liberace could play the piano but couldn't sing and acting skills are as good as mine---I have never been even in a school play. One piece of information, this is a remake of "The Man Who Played God" first starring role for Bette Davis.

  • Liberace !

    • I_Fortuna
    • 4/7/14

    I love this movie. Yes, it was a bit cheesy but how often does one get a chance to see Liberace on fillm? Who cares if he can't act on film. He was one of the greatest showmen in America. If anyone had a chance to see him live then those people know what I mean. When I was a child, my grandmother used to take me to see Liberace every chance we had. We lived in Reno and he played there often. We also saw him in Tahoe and Vegas. I will always love the memories of these concerts with my grandparents. I hope many people now and in the future will become fans of Liberace and appreciate his enormous talent.

  • Big Screen Liberace

    • Sam McBride
    • 7/18/13

    I was a little worried when this movie first started, it seemed weakly written at first and I thought I could be in for a long night. But as the movie went on it began to grow on me and I enjoyed quite a bit. Of course, then piano scenes are the star of the show, and those never fail to entertain. But there a some other enjoyable scenes as well. I must say, the scene when he begins to lose his hearing is very disturbing and very well done. Bottom line: an enjoyable movie for the whole family and "must see" for Liberace fans.

  • Smaltz with a capital S;

    • Ron Kerrigan
    • 7/18/13

    Charmingly (yet awful) entertaining. Some nice music (and of course it's a lot of piano playing) but Liberace was no actor, and the plot is preposterous (he's a famed pianist who goes deaf, uses his new-found skill at lip-reading to change the lives of strangers, and along the way has two beautiful women falling all over themselves for him.) Keeps your interest and some nice photography (although too bad it wasn't in Technicolor since the color has lost its vibrancy a bit.)

  • Delightfully awful.

    • Carter Joseph
    • 7/14/13

    What a howler! Mawkish, dripping with sentiment and self-pity, and completely enjoyable. Liberace is one heckuvan entertainer. But my word, the story, the acting, the cliches!Tears at your heartstrings, rips them out and stomps all over them. All the slickness of the production does not begin to cover the ineptitude of the story.But when Liberace sits down at the piano, sheer heaven on earth. His complete joy at his craft and his ability to entertain is a wonder.And how he managed to gloss over his homosexuality is nothing short of a Hollywood PR triumph. That is, until the end. But in 1955 you just didn't talk about 'it'. Denial of the obvious was the standard. His romantic scenes with Dorothy Malone and Joanne Dru are laugh-out-loud funny.Wallow in it, revel in it, and above all, enjoy it. But be aware that it is anything but a great film.

  • just realized

    • Alice F
    • 7/12/13

    I just saw by your previous reviewers that you showed this wonderful film twice in March. I wondered how I could have missed both viewings but remembered I was in the hospital for the month of March and went through withdrawal because they did not get TCM on their televisions. I so appreciate you, TCM, showing it again. This film is too good not to give more viewers the opportunity to enjoy this terrific film. Please keep on showing it. This film has a sweet story, great acting, great music, plus great, heartwarming moments. If these qualities in a film suit you, then, this one's for you. Thank you, TCM.

  • So glad for all us viewers

    • Alice
    • 7/12/13

    What a terrific movie. I laughed, marveled at great music, cried with the sad parts, had my heart warmed a few times, and enjoyed a really fine performance by Liberace. Great acting by him as well as the rest of the cast. What a showman he was. I just didn't know he could act so well. Love this film. Please show this one again and again. Thank you, TCM.

  • Sincerely Yours...

    • Virginia
    • 7/12/13

    I'm so glad I woke from a nap and turned it over to TCM in time to watch this man at his best...>Singing, Dancing, Acting and of course the wonderful piano playing! These are the songs of father loved listening to so I'm sure he saw this film. Thanks TCM for this experience this afternoon. VK in OKC

  • Good obscure Liberace film

    • galmusician
    • 3/20/12

    I remember watching this movie as a young fledgling musician, having just started piano lessons. I was seven years old.My parents loved Liberace and his piano virtuosity. This, they told me, was what I should aspire to. As I grew older, of course, and assessed Liberace's musicianship, having benefited from much music education and graduate degrees, one warily pronounced him a showman, his versions of the classics "bent" toward the masses, not serious musicians or music scholars. No matter. He really could play anything, from the starchiest "long-hair" classics to the day's pop tunes. It was a joy to see this movied aired recently on TCM. As it was shown EST during the daytime, I used my DVR and played the movie last night to everlasting enjoyment and a fond look back at my childhood. Although his acting ability left a lot to be desired in this movie, his playing 31 - count em - 31 pieces more than made up for acting shortcomings. I remembered watching this, what an extraordinary talent his was. He sought to give people pleasure and enjoyment of music, and nowhere is that more apparent than his work in this motion picture. He must have been terrific in Vegas. Although he and his act grew more flamboyant with the years, with incredible costumes, pianos, etc., in this movie he is the epitome of understatement, which is part of its charm and success. I read that, when the movie first came out, it was considered an artistic and financial failure, owing to Liberace's then current television show and stage appearances, which really made the movie die of over-kill. No matter, in 2012 it is truly appreciated, and Liberace's incredible talent and virtuosity are front and center in this enjoyable film. Hope TCM will show it again sometime soon, in primetime.

  • Wonderful movie!

    • Trish
    • 3/9/12

    I have never seen Liberace before and I found this movie to have a sweet theme and wonderful music. I thoroughly enjoyed it and hope that TMC will eventually offer it for sale. I also think you should forego reviews from this Leonard Maltin and stick to the opinions of the viewers, who watch the films to be entertained rather than find fault, who are more open-minded and less jaded. Thank you for yet another enjoyable experience on your superb station!

  • Sincerely yours

    • Carmela
    • 3/7/12

    Fabulous! Where can I purchase this? I could watch it over and over again. Liberace was wonderful. He truly feels the music in every muscle of his body.

  • Sincerely Yours

    • Malinda Lysinger
    • 3/7/12

    I loved this show...I did not ever see it before..I wish you would show it again soon...

  • Sincerely Yours is Truly Wonderful

    • June Gold
    • 3/7/12

    If you love music of all types, this movis is for you. If you are a particular fan of the piano, don't miss this one.

  • Sincerely Yours

    • Jeannee Pelton
    • 3/7/12

    What a sweet movie. It made me smile and have tears. You should show this movie again.

  • just accept it.

    • chuck decker
    • 3/6/12

    i have been asking for this film to be showen for about five years now,thanks for playing it so i can dvd it. the music is what makes this a good film, not the acting or the writing. the plot does not include drugs,violence,bad behavior,war ,gangs,or smoking or the abuse of alcohal.It's just a plain simple tearjerker, so just enjoy. chuck d.

  • Follow-up On Why not???

    • DonaldR
    • 9/24/09

    This movie; "Sincerely Yours" was made during Liberace's popularity on television in the 1950's. The hype then was, why should we pay to Liberace on the big screen, when we can see him for free on television!I know there was a VHS tape of the movie, I have seen it. It was also mentioned several years ago in the book; Movies Unlimited! I wish I had the tape to transfer it to DVD. It did showcase Liberace in both his talent as an actor and a musician. Having said that; I think it should be released on DVD for everybody to enjoy his many talents.

  • Liberace has, not one, but two leading ladies!

    • DougieB
    • 3/18/09

    I'm just saying. This one was based on The Man Who Played God, which helped launch the career of Bette Davis. It's doubtful that any careers were launched by this version. It's hard to imagine what demographic they were going for. Maybe the assortment of white-gloved matrons cheering him on in the night club performance scene. All that mojo must have been working on someone, because he apparently has a huge concert career as well. Manager William Demarest and social secretary Joanne Dru spend all their time hanging around his Central Park apartment trading quips, so the career was apparently on auto-pilot. Also present is girlfriend Dorothy Malone, as the kind of tony socialite appropriate for a man of his stature. All goes well until his untimely descent into deafness, whereupon he comes up with a unique approach to his predicament. He learns to read lips by watching people in the park through binoculars, and becomes involved in the problems of a few regulars. Apparently, in the better neighborhoods, binoculars in the park aren't a no-no. He witnesses Dorothy Malone with the man she is now realizing is her true love, and this opens the door for Joanne Dru, who, of course, has always loved him. Just keep him out of that park, honey....Yeah, I know it's not fair to make this movie carry the weight of what we now know about the gent in question, but how do you keep those thoughts out of your head? Bottom line is that he was a fun person and this is a fun movie, albeit for all the wrong reasons.

  • Why NOT???

    • Jean-Jacques Duguay
    • 9/1/08

    I have it on VHS but is is getting old and sound dissorted. Why can't I find it in DVD or even a new VHS.. Excellent movie.. JJ

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