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Flaxy Martin

Flaxy Martin(1949)


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Flaxy Martin Messing with a mobster's... MORE > $17.56
Regularly $21.99
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After Caesar, one of gangster Hap Richie's henchmen, commits a murder, Hap orders his lawyer, Walter Colby, to obtain Caesar's release from jail. Tired of defending criminals, Walt wants to leave Hap's organization, and to prevent this, Hap recruits singer Flaxy Martin, with whom Walt is in love. Flaxy convinces Walt to wait until they have saved more money before quitting his job, and he agrees to work for Caesar's release. Behind Walt's back, Flaxy and Hap pay Peggy Ferrar to say that she was with Caesar the night of the murder, and he is released for lack of evidence. The plan backfires, however, when Peggy tries to blackmail Hap, saying that she will admit to perjury unless he pays her $10,000. Hap then orders Caesar to kill Peggy and implicate Flaxy. When Flaxy, who is in on Hap's plan, goes to Walt for help, he confesses to having killed Peggy in self-defense in order to protect Flaxy. At his trial, however, a cabdriver claims to have witnessed Walt murdering Peggy. The district attorney is suspicious of the cabbie's story and tries to convince Walt to tell the truth, but Walt maintains his silence and is convicted. Garage owner Sam Malko, who owes Walt a favor, later visits him in prison and reveals that Caesar has been bragging that Walt is taking a rap for him. Determined to clear himself, Walt escapes from a train while he is being moved to another prison. He flags down passing motorist Nora Carson, who drives him home and bandages the wounds he sustained in his escape. Learning Walt's identity, Nora offers to help him, but he does not want to involve her. Before he can leave, however, the police arrive, alerted by a nosy neighbor. At the same time, Roper, one of Hap's men, comes in the back door. He locks the police in the closet, and after handcuffing Nora and Walt together, takes them away. They struggle with their captors and escape, still cuffed together. Heading for New York, they use a ruse to pass the roadblock and drive to Sam's garage for help. Leaving Nora at the garage, Walt then goes to Caesar's apartment, where Roper is waiting for him after having killed Caesar. Walt manages to get away, but Roper follows and tries to kill him. During the ensuing struggle, Roper is killed when he falls off the roof. Walt then confronts Flaxy, who claims that she framed him to save his life. When Hap later arrives at her apartment, she pulls a gun on both men and steals Hap's wallet. There is a struggle and in the confusion, Flaxy shoots Hap. Walt turns Flaxy in for Hap's murder and returns to Sam's garage and Nora. When Nora refuses to run away with Walt, however, he turns himself in, and Nora promises to wait for his release.