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A Majority of One

A Majority of One(1962)


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  • Majority of One

    • Camelia
    • 9/25/17

    I enjoyed this movie very much. I felt the daughter and son-in-law acted as not understanding the friendship between the widow and the Japanese businesss man because of their generation. Just as they made comment about the lady having a drink. She was trying to move forward and be open minded but it did not seem the younger people wanted to allow her to do so. I loved the ending. Are we not at a similar point in our lives where we now accept couples that are the same sex and those of different ethnicities but so many people are still not wanting to allow these couples to be happy with their choices.

  • sensitive and elegant film

    • Larry
    • 9/24/17

    Any movie must be considered in context of the time it was made. In 1961, the Second Word War had been over just 16 years. Whether or not Alec Guinness was right for this role, he is quite remarkable nevertheless. Highly respectful of Japanese traditions, morals and values he teaches the audience what is important and worthy about a culture we had grown to detest. Rosalind Russell is outstanding in her dignity, her style and her remarkable talent. The viewer truly comes to care for these two characters. It is a joy to see them reconnect in Brooklyn far away from the actors portraying Russell's daughter and son-in-law. Those two young people speak like enlightened members of a new generation, but when they refer to Russell as "bigoted" it is a stunning revelation. She should have thrown those two moral lightweights right out of the house. It is they who harbor prejudice. This is a well acted film and while it might not be made today, that is because viewers are too addicted to special effects and gratuitous sex and violence. It is not because there is a lack of value in this movie. This movie is warm, gentle, sensitive and it provides an important lesson especially in 1961 as we were forging a new relationship with a growing and increasingly vibrant Japan. One thing I do not understand is why this is listed as a comedy. It is not. There is humor but comedy puts it in the same category as any laugh out loud film. This is a drama performed as beautifully as it might have been done had it been on a Broadway stage.

  • A Tiresome Bore

    • Phil Serpico
    • 9/24/17

    If a person were to pitch a movie like this today, they would be laughed out of the room. Alec Guiness as the Japanese character is preposterous. Imagine a Jewish widow from New York and a Japanese widower. The accents on both actors were a tiresome bore. What were they thinking. And who gave this three stars?

  • Charming romantic movie with a message

    • Carmen Andrews
    • 2/16/17

    As a lifelong fan of classic movies, I thought I'd seen all the romantic classics. A Majority of One is a fresh discovery that deserves more showings, because xenophobia and cultural misunderstandings are alive and well in 21st century America. I thought the performances by Rosalind Russell and Alec Guinness were sincere and heartfelt, even though it's no longer PC to have actors play outside their race and ethnicity. I give these quaint miscastings a "let", because that was then and this is now --regardless of George Takei's negative revisionism on the flick's cultural norm of a popular Caucasian character actor playing a Japanese man in 1962. Russell's and Guinness' romantic leads were allowed to give a nuanced, sensitive resolution to their cultural chasms and her family's criticism of an unusual romance. The use of the word "bigotry" was especially powerful at the film's climax.

  • Wow.. what a movie..

    • Richard
    • 2/16/17

    I wasn't going to watch it, didn't look like my kind of movie, but as it ended I had a tear in my eye ! Very impressed by the acting, a little over the top on the Jewish part but well played by all actors. I recommend it !!

  • Great Movie

    • Vicki
    • 2/16/17

    I didn't know what to expect from this movie. I am impressed with the acting of the cast and this movie caught my attention from the very beginning. I was going to go for a walk and thought I would watch the movie for awhile but I found myself unable to stop watching this fine movie. I suggest it for fine entertainment. I hope it is shown again.

  • A Majority Of One

    • Norma
    • 7/16/15

    5 stars but didn't see ending due to guests interruption. Looking forward to see it again - hopefully late night with bag of popcorn and no interruptions. (Saw it mid afternoon - too many interruptions.

  • a majority of one

    • kevin sellers
    • 7/14/15

    1962 was a real red letter year for Japanese Americans in Hollywood, huh? You had Mickey Rooney as Mr. Yunioshi in "Tiffanys," and Jerry Lewis as the "Geisha Boy," and Alec Guiness, looking about as Japanese as a kippered herring, in this one. Oh well. Cant expect James Shigeta to be in three movies at once! Give it a D.

  • Majority of One

    • Twinna
    • 7/14/15

    One of the best movies ever. Great casting and very entertaining. I am going to order this movie.

  • a majority of one

    • irene cortez
    • 4/19/15

    one of my favorite movies, if not my favorite. when are you showing this movie again on tmc. i do not want to miss it. PLEASE LET ME KNOW...

  • A Majority Of One

    • Kim
    • 6/4/14

    Such a wonderful movie and era. Makes me miss the time we had respect for each other and sat down and talked with each other without electronic interruption. It reminds us that as we age we still need to love and be loved no matter race or religion.

  • A Majority of One

    • Joyce Bower
    • 4/13/14

    What a wonderful film. I cannot imagine this story with anyone playing the roles except Alec Guiness and Rosalind Russell, nothwithstanding the criticisms of that choice I have read. The greatness of their acting skills merits repeat viewing just to appreciate it, and resulted in a seamless performance of great depth that seems so natural it is not like acting. The direction and script are also brilliant and the story is lovely. What high quality entertainment, a reprieve from poor talent covering itself with bad language, loud volume and hit-you-over-the-head scripts. Thank you TCM for bringing this to t.v. so we could see it. I hope you will preserve it for generations to come.

  • A Majority of One

    • Jamie
    • 4/9/14

    This is such a touching movie. It is hard for me to grasp how anyone could think it was miscast. Russell was larger than life for her entire life and that quality was essential for this movie. She had to be a take-charge type of woman. If the female lead was subdued, it would have never worked since the entire relationship is based on opposites attracting. The fact that she was taller only adds to the reality of the story.Guinness is what I call a master of disguise with zero disguises. He had the ability to play so many different characters with little or no special make up. Just by changing his posture or eye movements along with adding an accent, he could create any personality he needed to. In this film, he is the perfect gentleman.The story deals with topics that were still verboten when this film came out, namely relations between America and Japan. I am sure many people winced when they watched it way back when. These issues were handled openly but politely. Both sides of a debate -- and this movie is full of debates -- were presented and both sides had plenty of food for thought.One thing that really sticks with me is the fact that this movie does not have the typical happy ending. It ends well, which is better than a contrived and complete wrap up. The ending lends a true sense of reality.This film would be perfect for Valentine's Day. Both Russell and Guinness did great jobs. I am so glad I "found" this movie.

  • A Majority of One

    • Nannette
    • 4/4/14

    I watched this movie based on the glowing reviews on this website. The story was OK and enjoyable and a reflection of the times having name actors playing ethnic roles. I didn't have a problem with Rosalind Russell playing the Jewish mother, although a real "Jewish mother" actress would have been better. The whole movie presented stereotypes: the wise Jewish mother who had an axiom for every situation; Japanese have problems pronouncing "L", etc. It was like the minstrel shows of old with actors in blackface.What really bothered me was Alec Guiness; he was just plain creepy.

  • Engrossing drama

    • Adrienne
    • 8/16/13

    Really enjoyed this movie, it is very unique. Why remake what is almost perfect as is?

  • Beautiful Story

    • Barmody
    • 8/4/13

    The most memorable from day of truly good Alec Guinness films.

  • Perfect Love Story Beautifully Told

    • absolutelybeautiful
    • 8/4/13

    Class actors,great film.Agree,it could be remade today,preferably on PBS.

  • A Majority Of One.

    • Carol Reece
    • 8/3/13

    Oh my goodness, delightful, insightful, wonderful. Full of wisdom & love. So very glad I watched this movie. I so appreciate TCM & all you do to share so many talented performances.

  • Charm Personified

    • Beverly Randolph
    • 8/3/13

    I'd never seen this file prior to today. What a gem I have missed! While I agree with a previous comment that this movie would be wonderful in a modern remake (with suitably cast leads), I wonder whether that is even possible in this day and age. When films repeatedly blow things up--this summer one of the big films blows up the White House--where could a director be found to create this lovely, charming bit of whimsy and caring and gentility? "Etiquette" is important to Mr. Asano, and therefore important to Mrs. Jacoby and to the story. But etiquette is less important to society now than it was in the very early 60s. Could this film be recreated, capturing the propriety, decorum, and depth of feeling that is so earnestly portrayed here, although the leads do little more physically than bow to each other? I have little faith that it's possible. But were it attempted, I'd gladly see it with high hopes for success. This is a lovely film, beautifully made. Arigato!

  • So Touching

    • Chris
    • 8/3/13

    This movie just melted my heart! What a lovely story of acceptance and love in our later years. I have never seen it before and will want to see it over and over again. So touching with the two main characters displaying poise, reserve, and class. Just lovely!

  • One of the finest movies ever made

    • Marianne
    • 10/19/12

    This movie was made from one of the best and most important plays written during the post-WWII years. It is sweet, wise, funny, poignant, and uplifting. I have seen in several times and performed it on stage years ago. I love it.

  • Love this movie

    • Verna
    • 7/9/12

    I watched this movie on late-night TV and I fell in love with it immediatelI can't wait for it to be on again.

  • Exceptional Story - Well Written and Performed

    • Sally
    • 5/6/12

    Our family accidently found this wonderful movie playing on TCM at a mundane time of day. We were so lucky to do so. Kudos to TCM! Despite the mild review the movie received in the brief synopsis provided on our satellite channel of TCM, the movie was one of the best we have seen. We are fans of older movies and have viewed many, but this one is now a favorite to watch at our house. We have since bought the DVD version. Thank you TCM for bringing these wonderful movies to our generation to enjoy.

  • A Majority of One

    • Becky Sue
    • 3/24/12

    A funny, smart, witty movie with endearing characterizationand well worth a first and second watch.

  • Enchanting

    • Chris Daniels
    • 3/23/12

    Saw this movie for the first time and loved it. A mature love story gently told.

  • I discovered a new jewel!

    • Rose
    • 3/23/12

    How wonderful it was to "discover" this beautiful "old" movie for the 1st time! Dated perhaps in having a white man "play" Japanese, but done respectfully, especially considering the times. Russell - who can over-act at times - played her part beautifully and really captured the immigrant-brooklyn jewish mother role, also with respect. You gain knowledge of both cultures without the too much cariciture. Billed inccorectly as a comedy, it is really a drama with some light-hearted moments. In the right hands and with the right touch, it would make for an interesting remake. Can wait to see it again!

  • A Mjority of One - Delightful

    • Rebeccah Neu
    • 3/23/12

    This was the best move for the time period. Predjudice was very strong in this time of our kids and the movie was sweet, funny, and culturally educational. I wish all kids of this era were forced to watch this film. I was up until the wee hours of the night, laughing, crying and getting mad at the kids. I will recommend this movie to everyone I know, even my husband.

  • Magnificent.

    • Daniel R Brooks
    • 3/23/12

    Some movies are beautiful.This is one of those.It is two hours and thirty six minutes long but it seems brief and ends too soon.Like "My Fair Lady" or "The Man of La Mancha",you may veiw this film more than once and still enjoy it.

  • Simply wonder-filled!

    • RedRain
    • 3/22/12

    This is one of my all-time favorite films! Despite the critics describing the casting of Alec Guinness as one of the worst ever, I found it brilliant. Alec Guinness is such a superb actor that he pulls this role off beautifully. The film is essentially about the post-WWII problems that caused a divide between the USA and Japan. The story between the nice Jewish lady portrayed by Rosalind Russell and the Japanese textile millionaire portrayed by Alec Guinness is terrifically written in the sweetest way. Ray Danton excels as Russell's son-in-law and you want to knock him upside the head for his ambitious machinations. There is a scene between Guinness and Russell in the beginning of the film that never fails to make me misty-eyed and it explicitly shows what a brilliant actress Russell actually was. When confronted by Guinness as to why she is so cold toward him, she admits it is because of the war and the loss of her son. He counters by relating the loss of his son to an American destroyed and the loss of his daughter on Hiroshima the day the Americans dropped the atomic bomb. Russell's entire visage changes and her eyes mist as she realizes their shared sorrows. Her animosity turns completely around in that one scene and I've never forgotten it. It has served as a lesson to me for many years. We really must see one another in this world as just people who may not share the same language but share the same heart. Do see this film if you have the opportunity to do so. It won the Academy Award for Cinematography and is beautiful for that reason but there is oh so much more here!

  • Majority of One

    • Sandy
    • 3/17/12

    Saw this movie aboard the USS BOXER in St Thomas, Virgin Islands and fell in love with it. I will be looking forward to watching it again March 22, 2012. I believe I saw it in the summer of 1964.

  • The Enchanted Viewer

    • Angela
    • 3/9/12

    I was very captivated by this movie. I have never seen a love story where the lovers hardly ever touch. No hugs or kisses; and yet the love between them totally shined through. I loved this movie. I was not very familiar with Alex Guinness, but now I am a huge fan.

  • A Majority of One

    • Mark Simpson
    • 3/2/12

    I thought this was an excellent movie. Very entertaining; Simple story dealing with two sometimes complex issues; Romance and bigotry. I recognized Mr Guiness right away. But Ms Russell, I did not. And I have to admit I didn't recognize Madilyn Rhue without red hair. I will look forward to seeing it again!! MAS

  • Suki Totemo (I love you very much)

    • Linda
    • 2/28/12

    I was captivated from the beginning of this incredible movie!!! Being a huge Rosalind Russell fan, I knew I was in for a special treat...but I got waaaayyy more!!!! I, too, am Jewish and about 6 months after seeing this masterpiece, I met my own Japanese Gentleman!! I'm planning to move to Tokyo to be with him soon!!!! Sometimes movie dreams do come true!!! Domo Arigato!! Sayanara....

  • a film of post WWII Japan not to be missed

    • jesse
    • 5/26/11

    This film refelects the anger many Americans had toward the former Axis powers, but it does so with humor, grace. And shows it was not the people of Japan, but a their former goverment that made war on the world, the film shows that their is always hope as long as there are people will forgive, and move forward.

  • look for young George Takei in bit part

    • imagardener
    • 5/25/11

    In the scene at Mr Asaro's home when Mrs Jacoby visits him George Takei is a man-servant who helps Rosalind Russell sit down.

  • Roz Russell/Alec Guiness

    • David Atkins
    • 8/13/10

    Mervyn Leroy casts Irish Catholic Roz Russell as a Jewish housewife and English Alec Guiness as a Japanese Business man and succeeds! I liked seeing some of the old WB contract players I admired Gary Vinson, Sharon Hugueny and Ray Danton in this movie with excellent production values!

  • "Don't touch my moustache"

    • Mike Pollard
    • 11/5/09

    Magnificent comedic writing tenderly coddled to life as ONLY Russell and Guinness could perform it.....I am ecstatic to finally find it available after many years of searching. Revel in the laughter and maybe your favorite line in the film will be the headline too!

  • Arrrrrigato!

    • Kathleen
    • 2/5/09

    Sweet movie depicting loss and the gain of wisdom with age. The scene where Rosalind Russell and Alec Guinness are having supper at his home is absolutely hilarious and very entertaining. "Don't touch my mustache." There is also a cute scene on the ship where Rosalind has a cure for almost any ailment within the contents of her purse and they have a discussion about the most difficult word in the English language ("The" and "Rorripop"). Very cute. I look forward to the release of this classic on DVD. I will certainly purchase this film.

  • A Majority of One VHS

    • Tony Mantle
    • 8/29/08

    In Response to Cathy Raphael's inquiry. My wife & I have a copy on VHS, commercial quality & Love it. Obviously its not for sale but would be willing to loan it to Kathy. Contact us at

  • A beautiful love story

    • Sharon Miros Schafle
    • 7/26/08

    An enlightenment! Love in the autumn of life that transcends cultural differences in a most unique way. True love at its best.


    • Cathy Raphael
    • 7/24/08

    This movie totally captivated me - and I am trying (unsuccessfully) to rent it so my husband can see it. I would buy it - but at this time it must be so popular Amazon is selling it used for $100!!! On eBay it is over $40! I'm not saying it isn't worth it - and I may just spring. What a wholesome and delightful movie - story portrayed by two EXCELLENT actors! Please let it come out on DVD and it will be a staple in many home collections!


    • Kathryn Hathaway
    • 7/17/08

    What a delightful movie and suprisingly something I've never seen!

  • It was a captivating movie

    • Leigh Melson
    • 7/16/08

    We stumbled across this movie quite by accident and we were simply captivated by it.It was such a delightful movie full of fine acting and left you with such a wonderful feeling.I so wish it would be released on DVD.

  • A MAJORITY OF ONE is one of my all time favorites!

    • Cathy Raphael
    • 7/16/08

    This movie is so delightful that I am hoping to find one for sale for my dvd collection. It was one of the best movies I have ever seen in my life - but what can you expect with two such fine actors as Rosalind Russell and Alec Guinness? They were superb - underplaying their roles with fabulous nuances and colloquialisms. I could watch it two times more immediately (saw it last night on TCM). WONDERFUL acting and WONDERFUL movie! ALL TIME CLASSIC!!!

  • A Delightful Surprise!

    • Rick Gibson
    • 7/16/08

    I had written this movie off before ever viewing it, and really had no intention of watching it at all, after finding that it featured British actor Alec Guiness playing an oriental role. But I'd just finished watching another TCM film, and was too occupied at the time to get around to changing the channel. Before I knew it, I found myself more and more interested in this movie. Once I dismissed my earlier prejudice about an occidental actor portraying a Japanese businessman, and concentrated on the story and the actors' perfomances, I became completely completely engrossed in this wonderful old film. Rosalind Russell's performance as an aging Jewish mother was absolutely outstanding, and Alec Guiness, although technically miscast as an asian, certainly also delivered a good and heartwarming performance in his role. I enjoyed this film so much that, as soon as it had ended, I immediately went online to try to buy the film on DVD, (only to find that it's not yet available in that format). This movie is absolutely charming and, I believe, underrated!

  • Wonderful Movie!!

    • MJ
    • 7/16/08

    This is a wonderful movie. You just can't see this quality of acting today. When did you last see a movie that left you with a warm feeling. I can't wait for it to be release on DVD.

  • "Don't Touch My Mustache"

    • Carolyn Burch
    • 7/3/08

    In our family we regularly quote this movie, because it is such a favorite film for all of us. We struggled to find a VHS copy, and now can have a spot of comfort when needed. I'm thrilled to see that TCM is going to show it in July. This film has a charm and sweetness so rarely seen. People might object to having Alec Guiness play the Japanese gentleman, or Rosalind Russell the New York Jewish widow, but they both are such great actors and bring such wonderful touches to their characters, they make this film.This is a film that many generations can enjoy together.

  • Great Movie

    • Jennyfer Murphy
    • 6/18/08

    This is the best movie ever. I have been trying to find it on video for a long time. When Rosalind Russell say "Don't Touch My Mustache" it is so very enchanting. She and Alec Guiness have such chemistry it just can't be beat. I hope that it is released on DVD soon.

  • A Majority Of One

    • Candy
    • 4/26/08

    This is a great movie the chemistry is unbelievable. I hope that it comes to DVD soon, just from my own family it would sell a least 20 copies, we all would love to have it on DVD. My sister has the only copy on VHS.

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