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  • Well-acted Potboiler

    • el debbo
    • 6/23/17

    The storyline had too many subplots, some of them just dropping off into oblivion. However, it's a good movie overall and as I said in the title, the acting was capable. Even Connie Stevens was believable as Lucy...a shocker. I enjoyed the Connecticut River Valley locales and interiors. It was satisfying to watch Tab fighting all-American story where you'd like to see the small-independent win.

  • Parrish

    • Judi
    • 9/13/16

    I love this movie and wish it were on more often. For me, it has everything about life. In my opinion, I think it is Karl Malden's best role.

  • Love it

    • Joanna
    • 3/22/16

    Wow! There are some pretty bitter people on here without any good taste whatsoever. Not one of the best movies I've ever seen but I certainly wouldn't call it terrible. I like this movie and wouldn't mind watching it again from time to time.


    • Susan
    • 3/21/16

    When I was a young teenager, my parents drove over to Windsor, Connecticut, where we watched the cameras roll as a tobacco barn was set on fire by the Parrish crew. I don't remember how my father knew about this, but it was amazing to watch. As years went by, I finally was able to watch this movie on television. It was so special to watch because it included areas around Connecticut, including the shore line. It was a wonderful movie for its' time. Anyone that lives in Connecticut should make it a point to try and watch it!

  • Parrish

    • Gailer
    • 7/24/15

    This movie is laughably bad. My husband and I watched it in its entirety only because we were having fun mocking on it! The dialog was unbelievable and the acting was over the top to say the least. The ending was totally unsatisfying, but at least it signaled the end of our suffering!

  • Waste of precious time watching this film on TV

    • M. Loyacono
    • 7/23/15

    This is a silly rendition of younger generation and conflicts with adults. It is presented in an unrealistic story set in Connecticut tobacco country. Colbert should have stayed retired - her character's fate is unresolved. Overwrought acting by all but a few. Bad script and worse dialogue plague this '60s film of unrealistic events. A quick ending leaves the viewer amazed how an altercation can end all problems.

  • Looking For A New Star

    • J. D. Jitters
    • 7/23/15

    I remember, I believe that in 1960, Warner Brothers claimed they were looking for a new face for the led in Parrish, when in reality they all ready signed Troy Donahoe. I was one of the male's who believed that I would have a chance to star in this film----keep on dreaming! The thing that makes this picture so interesting is the Bad guys, you could really hate them. Outside of that the picture stinks and a bore.

  • Parrish... 1st time watching this film

    • Theresa Barrera
    • 4/15/15

    I've seen some of Troy Donahue's movies, but I have to say that I believe "Parrish" has become my favorite, and I think it was some of his best work in any movie. I really enjoyed this movie.

  • dette colbert

    • Charles DelGenovese
    • 9/16/13

    The only beauty in this movie was Claudette colbert

  • An oldie but a classic goody!!!

    • rose
    • 12/22/12

    A beautiful Classic movie from the early 60's but still highly entertaining!! And what a GREAT musical score (really contributes to the movie) Claudette Colbert and cast add to a well-balanced view of the young and older generations! The scenery is beautiful and who ever knew that Connecticut was a tobacco-growing state. Thank goodness for DVDs etc. so that these classics live on for future generations. Try to see this , for sure!

  • A Wonderfully Enlightening Movie

    • Fawn Quintanilla
    • 9/13/12

    Today I saw this movie for my first timeI adored this movie and I learned much from it alsoI will definitely be purchasing it

  • don't make movies like this anymore

    • jaro
    • 9/13/12

    what a fantastic movie, just watched it for the first time. what a classic enjoyed this movie to the end.

  • good

    • john leger
    • 5/11/12

    Call me an old romantic I loved this movie, I think Sharon Huguey as Paige was great.

  • I must have more!

    • Vincent
    • 3/8/12

    A real stinker of a movie; totally freakin horrible. I must have more.If you start with Giant (1956) and substitute Troy Donahue for James Dean, substitute Karl Malden for Rock Hudson, and substitute Claudette Colbert for Elizabeth Taylor you are most of the way there. Oh, and substitute the character name Judd Raike for Jett Rink.

  • Great vintage film

    • Linda Clark
    • 3/7/12

    Forget the naysayers. This is a great film for its era. Diane McBain was sultry and Troy Donahue ever the handsome heartthrob. As a bonus, you'll learn about growing tobacco. Political correctness be darned. And there's enough tension between the two tobacco-growing families to keep you interested. Parrish is also available on DVD, by the way.

  • relax

    • dartley k
    • 3/7/12

    kids and tobacco? it was made in 1961; there were docs in movies and on tv smoking up a storm; like or not like the movie for what it is in context; are the marx brothers movies no good because of the black gospel scenes? is high sierra no good because of rolling-eyed algernon? most westerns because the indians are cardboard devils? quite possibly 60 years from now some reviewers will be saying this or that movie misued the boat because of PC pablum slobbered over the story

  • Parrish

    • Sharon
    • 1/25/12

    Delightful !

  • Great flick, Donahue worthy 'heart-throb'

    • agog
    • 12/29/11

    Just watched this film and, contrary to some of the naysayers on this site, found it had tremendous production values, a credible script (albeit a bit 'inbred), with worthy performances by all the principals. They just do not make films like this anymore. Highly recommend. And go on, admit it, there just ain't nothing like watching that lithe young man 'Troy Donahue' stride/glide/swagger across this undulating landscape .... :) He was a 'teenage heart-throb for GOOD REASON! No bum-slung jeans, tattoos, or foul-mouthed language. Script synopsis: an attractive boy grows into an attractive young man, with a few realistic stumbles along the way ... Watch, LEARN and PASS ALONG ....

  • Empty teen fluff

    • Mr. Blandings
    • 8/24/11

    Make no mistake, this isn't a Claudette Colbert film or even a serious attempt at filmmaking. It's a 137 minute teen pin-up magazine that wastes most of its screentime on long posed shots of all the vapid "pretty" boys and girls. It's also a 137 minute advertisement for the tobacco industry. Coincidence? Hardly; tobacco company's have always targeted children who are eager to act "all grown up." The script seems like it was written by teenagers with short-attention spans. All adults are presented as one-dimensional caricatures and sub-plots are left hanging in lieu of scenes with Troy Donahue making out with yet another teenaged temptress. (At one point, early in the film, Donahue says "What do you think I am -- a professional wolf?" Professional wolf, no ... an amatuer wolf, maybe. Or more like an easy and willing victim to all the wolfettes in this pic.) The entire sub-plot of Colbert being married to the greedy cigar tycoon is dropped. Did she walk out on him? You assume so, but after weeks pass with scenes of Troy building up the other farm you don't ever see her again, nor is there even a single line of dialogue thrown in to enlighten the viewer as to where she went or what happened to her. Pretty shoddy filmmaking. Is it any wonder that this was Claudette's last film? There just wasn't call for quality actors or scripts anymore; the shift to teen sex melodrama had begun. For fans of those kinds of movies only.

  • Kids and Tobacco

    • DougieB
    • 5/31/11

    The kids being Warner Brothers' stable of bland-but-attractive TV actors, which they wasted no time in cross-pollinating into feature films. For the most part, it worked, particularly in the hands of Delmer Davies, who apparently had the patience and the desire to get their best work out of them. Diane McBain smolders in a way she never did on television and Connie Stevens reveals a level of pathos which her upbeat roles on TV never hinted at. And, of all Troy Donahue's film roles, this one probably makes the most sense for him. His normal reticense as an actor fits the role of the confused newbie in reduced circumstances who is forced to relocate with his mother to a tobacco farm. It makes that befuddled haze which always seemed to hang over him as an actor seem like an appropriate actor's choice. The old-timers get lots of screen time too. Claudette Colbert's last film role shows her in fine form. Did Dean Jagger ever disappoint on film? And this is probably the role in which I most like Karl Malden, normally not one of my faves. Even though his character is pretty rotten, he gives the villainy a thoughtful, compassionate twist. Sharon Hugueny is charming, so why is this the only movie I can recall seeing her in? (I have a vague memory of her in one of those mental asylum thrillers so popular in the 1960's.) It's superbly and lushly photographed, which lends some gravitas to the more potboilerish elements of the plot. Delmer Daves had that indefineable touch which filmmakers such as Douglas Sirk and Cecil B. De Mille also had, which elevated sometimes pedestrian material by sheer force of will. Now that "Parrish" is available on DVD, it's time to catch up, don't you think? It's not John Ford, but it's good movie entertainment.

  • Loved Parrish Love Stories

    • lizhkelly
    • 4/17/11

    Enjoyed watching this classic today.

  • Ingredients for great soap

    • Jarrod McDonald
    • 6/30/10

    Great production values...Claudette is radiant. Karl Malden and Dean Jagger are excellent. Troy Donahue has a special quality as do the other younger actors. Dub Taylor has probably one of his meatiest roles with the most amount of screen time I've seen him have in any film. I'm surprised this was never adapted as a primetime soap opera for television. It certainly has all the ingredients.


    • Kyle Michael
    • 1/18/09

    For all of you who have been asking for"Parrish" (1961) to be released on DVD, your dream has come true. Advance orders are being accepted by TCM for: "Warner Bros. Romance Classics Collection" - afour-disc set that includes "Parrish","Palm Springs Weekend" (1963), "Susan Slade" (1961) and "Rome Adventure" (1962). The box set is available on January 27th, 2009. Enjoy!

  • parrish

    • darlene
    • 11/11/08

    would like to see this on dvd.

  • Still Waiting for Troy's dvds!!

    • pam parsons
    • 9/23/08

    I thought that I would check back to see if they were any closer to releasing Rome Adventure, Parrish, Susan Slade and Palm Springs Weekend. I guess nothing has changed. I am happy to see a lot of notes from fans of Troy's movies. A Summer Place came out on dvd a while back and I was so happy about that. It gave me hope. I'll keep waiting.


    • sally
    • 9/7/08

    I have this movie on VHS but would like it on DVD. How many votes does the ones who release the movies to the public need? Why does it takes so long?

  • This Is A Great Movie! Colbert, Donahue Star

    • David Atkins
    • 7/30/08

    Delmer Daves made some really fine movies and this is one of Daves's best. Set in the Northern Connecticut Tobacco Country--it is a wonerful film.Jack Warner persuaded the grand Claudette Colbert to return to films and Ms. Colbert, looking lovely, plays Troy Donahue's mother.WB assembled its stock company of great young players to feature in this film and along with Troy Donahue, Connie Stevens, Diane McBain, Chad Everett, and Sharon Hugueny star. This film made Donahue a big star and he was billed over Colbert and for a while he was the golden boy of Hollywood. The film was shot right after Donahue had a great hit in "A Summer Place" with Sandra Dee, and followed this movie with strong WB hits in "Susan Slade" with Connie Stevens, " Rome Adventure" where he met his future wife Suzanne Pleshette to the romantic strings of "AL Di La", "A Distant Trumpet" again with McBain and Pleshette and "Palm Springs Weekend" with again with Miss Stevens and also with Ty Hardin and Bob Conrad of the WB Stock company. Donahue's last film at WB was "My Blood Runs Cold" and after leaving WB his career as a star ended.I love this movie

  • Parrish, not just Troy Donahue

    • Jen
    • 5/16/08

    Love this movie, I have it on a VCR tape, don't know why the movie isn't given credit for other famous actors who appeared in it.

  • Why is Parrish not on DVD yet?

    • Lisa A.
    • 4/25/08

    This is a superb film - a terrific storyline, visually appealing, great acting. Will someone please get with it and release this title???????

  • PARRISH a must see

    • colleen devison
    • 1/24/08

    I think that the movie Parrish was a very intense movie with superb acting by all. Palm Springs Weekend (also Troy Donahue) was another excellent movie. Both have a message of growing up and struggling for independence that can be a lesson for any generation

  • Parrish

    • pam parsons
    • 1/11/08

    Well, here it is, 2008, and still I'm begging for Parrish to be released on dvd. Looks like a lot of other people want it too. How long do you think they'll make us wait. It will probably come out the day after I die.

  • This movie should be released for distribution

    • Don S.
    • 1/11/08

    My wife and I were dating in 1961 and loved the movie so much that when we got married in 1966 we decided if we ever had a daughter we would name her Paige.In 1978 we finally had a daughter and named her Paige because of the movie "Parrish".

  • Add mine for Parrish

    • Linda Betterton
    • 1/5/08

    I have just read the reviews on Parrish. I agree completely. In 1961 I was a young bride. We had little money to spend on movies. So I did not see Parrish until it aired on TCM.However I think it only run once that I know.Some movies do not play as often as other movies. I watch TCM more than anything and have kept my cable because of TCM. Movies like Parrish are not on DVD for fans to buy. Or it might be like All That Heaven Allows and be so expensive that people on Social Security now can't afford it.Thanks for reading this and I hope you listen to us and schedule Parrish. Linda B

  • Please show this movie

    • Cece`
    • 7/28/07

    When this movie came out, Troy Donahue was the biggest star by virtue of his role on a TV show called Surfside Six.So all us teen-agers had to see this movie. I loved it, and the theme song!

  • Parrish, and Susan Slade great 60's memories

    • Sheryl B. Smith
    • 5/16/07

    Troy Donahue and Connie Stevens were magic. This was just the start of screen romance, while they did not connect in the end they had a steamy start and that made the movie. I am a great fan of both and would love to see this on DVD as well as Susan Slade. Troy and Connie were great together.

  • Finally I found this movie

    • Halima
    • 4/25/07

    I've been searching for this movie for 10 years. I happened to catch the very beginning of it one night before I was on my way out and hoped it would air again. It either never did or I missed it. From the little bit that I saw it totally caught my attention and obviously stayed with me. I would love for it to be offered on DVD so that I could own it.

  • Have enjoyed a many classic movie on TCM

    • Angela Sullivan
    • 4/12/07

    I would very much like to see the movies Parrish & Susan Slade offered on DVD, I really enjoyed these movies as a young girl, I would really like to pass them on to my younger generation. These movies show the great acting and actors of good times gone by.

  • play Parrish & Susan Slade on TCM/ box set

    • Annie K
    • 4/11/07

    I agree with P Parsons & Helen. We need to see theseoutstanding movies on TCM, PLEASE. That would be an excellent box set: Parrish, Susan Slade, A Summer Place and Rome Adventure.

  • Play Parrish on TCM

    • Helen
    • 3/2/07

    In all the years I have watched TCM, I have yet to see the movie Parrish being shown. That also goes for Susan Slade and Rome Adventure.

  • dvds

    • p parsons
    • 6/14/06

    Parrish, A Summer Place, Susan Slade and Rome Adventure would be a great box set.

  • MORE 1960's and 1970's movies!!!!!!!

    • Tracy McLendon
    • 4/23/06

    Troy Donahue, Sandra Dee...such a good acting team for the 60's. Summer Place as well as their other movies they were in together. Also, Valley of the Dolls (older version w/Patty Duke) and The Summer of '42 w/ Jennifer O'Neill. You can't beat these movies with a stick!!!! One more...a real gem...The Shuttered Room with Oliver Reed...WOW!!! Please, please, pretty please!!!!!

  • old favorites

    • pam
    • 4/2/06

    I would love to see Parrish, Susan Slade, and a s Summer Place on TCM. I also have been waiting a long time. Hurry, I'm not getting any younger. Pam/Bethel, Ct.

  • troy donahue is awesome

    • susan
    • 3/1/06

    troy donahue is awesome I would like to see Parrish & Susan Slade on TCM.I can not find these movies anywhere to buy or rent. It has been 40yrs since I have seen them & I would love to see them again..TCM is my only hope of ever seeing them ever..thank you..plz play weekends so I don't miss them. I work weekdays.... thank you..again..

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