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The Desert Song

The Desert Song(1953)

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  • Steve Cochran

    • Melanie
    • 7/15/16


  • The Desert Song

    • Betty Karr
    • 11/19/14

    I saw the operata in SacramentoCalifornia 1989, fantastic. I have always been a Gordon McRae fan. When I saw the movie and heard the music it was wonderful. This movie in 2014 is now available through Waner Bros and Amazon. I wish someone would bring back on CD the soundtrack of the movie. Amazon offers a import with Gordon McRae and someone named Lucille. I researching still. But the movie, I have learned if you see it grap it before it's gone. The movie in my opinion was 5 stars.

  • Riff Song lyrics

    • John B
    • 8/20/12

    The lyrics to "The Riff Song" taken from the 1943 version are different from the play and 1929 lyrics. Although I enjoy them both, I wonder why they were rewritten in 1943, and 1953, and why it is almost impossible to find the new lyrics posted anywhere.Still this is the all time favorite movie I can think of

  • Wonderful Movie

    • Liz
    • 4/6/12

    This is one of my favorite movies. The musical score is wonderful and the voices of Gordon MacRae and Kathryn Grayson are incredible. You can't find a more romantic scene than when they were singing Blue Heaven as they gazed out into the desert. I wish there was a soundtrack from this movie. You can find other cd's with the songs but not with Kathryn and Gordon singing. It's a shame. You cannot listen to the music unless you watch the movie.

  • I loved seeing this again....

    • Jill
    • 9/19/10

    Since becoming a recent widow, I find myself getting lost at times in the old movies on TCM. It is nice to be able to see artists in their youth and beauty. Though dated by today's standards, the romantic part of this movie is lovely. I haven't seen it since I was little and had forgotten about it. Since I became a teenager during the 60's, all the influences living life from then until now had dimmed my memory of these great old movies.....though my Mom and Dad sang these beautiful songs to each other often at family gatherings. The memories of those times are wonderful, especially as I tread through the heartbreak of losing someone. This kind of movie provides an innocence but hopeful view of romance that has put a smile back on my face. While the music is what I wanted to hear again, and I was so pleased that I remembered all the words.....I must admit I am smitten with Gordon MacRae and his performance in this movie. He conveys his love with wonderfully expressive eyes and he fascinated me in both personas, perhaps it was because he really was handsome, especially when he was singing. I am sorry I had forgotten just what an amazing voice he had, the finest baritone ever. Thankfully, he will live on through his movies and recordings.

  • So ridiculous it's wonderful

    • seth
    • 9/12/10

    If you thought "The Last Remake of Beau Geste" was hilarious, then this picture is for you. I spotted many of the obvious references in Marty Feldman's hilarious masterwork, but there was always this underlying absence - something that was being parodied that I hadn't known of, but could still "feel" while laughing my way through the film. Well, finally, after twenty some odd years, I have found the utterly wonderful, completely ridiculous, beautifully scored, preposterously plotted, and fantastically swashbuckling kernel that I wondered about. A fantastic and wonderfully naive movie (which is also riddled with references - albeit mainly in the cinematography - to other former iterations of the same story), this marvelously naive, delightfully lusty, and utterly inconcievably plotted disasterpiece of a picture is sure to win your heart. And the songs are pretty nice as well (if you like Romberg/operetta-ish devotion to massive chested sopranos bursting into sentimental song amidst the desert's chaos).... It's a riot - if for no other reason that it attempts to take itself so seriously.

  • one of the best movies of all time

    • liz m.
    • 8/27/10

    one of the best movies, the songs were awe inspiring.the adventure great.I can imagine gordon enjoyed his role, as did kathryn grayson.we watch the movie frequently,would have liked to see a sequel.

  • Love Desert Song

    • Trinileela
    • 6/16/10

    Thank you so much for showing this film. My dear departed Dad had a great voice and sang so many of the songs in this and other musicals, but this one brought back so many memories of him, because it was one of his favorites. I have always loved it and I hope that since you've got a few more showings coming up, that it will appeal to new audiences. This has been one of my favorites. Kathryn Grayson is spectacular - her beauty, her voice and Gordon Macrae's performance - this film is a beauty!


    • James Walainis
    • 4/20/10

    I never thought I'd see this movie again. Mostly, I remember seeing the movie at my favorite theater when I was young. The Sunshine Theater in Albuquerque. I would buy a big bag of popcorn for 10 cents and would sneak it in to the theater. This particular movie, though, my father took me. We sat up in the balcony. I remember my father laughing. I can still see his face light up. Thanks for the Memory.James Walainis, Proud son of the late Dr. William Walainis of Burlingame, California.

  • The song of Desert

    • Mounir
    • 4/19/10

    Yes,One of things that was amazing in this Movie is the costume and how they used a real Moroccan Costumes that I think were available back in 1950's, you see that Movie is a reference to the Moroccan traditional costumes and how the Moroccans saved all the Arabs way of dressing, it's a great Movie but unfortunately its not available on DVD's I would buy this kind of Movie.Thank you TCM,

  • Oh the memories

    • Carolyn
    • 4/19/10

    I know this movie never got great reviews and was only played on the late, late early movies even when I was young. But Gordon MacRae has always been one of my favorites. My mother had the sheet music to the title song and I grew up playing and singing it. Thanks you SO MUCH for running The Desert Song.

  • The Desert Song

    • Gail Patrick Mallory
    • 4/18/10

    This movie brought back a flood of memories, wonderful memories. The music is enchanting. So very sad to see it is not available on DVD. I found myself singing along and there was a smile on my face, that has not been there in such a long time. I can't wait to see it again.

  • The music maks it great for any era

    • HRC
    • 4/18/10

    Great for its time. Still good. Gordon and Kathy sing it well. It is a delight.

  • The Desert Song

    • Kase
    • 4/18/10

    I would love to see the original with Dennis Morgan. As a tomboy in the 40s I used the 'signal' call of the Riffs all over our neighborhood in Detroit. I don't even remember there being a girl in the film. This version was horrible!!!

  • the desert song

    • lee
    • 4/17/10

    i love this movie.please see that it gets on dvd soon.i know it is on sunday night on tcm but i am forced to subscribe( there is no other system allowed in my complex) to the worst cable company in the world. the system is either down or fading in and out or down all together. when it is up the picture is so awfull it is not watchable. so please fror all us out here put this on dvd.

  • Desert Song

    • Wayne
    • 3/7/10

    I saw the Desert song With Dennis Morgan and it had a lot better scenes and Music that I remember more. The Riff calls or whatever they were signals. I saw this way before Gordon MacRae came on the seen so I have some memories that last and think it was better.


    • Robert Sterback
    • 2/19/10

    I am a fan of Kathryn Grayson and Gordon MacRae and when I first saw the coming attraction for Desert Song I knew it would be a HIT. While there are a number of Kathryn and Gordons movies out on DVD The Desert Song & Lovely To Look At are not available. I can only hope, that the Studious will realize, the enjoyment to the fans that these Musicals would provide.

  • The Desert Song

    • phyllis
    • 2/11/10

    This movie and the music has been in my memory ever since I saw it many many years ago. I've always loved Gordon McRae and Kathryn Grayson and will watch anything these two stars ever made. I'm so excited to be able to see this movie on TCM soon. I hope I will find it some day soon on DVD. Thank you.

  • The Desert Song w/Gordon McRae

    • carolico
    • 1/1/10

    I have loved this movie for more years than I care to admit...I saw it for the first time in the late 1960s. I fell in love with it. To this day, I enjoy watching it. It is one of those rare movies you can see over and over again, without care. The music is a bit corny but it can haunt you...I still whistle the theme. I am hopeful that eventually this movie will come to dvd or blu-ray. The movie may not be exacly PC, but for the time it was made it was entertainment. What fun it would be to have the opportunity to watch it whenever I wished!

  • Great Musical

    • Barb
    • 4/25/09

    My Mom took my sisters and I to see a bunch of old musicals when I was young (mostly McDonald and Eddy). One of the nights they showed this wonderful musical, The Desert Song, and I thought it was great. I would love to be able to show it to my kids and (someday) grand kids.


    • bgdobesh
    • 2/3/09

    I saw this Movie as a kid and went to the theatre 4 times to see it. It is one of the great ones. Kathryn Grayson's voice and superb and Gordon McRea was excellent as well. Thorougly loved and will show to my grandchildren as well so they can see what great movies were in those days compared to some of the stuff they make today.

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