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BUtterfield 8

BUtterfield 8(1960)

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  • Butterball 8

    • Nina
    • 3/15/18

    Elizabeth Taylor does the best she can with awful material. She hated the movie, and she was right.

  • Liz was great

    • Marcia Stephens
    • 3/15/18

    Like many of you, I can watch a mediocre movie with Elizabeth Taylor simply to look at her. Her beauty (even from childhood) was spectacular.And after watching most of her films, I know that she was also a superb actress. As Maggie the Cat, Angela Vickers in A Place in the Sun (note the love scenes in close-up) and most other roles her performances were emotionally charged and deeply sensitive. I do think Butterfield 8 was a bad movie but she did a great job handling some silly lines and poor Eddie Fisher's "acting"... A stellar actress and talent!

  • easy to get an award..

    • a.morris
    • 2/23/18

    maybe Laurence Harvey could have won an academy award too.. if he played someone older than he really was.. while pretending to be blind and could do the tango and coined the phrase kiss deez nuts grits smugglers.. while being a triple agent in the advertising business .. while getting high off fudge brownies made by a quirky conservative hippy.. who happens to be the ghost of the character Harvey plays ..from the future.. and he knows how to breakdance.. but gives up that promising future become an unorthodox teacher of teenagers ..who follow their play jug band music.. but tragedy strikes.. ..and his character has to overcome his addiction to boston baked beans candy.. and he wins a karate tournament against the town bully.. wolf blitzer. a lazy way to do it ..but he could have fit in with some other winners.

  • butterfield 8

    • kevin sellers
    • 2/4/18

    One of the great undeserved Oscar awards. Hell, it's not even Liz's tenth best pic. Wanna list? Ok. Here goes (in no particular order): 1) Va. Woolf 2) Place In The Sun 3) National Velvet 4) X, Y, and Z 5) Night Watch 7) Only Game In Town 8) Cat 9) Suddenly Last Summer 10) Giant

  • Much to Like about BU8

    • Natacha
    • 9/1/17

    This film has a lot going for it. Taylor and Harvey are both beautiful and hot. I agree with the previous reviewer who said the plot is very similar to "Room at the Top", but Taylor is more alluring than Simone Signoret. In ROT, Signoret looked used and much older than Harvey. Taylor was fresh and beautiful, and so was Harvey, even though both smoked and drank a lot. People who really smoke and drink that much don't look as good as they did in the morning. Taylor's dresses are lovely, and seeing Mildred Dunnock when she was young and slim is a plus, too. Then, there's the '60's party girl/nightclub scene. Did they really pay pretty women with bad reputations to wear certain dresses and to get photographed at certain night clubs then as a means of advertising? Also enjoyed the interiors: a lot of white/blonde wood in Harvey's Park Avenue suite, and the little throw-back caf with a juke box and Happy's Motel. Harvey played his usual cool, conflicted persona. who can really turn it on when his passion is ignited. Loved Liz's little red convertible. Dina Merrill does a good job of playing the society matron who allows her family to take her husband's dignity by placing him in a do-nothing well-paying job.

  • Laurence Harvey Repeats Room at The Top Role

    • Virginia
    • 9/1/17

    If ever an actor appeared in the same film twice, here it is. Laurence Harvey (once again) portrays a brooding, mean, chain-smoking, abusive drinker who is hooked on the girl from the wrong side of town. Exactly like he was in Room at the Top. Liz Taylor is the bad girl this time while Dina Merrill portrays his rich, neglected wife. Liz is a call girl with an attitude--she refuses his $250 payment for their first rendezvous and takes his wife's floor-length mink coat instead. He hasn't a clue the mink is missing until his wife returns to their Fifth Avenue apartment and tells him the mink is gone. Liz has been bopping across town in the mink over her slip. Just like Room at the Top, the two lovers go on a roller coaster of love, hate, love, hate amid their motel hook-ups. And just like Room at the Top, all the in-the-know males are telling Mr. Liggett (Harvey) that his Butterfield 8 call girl is the town ****. He can take a joke until it's obvious that he is a joke--she's yanking his chain. She pours her heart out to her musician guy friend portrayed by Eddie Fisher (her real-life husband at the time) who is absolutely awful here. Reads his lines like a cereal box cover. And the story ends the same as Room at the Top--the bad girl dies in a car accident. It's uneven and unbelievable at times--no one in his societal position would openly romance a **** and disgrace his rich wife. But it's Liz throwing that mink around. You can just see shades to come of Virginia Wolff. Watch Room at the Top instead. A far better film with a similar story.

  • Taylor

    • Richard B
    • 1/9/16

    Taylor was never boring on screen. She may have many bad movies but never boring. Her best perf. is obviously Virginia Woolf followed by Suddenly Last Summer, Cat, Taming, Giant & A Place in the Sun. Although XY and Zee was not well received she is great opposite Michael Caine and stunning in The Sandpiper!

  • She was the best of the best

    • Mike Todd
    • 4/18/14

    Love it Love it Love her! What a talent! Elizabeth Taylor really knew how to turn it on. She was an exceptional actor with true sex appeal for the times. It's a shame some of these reviewers criticize her because of their own smallness and lack of dreams not coming true. She was a star and will remain Hollywood Royalty, something the critics on this review page won't ever get close too. If they were lucky, they got a chance to clean her dressing room. Love you Elizabeth forever!

  • Butterfield 8

    • I_Fortuna
    • 2/27/14

    What is it about people who want to tear down American iconic figures who are universally popular? If one sees her movies and doesn't like them, why bother to see another? The only opinions I regard as relevant are mine and Robert Osborne's. What does a woman do who has her beauty? Should she not have a career? At least she worked for a living. Personally, I like Elizabeth Taylor's acting in certain films more than others. The VIP's, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf? A place in the Sun, Raintree County, Elephant Walk, Giant, The Sandpiper, and Little Women. All of these were good or great films that she was in. The public loved her and I guess studios did too because she was in high demand. She must have had acting talent. She was acting since she was a child so I am very sure she knew her job! I never have found her boring. There are a lot of famous actresses currently who do not have her beauty or talent and are popular and do very little. It is sad that I must come on TCM and defend Elizabeth Taylor. I am glad most reviews of her are positive. No matter what anyone says, and yes, everyone is entitled to their opinion, she was a person who deserved respect not just for her acting and hard work but for her social awareness and activism. There will never be anyone like her again.

  • butterfield 8

    • will
    • 10/4/13

    everyone has a right to there opinion . Elizabeth Taylor has to be the most boring actress I have ever seen. in every film I have ever seen she plays ELIZABETH TAYLOR. she was the definitive Hollywood product or Hollywood star - not actress. her friends say she was a sensitive and caring human being. no doubt, no arguments there, but watching her at interviews creeps me out. she comes off like a programed robot, seemingly, saying what she reads off of a teleprompter, thinking this is what the public -the little people want to hear me say, and I cant grasp one, not one grain of sincerity. Ill take Katherine Hepburn, Lillian Gish, Betty Davis, Audrey Hepburn, and a whole list of todays ladies who earn there fame with real talent. Liz had a knack for backing losers like Michael Jackson, perhaps to make her own star shine a little brighter. Sorry didn't mean to step on any fans toes, but that's my opinion.

  • Daniel Mann Directs Another Oscar Win

    • David Atkins
    • 8/5/11

    Daniel Mann sadly overlooked had a great run directing Oscar winning performances from Shirley BoothIn Come Back Little Sheba, Anna Magnani in The Rose Tatoo, and Elizabeth Taylor for this fine film versionof John O Hara's book. Susan Hayward who was nominated for I'll Cry Tomorrow and lost to Magnani deemed Mann her favorite Director ( Hayward and Mann would work together later in Ada and The Revengers).MGM insisted that Liz Taylor make this movie before MGM would deem Liz Taylor free of her long term MGM contract and begin work at 20th for Cleopatra. Liz insisted she both hated MGM and this film in particular.The Lady doth protest too much, as Liz is superb as Gloria Wondrous and won the Oscar for her great performance.The only jarring aspect of this film is casting Eddie Fisher in an important role but Liz was both married to Fisher at the time and likely her insisting on Fisher's casting as revenge at MGM. Liz was astoundingly beautiful in this movie.TCM should do a day of Mann films: Come Back Little Sheba, The Rose Tatoo, I'll Cry Tomorrow,Butterfield 8, Ada, and as a diversion Mann's comedy Lana Turner's Who's Got The Action

  • Maybe it's just that era

    • Josh
    • 7/10/11

    It was a time of cheap polyester clothes, cars without a suspension system, cheap prints of lousy paintings, avacado green decor, and the color yellow being euphemistically called gold. When I first saw this old movie with all those cheap sets and shots, it brought back memories of long shaggy carpet and vulgar colors slapping you in the face everywhere you turn. I really, really, dislike this movie. I don't like the story, the dialogue, the depressing self-involvement, and the trashiness of it in general. (Maybe, if there had been one sympathetic character; but there wasn't.) The story was simply DRAGGED ON without redeeming quality. Whoever voted ANY Academy Awards for any part of this movie had to have been a sycophantic, tasteless, fanny-caressing follower of the lowest order. Taylor and Fisher were right: BUTTERBALL FOUR...But... Hey; maybe it's just me...

  • "BUtterfield 8" - The One Liz Hated Most

    • Bruce Reber
    • 4/11/11

    "BUtterfield 8" (1960) was the film Elizabeth Taylor did to fulfill her MGM contract so that she could star in the overblown epic "Cleopatra" at 20th Century Fox. She totally hated "BUtterfield 8", in which she plays call girl Gloria Wandrous who gets involved with married Park Avenue lawyer Wes Liggett (Laurence Harvey). It's been said that after a screening of the film at MGM she threw a drink at the screen to express her disgust. While I don't think of "BUtterfield 8" as one of Taylor's best films, it's still a fairly good melodrama, and it earned her the first of two Best Actress Oscars (the other was for her performance as Martha in "Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf (1966). The supporting cast is also very good (Eddie Fisher, her husband at the time, Dina Merrill, Betty Field and Kay Medford). I'll give "Butterfield 8" three stars.

  • Espetacular

    • Sonia
    • 11/4/10

    Eu no vi o filme. D para perceber que a Elizabeth Taylor est espetacular vivendo um papel polmico para a poca. Ela arrrasou e mereceu seu primeiro Oscar.

  • **Amazing Movie Butterfield 8

    • alyssa
    • 8/23/10

    Haven't seen this movie in years & i want to say thank you to TCM for playing this movie Butterfield 8 love it . Elizabeth Taylor is the most sexiest creature ever to grace the screen in this film .Wow her first scene in this movie is just breathtaking the way the music goes to Elizabeth's electric eyes is just Magic !Her acting is perfect and throughout she is just a thrill ride to watch .Elizabeth Taylor is my favorite in this film.So Glad she won an Academy award for this amazing movie.

  • Don't Call

    • Cats
    • 11/5/09

    Like so many Taylor vehicles - this is a dud. Once you achieve a certain status, deserved or not, many people feel they must like what you do. Taylor has benefited from that lemming mentality. This dated, trite material and her turgid hysterics, so typical of her "acting" style, belong in the "B" movie heap of garbage. And unlike a lot of "B" types, there's not even humor or over the top performances to attract the audience. Save your dime - don't call this gal. You won't have a good time.

  • Great Picture! Great Picture for Liz!

    • Gina
    • 9/19/09

    A must see for Liz Taylor's fans.Lawrence Harvey is excellent also.

  • Butterfield 8 (1960)

    • Jay Higgins
    • 9/16/09

    I think this often criticized film is quite good, and Elizabeth Taylor is among those who put the film down. But, she does give an excellent performance for which she won her first Oscar. It's her film all the way, I was never bored and it's well produced.

  • Diamond Girl was fabolous!

    • shaynee
    • 12/5/07

    Didn't know liz could act until now. I will have to see more of her movies. Love, a 36yr old who knows a good film when she sees one!

  • elizabeth at her peak

    • marcco
    • 12/4/07

    this is my favorite taylor performance, and some of the best acting i've seen her do from that period. she delivers in every dramatic scene. she completely dominates this film, with great support from laurence harvey. they're a smoking hot team. what saves the film from being completely superficial is the delving into the pscyhological problems of the two main characters... and the 'daring' admission by "gloria" (towards the end) of what was at the root of her promiscuity. i myself believe taylor EARNED her oscar for this performance.

  • Liz can act

    • Ron
    • 7/4/07

    Sort of a predictable plot, heavy on the soap at times, but still a decent flick. Many have said that Elizabeth Taylor won a "sympathy" Oscar for this film, but truly she was deserving of it. She is marvellous. As for Harvey, he plays one of his usual intense troubled characters. The cinematography is first rate as well.

  • Shining star, lousy film

    • Jennifer
    • 6/9/07

    The role of Gloria seems like a hybrid of all of Taylor's most extreme characters, but she is mesmerizing nonetheless. In fact, she's the only reason to watch. When she's not on the screen the film comes to a dead halt, and you realize just how bad the dialog and the rest of the cast are. Laurence Harvey is painfully miscast and an embarrassment to watch.

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