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Double Danger

Double Danger(1938)

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Thwarted for years by a master jewel thief known as "The Gentleman," Commissioner David Theron plots to trap the crook by inviting him to his home for a weekend and tempting him with duplicates of the famous Konjer diamonds. Before the appointed weekend, however, jeweler Gordon Ainsley is robbed of the real jewels by Carolyn Morgan and her cohort, Taylor, who are in turn robbed by The Gentleman and his valet, Fentriss. Both Carolyn and The Gentleman, a writer named Robert Crane who turns his exploits into best-selling novels, are invited to Theron's home. Shortly after their arrival, Gordon fakes a car accident outside the Theron house and, under an assumed name, is brought in with the duplicate Konjers, which Theron identifies as the real jewels. Robert quickly sees through Theron's ruse, but Fentriss, Carolyn and Taylor disregard Robert's warnings and separately sneak into the library that night to break into Theron's safe and steal the jewels. Eventually, Carolyn cracks the safe, but when she realizes that the stones are, in fact, imitations, she hides them in Robert's room. When Robert discovers her scheme to implicate him, he tells her that he hid the real diamonds somewhere in her room, and if she informs on him, he will inform on her. The next morning, Theron instructs everyone in the house to meet him in the library. Before going, Robert plants the real Konjers in the bed of Roy West, a bumbling young man who is in love with Theron's daughter Babs. In the library, Theron announces that through the use of infrared film, a photograph of the safe thief was taken. On Robert's signal, Fentriss turns off the lights, which allows several people to touch the phony photographic plate. While Theron studies the fingerprints left on the plate, Roy brags to Babs, who is infatuated with The Gentleman, that he is the jewel thief. Taylor, meanwhile, confronts Robert and, knowing that Robert has fallen in love with Carolyn, threatens to expose her unless Robert gives him the jewels from the safe. Robert agrees, handing Taylor the phony diamonds just as Theron comes in the room. Following a furious fistfight, everyone in the room "confesses" to being The Gentleman. With the real Konjers safely in Gordon's hands, Theron encourages Robert to elope with Carolyn and write the last installment of "The Gentleman."