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King of Kings

King of Kings(1961)

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  • Emotionally Riveting!

    • David
    • 4/1/18

    I have always loved this classic movie on the life of Christ. It's true that it does focus on the political/religious elements more than on His ministry but I find that the calibre of actors helped to pull it off well. But what really inspired me is Jeffrey Hunter's portrayal of Jesus and one other very important character who has not been mentioned so far....Maestro Miklos Rozsa's powerful and riveting score! You can definitely hear shades of Ben Hur and love the Good Friday sequence of melancholy tragic music as our Lord was carrying His cross on the Via Dolorosa, It certainly had its share of campy performances by King Herod and Pontius Pilate but somehow it worked in this movie. And it wouldn't be the first time we've seen campy performances such as Anne Baxter as Nefretiri in Ten Commandments, and of course Jay Robinson ans Caligula in The Robe and Peter Ustinov in Quo Vadis. Overall, I'd give it a 9.7/10.

  • not a blast for me to say.

    • a.morris
    • 12/23/17

    like the movie or not. if some of you smart guys would not mention triple hhh...

  • King of Kings

    • Pat Blue
    • 10/29/17

    In 1961 when this movie came out I was 15 years old and living in New York City. My Aunt, Bishop Hilda Rolle, was the Founder and Pastor of a Pentecostal Church in New York City. She took me to the very first showing of King of Kings. It was a night of elegance. Everyone in this beautiful Theatre was dressed beautifully in diamonds and furs. We were equally beautiful. I felt so special that my Aunt would take me to a Theatre. When we walked inside I was so excited tears fell from my eyes. She said PattiAnn where ever you go and whatever you do in life, do it with class and style and make sure you look your best. This is your first experience and the best. I had no idea what type of picture I was going to see. Then the lights dimmed, the curtains were raised, the sound effects blew me away. I was in heaven. You see growing up in a Pentecostal Church, being raised by your Pastor who also is your Aunt, whom I've watched pray for many people over the years who were actually healed, I new a lot about many of the biblical stories by either reading the Bible or listening to many Sermons. But watching this wonderful movie wherein the stories I heard of were actually being acted out/performed on a huge screen took me to another world. I oooed, awwed and cry through the entire movie. I'm 71 years old now and I still remember what a wonderful movie that was. I tonight pulled out my Hard Back Book of "King of Kings" my Aunt Hilda purchased for me during intermission. She taught me sooo very much during my youth. She lived to be 101 years old - and was still the Pastor/Bishop of her Church. Sometimes I wish I could relive my youth with her. But I glad for the foundation she provided for me. I turned out to be a great person, if I must say so myself. I think I'm going to locate this movie and watch it again tomorrow. Hope you've enjoyed my little story. I just started feeling emotional when I saw this book and looked it up on the internet. Much love to you all.

  • Handel's Messiah

    • Larry Welk
    • 4/18/17

    It is observable that most if not all biopic movies on Christ focus on His instructive sermon on the mount to the exclusion of His unP.C. confrontation against the Edomite Pharisees (whose cognizant dissonant influence on the plain people parallels that of 20th century mainstream media & curricula), His parabolic & direct consignment to hell those who would never take Him seriously, & His violent whipping of the money launderers & demolishing of their merchandise within His Father's house of prayer - which example demonstrates that love zero tolerates hypocracy- but this would show the Son of man as a bully & in need of anger-management training! Even so, the scene of Gesthamane was real enough to impress that God punished Himself as the punishment for man's rejecting why sin?

  • King of Kings

    • Michael Whitty
    • 10/13/16

    An okay view of the life of Christ with Orson Welles narrating and Jeffrey Hunter playing Christ. More of a chronicle of events as Jesus finds followers but the miracles aren't played up so much. The Sermon on the Mount scene came off well but the Good Friday scenes didn't get the effect they should have had. There would be another "life of Christ film" with "The Greatest Story Ever Told" a few years later but that wasn't as powerful as it should have been. It wouldn't be until the 70s with the "Jesus of Nazareth" mini-series that got deeper into the life of Jesus and really said more of who Jesus was and those around Him.

  • A True Classic.

    • Rick
    • 4/27/14

    With the exception of perhaps the miniseries "Jesus Of Nazareth", this is the best film presentation of the life and teachings of Jesus ever made. From Jeffrey Hunter's movingly beautiful portrayal of Jesus to the incredible musical score, this film is a deeply moving exerience for Christians and non-Christians alike. All of the major personnas are portrayed well and fully. The historically accurate background of the Roman occupation and it's brutal power are extraodinarily contrasted with Christ's eternal message of the power of universal love and humble service. A powerful and great film for all- not to be missed. I, like others here wait in anticipation for the blue-ray release. 10 OUT OF 10 STARS.

  • Entertaining Fantasy

    • Taran
    • 4/20/14

    Well-made entertaining fantasy. Right up there with the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings.

  • king of kings

    • margo
    • 10/30/12

    This is my favorite movie of all time.I don't understand why TCM would show this movie at Halloween time amidst a lineup of freak shows. Guess there's an anti-Christian attitude at TCM.

  • "Echo !"

    • Alice
    • 10/30/12

    I echo and give a hearty, "Amen" to the viewer who suggested reading (studying) the New Testament for the True story of Jesus. However, to the cre dit of the " "hollywood of old", part of the reason I am such a fan of classic movies, is that they tackled so many of the "hard" topics; the biographies and famous events in our history. True, so many have been "hollywood-ized", to a degree. But, they were not dishonoring (for the most part). There are a few exceptions, i.e., "The Last Temptation of Christ". However, I do, remain a faithful TCM fan. So very, very, many of the films you coose are wonderful.Thank you, TCM and fellow viewers and re-viewers.

  • quality

    • dan marlena grant
    • 9/29/12

    second best movie ever made with ben-hur being first. Once again Miklos Rosza'a music second to none

  • Praise The King

    • Ron Merk
    • 4/8/12

    I remember first seeing this film when I was in high school, during its original release. I was impressed then and I am still impressed 50 years later by the quality of this film, and its ability to touch us with its sincerity. The film has been harshly criticized, especially Jeffrey Hunter's portrayal of Christ. His acting is solid, sincere and I believe that his face carries the beauty of the idea of Christ and his teachings. I don't think there's much more that one could ask for in a performance of this great historical personality. Playing Christ on the screen has always been a great risk for actors, and many have avoided this part because of the kind of criticism that's been heaped on Hunter (particularly the "I Was a Teenage Jesus" rants). Hunter's portrayal of Chris is the best one ever put on film. It's time someone said that. Nicolas Ray has ably guided this film through production difficulties and his fights with Phillip Yordan, the writer, through perilous waters, and while he didn't quite walk on water, his work here is solid, intelligent and often moving. The cast is uniformly good, and the characters they have created are indelibly imprinted on our collective consciousness. Cast off your doubts, and look again at this wonderful film, and let the great score by Miklos Rozsa give you that feeling of awe and wonder about this greatest story ever told.

  • No title

    • Ed
    • 10/24/11

    To those who expect to know "the life of Christ", you'll not get it from Hollywood - read the New Testament...

  • Jeffrey Hunter's King of Kings

    • David Atkins
    • 8/17/11

    Jeffrey Hunter portrays Jesus Chris with much reverence in Samuel Bronston's epic King of Kings. I found this to be a better film than George Stevens' massive epic The Greatest Story Ever Told due to Max Von Sydow's passive interpretation of Jesus Chris. I recommend this film.

  • Music King of Kings

    • Jacqout
    • 4/25/11

    Very beautiful music of Miklos Rozsa, great compositor

  • King of Kings

    • Lissa
    • 4/17/11

    My Favorite movie about the life of Christ. Jeffrey Hunter did an excellent job portraying Jesus. The movie has a great supporting cast and the music used is inspirational.


    • RON
    • 11/27/09


  • King of Kings (1961)

    • Jay
    • 7/25/09

    Painfully overlong and talky, but the magnificent production is a big plus in an otherwise melodramatic and uninteresting story. The acting is way over the top and far too dramatic. Technically though it is excellent, if you can stay awake long enough to appreciate that.

  • An Important Film

    • P.R.
    • 2/19/08

    The King of Kings, starring Jeffry Hunter, is an important part of Film history. Though just a handful of scenes actually concentrate of the life of Jesus,it is a milestone, especially having the great music of Miklos Rosza to accompany it. Sadly, the script is weak and does not focus enough on the King of kings, but it is done respectfully, and the cinematography is beautiful, and the Spanish locations are beautiful as well.It is still a film worth seeing and having in your film collection.

  • King of Kings

    • Dan
    • 4/8/07

    A good epic film that deals with the teachings of Christ. Their is some Spegetti Western type characters in this film who are dubbed, but isn't too noticable. Jeffrey Hunter plays Jesus along with a great music score and countless thousands of people. The film is a little long but worth the watch.

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