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Funny Girl

Funny Girl(1968)

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  • Barbra is a Brilliant Singer Who Acts

    • Tawny
    • 10/28/16

    I seem to recall the featured actress here as saying she's an actor who sings. Quite the reverse. This film would be absolutely nothing without her singing talents. None of her subsequent "acting" roles sans singing were every quite as lauded as her Fanny Brice. An exceptional vocal talent is exposed her. The perfect vehicle to showcase her booming voice in a line-up of unforgettable show-stoppers. Musical numbers are interrupted by what would become a standing Streisand script device: The quirky, talented girl who cannot help loving the wrong man. Here, the wrong man is gambler Nick Arnstein (Omar Sharif so miscast here), who seems about as interested in having a relationship with her as he would be in drinking castor oil. But her dynamic persona wins him over and they are desperately mismatched in an unhappy relationship, with happy moments, that hits rock bottom. Think Streisand in The Way We Were and Evergreen. Same story. The moral of this story is You Can Do GOOD All By Yourself. You really don't need a gambling, useless man to drag on you, particularly when you are lighting up the stage like Fanny Brice. But the film really isn't about that. It's about Streisand hitting those notes that only she can find, giving us a timeless portrait of a young singer in her prime, destined for stardom.

  • Funny Girl

    • Michael Whitty
    • 1/9/16

    The 1960s had many great musicals but the greatest performance in these was Barbra Streisand in "Funny Girl". From her first song "I'm the Greatest Star" to getting on keeney's stage with "I'd Rather Be Blue" than later with "People","Don't Rain on My Parade", "Sadie,Sadie", "Funny Girl", "My Man" this was the perfect entry for Barbra into Broadway and Hollywood. The biography of Fanny Brice was filled with comedy and music and her romance with gambler Nick Arnstein,while not a lasting one, was still a colorful one. And there is also William Wyler, who couldn't make "The Sound of Music" but did make "Funny Girl" and directed Barbra to Academy Award greatness. Wyler, an Oscar nominee 12 times, couldn't get enough of Barbra and was always fascinated by her prowess.

  • Barbra Streisand IS Funny Girl!

    • Jill
    • 9/6/15

    First it was hearing "People" for the first time. Barbra Streisand's iconic role as Fanny Brice that catapulted her to the very top on Broadway & popularity in this amazing performance. I never get tired of this movie - just so entertaining with a cast/production I find very little fault with. But it's all Barbra's gig - watching her sing "People" & "Funny Girl", the highlights for me. Didn't get to see it on Broadway but this comes as close as it gets to great transfers to film for great musicals in my book, after "West Side Story".

  • funny girl

    • kevin sellers
    • 1/25/15

    The songs are great and Streisand sings them well. (Omar Sharif, of course, should not have been allowed to sing even one.) But as written by Isobel Lennart, directed by William Weyler, and acted by these two egomaniacs the Fanny Bryce/Nick Arnstein love affair has to be the dullest relationship this side of Harry and Bess Truman. Give it a C plus.


    • WILL
    • 6/2/14

    Given the choice Ill take ROSE OF WASHINGTON SQUARE over FUNNY GIRL. Tyrone Power should have been nominated for an Oscar. He was such a low life in this one. but you still couldn't help but liking Bart Clinton. Omar Sharif by comparison looked great, but it ends there, his acting in FUUNY GIRL, is flat, possibly due to the script. Ive never been a fan of Alice Faye, but she was great in Rose OF Washing Square, she got a chance to really dig in and do some serious acting. Barbara, when she hits certain notes sounds like shes just yelling. ROSE was much closer to the true story of FANNY BRICE and the pace of the film never let up. So close in fact, Fanny took legal action and won.

  • The best

    • Tashi
    • 9/11/13

    This is my favorite musical by far. I could watch it over an over. I would recommend it to anyone. I think this movie might even be able to convert a few of those people who don't like musicals.

  • funny girl .The Fanny Brice story

    • wim sminia
    • 4/26/13

    If you like Funny Girl, visit the website the Fanny Brice Collection- Her life and times.Everything about Fanny Brice.

  • The film that put Barbra on the map...

    • ggtx785
    • 2/16/13

    Wish I'd seen this on stage - I wonder if the Broadway musical was as overwrought as this film. However, it's easy to see why this movie established Barbra as a force to be reckoned with...her vocal and comedic performances here are unforgettable. Best part of the movie is the first half--the movie peaks right at the time Fanny and Ziegfeld first meet--but the last half, unfortunately, descends into melodramatic mush. If anything, it's totally worth watching for Barbra's iconic number, "People." I could watch and listen to that ad nauseam, it's so good.

  • Funny Girl

    • Dashiell B.
    • 11/25/12

    An intimate & energetic musical about comedienne Fanny Brice. Under the venerable Wyler's direction, Streisand won the Best Actress Academy Award (Tied with Katharine Hepburn), Medford was nominated as Brice's mother & Sharif is "good enough" as the leading man. Delightful musical numbers are magnificent, but overdone too many times. Great showcase for Streisand's talent as a comic, singer & dramatic actress. I give it a 3.5/5.

  • Greatest movie performance of all time!!

    • Roy
    • 4/24/12

    Happy Birthday Barbra!! You are the greatest entertainer of ALL TIME!!!I saw Funny Girl 5 times opening week with 5 girls who looked like you! It is THE greatest movie of all time and your performance is the greatest of all time!! I called you at your office at Rastar productions right after your album Stoney End came out and I talked to your personal secretary who said I just missed you by about 10 minutes! We are blessed to have you here during our generation! Thank you for giving us all endless enjoyment both through your music , movies and your passion for life!! Your talent is from Mars, above human!!! God Bless you!! Thanks to TCM for celebrating this wonderful day for humanity....the day Barbra was born!!!Your biggest fan .....

  • Fantastic musical!

    • RedRain
    • 4/24/12

    The way in which this film was photographed won the brilliant James Wong Howe the Academy Award and rightfully so. It's beautiful! Streisand in terrific voice keeps your attention throughout the film and Omar Sharif is gorgeous. What's wrong here, though, is that the real Nicky Arstein was anything but handsome and he was a con man and swindler. He served time in Sing Sing and in Leavenworth. Fanny Brice was NOT his first wife either, as the film implies, and Fanny Brice had also been married before she met Arnstein. I believe Fanny Brice, thinking she wasn't attractive, clung to Arnstein when other women would have dropped him like a hot potato. None of this was borne out in this film. I simply feel that when you make a film about real people and not fictionalized ones, you should stay close to the real story and not gloss over the really bad events in their lives. After all, Fanny Brice had only been dead 13 years before this film debuted. btw: Streisand's version of "My Man" is earth-moving! Fanny Brice sang it with so much pain that it made you weep. Streisand sings it almost defiantly!

  • A Movie For Any Gal!

    • Roxie Chung
    • 8/29/11

    I have always heard about this movie on TCM but never got a chance to watch it. Now i had no work and just came home and I finally had a chance to watch it, my brother wasnt home from school and I thought "what the heck, why not". Me thinking it would be just another musical, boy was i wrong! It's so much more than that, a movie that shows that beauty doesn't mean a thing in show buisness, it about your talent and how much you are willing to go to get to the top! I am a huge fan now of barbara

  • Funny Girl Is Tops!

    • Chris B.
    • 7/3/11

    Unless you saw it on Broadway, we are introduced, as if for the very first time, to Barbra Streisand in her brilliant portrayal of Fanny Brice and her stunning career as a Ziegfeld Girl and more. Streisand has a voice to be reckoned with in the musical theater and her fans adore her. Fanny's love interest is Nicky Arnstein, played beautifully by the very handsome and charming Omar Sharif. It is the story of a meteoric rise to fame for Fanny as well her all consuming love for Nicky. The supporting cast is terrific and fills in, amply, for any missing dialog or space. Streisand was only 22 when she appeared on Broadway in the title role in 1964 and 26 when she filmed this masterpiece of performances in 1968. See it time and time again if you can and marvel at what Barbra Streisand has woven into the tapestry of our lives.

  • Great Actor!

    • Donald Crabtree
    • 7/3/11

    Funny Girl is a delightful movie and Barbra Streisand is excellent---BUT---I must state that I think Walter Pidgeon steals the scenes he's in. His portrayal of Florenz Ziegfeld is memorable and colorful. Watch him as a emotes thru every aspect in a scene. A really remarkable trouper. If Barbra wanted him to co-star in this film, she made an excellent choice. From the world of music, stage, TV and film, Walter Pidgeon the man to watch!

  • Funny Girl

    • Donna Badalamenti
    • 7/1/10

    This is my favorite movie of all times where I have been a fan of Barbara Streisand from the first time that I saw the movie in 1971. I even bought the CD to the movie and my favorite song is My Man, which I related to so well, as she really loved Nick Arnstein as I loved my husband many years ago. Greatest movie of all times that I can see.

  • Funny Girl

    • Gwen Studnick
    • 6/6/10

    A wonderful performance by a great woman. She knew then how amazing she would be in the years to come.

  • 40 years FUNNY GIRL.

    • wim sminia
    • 3/24/09

    Funny Girl, 3-30-09,40 years (3-30 1969) my graet GRAET hobby. I collect everyhing abour this musical.

  • Funny Girl

    • Jay Higgins
    • 11/23/08

    Barbra Streisand's film debut won her a well deserved Oscar. The musical score is outstanding, fine cinematography. Good costumes. The period detail however is lacking. Good supporting performances.

  • My greatest greatest movie!

    • wim sminia
    • 11/3/07

    To me Funny Girl is the greatest movie.It is kind of funny how someone can become so obsessed by just one particular movie. And not to mention for such a long period of time,for 38 years to be exact.I very interested in this movie and it became great passion of me.It is my great hobby collecting everthing about Funny Girl. If you like to see the real funny girl, visit my official website- the life and times about FANNY BRICE on . .Wim Sminia, the Netherlands.

  • The Best Musical...

    • Bob Galvin-Oliphant
    • 2/16/06

    This is certainly the best musical I have ever seen. Barbra Streisand, Omar Sharif, Walter Pidgeon, and the rest of the cast are suberb. I remember seeing Funny Girl on the big screen after it came out in 1968, and what an impression it left on me. Barbra singing atop a tugboat in New York harbor is one of the great scenes in film history.

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