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Keeper of the Flame

Keeper of the Flame(1942)

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  • Robert Forrester/Donald Trump

    • Robert Woltanski
    • 2/1/17

    Trump's ascendancy to the Oval Office throne imparts a strong urgency to Keeper Of The Flame. If this film doesn't sound an alarm between your ears,I can't fathom what would.

  • response to previous reviewer

    • kevin sellers
    • 4/23/16

    To answer Ms. Gabbert's implied question about which film I watched, it was the film with no chemistry between the two stars, sexual or otherwise, due mostly to the not so fine script, (although the director has to foot some of the blame.)

  • Keeper

    • Ellen Gabbert
    • 4/10/16

    For those who wrote negative reviews whether because of no tension between the two stars or because it was not slapstick funny I am not sure what movie you watched but this was a very good movie. Good cast fine script and it does show us what happens when we worship national heros.

  • keeper of the flame

    • kevin sellers
    • 4/6/16

    It's amazing that, when you take Tracy/Hepburn out of a comedy and plunk 'em down in a drama, (especially one like this which, as Jeff Boston noted, has a bad script) not only does their sexual chemistry disappear, but so does their quirkiness and spontaneity of delivery, so that you feel that you're watching a poor man's Lunt/Fontaine. Give it a C.

  • "He grew to despise the people who worshipped him"

    • Jeff Boston
    • 6/20/13

    The two biggest sociopolitical powerhouses in Hollywood history are limited by a botched script, but it has some great statements, like when Tracy's character tells a boy that a type of slavery around the world that could infiltrate America is one where "the chains would be on your mind and on your tongue." Although flawed by its artificiality, this film shows the undying truism that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely, and has a powerful, overriding message, inspired by a major problem at the time that shall remain a problem in perpetuity: idolatry (read Rhonda's 6/2012 post). Hepburn's character "had to destroy the man to save the image" for "Forrest was lost, a traitor to his country" and "a man who no longer believed in God, but in himself."

  • William Randolph Hearst!

    • RedRain
    • 6/20/13

    I've watched this film probably 20 or more times and always find it intriguing. It wasn't until tonight after the film that I heard a story related by Robert Osbourne that relates to the film. It seems that Hearst had heard MGM was making a film that might have a relevance to Hearst and he called Louis B. Mayer about it. Mayer said he head read the script and there was no resemblance whatsoever. Mayer then attended the premiere of the film at Radio City Music Hall and, in the middle of the film, he saw the resemblance and stormed out of the Hall. He stormed out from fear that Hearst would have a hissy fit and somehow blacklist MGM! Whether the story is about Hearst or not, it certainly does give one pause. Hearst, owning most of the newspapers in the U.S. at the time, could, and did, easily sway public opinion his way. Had he indeed wanted to be on the Fascists' side, he could have been - and may have been! We will never know but it certainly puts a different slant on the film when viewed with this in mind!

  • A different opinion.

    • denscul
    • 6/19/13

    David Stewart, the screenwriter was black listed during the Congressional "Witch Hunts". Several comments have been made that are political, and I would like to respond. Hollywood is a small, closed society that impacts on our nations culture. Those making comments that a few people "dominate" the direction of the country in a wrong direction, should examine the historical facts. Stewart was a member of the anti-fascist clique during WWII. How many viewers, realize that there wasn't a dimes difference between Hitler and Stalin. WWII may not have begun had Stalin not signed a pact with Hitler. By the time of the hearings, Hitler and Mussolini were both dead, but Stalin was not. He was busy taking over the Eastern European countries, and putting millions in the Gulags. Nobody of any credibility doubts these facts. Except Hollywood which considers men like the writer of this film as heroes. What does that say about their gullibility? Both Hollywood and people like Bob on TCM. Why can't they admit a mistake and get over it. Sure, Joe McCarthy was a nut. But the Kennedy family did not think he was when he was a raging maniac, for a time, with friends like the Kennedy family, and Bobby Kennedy worked on McCarthy's staff for a time. Don't take my word, do a little investigating. This film was destroyed by the obvious propaganda and bias of Stewart.

  • great flick!

    • CoolFinalFan
    • 10/23/12

    moving flick with alot of action... awesome movie!

  • A different Tracy/Hepburn

    • Brian
    • 10/22/12

    Very different from their other films and because of that there's a different dynamic to their chemistry. I thought Kate was especially good as the "The Keeper of the Flame", protecting not her husband but the hope and ideals he represented to the American public. Not the best from their many collaborations, but still a good film and one I have great affection for as it was my first Tracy/Hepburn experience.

  • Keeper of the flame

    • Tom
    • 6/25/12

    I have liked everything Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn did in film together and separately. But this one no .I find it drags along at such a slow pace the story gets lost in between. You're clueless to the gist of the story until the last few minutes.

  • Very Comparable to Current Events

    • Rhonda
    • 6/24/12

    Consider the unseen man, His background is an enigma, he is a manufactured character, kept aloft in public opinion by a complicit media. He and his ilk subtly encourage division, and distrust, in order to gain and retain power. They are adept at beautiful speeches, but behind the scenes work to subvert the very principles they swore to uphold. His opinion is either that the factions are ignorant recipients of his benevolence or pawns, contemptible tools in his arsenal to, to what end exactly? O'Malley was right. The public can take the news, if only honest journalists were out there to report it. Great film. Wish it was required viewing in public education.

  • Maravilhoso

    • Sonia
    • 11/13/10

    Um filme maravilhoso e essencial para entender Katharine Hepburn e Spencer Tracy. Um filme magistral

  • Keeper of the Flame

    • marianne
    • 8/21/10

    Hauntingly comparable to people and events happening in the country today! When you add Tracy and Hepburn this is a definite must see! Thank you TCM.

  • Keeper Of The Flame(1942)

    • nshepard
    • 8/20/10

    Oddly dark vehicle for Tracy and Hepburn. Tracy a reporter, and Hepburn the mysterious mistress of the house, with secrets. Strangely compelling Cukor Directed film. Keeps you on the edge, almost every step of the way. All-star cast includes Forrest Tucker, Howard Da Silva.

  • Not their usual

    • J Ellis
    • 5/28/10

    This movie is not the usual romantic comedy for Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn. If you are a fan and have not seen it yet, it is one you definitely should add to your list. I've been waiting for years to have this one released in DVD and it is available in the UK. Let's bring it to the US for new generation of movie lovers to enjoy.

  • please release on dvd

    • greg
    • 6/20/09

    an important film-full of the stuff I love about TCM-the real deal -don't ever change--thanks

  • A must see

    • Medianomad
    • 10/5/08

    This movie was made during WW II and has a chilling warning that rings true today. The theme is hubris and the chaos that can follow when a small group think they know what is best for America. Well worth watching; a lot of food for thought.

  • Keeper of the Flame

    • sally
    • 5/13/08

    This and the rest of Spencer Tracy's films, that isn't already out, should be released on DVD for the public to enjoy

  • Creepy Tracy-Hepburn

    • Oliver Cutshaw
    • 5/13/08

    Rather odd entry in the famous teamings of Hepburn and Tracy. Most of their films are romantic comedies (ie. Woman of the Year, Adam's Rib, and Desk Set). The movies sparkle and shine and occasionally make a point or two about our society and the roles of men and women. This movie is a rather grim, black and white study of political paranoia. Sort of a Citizen Kane meets an evil version of Charles Lindburgh. Overall it is well-acted and well-written but seems to brood too much. Not that I am against brooding but it seems to have only one note. Still it is worth a viewing for fans of the dynamic duo of Spenser and Katherine.

  • Tracy and Hepburn

    • Chuck Wilson
    • 7/1/06

    This movie is a must see if you are a fan of Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn movies. This is also a movie which would not be as good if done in color. There is much to be said for how black and white adds to the general atmosphere of the story. The acting is superb by Spencer and Kate. Spencer Traycy was a great dramatic actor. His eyes and facial expressions told much about his ability to capture an audience.The screen play was intriguing and had many twists and turns. It kept my interest throughout the movie and had a nostalgic quality to it that flooded my senses with a variety of emotions.

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