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Five Million Years to Earth

Five Million Years to Earth(1968)


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  • One of the best

    • Cocoa
    • 4/28/18

    This is one of the best sci-fi films ever made--can't say how many times I've seen it, but it just gets better with each viewing. Ending is very disturbing. Love the whole discussion of latent memories and justifications for existence of the evil unleashed. So imaginative.

  • five million years to earth

    • Andy Ortega 111
    • 4/28/18

    well made,one of the best

  • An all time favorite

    • Mark
    • 3/18/17

    This is indeed one of the best sci-fi classics, and I have been anticipating its showing per TCM schedule for 3 weeks now, only to find TCM changed the schedule and it won't be airing today - what a major disappointment. Not a good community move on TCM's part (in my humble opinion).TCM - please add this to your schedule often - or publish a DVD (NTSC) - both would be best.

  • 5 million years to earth

    • kevin sellers
    • 5/3/16

    I liked it, but I question the originality of the ideas that some of the previous reviewers were raving about. I mean, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this basically "Invasion Of The Martian Body Snatchers"? Anyway, it's good, schlocky fun and, yes, the somber ending is definitely the creepiest part of the film, since it is extremely doubtful, from Andrew Keir and Barbara Shelley's exhausted, defeated body language, whether the evil has been completely exterminated. The script sure could have used some British sardonic humor, though, and Keir and Shelley are not the world's most expressive actors, especially Keir, whose range of emotion starts and stops with outrage. (Think what someone like Sean Connery could have done with that part if Hammer had provided a bigger budget.) And the scene where a vaguely Jewish looking guy is set upon by Aryan looking Londoners could have been more visually and emotionally striking. So, let's give it a B. P.S. Lucifer cannot stand iron, huh? Guess that's why Pennsylvania's gone all to hell ever since they stopped making steel.

  • The other great Sci-Fi film of 1968

    • Ricky D Bozarth
    • 11/20/14

    5 MILLION YEARS TO EARTH(UK title:QUARTERMASS AND THE PIT),was the other great sci-fi film of 1968,in a year that produced great sci-fi. 2001:A SPACE ODYSSEY,NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD(sci-fi/horror premise),PLANET OF THE APES,and this amazing gem from Hammer. One of my favorite films of all time...a verdict usually rendered by everyone who sees this classic sci-fi shocker. The ending has to be one of the most disturbing endings in film history.

  • Five Million Years From My TV Screen!

    • Keith Owen
    • 6/28/14

    What caused you to cancel the airing of this as advertised on this date June 28, 2014?My cable provider is Optimum. The DVD is out of print. Let's get on the ball and reschedulethis movie soon. It's a classic.

  • Five Million Years To Earth

    • Richard
    • 2/3/14

    I love this movie it one of the best Si Fi movie of all times please pleas show this movie again

  • Five Million Years To Earth

    • Olivia Hurd
    • 11/2/13

    One of my all-time favorite movies, I watch it every time it comes on. I would LOVE to see it on DVD for the US. I have many 50s and 60s sci-fi on DVD and still watch them on TCM (Examples, Them, The Thing from Another World, It Came From Outer Space). I have the "Quatermass and the Pit" DVDs, and for a TV miniseries it's great, but I saw this first and 5 Million Years To Earth will always be my favorite of the two.

  • five million years to earth

    • robert
    • 3/22/13

    classic sci-fi..loved this movie as a child, would like to see this movie re-released on dvd as a collectors edition.

  • A Sci-fi classic

    • Robert Gertz
    • 12/7/12

    Five Million Years to Earth (or, by its original British title "Quartermass and the Pit", so-named to continue the famed Quartermass film series) is an excellent, well-thoughtout bit of imaginative science fiction. A rocketry expert gets caught up in an amazing series of discoveries in London which reveal not only an alien spaceship but evidence the aliens, giant intelligent insects, apparently from Mars, affected the course of human evolution, quite deliberately. I love that the ship turns out to be lacking any signs of control or propulsion systems until it's revealed accidently that the controls are holographic, with systems embedded in the hull...A brilliantly modern and far-seeing approach. The ship moreover despite its long dead crew is very much alive and was left to await humanity's development ala 2001 to the point it would be uncovered. The Martians' intent is pure survival, Mars doomed, they've planted their racial memories in the human psyche, passed on along with telekinetic powers to those deemed by the ship's programming to be fit to carry on their heritage...All others, inferior and to be eliminated once the ship is reactivated. In a neat twist it's the "inferior" archeologist who finds the key to disabling the ship. The only drawbacks...Personally I think it would be a better film to let the Martians be if not benevolent, at least not malevolent. And the ending is a bit rushed and comes off as a little silly, though not too bad. The special effects are nicely muted and the story quite believable, with Julian Glover giving wonderful support as a straight-laced military officer who refuses to accept that the Martians are real.

  • Love British SciFi

    • Cecelia
    • 11/29/12

    1960's color film. Has all the campy Sci Fi Hammer touch, well written and acted. Based on a series done earlier in B & W.

  • very imaginative and plausible, a rare combination

    • jd
    • 11/28/12

    Very few movies I've watched as an adult affected me as deeply as this one. This is in spite of it not being a great looking movie and me usually pretty much rating a movie 1 to 1 with its visual appeal. The special effects are very low tech but are still effective, thanks in large part to the sincere tone of the movie and the spot-on "reactions" of the cast to phenomena they don't see. It seems outrageous to call such an unusual movie "realistic," but the cast plays it straight and seems to believe it all. This is good stuff.

  • 5 million years to earth

    • 7/25/12

    This, and THEM! are my all time favorite Sci-Fi Movies! I remember seeing when I was a kid and now when I have to chance to catch it on TCM its always taped!!When are you going to show it again?

  • Solid Sci-Fi (1968)

    • nshepard
    • 6/28/12

    When excavating Hobbs Lane/Hobbs End subway a vessel is discovered. Originally thought to be a Nazi bomb, scientists rethink the possibility of Alien landings and the adventure ensues. Great cast Andrew Keir, Barbara Shelley, James Donald. Excellent direction ,pace and story/script. 5 stars out of 5. Highly recommended.

  • Five Million Years to Earth (1968)

    • Celia Trimboli
    • 12/1/10

    Great British Sci-Fi. Interesting idea, that humans are the result of alien genetic engineering. Good performances by all.

  • A tightly scripted and suspensful gem

    • martin kealey
    • 10/24/10

    'Five Million Years to Earth', also known as 'Quatermass and the Pit' is one of the more cerebral entries into the sci-fi/horror genre out there. Relying on taught direction and a building of suspense, 'Five Million Years to Earth' easily overcomes a limited budget to become true gem of a movie. As a child, this film scared the bejebies out of me when I saw it on the big screen, and I have only now seen it for the second time in my life. What a treat to finally understand the very intriguing idea at the core of the story: an alien race manipulating Earth creatures to establish a "colony by proxy" so that the aliens' psychological attributes and values can survive, even if they could not physically survive on Earth. Highly recommended to anyone who wishes to have more than just monsters and space shoot-em-ups in their science fiction films.

  • 5 Million Years to Earth

    • Greg G
    • 8/21/10

    This is extremely inventive, well-acted and welll-written filn that constantly keeps you on edge. It's ideas transcend mere science fiction with space creatures that were on earth 5 million years ago whose purpose I won't reveal. There is no mere reliance on makeup for alien beings but instead a tense plot that becomes psycologically and spiritly entwined with the cahracters as they dig up what are the remains of an ancient spaceship in England. Instead of just throwing in special effects the events com eout of a creative script and acting; the small discovery grows more and more terrifying as eventually all of Lonon as threatened. The plot ideas have inspired many later science fiction movies. This film is highly recommended. 5 stars

  • OK Sci-Fi, But A Stretch

    • Bruce Reber
    • 7/13/10

    "Five Million Years To Earth" is a reasonably good Sci-Fi film about a spaceship fom Mars being unearthed in London. But I find it somewhat of a stretch that the Martians are discovered to be dried up overgrown locust-like creatures with supernatural powers that apparently visited earth millions of years ago. Not to be confused with "20 Million Miles To Earth" (1957), about a creature from Venus terrorizing Rome featuring Ray Harryhausen stop-motion animation, which I think is a far better Sci-Fi film.

  • Five Million Years To Earth

    • Tony Duff
    • 7/11/10

    What Jay Higgins said, and might I add. Its more like the PBS verson of Dr. Who, who would encounter such Aliens in his travels through Time in a... sort of box.

  • The Devil and Professor Quatermass

    • Solar Pons
    • 8/4/09

    Fascinating and creepy, FMYTE is bursting with ideas -- the main one being the connection between Satan, original sin and sinister Martian invaders who came to Earth millions of years before.Set against its clautrophobic narrative, gruff Quatermass struggles to convince the military and political mandarins of the spaceship's potential threat, and so to act before the full impact of its latent energies are unleashed. Unfortunately, he is not successful and thus inter-species mind-control in the form of a giant energy-effigy of the Devil erupts skyward and manipulates Londoners into a city-wide spree of genetic cleansing.Taught and well-acted, the film has only one major flaw -- that being the apocalyptic finale and conclusion feels somewhat rushed and rather trite, a disappointment after taking its time to carefully build suspense.

  • Five Million Years to Earth (1967)

    • Jay Higgins
    • 7/27/09

    Very imaginative and intriguing British sci-fi movie, very well done with a great cast, good screenplay and a fascinating premise.

  • We Are Aliens

    • Errol
    • 6/18/09

    A provocative view of good & evil, as explained through the discovery of a 5M year old spaceship in London's Underground. Fine, serious performances with decent special effects & a good story.Brutal Prejudice interwoven at the climax of the story is a real surprise. (You can't be different)This DVD is worth searching for, however, it is very expensive and produced abroad. I'd like to see it released commercially in the US.

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