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Bonnie and Clyde

Bonnie and Clyde(1967)

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  • part of the modern film diet.

    • a.morris
    • 2/17/18

    the movie that made jack l. warner act like the crazy bird for breakfast cereal.

  • groundbreaking film

    • frank r. lopez
    • 6/24/17

    Bonnie and Clyde is a terrific film, violent for 1967 and holds up well today. The cinematography is beautiful and won a well deserved Oscar. The storyline, believe it or not, stays near the facts except for some including Clyde Barrow was no Warren Beatty and a few other Hollywood liberties. A great cast including the film debuts of Gene Wilder and the beautiful Faye Dunaway. "Step on it Velma!" and "don't sell that cow." Top 50 movie in my book which changed how films were made......note: hey reviewer kevin sellars....don't get soooooo personal and get a life cupcakes.

  • 1967 turned the tide for our family

    • el debbo
    • 4/4/17

    I remember it like it was yesterday. I was a teenager. We went to many movies as a family unit when I was growing up in the Midwest... from Darby O'Gill and the Little People at a drive-in one summer night, to the big-screen beauty of Friendly Persuasion and the zest of The Music Man. Then in '67 we left the Midwest so Dad could get a better job in Southern California. Crowded, smoggy, alien land...and one of the first nights there we tried the 'let's go out to a movie' pull-together and since this was popular, we went to see it. Horrific experience. I, too, hate this movie. Like many other reviewers. What a waste of my time to ever spend it with people like Bonnie and Clyde.


    • Warren
    • 10/9/16

    When I saw this movie at the drive in I was only 16. I was completely enthralled and in love with Faye Dunaway. My spouse of 26 years could still be her sister. This movie broke all of the rules and the ONLY part I do NOt like is that Clyde had sexual problems so I made it a mission to find out if this was real. I found that the trio idea was probably more like what the real life situation was. Though Bonnie and Clyde truly loved each other by all accounts, they acted out sexually just as they were by breaking the law... there were times that Bonnie probably did have trios with Clyde and another male of the gang. No matter- he was highly sexual and though it may have been kinky-- we have to look at the kind of life theywere living! They were truly famous and doing things in the middle of the depression that many Americans LOVED. They truly were heroes to many in the Mid West. This is the way they were. They were out of control and in trouble. There life was Hell and I would bet they let a lot of the rules go with alcohol and possibly some drug use (Opiates). My Grandmother remembers being afraid of them when they lived in Oklahoma during their time and remembered the news papers. They were really life rock stars and had a following from people who had suffered at the hands of the banks. This is the same as it was with Jesse James gang. No doubt Clyde was NOT impotent but might have liked some kinky sex. There is NO indication that he had a sex partner in prison or any such thing because this would have come out if it had been that way. So watch the damn brilliant movie and enjoy Faye and Warren in their youth. They had screen presence and lets not forget Gene Hackman--his performance puts plenty of putty in any cracks that might have been there. Great great great movie-- and in Europe---the clothing styles changed to match Faye Dunaway. Bonnie could not have dressed that way-- they had not time for hats. They slept in cars etc.

  • b and c

    • kevin sellers
    • 9/5/16

    Amazing how the great, pathbreaking 60s films like this one smoke out all the moralizers in TCM land, huh? They buzz about like judgmental hornets inveighing against excessive violence and the glorification of sociopaths. I would just remind them that if this film actually glorified the Barrow gang instead of, as it does, showing them to be rather unintelligent psychos (two of whom are admittedly physically attractive, unintelligent psychos) then they would be justified in their condemnation. As for the violence it is a necessary corollary of a film about bank robbers who use firearms. P.S. Clichae is just ticked off 'cause Bonnie is stronger than Clyde.

  • Horny & Slime

    • Clichae
    • 9/3/16

    Another fine offering from Hollywood's summer of love!

  • Faye was too beautyful for this film

    • Ram Meadors
    • 1/14/16

    Started out nice pleasant bu then NOT so bright boy Clyde had to shoot that guy in the face end up on duh wanted for murder list - instead of thinking "hey MAYBE Ive got a few seconds here to OPEN duh door kick his ass off the car" then Blanche had to freek out n scream louder than them police sirenes (volume DOWN moment) was SO glad Bonnie yelled back at her to SHUT UP !! - then i yelled "YEAH you got that right for real."Well Id say with all that gory red gross stuff it's NOT for kids under age 12 to see - think i was age 9 saw it on TV got turned off by it

  • Cinematography is excellent!

    • RedRain
    • 1/10/16

    I despise this film. The real-life Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow were heartless murderers who killed without compunction and didn't have an ounce of empathy or sympathy for the lives they took or the families of those they killed. Neither one was attractive and, in fact, were downright homely/ugly. Putting glamorous faces on screen to depict these people was done for the sake of selling tickets to the film and that was certainly accomplished with eye-candy stars Beatty and Dunaway. I feel this film glamorized crime and idolized Parker and Barrow. I don't mind real-life crime drama depictions but make them real-life and not fantasy! There's no better example of this being done right than Richard Brooks' adaptation and direction of Truman Capote's book, "In Cold Blood." The killers were shown for who they were, not as Hollywood imagined them. It was brutal and it was honest, neither of which you can say about "Bonnie and Clyde."

  • Hackman & Parsons round out a great film

    • 1/10/16

    I read other folks's reviews on this site and usually agree with almost everything I read, in part. And I can't really dispute any of it. What I've found is that everyone has priorities. These are mine here. I really feel Gene Hackman and Estelle Parsons truly give this film "backbone". Both Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway are very pretty and sexy. Faye is high on looks, sexual acumen and in this film and Network, Eyes Of Laura Mars she does a lot of "Swinging and Swirling", not a lot of true acting technique which I always point to Janet Leigh as having in abundance (an actress I feel is a clinic on Film acting) ...........That said this is just a fun film to watch, I never was too offended by the violence here, loved the film, just like the masses did and have watched it many times. The direction is great the film actually places you in there and then, and I have nothing bad to say about it.

  • Bonnie and Clyde

    • Michael Whitty
    • 1/6/16

    "Bonnie and Clyde" uses violence in an artistic way to showcase famous outlaws in their daring bid to evade the law. This was a breakthrough film in 1967 as filmakers showed some bloody killings to make a point that the law will catch up to them. Warren Beatty's production had the cinematography and the acting for a classic look at this bank robbing team. This movie and others changed Hollywood in the late 60s in an artful way so the moviegoing public can accept more sex and violence if done to hold up a theme.

  • There's No Need For Such Violence

    • greatcast
    • 2/5/15

    Just paraphrasing a line from Liam Cunningham,his remark was about cursing.This is too violent.Remember my brother told me about in when it first came out,and decided to stay away from this type of movie.Now that I've seen the whole thing,realize I was right.Just 2 pretty people posing with guns,robbing banks,fighting with each other and gang members.

  • mesmerizing

    • dennis
    • 12/21/14

    This film is simply the greatest crime melodrama ever made.Every scene is done so well.In no small part it is the cinematography that is pure magick!! An absolute classic and a must see.

  • Bonnie & Clyde: Machine-gun Blasts of Talent!

    • Delia
    • 12/6/13

    I'd seen bit and snippets, but never the entire film until recently. That's when Clyde (Beatty) and Bonnie (Dunaway) tear it up! The story's two main characters are lost...until they find each other. There is something about being happily miserable with someone else that beats being happily miserable alone. The acts of crime are secondary to their constant attempt to lighten up and love each other. And just when they do, they have to pick up and run again. And again. And again. Gene Hackman eats up the screen as Clyde's brother as does his co-star who won an Oscar for playing his neurotic wife. Gene Wilder is in here as a kidnapped undertaker who they quickly unload upon finding out his profession. The actor who plays the getaway driver is quirky and crazy. Denver Pyle is relentless as the Sheriff on their tail. And the last look Bonnie and Clyde share before their eventual end is like a second, but feels like a lifetime. Really good flick.


    • will
    • 11/10/13

    Highly Over Rated as a Ground Breaking film that set a new standard in violence on screen? Bull. Has nobody seen Public Enemy, White Heat, The Wild Bunch, or The Fighting Sixty Ninth? ( True, a war film but , shows the horrors of senseless war) or LEWIS MILESTONES masterpiece ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT. What it Did do was make cult anti heroes out of two of the worst criminals of the 1930s. I remember when this film came out,it was disgusting . Bonnie and Clyde clothing, records ( songs) and would you believe pillows! It was, to be fare a very well made Hollywood action movie in the tradition of ( film the legend, not history). The End came pretty close to the truth. They were shot to pieces, which is what they had coming to them.

  • Bonnie and Clyde

    • John
    • 8/5/13

    Overall-3 1/2 out of 5Lead Performers-4/5Supporting Cast-4/5Director-3/5Score-3/5Screenplay-3/5Cinematography-4/5Importance-4/5Recommendation for fans of the genre-3 1/2 out of 5

  • A high-brow sow, but no lipstick here

    • Jeff Boston
    • 2/5/13

    The Barrow character is real, he always has a piece on him, and he sticks with his schtick. Like Barrow, this film is a real piece of schtick. The profound Parker line "I thought we were goin' somewhere, but this is it - we're just goin'" is almost as good as when old man Moss declares his distaste for his offspring's "body art". The two lines speak of the hirsute hippie movement (with the tattoo subbing for long hair). This film does as well. In fact, it speaks more of the late 60's (with the growing death rate in Vietnam, mocking of authority, hooliganism, etc) than it does the early 30's.

  • The One That Raised The Bar

    • Bruce Reber
    • 2/5/13

    "Bonnie and Clyde" set a new standard for crime films in 1967, with its scenes of intense violence that had never before been seen in American film. This somewhat fictionalized account of Depression-Era bank robbers Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker earned Oscar nominations for all five of the stars; Warren Beatty (Best Actor), Faye Dunaway (Best Actress), Gene Hackman and Michael J. Pollard (both for Best Supporting Actor), and Estelle Parsons (Best Supporting Actress), who was the only one who won, for her fine performance as Blanche. BAC also depicts the sexual tension between Bonnie and Clyde (its implied that he's either impotent and/or a latent homsexual), and she's poor white trash who's never been in a meaningful relationship with a man. The final scene when Bonnie and Clyde are ambushed by machine gun fire is one of the most visually graphic death scenes in film history. Hackman and Parsons co-starred three years later in "I Never Sang For My Father", and Hackman would win a Best Actor Oscar for "The French Connection" (1971). Beatty's career soared in the 70's, i.e. "McCabe and Mrs. Miller", "$(Dollars)", "The Parallax View", "Shampoo" and "Heaven Can Wait".

  • Bonnie & Clyde

    • Dashiell B.
    • 2/3/13

    One of the films that literally revolutionized film in terms of narrative structure, sex & violence. The film shows a more sympathetic look at the lives of real-life bank robbers, Clyde Barrow & Bonnie Parker. Beatty & Dunaway, more good-looking than the real people they played, are excellent in performances that earned them nominations; Pollard & Hackman were nominated for their supporting performances, but Parsons was the only performer to win an Oscar. As mentioned; the film was ground-breaking in terms of sex & violence, which greatly interested the counter-culture audiences. An energetic look at the affects of violence on individuals. I give it a 5/5.

  • Bonnie and Clyde (1967)

    • Mr. Blandings
    • 12/22/12

    Historically inaccurate gore-fest that was not so much "ground breaking" as it was the herald of the downfall of American classic film. After this, movies would spiral into the cheap, gritty junk of the seventies, with its sub-par acting overcompensated by excessive violence. The one shining light in this dull film with the "shock climax" is Gene Wilder.

  • Good movie, lots of action

    • Ken
    • 6/1/12

    I remember the controversy in 1968 when it was released, but compared to contemporary movies of today, it is not nearly as bloody as the Godfather, nor is as good in any respect. Still it is a very good movie for an evening of escapism. The interesting part is about the sexual relationship between Bonnie and Clyde, which implies he was very inexperienced.

  • Iconic

    • Allen
    • 5/23/12

    I wrote a criticism of this movie back in 1982 for a film criticism class at UNC CHapel Hill. I have always loved the movie, and the interesting and jolting way the fun and laughs are juxtaposed with violence and blood.Somehow Penn and the actors, with a great script and cinematography, pulled off how to make us love these two attractive killers. we are mesmerized with their ride, and somehow we know it can't end well. But we enjoy the journey anyway.Ms Parsons is excellent in her supporting role. A well deserved Oscar. She often provides comic relief, but then pulls on our heart when her husband is mortally wounded, and especially in her final sequence unwittingly giving information to the sheriff while her eyes are covered with bandages. Her moaning is and crying is devastating.Gory, violent, but at the same time a folk tale with sexual tension woven in along the way. works on many levels. a real gem.

  • Good Afternoon, We're the Barrow Gang !

    • mike
    • 10/7/10

    One of the best gangster films ever made. Ranks up there with THE GODFATHER and the best work of James Cagney and Humphrey Bogart. A definite classic. Even thought this film isn't quite historically accurate, it is a must see. This is the definitive film about the Barrow Gang.Bonnie Parker (Faye Dunaway) is a bored waitress who meets up with ex-con Clyde Barrow (Warren Beatty) while he is attempting to steal her mother's car. They team up for a series of small time robberies brought on by Depression Era poverty and a desire for a few thrills, with mixed results. The tension builds when they bring in dim-witted CW Moss (Michael J. Pollard) as a getaway driver and committ their first murder. The gang is complete when Clyde's brother Buck (Gene Hackman) and sister in law Blanche (Estelle Parsons) join up, despite the fact that Bonnie and Blanche do not get along. The gang discovers they are being pursued by Texas Ranger Frank Hamer (Denver Pyle) who is shown as something of an opportunist since he is out of his jurisdiction. A series of gun battles ensue during the course of the film that seem to get more violent with each confrontation with the law and end in tragic results.

  • great flick

    • lisa smith
    • 4/26/10

    bonnie and clyde is an excellent movie.warren beatty and faye dunaway are superb in the title roles.and the supportingactors are just as good.The movie instantly draws you in.

  • b @ c

    • gary
    • 9/19/09

    best classic movie of all time

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