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Wait Until Dark

Wait Until Dark(1967)

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  • Audrey ar her best.

    • Meg
    • 5/8/18

    I honestly think this was one of the BEST movies Audrey ever made. She is always excellent, but she went out on top with this. Wish she had done more quality films after this.

  • Scary is RIGHT

    • Jim Parker
    • 5/5/18

    When I saw this in 1967 as a college student, my date nearly ripped my arm off when Alan Arkin tried to trap Audrey Hepburn at the end with a leap at her with a knife. The entire theater shrieked. Probably the most scary moment of about any movie I saw growing up. The tension was so thick! Seeing it again recently, at least I was prepared for that climax scene. Hepburn was fantastic in her role!!!

  • Suspenseful!

    • RetroQueenie
    • 6/22/17

    I watched this movie for the first time this week and I can say it was amazing! The film was full of non-stop suspense and Alan Arkin's performance was both creepy and fascinating. As a young viewer, I can say this movie is better than thriller films today.

  • World Champion Blind Lady

    • Kirsten I. Russell
    • 2/25/17

    In this movie, Audrey Hepburn plays a wonderful role model for people hampered by some weakness. The climax is very, very scary, but while you may see the situation as a blind lady up against a psychopathic killer, I've grown to see it as the psychopathic killer played by Alan Arkin up against the World Champion Blind Lady (as she calls herself). Yes, Arkin is terrifying in this role, and I'm glad I first saw him play a hilariously funny Russian in THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING! THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING!, so that I don't identify him with his role in WAIT UNTIL DARK. But Audrey Hepburn is truly inspiring in her role, and I've never forgotten the cheers and applause for her at the end of my first viewing of the movie.

  • Great Within Light

    • Clichae
    • 10/25/16

    There she was- looking kind of chubby & goony in her pleated skirt, heavy black-rimmed glasses, longish- stringy hair, & white go-go boots at age maybe 11 years old! Gloria struck me as an essential boomer: conscious of what was in & knowledgeable that , among her peers, she was probably out. And yet , even after playing mischievous tricks on the perfect 1960's clothes-hanger, fawn faced , blind damsel in distress (A.H. duh), Gloria repents of her jealous mean streak & allies with her fashion-model neighbor in the latter's need & plan to outsmart slimy A.A. in his hunt for drugs, money, & blood. My Ah-scer goes to Julie Herrod!

  • From Stage to Screen!!

    • Raymond Banacki
    • 10/25/16

    Miss Hepburn made two films with her then husband, Mel Ferrer - "Green Mansions" (as her director) and "Wait Until Dark" (as her producer). Both of these films are memorable film experiences and only get better, much better, with time.

  • a sad farewell

    • don letta
    • 10/25/16

    What a great shame that this stunning film marks Audrey Hepburn's departure from film. She would make only a few more films (one good one, Robin and Marian). in her career, but leave a lasting memory of one truly unique artist. Her grace, wit and strength are the stuff of legend, proved by the time in which she lived, rising above some of the greatest performers in the history of film. Each time I watch Wait Until Dark, my sole instinct is to rush in and save her... one of the few films that touched me on a visceral level.

  • I love Audrey

    • PCT in Alliance
    • 6/13/16

    This is the movie that introduced me to Audrey Hepburn. I was 15 at the time and fell in love with her. She played a vulnerable blind lady very convincingly. Alan Arkin was believably creepy. Great suspense, especially at the very end. Seeing it in the theater, as the suspense was mounting, they turned the lights off gradually so that it was pitch dark at the climax. Everybody jumped and gasped and shrieked. That was very cool! I never get tired of seeing it. Thank you, TCM.

  • Wait Until Dark

    • Michael Whitty
    • 3/9/16

    A great suspense film. Blind lady Audrey Hepburn is terrorized by thugs who want drugs secretly stashed into her apartment. Alan Arkin leads the villains in their attempt to find the doll with the drugs. Hepburn is fabulous playing blind and won an oscar nomination. I always thought she should have won but the other Hepburn, katherine Hepburn, won that year. Richard Crenna supports well in scheming Audrey to give him the drugs but is killed off later. It all comes down to Audrey and Alan with the lights out and Alan's flying leap after her....wait until dark.

  • I've Never Gotten Over This One

    • Maureen
    • 12/27/15

    For some reason my little Catholic High School in Massachusetts showed this movie on a rainy day in 1973 or '74 and I was totally unprepared for the level of fright. To this day I can't look at Alan Arkin in any role and not be terrified by him. Even in Little Miss Sunshine! Talk about issues. No woman was stronger and braver than Audrey Hepburn and no more sinister than Alan Arkin than in this film.

  • flawless

    • steven
    • 3/26/15

    Not many better than this.

  • Beautiful!

    • Steve
    • 3/26/15

    Whoever says Audrey didn't make the movie is insane. The way she portrays Suzy is a once in a lifetime experience to see. only the best could play a blind person as well as she did. The whole cast was great and the building suspense is just unmatched.


    • william gauslow
    • 3/24/15

    They turned off all the lights in the theater for the last 5 minutes. When Alan Arkin lunges out of the dark. It scared the bodily fluids out of me. My friend came a foot out of his chair. Alan Arkin was a menace. Monsters aren't scary at all, but Alan Arkin was (is).

  • Superb Thriller

    • Johnny
    • 12/27/14

    Alan Arkin, not Audrey Hepburn, made the film, period.


    • lisa petrocca
    • 8/22/14

    Loved this film since I was a teen. Watching it with my Mother. Never miss it. Story is fascinating. Actiing is SUPERB! A MUST SEE! Alan Arkin is great at being pure evil!

  • Wait Until Dark

    • Carla
    • 12/16/12

    Very suspensful and intriging. I loved this movie years ago as a teenager. I thought the apartment was designed perfectly for a modern couple back then. The whole signaling with blinds and the phone calls, and not ever knowing anything from her husband, keeps you guessing! You just want to scream at the TV.."Pick up your cell phone!!" Funny. But Miss Audry was excellent and stayed so cool while being petrified in her own home.

  • Wait until Dark

    • billy
    • 10/16/12

    I am so addicted to this movie. Never saw it when it came out in 67. I was a junior in high school and somehow missed it. Everytime it's shown on TV I have to watch it. Alan Arkin Is BRILLIANT possibly his best role ever. Hepburn is also at her best playing the role of the blind girl. This is suspense/thriller at its best!

  • Excellent Adaptation of Stage Suspenser

    • Michael L.
    • 10/15/12

    This adaptation of Frederick Knott's successful stage play, starring Lee Remick, is superb in just about every way. I can think of very few characters, in films, more menacing and horrifying than Alan Arkin's "Mr. Roat". And Audrey Hepburn makes a great "Suzie". In fact, everyone turns in a great performance. I give credit to director Terence Young for creating the claustrophobic staging of the Greenwich Village basement apartment. Although this film may seem tame to most viewers today, it still hangs in there as one of the best suspense films.

  • Coming of Age

    • Bette Oveson Arial
    • 7/28/12

    In my senior year, 1967, the young people in our sprawling, western town, gathered at a large, stand-alone, art deco theater, to socialize as much as watch a movie. I watched Wait Until Dark with a date and was so frightened, that I held his hard very hard and hid my head in his neck. Audrey Hepburn was classy, believable and so real. It was a perfect movie for budding romance. One of my all-time favorites!

  • Classic Suspense Film

    • Michael
    • 7/12/12

    Audrey Hepburn deserved her Oscar nomination for this film; and Alan Arkin is one of the creepiest antagonists in any film I've seen.

  • Super Scary Thriller

    • Bruce Reber
    • 9/19/11

    "Wait Until Dark" (Warner Bros. 1967) is a taut and intense woman-in-danger/woman-being-menaced thriller a la "Sorry Wrong Number" with Barbara Stanwyck and "Julie" with Doris Day. Audrey Hepburn plays Suzy Hendrix, a blind woman who's terrorized by three crooks (played by Alan Arkin, Richard Crenna and Jack Weston) searching for a heroin-filled doll hidden in her apartment while her photographer husband Sam (Efrem Zimbalist Jr.) is away on his job. The final scene where Suzy is being stalked by Roat in the dark apartment after she's stabbed him is one of the scariest of all time. Hepburn earned a Best Actress Oscar nomination for her performance (the last of her career I believe), and she didn't make another film for nearly a decade. Efrem Zimbalist Jr. (Sam) was having success on TV in "The F.B.I.", Alan Arkin (Roat) had starred the previous year in the comedy "The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming!", Jack Weston (Carlino) co-starred with Steve McQueen the same year in "The Thomas Crown Affair", and Hepburn starred in another 1967 film "Two For The Road". I have a VHS recording from TCM of "Wait Until Dark", and hope to have the DVD soon.

  • Wait Until Dark (1967)

    • Mr. Blandings
    • 9/19/11

    While Audrey Hepburn does a good job in this fairly engrossing (if offbeat) thriller, her supporting cast members aren't anywhere near as convincing, and they come off as more silly than sinister. The script is pretty decent but the direction and cinematography are weak and dull, making the movie feel more like a cheap '70s flick than a classic '60s film. The dispassionate soundtrack doesn't help, either. With a better director at the helm - and with more experienced character actors in the supporting/antagonist roles - this movie could have been a memorable classic like "Dial 'M' For Murder" or "Rear Window."

  • Wait Until Dark(1967)

    • Bruce
    • 9/18/11

    Wow! This movie has me glued to the TV. My first ever viewing. I am askingwhere did this come from? 1960 era romanticism, with a superb cast! It is a thrill a minute type mystery. Intelligently played. A must see thriller-mystery. Am so glad I flipped to TCM when I got home.

  • wait until dark

    • matthew
    • 9/18/11

    i love this movie the end is my favorite part technology sure changed over the year i have most of her movies some boks

  • Wait until Dark

    • Ray Sverson
    • 6/16/11

    This is one of the best thrillers ever made for the screen. Hepburn makes us feel as vulnerable & trapped as she is in this film. Alan Arkin sends chills down the spines and may cause premature bowel movements in this film. Yes, he's that terrifiing. The famous climax caused me to jump 3' in the air and fall on my face, I've never been more scared before. To sum up, this is a scary, suspenceful masterpiece.

  • don't forget alan arkin

    • ed cohen
    • 12/11/10

    "Wait Until Dark" is perhaps the most intelligent thriller since "Psycho". Audrey Hepburn was fantastic, with a great supporting cast including Richard Crenna and Jack Weston. What I cannot believe is that nobody even mentioned Alan Arkin's name. He just came off doing "The Russians are Coming", in which he played a sympathetic character in a comical role. Here he is now, playing a psychotic drug dealer in what may be his best performance ever. I am a big Alan Arkin fan, and he may possibly be the most underrated actor of all time. His performance in this movie was as good, if not better, than Hepburn's. He deserves to be mentioned and recognized as an extremely talented actor. All one has to do is examine his body of work.

  • Hepburn at her best

    • Christina
    • 10/3/10

    As a die hard Audrey Hepburn of course I would say she is excellent in everything. Wait Unitl Dark proves me wrong Ms. Hepburn was absolutely brilliant in this movie. The suspense that is built until the ending climax is just thrilling. I recommend anyone who loves a good thriller to sit back and be prepared to enjoy and have a good scare with Wait Until Dark.

  • a. hepburn amazing

    • Nadia
    • 9/19/10

    This movie is an amazing example of Audrey Hepburn's flexibility as an actor. She portrays a blind woman who finds herself involved in a murder mystery. Almost the entirety of the film takes place in her apartment. Hepburn is amazing and the eerie soundtrack puts a cherry on top!

  • Wait Until Dark

    • Art
    • 9/19/10

    Generally I am not a big fan of thrillers. "Wait Until Dark" is the extreme exception. Audrey Hepburn's performance is flawless. As I sat in a first-run performance in Kansas City, I hardly blinked. Four of us were on a double date, and I remember the moment Tricia (above) must be talking about. The entire theater screamed and jumped in unison...except for me. After the movie, my friends asked how I could sit through that without flinching, and I just shrugged casually, "No big deal." The truth was that I was frozen in absolute terror! I can't wait to see it again and share it with my fearless 16 year-old son, tonight!

  • Wait Until Dark (1967)

    • James Higgins
    • 12/27/09

    Very tense and exciting thriller, helped tremendously by the presence of Audrey Hepburn, who is excellent. The plot isn't as strong as it should be, but it has such a good pace and atmosphere, it can easily be overlooked.

  • Wow!

    • Annie
    • 6/1/08

    This is a really great and suspenseful movie. They just don't make 'em like this anymore. All the actors are great. I highly recommend it! I also love the theme song. I believe it's called "Theme for Three" by Henry Mancini. Truly great.

  • Suspense!

    • Tricia
    • 1/20/08

    I was 19 when it came out. It was nail-biting, edge-of-your-seat action.I screamed one time when the would-be killer grabbed Suzie with his bloody hand and the entire theater jumped! It was great.

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