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The African Queen

The African Queen(1951)

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  • More of a moderate Adventure Movie

    • Mooserider
    • 10/3/14

    This is just another adventure film, with a dull love story as the tension filler.As a boy, I enjoyed this film and remembered it fondly. I then saw it in a revival house when I was in College.I fully expected to see the great Classic I remembered from my youth, but got a "B" quality, Saturday Morning, kid's adventure movie. Most disappointing. The plot is weak and predictable, the dialogue is sad, the music is heavy-handed and mediocre, the special effects miniatures are poor quality and obvious looking.The movie is OK, fine for a time filler, but a waste of fine talent.It is overrated and hardly a classic.

  • Afrian Queen

    • Donna Rybold
    • 9/4/14

    l loved, loved this movie. When is TCM going to run it again?

  • The African Queen

    • Goetan
    • 5/8/14

    An exciting, enthralling and engaging adventure film. Bogart won the only Oscar of his career as the unshaven captain of the title tugboat, Hepburn was nominated as the passenger he falls for. Huston's direction and screenplay make the growing chemistry between the characters work while remaining faithful to the book by actually filming in Africa. Excellent entertainment. I give it a 4.5/5.

  • Please play again!

    • Kate
    • 8/17/13

    This is a perfect movie with two great performances by giants Bogart and Hepburn. TCM, please play again soon!

  • Entertainment

    • Denise Coit
    • 7/8/12

    I loved this movie

  • Great Entertainment!

    • Denise Coit
    • 7/8/12

    Loved this story with the drama, personal interaction and piece of history included in the plot. Bogart & Hepburn have great interaction, making the show both suspenseful and comedic. The African Queen has been renovated and is available for rides in Key Largo. This was a great birthday treat of mine last week and it was a real thrill! Charlie and Rosie were great characters and they live on today in film and in spirit on the Queen.

  • Huston's Immortal Jungle Adventure.

    • Frank Harris Horn
    • 5/31/10

    Humphrey Bogart and Katharine Hepburn go on location with Oscar-winning director, John Huston in the African countries of Nairobi, Uganda, and the Republic of Congo, and in London, England to film a timeless jungle adventure based on C.S. "Jack" Forester's novel set in World War I Africa. Bogie gives an Oscar-winning performance as a grizzled skipper, who along with a missionary spinster (Hepburn) take a perilous journey down a tortuous river aboard a rickety old riverboat on a mission to sink an Imperial German gunboat. Bogie and Hepburn make an ideal pair; two misfits bonding together in a common goal. Also starring Robert Morley, Theodore Bikel, Walter Gotell, Peter Bull, Peter Swanwick & Richard Marner.

  • The only 6 star movie!

    • Robert Kai
    • 2/1/10

    This movie has it all. Charlie and Rose down the tortuous river in `The African Queen`! My fave film of all time.Kaips: I read the book, and this is one of the few times a movie crushes the book (pub. 1935), ecspecially the ending sequences.


    • JAVA4ALL
    • 10/18/09

    N/A, rankings only.

  • The African Queen (1951)

    • Jay Higgins
    • 9/25/09

    A magnificent film, the direction is nearly perfect and one of John Huston's best. The two stars work remarkably well together. Excellent performances from the two leads. This is one of those films you never tire of seeing. Excellent in all areas. Great location shooting.

  • One of my favorites

    • darryl
    • 8/18/09

    I'm suprised it isn't available already.My personal opinion is it's one of the classics of all time,but that's me. For multiple reasons, one is the all star cast, and two I've seen it several times and still look forward to seeing The African Queen again.

  • Epitome

    • Carl Edmonds
    • 6/27/09

    This movie is a great movie. I have looked long and hard to own it. It's quality is the epitome of what any movie...regardless of era, should strive to obtain.

  • Crime

    • Mark
    • 6/11/09

    I agree with Jean; it's a crime this movie isn't available on DVD.

  • It is a crime this is not on DVD

    • Jean
    • 6/5/09

    This is one of the finest movies ever made by Bogart and Hepburn and it is criminal that it is not on DVD. I have it on VHS tape so what is the problemm with a DVD? This is not the only great movie in the limbo of being tied up with the rights due to the various estates of the people involved. It seems as if the studio and the others involved should be able to work out something in order to issue this movie, and others on DVD. Maybe it could be issued under the TCM label like some other movies have been. In the meantime Asian companies are reaping the profits of the DVD they have issued.

  • Gone but not forgotten

    • Russel Monroe
    • 5/27/09

    I loaned my copy of "The African Queen" on VHS along with a book called "the making of the African Queen" to someone,but I can not remember who. I know I had my name and address on them as I always put an address label on all my tapes. Maybe someday they will be returned, but for now I would love to have a VHS or DVD copy available. My wife loves "The Song Of The South", as it was the last movie her Mother took her to see before her Mother passed away. I was able to obtain a copy from England and have it reforemated for the United States foremat. I gave it to her for Christmas this last year, and she watches it constantly. Too bad it will not be released on DVD as I'm afraid she will wear the tape out.


    • jenien SEIB
    • 2/28/09


  • A winner

    • gpgirl
    • 5/25/08

    Hilarious! I'm not sure why this isn't included in more wedding vows..."I pronounce you man and wife...proceed with the execution."

  • The African Queen

    • Pam
    • 5/4/08

    This is my favorite movie- bar none. The relationship between Charlie & Rose is touching, funny - the manner in which Mr. Bogart brings his lines to the screen in this film is absolutely priceless. I, too, would like to see it on DVD, but I am a little confused by one post. It has always been my belief that this movie was shot in color- not B & W as one reviewer stated. It isn't the best color, but color none the less. (Or should I say "never, the less"?).

  • One of Hepburn's Greatest!!!

    • Hannah
    • 4/2/08

    I just saw this movie for the first time today at my grandma's house. I had wanted to see it for a long time and I had no idea she had it! I loved Katherine Hepburn as usual. I'm not a big Bogie fan but he wasn't too bad either.

  • One of my all-time favorites!

    • Stephen
    • 2/18/08

    I can't decide whether its a romantic comedy or a drama, but I love this movie... two stars at their best, incredible chemistry!

  • The African Queen message is relevant today

    • Bridget
    • 2/11/08

    The African Queen the finest example of perserveranc and optimism prevailing under the most dire of circumstances. The performances of Humphery Bogart and Katherine Hepburn are fabulous, and even though the a world war II classic, it's not so much about the war as about their two characters doing everything possible in their own little uprising to thwart the enemy despite their harrowing mission. Corny special effects only add more to the sense of the era. More people need to see this movie of hope, selflessness, teamwork, and love in the most unexpected places. What a shame that it is quietly disappearing into oblivion.

  • African Queen on DVD

    • Thelia Miller
    • 12/30/07

    Why Oh Why can't I add "African Queen" to my Bogart Collection of DVDs.Can anyone tell me WHY???

  • African Queen DVD problem

    • Mark Naylor
    • 9/12/07

    As noted in the following chat posting, the availability of an African Queen DVD for Region 1 (USA) has to do with ownership of film rights: Mark Edward Heuck03-15-2003, 11:34 PMAnother one of those multiple rights headaches...THE AFRICAN QUEEN was fully financed by Horizon Pictures, who mostly did co-productions with major studios, just not this time. UA only released it in theatres, and those rights lapsed years ago.Fox initially got video rights to the movie during the Magnetic Video days. This either was a direct deal with the holding company controlling Horizon's assets, or a deal with Viacom, who held TV rights for years and initially released many films thru the Fox label, including the early Paramount Elvis musicals and Jerry Lewis' VISIT TO A FAR-OUT PLANET. Naturally, if the latter is true, then Paramount would now own video rights to the title.However, the other wrinkle is that in the UK, the Rank Organisation released the film, and their assets are now part of Carlton Communications. Carlton made a 99-year deal with the former Samuel Goldwyn company for video, and MGM inherited that deal, so it is possible that when Peter Staddon speculated that MGM owned the title, that it would be from this Carlton license.Anybody with real studio smarts able to help me here? Mark again. Rumor has it that Paramount Home Video is releasing a DVD in 2008. Can anyone confirm this?

  • wonderful film

    • sloan
    • 6/22/07

    i cant even believe this movie hasnt been released on dvd. i couldnt be more shocked when i went to go and buy it. i hope they release this movie gem soon! tcm should be airing it more often. this movie is absolutley flawless! im not much of a bogart fan, but hes wonderful in this film and of course katherine hepburn as well.

  • The African Queen

    • craig
    • 2/1/07

    This movie to me is apart of movie history. Bogart is a movie Giant as was MS. Hepburn.They made a pair. She stood out with john Wayne, Tracy, and Grant.

  • African Queen, the missing DVD for Region 1

    • David
    • 1/24/07

    Bogart won an Oscar for African Queen.He portrayed a completely different character then any of his previous films with Hepburn as a fantastic supporting actress. I beleive this was his only Oscar performance so why has this been held back from the American public?Please remember that a DVD is made for certain regions. USA is Region (1). Whoever decides to produce this DVD needs a good clean copy of the film because Hi Def is in and the DVD should be the best possible while retaining the original art of Black & White photography. I have seen a restored Black & White film and the process ruined the shadow effects that are so important to this art form.

  • DVD now available

    • Rob
    • 1/10/07

    Go to amazon--looks like there are several dvd offerings.


    • Linda
    • 12/31/06

    I've been collecting old movies on VHS for many years, and am slowly replacingthe better classics on DVD. I have Humphrey Bogart's Maltese Falcon,Casablanca, Key Largo, Big Sleep on DVD and IT MAKES NO SENSE that the African Queen has not been preserved on DVD. I love the oldies, the older the better!How many know that Bogart was in a 1939 movie, Return of Dr. X? In this moviehe needed continuous transfusions of artivicial blood! What can be better than that ?!

  • african queen

    • joe matti
    • 12/27/06

    I have this movie on tape-why is it not on DVD?


    • BOB
    • 11/3/06


  • Love this movie, wish i could find it

    • leann
    • 10/2/06

    i have enjoyed this movie 4 years

  • This is one of the greatest Bogart films.

    • Cody
    • 9/11/06

    This is one of the greatest Bogart films because this is the only film he ever won an Oscar for! It is a shame that it is not available

  • Can somebody please explain why?

    • Todd
    • 9/5/06

    How is it that this movie is not available on DVD???

  • Great Screen Romance

    • Wendy Winkler
    • 4/23/06

    This is probably one of my favorite movie romances. I love the relationship between Charlie Allnut and Rose Thayer. Both Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn are wonderful together. Bogart deserved his Oscar.

  • Should have been on DVD by now.

    • ronald egan
    • 4/11/06

    A superb classic that should have been on DVD sometime ago. The powers that be still keep us classic movie lovers waiting. Sometimes I can understand why, because of obscure titles that only a few of us know about. But c'mon this is the "African Queen". Please Mr. Turner help us by releasing this already!


    • Christina Leyva
    • 3/20/06

    I have been waiting to see this movie on TV. When will you be showing it. This is such a great movie, when will it be available to buy on DVD or VIDEO, it dosen't matter which one, I really want to buy this movie. I just like old movies.Thank you!


    • 2/11/06


  • Why is this movie not on DVD!

    • Marshall Newman
    • 2/5/06

    The African Queen is the most surprising omission from DVD-dom. It is one of the best performances from both Hepburn and Bogart and probably the only major film of theirs still denied the public. I cannot understand why the public can not be allowed to buy this wonderful film!

  • Huston/Bogie/Hepburn Take vs. Nature

    • Timmy
    • 2/2/06

    I am SOOO SO happy Turner Classic Movies decided to play this. I've been looking to watch it for many many years now and now that I've done it, I can finally say I saw it. It was indeed a great film, of course.. it was directed by one of the best directors of all time, John Huston. This is the film which earned Bogie his first and only (surprisingly) Oscar, and by golly he deserved it! Katherine Hepburn did a fine job as the 'old maid', as Bogie put it. This is a classic tale of man vs. nature, shot in the wonderful location of Africa. Gotta' love Huston.. gotta' love Bogie.. gotta' love Huston/Bogie together again in this wonderful adventure if they would just put it on DVD...

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