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SPECTRE, an international crime syndicate, plans to hijack a Vulcan plane carrying two atomic bombs during a NATO training exercise and blackmail the Western Powers into paying £100 million ransom by threatening the destruction of two important cities. As part of the plot, Major Derval of NATO is murdered at a clinic near the NATO airfield by a bandaged assailant, Palazzi, whose features have been altered by plastic surgery to make him Derval's double. "Derval" then flies with the bombs to the Bahamas and ditches the plane under water. He is then murdered by SPECTRE official Emilio Largo, who secrets the bombs in an underwater cave. Meanwhile, British intelligence agent 007, James Bond, has been dispatched to the clinic to thwart the SPECTRE plan. After narrowly escaping death on an exercise machine, he meets Domino, Derval's sister and Largo's ward. He traces Largo to the Bahamas and, disguised as one of Largo's frogmen, approaches the underwater cave; but he is recognized and sealed into a shark-filled swimming pool adjoining the cave. CIA agent Felix Leiter, who has traced Bond's movements through a radioactive device swallowed by Bond, now saves him and takes him to Miami. Here Bond meets Fiona, a SPECTRE agent who makes love to him and then turns him over to her cohorts. He escapes with a bullet wound in the leg, and when Fiona follows his trail of blood to a dancefloor, he makes another narrow escape by maneuvering her into the path of a bullet. Meanwhile, Largo and his men hide the bombs in a sunken ship off the Florida coast, but U. S. Aquaparatroops, alerted by Bond, attack and defeat the SPECTRE forces, recovering the bombs although Largo escapes in his hydrofoil. Bond fights his way aboard the vessel and is about to be overcome by Largo and the crew when Domino appears and shoots Largo. She and Bond leap from the boat as it swerves toward the rocky shore and explodes. As they await rescue on a raft, Bond and Domino make love.