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All the Fine Young Cannibals

All the Fine Young Cannibals(1960)


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  • Been looking for this movie for years

    • Janise Mitchell
    • 10/7/15

    I have been looking for this movie since the first time I saw it. Would love to see it again. Was beginning to think I had imagined it. Would love to see it on television soon and very soon. All of the reviews remember Ms. Woods I remember Ms. Pearl Bailey when she finally sings the pain from her broken heart makes her give up. Please, please, please someone show this movie This was an excellent film!

  • perplexed

    • j shaw
    • 5/25/15

    clearly, this review is an exercise in many previous requests and this fantastic film is still unavailable for viewing. I saw this film as a young girl in the 60's and I would love to see it again. to the powers that be please indulge us baby boomers and share this movie!

  • very good intrigue

    • tibi
    • 3/18/15

    A very good intrigue, but not a shining performing of actors. However Wood especially and Walken were acceptable.

  • all the young fine cannibals

    • Debbie
    • 8/29/14

    I was 13yrs old when I saw this movie with my mom. I have been searching for years for this movie.Waiting to see it on TV, I always asked mom if you know anything about this movie showing let me know.So why do we have too wait for this movie, all the other oldies keep playing. I learned from there how our world thinks, about having no money & having it. Thinking all along you would be happy if you had it. she should of stayed with the one she loved. Don't know what life can bring.

  • Predictable, Preachy Plot Saved by Natalie Wood

    • TrishSaunders
    • 3/22/14

    If the thought of Robert Wagner playing jazz great Chet Baker doesn't turn you off completely, you'll enjoy this film starring luminous Natalie Wood as an ambitious but morally ambiguous country girl desperate for something, anything, better than what she has. If the main character seems vapid and not-too-bright, that's exactly how Natalie Wood intended you to see her. Dire consequences follow, of course, when the young girl takes off with a wealthy young man whose family will despise her. I saw this years ago when I adored Natalie Wood, like every other young woman in America, and have never forgotten it. Wood herself, years later, summed up the movie as trash and pronounced it a great embarrassment. I disagree. I would dearly love to see it.

  • All The Fine Young Cannibals

    • Pamela Newsom
    • 3/14/14

    Excellent movie, we are so advanced why hasn't anyone put this movie on DVD or even make it possible to rent. It's like this movie never existed. I truly wonder what are the politics of the film industry and television stations not showing this movie. Oh well maybe it will be shown 30 years from now after my demise!!

  • Best Natali Woods movie

    • Althea
    • 1/31/14

    I am astonished to read that this movie flopped. It is cosidered a classic by my family. I have been scouring TMC for years trying to catch it in their lineup - And recently alll streaming services. Please please start playing this movie.

  • Can't forget this Film.

    • Margaret Schernecke
    • 1/21/14

    I was just 13 when I saw this film and I will never forget it. The cast was well assembled and the acting wasn't bad at all. Considering the films on the major premium channels today, this film is three stars at least. What do we need to do to get someone to transfer this film to DVD. I'd love to have a copy. Shall we start a petition?

  • Love It!

    • Putunia Lewis
    • 9/28/13

    By many standards this is not the greatest love story ever written, but I loved it. The cast is outstanding and I hope one day it will appear on dvd. I would love to own it.

  • Would like to see All the Fine Young Cannibals

    • Rosalyn Cooper
    • 8/31/13

    There seems to be a consensus that this was a terrible movie. I remember seeing it in my youth and on the contrary thought it just as good as those of its genre, i.e., Peyton Place or A Summer Place. I would like to see the movie again. Where can I get a DVD or VHS copy?Usually agree with you but not this occasion.

  • All The Fine Young Cannibals

    • John
    • 8/2/13

    I saw this movie on the Schafer Award Theatre (1967 TV). I thought it was an amazing movie. It remains one of my Top 5 All Time Favorite movies!!! I have been searching for it on DVD, but to no avail. With all the crap that pops up on DVD these days, I cannot understand why a movie as great as this one has yet to be put in DVD format and made available to the public. What's the deal? PLEASE somebody do something to make this movie available on DVD SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON. Thank you.

  • All the Fine Young Cannibals

    • Linda Marin
    • 6/18/13

    I have already put in a revue. I am on once again asking that whoever gives the order to put theses movies on DVD I wish they would hurry up. I'd like to own a coy of this movie before my time comes. I am an avid movie collector and would sure like to add this to my all time faves. Please hurry and do something.


    • Earl
    • 4/15/13

    This is one of my all time favorites! Loved Pearl Bailey, which is why I watched it in the first place, but the storyline, though somewhat 'dark' had many dynamics to consider and were properly woven into the film.To 'me', there were no 'dead spots' in the film. Every scene seemed to pick up on the previous scene and or set up the next scene. Evenly paced in the beginning then taking off when Salamae was spotted in the club.Maybe because I'm no 'professional reviewer' and don't have to sit and watch thousands of movies, what I have 'gotten' out of this movie is the simplicity of the storyline and recognize the characters as they are and in context with the movie. I'm not offended by the 'Politically Incorrectness' that presents itself, nor the deception of the father of the child. I see this film for what it is; a 'story' of a young couple's indigression and the choices they made afterwards with their lives.With all due respect, this is much better a movie that rated and would love to have it in my personal library.

  • WOW!

    • cancope2
    • 3/25/13

    Did leonard Maltin watch a different movie than I ? One and a half stars leonard,really? This movis has it all.A sultry love story between Miss Natalie Wood's character named Salome, and Robert Wagner's character, a moody trumpet player named Chad Bixby, who strikes up an unlikely alliance with Miss Pearl Bailey as jazz singer, Ruby Jones,giving the performance of her life.As a jazz lover, the movie's music was tantalizing,especially the scene in the nightclub when Ruby Jones agrees to sing one final time for Chad only.Also, it was a delight to see louise Beavers as Rose Jones, sister of Ruby , finally play something other than a maid or "mammy" in what would be her final role.

  • illusive movie!

    • gg
    • 10/24/12

    One of my favs but illusive! Can't find it anywhere to rent or buy. I saw it years ago and I loved it. The beautiful costumes the music and the seedy side of life depicted all captured my attention and left an impression I have not forgotten. It is right up there with my all time fav "imitation of life." Wish it would be played more. Has someone bought the film and pulled it underground?

  • All the Fine Young Cannibals

    • Linda
    • 7/10/12

    This is about my all time favorite movie. I love the romance and the drama. It shows a movie of days gone by. Movies like this aren't made like this anymore. I saw this movie as a child and I have never forgotten it. Natalie Wood, Robert Wagner, Susan Kohner, George Hamilton, were all so young and beautiful and handsome. I really would like to see this movie on DVD soon. I believe for those of us who know this movie, would purchase it faster than greased lightning.

  • All Time Best Terrible Movie

    • Victoria
    • 11/30/11

    This is the best terrible movie I have ever seen. It is ludicrous in many ways although it does include an avant garde relationship between Pearl Bailey and Robert Wagner. One scene has them in the same bed in what appears to be their mutual home. They are fully clothed, but still. There are absurd plot points in this melodrama that is supposedly based on the actual life of a famous musician. I particularly like the 'naturalistic' way Robert Wagner plays the trumpet. There is no written or pre-planned sequence of notes. He just plays what his emotions tell him. Natalie Wood is great as a dirt poor girl wearing her contractually guaranteed bracelet to cover her wrist. She was very self-consicous about a supposed 'deformity' caused by an unset break as a child. She is so poor you can see light between the boards forming the wall of her hovel but, she does have nice jewelry.

  • where are they???

    • Sheila Bligh
    • 10/17/11

    this was such a great movie in a time when the young people of this country was coming into their own sexuality armed with what little our parents tought them. which wasn't nearly enough, this movie taught us that there was life after tragedy and that sometimes we weren't perfect!!Why doesn't this channel play these movies from the early 60's anymore??? there were so many made and now it seemd like they are unimportant!!!

  • All The Fine Young Cannibals

    • Linda Marin
    • 10/8/11

    This is one my all time favorites. All parts played by all the stars are very intense. It's star studded but,it's romantic as well as exciting. If they gave out and Academy award for a movie where all characters got and award this would be one of those movies. I hope to see this movie on DVD soon!

  • Only movie Robert and Natalie made together

    • C. McKeown
    • 7/19/11

    This is the only film that Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood made together, excellent story, Wagner was great as the tortured musician, Natalie played the poor girl who wanted more. George Hamilton as the naive rich kid, who thought she loved him. Pearl Bailey singing was great. Should be released to DVD.

  • All the Fine Young Cannibals-Movie-MGM-1960

    • Dorothy M. Riggs
    • 5/12/11

    Yes, I loved this movie of knowen the history behind it of Robert Wagner played a Trumppet in the music history and Natalie Woods triffic performance and also she had a robe on standing in the door way I want a picture of her, thats way I wanted a copy of this treffic movie.

  • Um classico de Natalie Wood

    • Sonia
    • 12/25/10

    Este filme um clssico de Natalie Wood e Robert Wagner. Um dos meus filmes preferidos e muito conhecido entre os fs. Um clssico que se ainda no existir em DVD pode ser perfeitamente visto em VHS. O importante no deixar o telespectador frustado para que ele tenha a oportunidade de ver o filme.

  • All The Fine Young Cannibals

    • MeeMee53
    • 11/12/10

    I've seen this movie several times but not in recent years. It's an all time favorite which addressess issues of today, as it did in the 60s. The cast is excellent and unforgettable. It made a strong impression on me, and I beleieve it to be a very strong classic, that should be exposed to a new audience as well as older audiences who loved the characters and the actors in the movie!! I would love to see this movie broadcast on TCM, as well as have it available on DVD for purchase!!! It deserves a 10 star rating!!

  • All the Fine Young Cannibals

    • Sandee
    • 11/2/10

    Saw this movie in my late teens. The subject matter was totally reveliant then as it is for teens today. Valuable life lessons were learned by all characters which are beneficial to teens. the acting was superior. Please make this available on DVD. I would not only buy it for myself but also for my four families of teenage grandchildren.This movie was not a flop!!!! It was a winner in all catogories for the young that saw it.

  • All the Fine Young Cannibals

    • Karen
    • 9/15/10

    Please make this film available on DVD, excellent acting by all the cast, I found it to be a unforgettable drama/romantic theme. Loved it.

  • Fine young cannibals

    • Kathryn
    • 8/9/10

    I saw this movie when I was about 12 years old, and loved Natile in this role. I was surprised to learned years later that this movie was considered to be a flop. If at all possible please schedule this film to be shown on TCM. I believe that today's audience will have an appreciation for this film that the sixties' generation failed to see.

  • All the Fine Young Cannibals

    • Patricia B.
    • 7/17/10

    Loved this movie. please put it on a DVD. Could watch it everyday

  • All The Fine Young Cannibals

    • AG
    • 6/14/10

    Great movie!Great performances - leads played characters different from their usuals. Film also touched on several issues that were touchy for that time. Sorry this isn't on DVD - and that TCM doesn't show it !

  • Natalie Wood Romance Classic II

    • Henrietta Martinez
    • 6/11/10

    Why this movie was not scheduled for June is beyond me. I consider this (along with Love With A Proper Stranger, Rebel Without A Cause, This Property Is Condemned & Splendor In the Grass, to name a few) a "true, realistic" romance classic. Superb performances by of course, Wood, along with Wagner, Bailey, Kohner, Hamilton and supporting cast. Please, I implore TCM, who has so much influence in the movie industry, submit this classic to be made available on DVD. I assure you, it will not be in vain.

  • All the Fine Young Cannibals

    • Maria
    • 6/4/10

    I loved this movie! I really REALLY wish it was available on DVD. The actors portrayed the passion that can occur between people so well. I love the script and the music was amazing! This is a great film that exhibits the humanity that we all have inside us and how we choose to deal with the circumstances that happen to us in life--good or bad. Please make available on DVD. So many people still need to see this film and it is hardly shown on TCM, let alone television. I vote for Home Video Release...

  • Come On!

    • Faith
    • 4/21/10

    i have not actually seen this movie because it is NOT AVAILABLE ON DVD!!!!! i am a huge fan of Natalie Wood and have been dying to see this movie. Can't anyone do something about this??

  • all the fine young cannibals 1960

    • lela
    • 3/15/10

    this is a overlooked classic,and i dont know why?who is it that we need to see or talk with to get this classic.

  • This movie was great, Why is it not available?

    • Bob
    • 12/24/09

    This was a truly wonderful movie I saw one late night long ago and have searched for ever since. There was real pathos in the characters lives. I will never forget the climax in the relationship between Robert Wagners character and his "spoiled rich girl" wife. It is one of the mosttouching scenes I have ever seen. I loved Pearl Bailey especially, and the music. Why is this film not out? Please make it happen TCM!!!

  • A Shamefully Overlooked Classic

    • earlgpc
    • 4/6/09

    I cannot believe that "All The Fine Young Cannibals hasn't been released on DVD yet. Great performances straight up and down. Pearl Bailey is a sleeper in this film. Great rendition of "God Bless The Child".Get with it,TCM. This should be aired at least once a year. While you're at it, let's get this one released.

  • "All the Fine Young Cannibals"

    • Christine Vrooman
    • 3/16/09

    I am still waiting to see a run of this movie with Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner. What is the use of sending comments if nobody will acknowledge when this will be aired. Instead of playing the same old thing, how about playing some real classics such as this one and "Backstreet" with Susan Hayward. I am a 50-60's movie fan.Please, thank you.

  • Natalie Wood's best.

    • Christine Vrooman
    • 2/11/09

    I would love to see this movie on TCM. If there isn't a DVD as yet, there really should be. This movie should be aired for the black history weekend. Pearl Bailey and Robert Wagner had great outstanding performances. They don't make movies like this any more.

  • Love this Movie

    • Jeanette Cahill
    • 5/29/08

    I would love to see this movie on TCM. Have you ever run this movie? I keep looking for it but never find it in the listing. Maybe I will look to buy it in your video catalog.

  • One of the greatest movies ever made

    • Robert
    • 2/16/07

    I believe this movie had everything people look for in a good movie. It was also the sign of the times kind of movie. A movie that holds your interest throughout the show. A movie made by two people who did get married, and by one of the greatest, if not the best, actresses that had ever lived.

  • Release All the Fine Young Cannibals

    • Theresa Smith
    • 12/25/06

    This is a great movie that allows the viewers to see these stars when they were fresh, hungry, and young. The actors in this movie had to act and not rely on nudity or vulgarity to cover for a lack of talent. The story line is life in its exposed state: Boy loves girl who loves someone or something else more and the girl that loves the aforementioned boy and girl are in a hopeless race to become the one that he and she loves.Pearl Bailey's role is pivotal in getting Robert Wagner's character to release his pain through his horn and to love and care for someone other than himself and Salome (Natalie Wood).For those who love old movies that are well scripted and excellently play out; I highly recommend this film.

  • Sexy and Sultry Music

    • Marilyn Busch
    • 11/3/06

    For the year 1960, this was a superb "soap opera" type movie. The actors portrayals were believable and up to date for the times. The music was outstanding, very intense and "bluesy" Pearl Bailey never got the credit she deserved for her superb acting and singing. This movie would still stand up today. Just listen to Natalie Wood say "Chad Bixby" and your heart melts. I named my 2nd son after "Chad!"


    • SOXS1342
    • 10/4/06



    • 6/30/06


  • Great Acting, Music and Singing!

    • Debbie Crawford
    • 3/15/06

    Awesome movie and acting, very convincing.I am so surprised that this one is not on DVD.

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