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  • Hawaii, the mini version

    • mpalmer
    • 3/16/19

    What a shame! I was watching the movie and I kept thinking something is wrong. There appeared to be whole scenes missing. Most of Richard Harris is gone from the film. I had not seen the film in 20 years, but I know this was not right. From other comments, I find that nearly 30 minutes of the film was missing. What happened to the TCM that didn't colorize films, didn't edit for content and didn't edit the film for time? You are false to your own values. The shortened film had some truly awful color saturation and overuse of lights in the eyes of the characters giving them an unearthly glow to their eyes which was very distracting. The film needs a serious restoration. It is the last or nearly the last big epic film produced. I saw it as a teenage with an intermission. Shame on TCM!

  • Culture Clash

    • David H.
    • 3/14/19

    This is a generally engaging film about 19th century Americans bringing "civilization" to the Hawaiian Islands. Max von Sydow as a judgmental missionary and most of the other actors are good, but as Eddie Muller noted, Jocelyne LaGarde steals the movie as a native queen. George Roy Hill's direction gives us a preview of what he would accomplish with his more famous films. I don't know about the longer version, but this 161-minute version seems to be the right length with very little padding.

    • 3/14/19

  • Good, But Not the Original

    • Kerri
    • 3/14/19

    3.5 -- It is a shame and is very dismaying to see this classic picture, full of great stars, diminished by almost a half hour. I tried to buy this on DVD and got the same version, with 27 minutes chopped out. What's worse, is that TCM is actually showing this abridged cut. I never thought I'd see the day. So much important material is gone from this wonderful film. If not for these serious excisions, I would absolutely give it 5 stars. I have a VHS tape I made from TCM many years ago, which is the original, full-length feature. What happened to that? This version is an atrocity.

  • To Leonard with love

    • Barbara Lee Harding
    • 3/13/19

    This film is a faithful adaptation of James Michner's epic novel by the same name, and Michner was known for his meticulous and exhaustive research in turning out his prolific body of work. The preacher's rigid, doctrinaire approach and his wife's compassionate outreach might have more to do with gender differences than with politics. Just because something offends your sensibilities doesn't mean it's a spin job and not historically accurate.

  • How white Christians ruined Hawaii

    • Leonard
    • 3/2/16

    An early example of how Hollywood loves to bash white people and especially Protestants (except when it is Oscar time) for trying to bring their beliefs to others. Certainly there is a lot of truth to the idyllic Hawaii having been destroyed by the diseases brought there by sailors and others visitors. You can argue about the value of Christianity forever (the human race has argues it for at least 2000 years). Von Sydow's character certainly portrays every possible negative about those who try to push their beliefs on others, though nobody criticizes Hollywood for pushing its version of historical truth. Don't get me wrong, this an excellent movie, Julie and Max are great, though you have to ask how they could have ever got together in the first place. All of the Hawaiian actors are right on and casting should get an A . Softening the Preacher's character could have made this a much more realistic movie in my humble opinion. Should be on the list of "Essentials", if only for the scene of the Hawaiian Queen being brought on board the visiting ship.

  • Hawaii

    • michael whitty
    • 1/5/16

    The biggest star of the mid 60s was Julie Andrews and while "Hawaii" wasn't her best it also wasn't too bad. An epic adventure of new England types to go to Hawaii and be missionaries to the Hawaiians as this story moves from 1819 to about 1840. It is only a part of the Michener novel and really about 30 minutes could have been taken out. But the scenery is good and the plotline isn't too bad. Elmer Bernstein composed a great music score.

  • Hawaii

    • John
    • 6/2/15

    Hawaii is an exceptionally good movie. Performances are excellent throughout although Max Von Sydow's character can be difficult because of his inflexible world view. Still, the stories that weave throughout the film are engrossing and Jocelyn LeGarde as Malama delivers an outstanding and very emotional performance. Thankfully, I have the 189 minute roadshow version on laser disc. When the film was released on DVD, it was represented to be the roadshow version, but, as other reviewers have commented, it is not the roadshow version.I understand the reason for not releasing the roadshow version is that elements used in the laser disc version are missing yet I understand, although I've not seen it yet, that TCM runs the roadshow version--sometimes.I don't know who the "power that is" or are in this case, but it would be wonderful to see the roadshow version released in blu-ray someday. I remember seeing this version at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood where it ran for about a year. I would love to re-live that experience on my big screen at home.Somebody, please figure out a way to bring the roadshow version to blu-ray.

  • Please show uncut

    • Hank
    • 4/28/15

    Would really like to see the full, uncut, 189 min. roadshow version.

  • hawaii

    • kevin sellers
    • 4/21/15

    Basically, "South Pacific" without the great songs, although it does have a great score, courtesy of the always wonderful Elmer Bernstein. In other words, it's your typical Hollywood, "prestigious," (it carries the Michener stamp of approval) overlong bore. (Thank you TCM for sparing us thirty extra minutes of ennui!) Director George Roy Hill tries desperately to excite us with not one, but two, violent storms, fistfights, an attempted rape, bare breasted Hawaiian babes, and a deadly measles epidemic. Alas, it's all for naught. Nothing Hill can do is able to lighten the stiff, declamatory dialogue by the inadvertent comedy team of Trumbo, Taradash and Michener. The exchanges between the two lead Puritans stuck in paradise, Julie Andrews and Max Von Sydow, are especially awful, with Von Sydow a caricature of Hawthorne ("What you are doing is an abomination!") and Andrews the voice of 60s, liberal Hollywood. ("You must give the natives love,, not damnation.") About the only time the movie came alive for me is whenever Jocelyn Legarde is onscreen as the Big Mama Of Lahaina and when Von Sydow is being knocked around regularly by women and men alike. Give it a C.

  • Why didn't you show the 189 minute uncut version?

    • Paul Henderson
    • 4/20/15

    I was really happy when I heard that you were showing Hawaii in its uncut 189 minute version. I was very disappointed when I watched this morning and found that it was the 161 minute cut version instead. It even said 189 minutes on the description. Can we see the uncut version?


    • Janet Masly
    • 4/20/15

    The cinematography of the movie was fantastic. The acting of Julie Andrews was endearing. The story was extremely poignant, showing the greed and ignorance cast upon another culture. The Hawaiian culture was a culture that should have been respected. The movie showed how the acts of love, acceptance of other's beliefs and generosity supersede that of one of which wish to change people's beliefs. Life is merely a wheel....each spoke has it's own path but leading to the same place. This movie was a sad and thought-provoking story.

  • Hawaii movie must see on TCM.

    • Sandy Phipps
    • 10/10/14

    Have heard Robert Osborne speak so much of this fantastic movie and would love for TCM to show this wonderful classic movie uncut on a station that is known for showing nothing but the classics. We search TCM first before we do anything so we can record any and all of the wonderful old classic movies. The new movies of today are too much trash.

  • Hawaii Roadshow

    • John
    • 8/10/14

    This is a really good movie that, for some reason, has not been released on either DVD or Blu-Ray in it's full 189 minute roadshow version. TCM is the only place I know of to be able to see this film in this version. I hope you will show it very soon. It's a shame that this film hasn't received better treatment. It was the highest grossing film of 1966 with great performances, lush photography, and a beautiful score. TCM is sensational and, if you have any power to do so at all, please pressure "the powers that be" to release a full 189 minute DVD/Blu-Ray of this film. The version that's available on DVD is not the roadshow version; deletes the intermission, etra'acte, and some 20 minutes of film mostly at Julie Andrews' expense. Looking forward to seeing it again on TCM and do hope you can do something about getting a better disc release of this movie.

  • Please release this movie (uncut) on DVD!!

    • Sioned Prys Griffith
    • 3/28/13

    This is an absolutely wonderful movie and it's so sad that there isn't an uncut DVD version available. Please try and get it to be released on DVD! It would mean so much to fans of this film!!


    • LBMWS
    • 1/13/13

    Please show this movie... please! It is so great... conspicuous in its absence from TCM... and hearing Robert talk about it.....

  • Great Movie

    • Rachel Z
    • 11/23/12

    Please show this movie again please. It's such a great movie. Uncut version please. Thanks.

  • Hawaii UNCUT!

    • Andrew Gregory
    • 7/5/12

    George Roy Hill's production of James Michener's novel Hawaii is a monumental, moving, and much-overlooked picture. That said, I beg TCM to pull the necessary strings to release this film on DVD in its 189-minute version. It was released in its entirety on LaserDisc many years ago; thus, Hawaii still exists in its full-length version. The scenes that were removed severely affect the dynamics of important characters and render some surviving scenes meaningless.

  • show this movie uncut

    • p. lewis
    • 12/27/11

    please show this great movie again, uncut. thanks

  • When will you show the entire movie again

    • J Norvell
    • 6/6/11

    Please show this great movie again, uncut, as you did before.

  • right to the heart

    • allen
    • 11/22/08

    this movie is a big reminder about how things never change. how land was taken away, and how the haole traeted the kanaka maouli, and how we lost our heritage and our land was swindled away, just a kanakas point of view. mahalo. aloha ke akua!

  • Interesting, sad and wonderful movie

    • Danielle
    • 11/22/08

    I live on the island of Maui and have been trying to see this movie in its from the beginning for a while. I truly enjoyed watching it and was sad to see what has happened to Maui since. I hope that the Hawaiians continue to restore and keep their culture and traditions alive because they are beautiful!!Maui No Ka OiAloha and Mahalo

  • a little shocked

    • joiann
    • 2/27/08

    i like the movie but was watching it with my young children and the topless women were unexpected the rating should of told me and blocked it since i have parental block on my cable and it just showed it any way not happy with the rating system!!

  • Great Movie

    • Darrell Crouch
    • 2/7/08

    Since I grew up in Hawaii, I am intensilly interested in how religion came to Hawaii. Great Movie

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