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Public Enemy's Wife

Public Enemy's Wife(1936)

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Gene Maroc and his wife Judith are serving time in prison for robbery and kidnapping. FBI agent Lee Laird is convinced that Maroc's testimony could put criminal Mike Corelli behind bars, and when Maroc refuses to talk, Lee questions Judith. She insists that she knew nothing about her husband's affairs and was convicted of a crime she did not commit. Now that she has served her sentence, she is determined to put the experience behind her. Before she leaves prison, Maroc warns her that if she ever remarries, he will kill her husband. After her divorce, Judith changes her name to Roberts and becomes engaged to Palm Beach playboy Thomas Duncan McKay, who does not know the truth about her earlier life. When Maroc sees their engagement announcement in the newspaper, he announces his intention to testify against Corelli. During the transfer from prison, he overwhelms his guards using gas and heads for Palm Beach. Maroc's escape sends Lee and fellow FBI agent Gene Ferguson to Judith's apartment to question her. Tommy arrives while they are there, and Judith is forced to tell him about Maroc. When Lee learns about Maroc's jealousy, he decides to use Judith's wedding as lure to capture Maroc. Tommy is not enthusiastic about the plan and fakes an injury in order to back out of the wedding. Lee decides to take his place, expecting Maroc to make his move before the ceremony is complete. Maroc senses a trap, however, and Lee and Judith are actually married. Continuing the deception, they pretend to leave for a honeymoon. Maroc once again avoids the FBI and kidnaps Judith from the hotel. After learning that Maroc plans to leave for Havana, Judith cuts the phone line and leaves a note asking the repairmen to contact Lee. Lee and his fellow investigators surround the hideout, and after a shootout, Maroc is captured. Judith and Lee realize they love each other and decide to stay married.