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The Canterville Ghost

The Canterville Ghost(1944)

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  • JUst simply a delight!

    • RedRain
    • 7/1/15

    Charles Laughton is perfection in his role here as the titled character who comes from a long line of cowards and cannot rest until one Canterville performs a heroic deed. Enter an American soldier, played here by Robert Montgomery, whose unit is quartered during WWII in a castle inhabited by the ghost and a real life little girl and her minders. He discovers he is a Canterville through and through until he faces his demons and performs the act to allow the ghost to sleep in peace at last. This is such a beautiful story with so many lessons about bravery. None of us knows how we would react when faced with great difficulty. Some will run and some will stand and fight. This is Oscar Wilde's story and it can easily be measured against his own life and his own Father who cast him out when Wilde's sexual orientation was revealed. I love this film and try and view it every time TCM airs it.

  • The Canterville Ghost

    • Dashiell B.
    • 3/11/13

    An enjoyable, hillarious fantasy adapted by a short story by Oscar Wilde. Laughton is the title character, a ghost who died a coward who with the help of O'Brien, inspires newphew Young to be brave during WWII. The story has flaws, but the entertaining story about bravery mostly burries the faults. A fine fantasy-comedy to see from time-to-time. I give it a 3.5/5.

  • Oscar Wilde on Steroids

    • Steve Wimer
    • 9/22/12

    Oscar Wilde is one of the greats of English literature. This movie is based on one of his stories. It is a perfect story. It can be scary, for a child, on first viewing, but quickly morphs into an absurd comedy, and a heart-warming character arc as reveal after reveal makes the ghost's flaw, the ally's flaw, then the hero's flaw. The first act features twist after twist. It's amazing storytelling. Why TCM doesn't show this one over and over is beyond me. I brought the DVD. Look for it on your TCM schedule, and don't you miss it!

  • One of the Best

    • carol
    • 8/15/11

    As a child I watched this movie on TV more than once. It stayed with me my entire life as one of my all time favorites. One to turn my sons on to and to watch whenever it comes up. The actors are perfect....Charles Laughton perfectly cast as the ghost who shamed his family with cowardice......his great-great-great (great?) niece, Margaret O/Brien who you will fall in love with....and of course, Robert Young (later staring in Father Knows Best TV series) as the American GI.Do not miss this one.

  • Great!!

    • sarah
    • 8/12/11

    I love The Canterville Ghost movie. This is my all time favorite movie and i just love this version. This is my favorite version besides the one with Patrick Stewart in it. I've only seen this movie twice on television. the first time i didnt really know what it was and passed by it but when i actually started to watch it the second time i fell inlove with it. it came on late at night. I've been trying to see if it was coming on anytime soon on tv but sadly :-( its not. I do hope you guys have it back on there soon. I love this movie and it made me laugh. its funny, great actors and just a great movie for the family.

  • Credits where credits due

    • Chester Freeborn
    • 6/18/11

    Who should get credit for the booge woogie exhibition? The fellows are not listed in the credits. /cf

  • A Horror Film?!?

    • Mike
    • 5/22/11

    Whoever classified this obviously never watched it. A comedy-drama (more laughs than tears), there is nothing of the horror genre about it. A stellar cast and well worth watching.

  • A funny ghost story from MGM

    • Kevin4Butler
    • 6/26/10

    This film is a variation of The Oscar Wilde takes place during WWII. Where The niece and nephewof cowardly spirit "Sir Simon De Canterville"(played here withcharm and wit by Charlie Laughton)try to aide their ghostlyuncle in doing a brave deed..So that he can be free of hiscurse and move on. A delightful script,a haunting music score and memorableperformances by Maragret O'Brien,Robert Young,Charles Laughtonand the supporting cast..including Una O'Connor and Rags Ragland.

  • The Canterville Ghost

    • David
    • 6/19/10

    I have not seen this movie in a number of years, but I still think it is one of my favorites. Iwish it was being shown in June. Unfortunetly it's not being shown till July. Out of all the remakes the original still is the best!

  • The Canterville Ghost

    • Gail
    • 2/10/10

    This movie is wonderful !! Please please show this movie soon TCM!I see your not scheduled to show it. This is a all time funny, but scary (well kind of) movie. What a great classic!


    • ALEX A
    • 12/3/09

    I have not seen this movie shown on any tv since the 1970's & it's a shame that it is not available on DVD in all these years, It's a funny movie well acted by the late Charles Laughton & it mesures up with his great roll in the Hunchback Of Notre Dame, only on a funnier note, so please consider showing this movie on TCM soon. Thank You

  • Great on a cold winter day!!!

    • Lorena
    • 11/23/09

    My daughter and I have watched this movie together sence she was seven years old. We both love the old ghost!! We always make sure to be home to watch it when you schedule it. Thanks so much!!! By discovering this movie my daughter and I will always have wonderful memories of sitting together in our oversized chair all snuggled up and watching a wonderful classic movie!!! She always reminds me about how much she enjoyed the film and how the memorie of us watching it together means to her. Thank you TCM!!Lorena

  • Very Funny!

    • Debbie
    • 7/29/09

    This is one of my favorites! Very funny movie about a cowardly ghost who has to find a brave relative to make up for his (the ghost's) past.

  • Great movie!!

    • Cat
    • 6/18/09

    This is a wonderful movie! Still great after all these years!! Much better than all the remakes.

  • Childhood Favorite

    • RM DeRoche
    • 5/9/09

    I tried to watch this as often as they would put it on TV. My own daughter only knows the one with Patrick Stewart in it and I sure wish I could share this one with her.

  • I found the Canterville Ghost!

    • Jennie
    • 5/1/09

    I LOVE THIS MOVIE and have been in search of it on DVD. I recently found this site. I am not sure of the quality as I have not yet ordered a copy but here you go:

  • The Canterville Ghost

    • Brenda
    • 3/26/09

    This movie is one of my all-time favorites. This is an absolute classic with Charles Laughton. I hope that someday this will be released on DVD - as I would love to make this part of my collection.

  • The Canterville Ghost

    • Rozanne
    • 3/24/09

    I have been looking for this verison of "The Canterville Ghost for a long time. I saw this as a child and LOVED it then and still do! Can't wait for it to be available to add to my movie collection.

  • A Family Classic

    • Carl Wood
    • 2/10/09

    The Canterville Ghost has been one of my favorite movies since I was a kid.Charles Laughton shows off a previously untapped comedic side, as well as a touching performance in the title role.Robert Young is terrific, as always. And is there anyone more adorable than Margaret O'Brien?I hope 2009 will be the year that this classic finally makes it on to DVD.

  • Hilarious family movie

    • W.F.Jones
    • 12/28/08

    This was the first movie i saw as a seven year old sixty two years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was recently shown at a 2am slot in Toronto and missed it because of the late hour. Would appreciate it if it were shown again at an earlier time. Any chance this movie was to be made available to buy ?

  • Great Movie and Talent

    • Dee
    • 11/18/08

    I saw this movie when I was young and loved it. It is fun to watch. It is my favorite of any of the the Canterville Ghost versions. I love Charles Laughton. What a great talent!


    • 8/10/08

    This is why classic movies fade off. No one provides the present generation the means to see it on present-day formats. Why not on DVD..?!!With so many movies coming their way, new generations aren't going to actively seek out these movies on almost obsolete formats.PUT it before them ! On DVD !PERPETUATE or go off into oblivion...

  • Best Version of this Film

    • Tony
    • 6/8/08

    I do not understand why they have released newer versions of this film. Yet have thus far failed to release this 1944 version on dvd. This makes little sense to me.

  • Canterville Ghost

    • linda
    • 5/6/08

    Best of all the Canterville Ghost movies. It should be made available to the public on DVD, also would be great to see it shown on TCM every once in a while.

  • The Canterville ghost

    • Donna
    • 3/16/08

    My family loves this movie and it is a great movie for children to enjoy. this movie should be made available for every one to enjoy.

  • Canterville ghost

    • lynn
    • 3/16/08

    My favorite movie. It needs to be made available for the public to enjoy.

  • canterville ghost

    • minerva
    • 3/16/08

    I love this movie. I have been looking for this movie on DVD or VHS for many years. I have many friends who ask about the movie. I am sad to see that it has not been available to us on DVD. Please make it available for many fans and future generations to see it.


    • Jane Carey
    • 3/4/08

    Charles Laughton as the Canterville Ghost and Robert Young as his newest ancestor with little Margaret O'Brien as the lady of the manor - it can't be beat! I simply can't understand why studios hold off on putting these great old movies onto DVD format? What a shame this movie is not available to the public.

  • A wonderful movie for the whole family

    • Di
    • 5/8/07

    This is a wonderful movie. I watch it EVERY time it is on TV. My children have only been blessed with seeing it once or twice. The chemistry between Lady Jessica, Cuffy and Sir Simon is so Sweet and poignant. I just love it! And I love the part of the movie with Cuffy and Sir Simon trying valiantly to overcome their cowardice and save the soldiers. This is a great and FUN movie to watch with your children and I would for it to come out on DVD.

  • Priceless comedy with a heart

    • Charles Storey
    • 3/2/07

    I've seen this movie several times since my childhood. It has an interesting plot with very good acting and directing. My mother loved the movie as a young girl, and introduced her children to it as well.I would really like to see this movie on your channel sometime in the near future.

  • Excellent Movie For Kids Too

    • Dennis
    • 9/24/06

    I watched this with my son when he was 8 years old. We both loved the movie. I think that it would be a good choice for TCM to show for Halloween. It's fun and is just a good, warm family movie.

  • Great movie

    • Martha Armstrong
    • 3/15/06

    It is a great movie - funny, sad, and great old stars. Ms O'brien and Robert Young were great in the movie. Also Reginald Owen "Rags" Ragland was a added plus to the movie. I have the VHS but want a DVD. A good movie when the country needed a good laugh.

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